Activity Report April 13-17

President Garrey Carruthers, Ph.D.

  • Vision 2020 Update: I am still making the rounds of all NMSU units to discuss the Vision 2020 plan and to seek two things, (1.) faculty/staff input on the plan, and (2.) a report on how the unit is developing their plan to align with Vision 2020.  Some very good work is going on in both planning and the development of metrics.  Keep it up!
  • Employee Budget Forum: The Employee Council sponsored a Forum on budget and legislative matters.  According to Greg Block, between 70 and 80 participated in person or on line as Anna Price, Angela Throneberry, and Ricardo Rel reported on recent legislative actions and on our ongoing budget process.  We will soon issue our guidance to all for 1%, 3%, and 5% permanent budget cuts so we can collectively right size NMSU to fit our enrollment.  I appreciate the Employee Council taking a leadership role in assuring that all of our colleagues are fully informed on the most important issues of the day.
  • Kinesiology Ph.D.: Dean Michael Morehead, Dr. Bob Woods, and I met with Secretary Barbara Damron regarding the upcoming Board of Finance meeting where the Board will give the final approval (or they may not approve) our proposed  D. program in Kinesiology.  There has been some push back from members/staff of the Board; hence, Secretary Damron (a former faculty member at the UNM Medical School and a supporter of offering this Ph.D.) offered her assistance in developing a better “story” regarding the importance to New Mexico of having more graduates in Kinesiology.  It is wonderful to have a thoughtful and helpful Secretary of Higher Education!
  • Council of University Presidents Meeting: The Council of University Presidents met to hear from both Secretary Damron and David Abbey of the Legislative Finance Committee.  Secretary Damron reviewed recent legislation affecting higher education with a focus on implementing the Endowment legislation (a $5.5 million appropriation for Endowed Chairs in STEM disciplines), funding the Lottery Scholarship (she estimates 90% funding for Fall/Spring), and meeting the conditions of the Course Numbering legislation (which requires completing this process by August 2017).  NMSU is currently working on a common taxonomy with companion learning outcomes for all 100 and 200 level courses.  I have volunteered to co-chair the state effort in that the desirable outcome is exactly what the statewide business programs have been doing for years. 
  • Capital Outlay: David Abbey and his colleague Tracy Toon Hartzler reviewed the higher education appropriation outcomes from the recent legislative session and discussed the prospects of funding a capital outlay bill, should the political leaders reach an agreement.  David argues there are billions of dollars in excess reserves in many agency accounts which could be used to partially fund a $243 million bill.  NMSU has about $5.0 million in requests but our greatest need is for $2.0 million to complete the Jett Hall/Jett Annex/Rentfrow Gym remodeling.  There is varying degrees of optimism regarding the prospects of a special session for capital outlay, with many legislators calling for one!
  • Reception Honoring Mike and Judy Johnson: It was a marvelous day at Presley Askew Field as we appreciated the improvements to the park financed with a generous gift of $1.4 million from Mike and Judy Johnson.  A seat has been reserved behind home plate for Mike’s mother, who was a big baseball fan who never missed a game when her sons were playing.  The bonus of the night was the Aggies won.  They have been struggling!  About 1,000 folks attended the game and reception honoring the Johnsons. 


Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Dan Howard

  • Vision 2020 and College Strategic Plans: Over the course of the week, the President and I met with the faculty and staff of several colleges to discuss Vision 2020 and the strategic plans of the colleges.  The questions and discussions were good and far ranging.  Overall, colleges have done a good job of developing strategic plans and ensuring that they are in alignment with the strategic plan of the university, Vision 2020.  Moreover, the meetings provide an opportunity for direct communication between the administrative leadership of the university and the faculty and staff of NMSU, addressing one of the concerns expressed in the recent climate survey.
  • Salon Discovery: I attended the second Salon Discovery on Tuesday evening, April 14.  The three speakers, Dr. Kathy Hanley, NMSU Gallery Director Marisa Sage and Dr. Jon Hunner, did a marvelous job of helping us understand emerging diseases, the curator as artist, and the enigma who was J. Robert Oppenheimer.  Good talks, combined with good food, made for a memorable evening.  My congratulations and thanks to the speakers and the organizers, Dr. Timothy Ketelaar and Dr. Chris Erickson.
  • Visit to NMSU-Grants: On Friday, I traveled to Grants, NM to meet with the faculty and staff of NMSU Grants to discuss the five-year review of President Felicia Casados.  The discussion was frank and, once again, allowed for unfiltered communication.  I appreciated learning more about the concerns of the Grants campus community and helping them feel more connected with our main campus in Las Cruces. 


Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences,

Dr. Lowell Catlett

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Food Science and Career Development Competition: Whitney Biel and Efren Delgado hosted 54 FFA students who participated in a statewide food science and career development competition at NMSU on April 8 and 9.  The FFA students gave product development presentations as teams, and then had to pass a series of individual written and sensory evaluation tests.  The first place team will move forward to the national competition.
  • Faculty Contribution: Kourtney Vaillancourt was part of a national team who met in New York on April 10-12 to review and write items for the national licensing exam for marriage and family therapists.  Dr. Vaillancourt is president of the New Mexico Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and has served as a national item writer for five years.
  • Featured Program: The Family Wellness program, directed by Esther Devall, Dr. Marcel Montanez, and Lisa Shields, was one of 12 programs in the nation featured in A Guide to Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Programs for Hispanic Couples and Families published by the National Research Center on Hispanic Children and Families in April.  The guide is available at
  • Campus Globalization Award: Extension Family and Consumer Sciences-Dr. Nancy Flores was one of 14 faculty at NMSU who were nominated for the Campus Globalization Award given by the Office of International and Border Programs on April 7.  Dr. Flores was recognized for her work with 200 individuals from six counties to improve food safety, promote economic development, and create a trained work force in the food industry.  Her work in bringing nine doctoral students from Durango, Mexico to NMSU for food science research fellowships was also recognized.

Animal and Range Science

  • Spring Sweepstakes Horse Judging Contest: The NMSU Horse Judging Team, coached by Dr. Laura White and assisted by Kayla Wells, placed 5th in Halter, 5th in Performance, and 4th High Overall at the Spring Sweepstakes Horse Judging Contest in Dallas, Texas on April 14.  Individuals placing in the contest were Katie Creager (2nd in Halter, 10th in Reasons, and 10th High Overall), Larissa Estrada (9th High Overall), and Susana Urias (15th in Performance).  Other team members were Tiffany Fowler, Elizabeth Elliott, and Dustin Gaskins.

Fish Wildlife and Conservation Ecology

  • Campus Tour: On Monday 6 April, Dr. Jennifer Frey and the Wildlife Museum in conjunction with the student chapter of the American Fisheries Society, gave a tour and presentation to 36 kids and ten adults from the Roadrunner Pre-K program.
  • Presentation: On Thursday 9 April, Jennifer Frey and graduate student Brian Small gave a presentation on vegetation requirements for beaver restoration to the New Mexico Southern Wetlands Roundtable hosted by the NM Environment Department.

Extension Plant Sciences

  • Asian Golf Show: Bernd Leinauer from the Extension Plant Sciences Department spent one and a half weeks in Beijing and Xiamen, China to present at the Asian Golf Show on golf course water conservation and to teach golf course maintenance to students from the Golf Institute at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The Chinese government will start regulating water use on golf courses on July 1, 2015 and the Golf Course Superintendents Organization of America which co-organized the Golf Show invited Dr. Leinauer to present some of their research findings on turf grass water conservation.

ACES Administration

  • Western Rural Development Center Board of Directors Meeting: Jon Boren, Associate Dean and Director of the Cooperative Extension Service, and Dr. Steve Loring, Associate Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station System, attended the Western Rural Development Center Board of Directors Annual Meeting, held April 8-9 in Richland, WA. The Western Rural Development Center collaborates with western land-grant universities and public and private sector partners to promote excellence in research, education, and Extension for the prosperity of western rural communities.


Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Christa Slaton

  • Community Partners Appreciation: The College of Arts and Sciences held its first Community Partners Appreciation at the Las Cruces Convention Center on April 15. Forty-six community partners received certificates at the event. Ken Van Winkle (Associate Dean), Chris Brown (Geography), and Anne Hubbell (Communication Studies) spoke at the event along with community partners Frank Leto (Las Cruces Sun-News) and Nicole Martinez (Mesilla Valley Community of Hope) and students Cat Koch (Biology) and Marisol Bolivar-Diaz. Partners included businesses, non-profit organizations, public and private schools, and religious organizations. Over 100 people attended the event that celebrated the marvelous collaboration between the college and the community.
  • Vision 2020: President Carruthers and Provost Howard met with College of Arts and Sciences faculty, staff, and administrators to discuss Vision 2020 and to create a dialogue about the strategic plan and how we are progressing to achieve the goals. An update of the college’s strategic plan was also presented. It was a worthwhile give-and-take for all who attended.
  • Fellowship Recipient: Larissa Lury (Theatre Arts) is one of five emerging directors who will participate in the first-ever National Directors Fellowship, sponsored by the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, the National New Play Network, the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and the State Directors and Choreographers Foundation.  There were more than 350 applicants.  She will receive 18 months of development opportunities and hands-on experience from noted professionals, leading up to a chance to direct at a renowned NNPN theater. 
  • Weekend Course: Josh Chenard (Theatre Arts) will teach a weekend of “Acting with Archtypes” at the University of Indiana-South Bend this month.  He has been accepted into the June 2015 Lincoln Center Directors Lab in New York City. 
  • National Council on Public History: Jon Hunner and Peter Kopp (History) took 12 graduate students to the National Council on Public History meeting in Nashville. 
  • Society for American Archaeology: Rani Alexander, William Walker and Fumi Arakawa (Anthropology) took seven graduate students to the Society for American Archaeology meeting in San Francisco. 
  • Various Awards: Reta Beebe (emeritus, Astronomy) received $335,000 from NASA for the Atmospheres Node of the Planetary Data System study.  James Herndon (Chemistry & Biochemistry) received $109,500 from NIH.  Patricia Wojahn (English) will receive $10,000 from the National Writing Project.


Dean, College of Business, Dr. James Hoffman

  • American Statistical Association NMSU Chapter: NMSU is launching a student chapter of the American Statistical Association thanks to the efforts of Adam Sayre, undergraduate student of Economics, and Elmira Torabzadehkhorasani, graduate student of Applied Statistics.  Adam will serve as the student chapter president.  Charlotte Gard will serve as the faculty advisor.  The group is currently planning a kick-off activity, which will take place in the fall. 
  • Guest Lecturer: On Monday and Tuesday, Mia Logan from the Independent Agent’s Association and Susan Kittredge from New Mexico Mutual spoke to Mike McGonigle’s FIN 341 classes and Tim Query’s FIN 322 & FIN 323 classes about salary negotiation, branding yourself, networking, and career opportunities within the insurance industry.
  • Visit from the President: President Garrey Carruthers spoke with the Ambassadors in the Business Complex on Wednesday. Working hard, being focused, and leading a balanced life are a few of the pieces of advice that Carruthers offered to the Ambassadors. He advised students who were considering going into public life to understand that it can be very challenging on the family and that learning how to balance personal and public life is the key to success. Carruthers advised the Ambassadors to establish life and work principles because once that is done, decision making is easy. Faith and ethics are some of the guiding principles that he has relied upon throughout his life. He also advised the students to lead each day with courage and that it’s very important not to take themselves too seriously.
  • Business Articulation Committee: I spent most the week traveling to Albuquerque to meet with alumni and donors.  On Thursday Kathy Brook and I met with the CFO office at Los Alamos National Laboratory in support of the MBA program.  On Friday and Saturday Jim Nelson, Justine Adkisson, Kathy Brook and I participated in the statewide business articulation committee.
  • National Student Employment Week Celebration: On Friday we hosted a picnic in recognition of National Student Employment Week.  It was an excellent opportunity to show our appreciation for our nearly 100 student employees across the college.
  • College of Business Weekly Activity Reports: The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at


Dean, College of Education, Dr. Michael Morehead

  • Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce Education Committee Meeting: Dean Morehead participated in the Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce education committee, at the meeting he recommended that the Chamber bring in more business members, because at this time, the committee is over represented by educators. Dean Morehead met with the provost to discuss his annual evaluation and the discussion focused on two areas, the accomplishments of the previous year and the transition plan with the new dean, Dr. Donald Pope-Davis.

James O’Donnell, Associate Dean

  • American Educational Research Association Conference: O’Donnell traveled for a CAEP accredited review and attended the 2015 American Educational Research Association Conference in Chicago.

Robert Wood, Interim Associate Dean of Research

  • Research: Traveled to Tallahassee to meet with Florida State University researchers, department heads and dean regarding advancing research agendas (as well as future of Kinesiology on behalf of department of KIND).

Kelly Coffeen & Ashley Jurado, Advancement Team

  • Throneburg Foundation Proposal: Met with Dr. Andrea Tawney and Dr. Betsy Cahill to discuss the Thornburg Foundation and the College of Education’s next steps for a proposal.
  • Scholarships: Met and confirmed the details with a donor to start the first DanceSport Scholarship.  It will be an honor to have the Ms. Lee Doris Blais Memorial Endowment and we are excited to award this scholarship in the Fall 2015.

Adelina Rodriguez, Recruiter

  • End of Semester Celebrations: Adelina Rodriguez is preparing for end of semester celebrations for Spring 2015 graduates in the College of Education. Events include Graduation Reception, Dean’s Academic Excellence and Outstanding Senior reception and Dean’s Doctoral Tea
  • Recruitment Efforts: In the area of recruitment she is working with Karen Trujillo in coordinating two high school visits from Gadsden who are in the Teacher Pre-Program. The visit will include a tour of Myrna’s Children’s Village and O’Donnell Hall.


Dean, College of Engineering, Dr. Ricardo Jacquez

  • Rocky Mountain Regional Conference: The Daniel B. Jett Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers competed in the 44th Annual Rocky Mountain Regional Conference which was held on the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque, April 9-11. Sixteen schools from Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming and the U.S. Air Force Academy participated in the Rocky Mountain Conference. The competition includes technical and non-technical oral presentations, design and construction of a steel bridge, construction and racing in a concrete canoe, a design competition based on previously given parameters (pre-design), and a design competition with a previously undisclosed objective (mystery design), as well as a charity event. The NMSU team took first place in the concrete canoe competition, second place in the steel bridge competition, and second place overall in the conference. The chapter is now raising funds for the National Steel Bridge competition to be held at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, May 22-23; and the National Concrete Canoe competition to be held at Clemson University, South Carolina, June 20-22.
  • Safety Boot Camp: The NMSU Chemical and Materials Engineering Department hosted the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Center for Chemical Process Safety Process Safety Boot Camp on March 31 and April 1. Twenty NMSU CHME students had the opportunity to attend the workshop administered by Don Abrahamson, a CCPS lecturer on process safety.  The usual $2,000 student fee for this course was waived by AICHE.
    Safety Bootcamp
  • American Nuclear Society Conference: Researchers Punam Thakur and Russell Hardy from the Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center are in Charleston, South Carolina this week presenting a paper at the American Nuclear Society International High-Level Nuclear Waste Conference regarding CEMRC’s role in response to the February 2014 underground radiation release at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. 
  • Luke NogalesVerge Fund Lecture Series: Luke Nogales, assistant professor of engineering technology at NMSU and enterprise adviser at Arrowhead Center, was the speaker in the spring Verge Fund Lecture Series in Innovation, Ventures and Entrepreneurship on Friday, April 17. Approximately 50 people attended his lecture entitled “Aggie Innovation Fellows Create Value on Campus.” Nogales worked as an innovator at Procter & Gamble before securing a position at NMSU.
  • Aggie Innovation Space Faculty Advisory Committee Meeting: The Aggie Innovation Space Faculty Advisory Committee held their monthly meeting to discuss educational programming and assessment of student learning outcomes for fall 2016.  The AIS serves as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurial activity within the College of Engineering and maintains a growing collaboration with the Department of Art and the Department of Marketing.  The committee received reports from the Intel Innovation Apprentices on projects and activities taking place within the AIS, ideas for expanding student engagement in the facility next fall, and opportunities to grow innovation across campus.
  • Aggie Manners Business Etiquette Dinner: More than 30 engineering students participated in the annual NMSU Career Services’ Aggie Manners – Business Etiquette Dinner on April 9 at the Fulton Center. The dinner provided an important opportunity for NMSU students to learn business protocol for handling dinner interviews and networking opportunities.  Engineering New Mexico Resource Network sponsored the students as a means of furthering career readiness beyond graduation. 
  • Mexican-U.S. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council Collaboration: At the invitation of Vice President of Research Vimal Chaitanya, Dean Ricardo Jacquez, Associate Deans Patricia Sullivan and Sonya Cooper, and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head Satish Ranade met with representatives from the Mexican-U.S. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council to discuss opportunities for collaboration.  MUSEIC is made up of public and private sector representatives from both countries who are working to develop new initiatives along with public policies to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

Interim Dean, College of Health and Social Services, Dr. Donna Wagner

Southern Area Health Education Center Director, Angelee Shamaley

  • Publication: An article about managing chronic diseases appeared in the April 14 edition of the Las Cruces Sun News.  
  • Award: SoAHEC was awarded a $25,000 contract from the Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (New Mexico Department of Health, Public Health Division) to continue delivering the “My CD” (My Chronic Disease) Programs.

School of Social Work

  • Stakeholders Meeting: Tina Hancock, School of Social Work Department Head, attended a stakeholders meeting on April 16 held by the newly appointed Secretary of CYFD, Monique Jacobson.  The meeting was held to discuss the direction of CYFD and an action plan for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
    School of Nursing
  • Associate of Science Allied Health: Anita Reinhardt, Evangelina Ramirez, June Vermillion and Kim Gillihand attended the Allied Health Open House celebration for the new Allied Health associate’s degree on Friday, April 17.   The nursing skills lab was open for viewing along with demonstrations of the new Laerdal high-fidelity manikin.


Dean, Honors College, Dr. Miriam Chaiken

  • Barry Goldwater Scholarship Recipient: We learned that junior Chiann-Ling Cindy Yeh won the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship, that supports outstanding students in the fields of math, science, or engineering. Cindy is a genetics and biotechnology major and Research Scholar funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at NMSU. She has conducted her own research project in the laboratory of Dr. Graciela A. Unguez in the Department of Biology. Cindy’s research focuses on muscle degeneration in vertebrates, and she plans to continue to pursue her research in the biomedical sciences. Cindy is one of only two students from universities in New Mexico to win this scholarship, and she credits her mentor Dr. Graciela Unguez, Dr. Mark Andersen (Associate Dean of the Honors College), and previous Goldwater winner Lindsey Redman for encouragement and guidance. Cindy’s research focuses on the Sternopygus macrurus, an electric fish native to the Amazon. These fish are unique because if you amputate their tails, they are able to regenerate all their tissue – this includes skin, spinal cord, muscle, and cells of the electric organ called electrocytes. Electrocytes are derived from muscle fusion and disassembly. By utilizing its regenerative capabilities, we can learn more about what occurs during natural degeneration of muscle. This is a wonderful first step on what promises to be an illustrious career for Cindy.

Associate Dean, Dr. Tim Ketelaar

  • Honors College Scholarship: Hosted a reception on April 16 to celebrate the 2015 winner of the Honors College Scholarship for International Research, Kira Turnham and her mentor Dr. Michele Nishiguchi.  We also honored our five finalists and their mentors: Joshua Cope (Mentor: Kenny Stevens), Marie Ellis (Mentor Elvira Hammond), Karen Alyson Hayes (Mentor: Motoko Furuhashi) and Chad Martin (Mentor: Jack Wright).  The Honors College Scholarship will provide Kira with $5000 to support travel to the Philippines this summer to conduct research on the Bobtail squid.

Dean, University Library, Dr. Elizabeth Titus

  • Academic Library Advancement and Development Network Conference: Dean Titus and Development Director, April Anaya, are traveling to San Diego to the 2015 Annual Academic Library Advancement and Development Network Conference to present a pre-conference program, “Development Dilemmas: Finding the right solution.” The ALADN conference brings together more than 175 advancement and development professionals as well as deans and librarians to discuss current issues and share insights into fundraising.
  • Vision 2020: At President Carruthers’s Strategic Planning Vision 2020 session on Thursday, April 16, Dean Titus highlighted the scope of the NMSU Library’s strategic planning in alignment with the mission and goals of Vision 202.  Dean Titus was joined by faculty and representatives of the NMSU Library, along with Dean Louis Reyes of the Graduate School, Dean Miriam Chaiken, of the Honors College, who also presented on the efforts of their plans.
  • Snapshot Day: The NMSU Library participated in the American Library Association’s “Snapshot Day” initiative that took place this year on April 16.  This is an advocacy project designed to help show the impact libraries make in any given day. The library staff took photos, collected anecdotes, and recorded data about services provided. Documentation will be submitted to the New Mexico State Library for aggregation. 
  • National Library Worker’s Day: In honor of National Library Worker’s Day on April 14, Dean Titus surprised staff, student employees, and faculty to an afternoon cupcake treat in appreciation of their continued hard work and dedication to the NMSU Library.

Associate Dean, NMSU Library, Norice Lee

  • New Mexico State Library Commission Chair: Associate Dean Lee was elected Chair of the New Mexico State Library Commission at a meeting held at Laguna/Acoma, NM, term effective July 1, 2015. 
  • Various Grants: Three grants were submitted:  Southwest Borders and Cultures Institute (SBCI):  Expanding Library Collections in the History and future of Native American Education in the Southwest Border Region, Co-PIs—College Associate Professor John Sandstrom and Dr. Dana Christman; SBCI: Celebrating El Dia de los Niños / El Dia de los Libros 2016, PI—Associate Professor Alisa Gonzales; Center for Research Libraries / Latin American Microfilm Project, Co-PIs—Associate Dean Norice Lee and Professor Molly Molloy:  Phase 2: Continued microfilming of El Diario de Juarez, 2011 to 2013. This newspaper is not archived in any library in the U.S.
  • Reference and Research Conference Room: A Reference & Research Services Departmental Conference Room is being developed to support staff meetings and individual/group research consultations. 


Associate Provost, International and Border Program, Dr. Cornell Menking

  • Visit from NMSU Alum: IBP hosted the President of Universidad Católica del Norte de Chile, Engineer Jorge Tabilo Álvarez.  President Tabilo is an alumnus of NMSU, and this was his first visit back to campus after having received an engineering degree 25 years ago.  He travelled with his Provost Dr. Rodrigo Alda.  The two of them had many productive meetings to discuss ways for the two institutions to collaborate.
  • Webinar Luncheon: IBP hosted a luncheon webinar to participate in the American Council on Education’s “International Joint and Dual Degrees: Strategy and Implementation”.
  • Trip to Mexico: IBP participated in a conference call with Legislative Finance Committee Director, David Abbey, to advance discussions on organizing a fall 2015 trip to the state of Chihuahua for key LFC legislators.  Also involved in the project are NMDA and Arrowhead officials.
  • Lunch with Sierra Leone Human Rights Activist: Menking hosted Chernoh Bah, a human rights activist from Sierra Leone, and Joshua McDermott, an NMSU government graduate student, for lunch.  Mr. Bah is here to raise awareness and understanding of the Ebola epidemic.  Coincidentally, Menking was a Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone in late 1980’s.
  • Campus Visit: Menking and Imelda Olague greeted participants in a grant that is working to help Mexico develop an extension model.  Visiting NMSU were a six participants from Chiihuahua studying the U.S. 4-H model.  NMSU’s College of ACES is working with the University of Arizona on the large scale project.

Office of Education Abroad

  • Office of Education Abroad Scholarship: Office of Education Abroad scholarship applications were due on April 15. OEA estimates 80 students studying abroad in the Fall with a quarter of them staying a full year. For the summer (not including faculty led) OEA also expects to see around 80 students study abroad. 
  • Terra Dotta Conference: A member of the Office of Education Abroad attended the Terra Dotta Annual User Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to learn best practices for using the software, and to preview the next iteration of the software. She met with fellow Terra Dotta clients from around the country, and made several connections with exemplary offices. We began planning to make our application process completely paperless. This will also include a new much improved paperless Travel Authorization process that will be implemented over the summer.
  • Fall 2015 Exchange Students: OEA admitted 10 more incoming exchange students this week, bringing our Fall total to 64 students.
  • Campus Visit Abroad: OEA Director Kristian Chervenock is visiting multiple universities in Australia and attending a conference in Sydney. He will return on April 25. 

Center for English Language Programs

  • NMSU Baseball: CELP took “Go Teacher” students to the NMSU baseball game against Grand Canyon University.
  • Go Teacher Check-in: Go Teacher monthly check-in covered academic, health, and holiday questions. Plans were made for activities during the “Intersession” week (May 11-15) – self-defense, dancing, and others.
  • Taste of Ecuador: Thanks to Taos Restaurant for hosting the Taste of Ecuador on Tuesday. Two groups of students performed traditional Ecuadorian dances. They had a table outside of Taos with cultural information, décor, and music. The menu was: pork sancocho, fritada de chancho with marinated pork, corn cobettes, yapingacho potato-cheese patties, hominy, pickled red onion and fried sweet plantains, along with flan de coco and torta de hojas.

International Student and Scholar Services

  • New Admissions Processor: Tricia Montalvo, a new admissions processor for international programs, began work this week. 
  • Thursday Global Meetup: This week TGM participated in the Resident Hall Associations’ Diversity Fair in Corbett Center. The table had an activity to get people thinking about what it means to be “international” and have “diversity.” There was an estimated 50 visitors to the table. Currently there is a contest to encourage students to participate in diversity related events happening around campus. Winners of the photo contest will receive NMSU Bookstore gifts.
  • Diversity Impact Program: Joshua R. Vanderhoof, International Admissions Advisor, was selected to be a participant in the Diversity Impact Program at the NAFSA 2015 Conference in Boston this May.  Vanderhoof will receive a scholarship to cover membership and registration at the annual conference. He will also receive a personal mentor, and will participate in special programming designed to help support efforts to boost diversity in international education.
  • Global Coffee Hour: The April 17 Global Coffee Hour featured the current Go Teacher cohort from Ecuador.  It was standing room only for a pleasant hour that included a slide show, fashion show and a discussion of who has better coffee, Ecuador or Colombia.    The final Spring semester Global Coffee Hour featuring India is on Friday, April 24 in the Garcia Annex Faculty Senate.
  • International Club Talent Show: Saturday April 25 the International Club held a Talent Show on the Downtown Mall during the Farmers’ Market.  There were 10 acts representing China, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, and Saudi Arabia participated in the 10 acts and a fashion show.  This was a fundraising event for the International Club to support their activities.

 Ecuadorians at NMSU Baseball GameInternational students at the International Club Fashion ShowInternational Fashion Show

 Senior Vice President Administration and Finance, Angela Throneberry

  • Sodexo Dining Events: The NMSU American Indian Science and Engineering Society partnered with Taos Restaurant to celebrate American Indian Week with two cultural dinners.  The Saudi Students Club of New Mexico worked with Taos staff to present a “Taste of Saudi Arabia” lunch.  The Ecuadorian Go Teachers provided information, dance, and music while Taos chefs provided authentic Ecuadorian cuisine.  Purple food and décor were featured all last week in Taos, and a purple dinner was served on April 15 to promote the local Relay for Life event. 
  • KidFit Event: NMSU and Las Cruces families participated in Sodexo’s free “Kids in the Kitchen” educational activity as part of NM State Wellness Fair and Junior League KidFit event.  Participants in “Kids in the Kitchen” made free healthy yogurt parfaits and learned about healthy eating.
  • Clothing Swap: The Second Annual Corbett Center Clothing Swap was held in Corbett Center to assist students in obtaining interview-appropriate clothing for upcoming job interviews. Clothes are donated by campus and community members, and are given to students at no cost.


Vice President Student Affairs / Enrollment Management, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

  • Interview: The first of two candidates for the Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management position visited campus Thursday, April 16 for an interview and open forum.
  • 2015 Legislative Session Debriefing: Montoya met with Ricardo Rel on Wednesday, April 15 for a debriefing on the latest Legislative Session. Our focus continues to be on the Lottery Scholarship, and work will continue to be done to improve the scholarship for our students.
  • Commencement Updates: Met with Gabrielle Martinez and Marisela Marquez on Friday, April 17 to discuss commencement updates. Commencement is a few short weeks away and the Commencement Team is working hard to get ready for the ceremony.
  • IT Security Workshop: SAEM Professional Development and Tech Teams hosted an IT Security Workshop on Friday, April 17 and will host another on Wednesday, April 22. The workshop will help staff become better informed about security in their workplace and personal digital lives.
  • Ellucian Conference: A contingent of Enrollment Management staff attended the annual Ellucian Conference in New Orleans for the purpose of exploring enterprise-computing solutions related to recruitment and retention initiatives at NMSU.

University Admissions, Ms. Delia De Leon

  • University Admissions Collaborative Meeting: Delia De Leon, Interim Director of University Admissions, attended a meeting of all Admissions Directors from four institutions of higher education in New Mexico (UNM, Eastern, Highlands, New Mexico Tech, and Northern New Mexico College). The meeting was convened for the purpose of collaboration and discussion of issues affecting New Mexico students and our institutions.

University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, Ms. Janie Merchant

  • New Mexico Association of Financial Aid Administrators Conference: Tim Smith, Joseph Molina, and Will Waller attended the New Mexico Association of Financial Aid Administrators Conference in Albuquerque. They attended sessions on Return of Title IV funds, federal and state regulatory updates, cost of attendance and customer service. Joseph presented a session on customer service with a colleague from NMSU-Doña Ana, Michelle Lukesh.
  • FAFSA Completion Nights: Austin Gentry, Financial Aid Outreach Advisor, hosted one of many FAFSA completion nights. An average of 15 students have attended each session. Austin and a work-study student also hosted a table at the Financial Literacy Fair hosted by Career Services on April 15. They spoke to about 40 students regarding general financial aid issues, documentation requirements, and expected award levels.
  • 2015-2016 Financial Aid Awards: Successfully packaged 2015/16 financial aid awards for all students who have been admitted to NMSU and have finalized their FAFSA. A total of $33,791,781 in aid has been packaged system-wide so far. Aid will continue to be packaged as students are admitted and FAFSAs are completed.

Student Engagement, Dr. Terry Cook

  • Retention Initiatives: On Wednesday, April 15, Terry Cook, Associate Vice President of Student Engagement, met with Dr. Tara Gray and members of the University Teaching Council to discuss collaboration on Provost Howard’s forthcoming intrusive advising/mentoring retention initiatives.  
  • Aggie Manners Etiquette Lunch: The Aggie Manners Etiquette Lunch and Dinner was held on Thursday, April 9 with 59 students attending the lunch and 88 students attending the dinner. The Aggie Manners Etiquette Lunch was added this year in addition to the dinner due to the high demand of seats.
  • Financial Literacy Fair: The Financial Literacy Fair was conducted on Wednesday, April 15 in Corbett Center Student Union. The goal of the fair was to introduce programs and services from a variety of resources to NMSU students to provide financial literacy education. Private, government, and university constituencies were invited to participate. Social media was utilized to promote the fair and provide tips to students to help them be better educated on topics including managing their finances, recognizing identity theft, developing a budget, recognizing the effects of gambling, utilizing community resources, and reducing student loan debt.
  • Mid-Semester Courses: A total of 816 students enrolled in Spring 2015 UNIV mid-semester courses. UNIV 117 Diversity of the University and UNIV 118 Career Exploration are two new courses that were instructed for the first time this semester.
  • Military and Veterans Program Study: Military and Veterans Program staff met with Associate Vice Presidents Cook and Chris Kincaid, Masters of Public Administration Intern, to review outcomes of a study with feedback regarding programs and services offered by the program and to develop a mission, vision, and goals for the MVP office. Information was gathered from 27 different stakeholders both internal and external to NMSU, including President Carruthers and Provost Howard, in order to guide the process. This work is continuing and will be part of the development of our strategic plan.
  • Veteran Information Fair: Military and Veterans Program staff provided outreach, support, and recruitment at the annual Veteran Information Fair, held at the Las Cruces Convention Center on Thursday, April 16.

Health and Wellness, Ms. Lori McKee

  • Renee Williams, Patty Chavana, Amanda Gallivan, and Alex MausGet Yourself Tested Campaign: On Wednesday, April 15, the Campus Health Center partnered with the NM Department of Health to host the 4th annual GYT (Get Yourself Tested) Campaign. The event provided free STD testing and education to over 300 students. The statistics for STD’s are high in the college age population with one in two sexually active persons by the age of 25 being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. GYT is a national event that is sponsored by many colleges and universities.  Due to the huge success and importance of this event, the Get Yourself Tested Campaign will be repeated annually.
  • Climbing Competition: The Rec Sports Climbing Competition Climbing Wall -Outdoor Recreation Programcompleted its 6th event of the year with prizes awarded to the highest scoring competitors. Thirty-five students participated in the event that spanned both semesters ending with the final climb of the season.

Vice President Economic Development, Dr. Kevin Boberg

  • Innoventure: Wednesday, the Innoventure team held a great orientation for this year’s judges of the Innoventure Competition.  This year the final Innoventure Competition will have 15 judges from the NMSU and Las Cruces community. All things are coming together for the final competition held on May 1 at Corbett Center.
  • IP and Legal Advising with Steve McLary: Arrowhead Center’s IP and Legal advisor Steve McLary offered one-on-one meetings with members of Arrowhead’s various programs on Friday. Mr. McLary helped these startups prepare legal documents to limit liability to creditors, allocate ownership among founders, offer stock options to employees, protect intellectual property, and prepare to raise working capital. Mr. McLary is presently associated with the intellectual property law firm, Peacock Myers, P.C. and has extensive experience in intellectual property matters, including license preparation and negotiation, leasing, joint venture strategy (both domestic and foreign), antitrust compliance, and general contract issues.
  • National Science Foundation’s I-Corps Program Award: Arrowhead’s Dr. Kramer Winingham, Dr. Roy Xu and Brian Patterson were awarded $50k from the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps Program to investigate the commercial potential of Dr. Xu’s novel material system that has the capability to produce lightweight, low-cost shields and impact resistant products.  The I-Corps Program begins with a trip to Reston, VA April 21-24 to kick-off the 7-week course. Over the 7 weeks, the I-Corps team will conduct extensive market research by talking to over 100 customers to reach a go/no-go decision about whether to pursue a business based on this technology. This is the second I-Corps award NMSU has been awarded this spring and the third in school history.
  • Arrowhead Center receives $500,000 Grant from Daniels Fund: On Thursday, NMSU issued a press release about Arrowhead Center receiving a half-million dollar grant from the Daniels Fund. The grant is designed to help develop a “cradle-to-career” pipeline for young people throughout New Mexico to practice innovation and entrepreneurship at every stage of their education. The Daniels Fund provides grants to nonprofit organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming in a variety of areas, including ethics, education and youth development. This two-year, $500,000 grant will ultimately support the statewide expansion of programs within Arrowhead Center, such as Innoventure and Studio G. The full article can be found at the link below.


Vice President Research, Dr. Vimal Chaitanya

          No Activity to Report


Vice President University Advancement / Foundation Executive Director,

 Ms. Cheryl Harrelson

  • Scholarship Assistance: The Robert E. and Evelyn McKee Foundation has once again provided scholarship assistance: $3k for H&SS, $5k for Ag, and $10k for Engineering. They have also committed to $15k for the Library to purchase much-needed engineering resources.
  • ExxonMobil Award: The ExxonMobil Foundation has provided $18,450, which represents the 3-1 company match; they make for donations given by ExxonMobil employees, retirees, and surviving spouses.


Athletics Director, Mario Moccia

  • Facility Tour: Met with Tom Waggoner, Senior Vice President, Managing Principal for HOK Architecture a global design, architecture, engineering and urban planning firm to discuss our facilities and provided a tour.
  • Cookout for the Champions: Attended the women’s basketball pre-softball game event “Cookout with the Champions” before the NM State softball game vs. New Mexico. Representative Bill McCamley and Senator Bill Soules attended both the cookout and the softball game.
  • Guest Speaker: Spoke to the Las Cruces Rotary Club at La Posta and shared a departmental update and general Aggie athletic topics.
  • Fall Ag Day: Had a meeting with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture to confirm and discuss events for Ag Day for upcoming football season.
  • Spirit Squad Banquet: Attended the Spirit Squad banquet and celebrated their great season. They placed in first place at Nationals and won the United Spirit Association Collegiate Championships.
  • Featured Speaker: I was a featured speaker at the breakfast Optimist Club that meets at IHOP. Provided an update on athletics.
  • Aggie Athletics Promotions: Promoted Aggie athletics on three different radio stations: 570 AM, KGRT 103.9 and 103.1.
  • Reception Honoring Mike and Judy Johnson: Attended the baseball dedication ceremony recognized Mike and Judy Johnson’s generous donation for the renovation of the stadium. Scott Bannister and his family were also recognized for his family’s generous gift to baseball. Presley Askew Jr., alums and regents attended the ceremony.
  • Run for the Roses: Attended the Run for the Roses Community Foundation event as a guest of the Las Cruces Sun-News. It was a great function and great causes.


Associate Vice President University Communications, Maureen Howard

  • Las Cruces Sun-News feature:This week’s NMSU Sunday feature in the Las Cruces Sun-News highlights the Organization of Aggie Students Inspiring Sustainability, which is experimenting with the idea of replacing paper towels. People Towels is a company promoting on-the-go cloth towels as an alternative to the conventional paper towel. They have engaged NMSU students in a study on paper towel consumption. NMSU students who participated in the study admitted to being surprised at how fast they were able to change their habits.
  • Founders Day Facebook albums: University Communications chief photographer Darren Phillips and Assistant News Director Justin Bannister accompanied President Carruthers and his wife, Kathy, as they toured campus Friday for the first Founders Day celebration. The News Team posted two photo albums on the NMSU President Facebook page. Check it out at
  • Sports information:Athletics Media Relations was busy last week supporting the dedication of the renovated stadium at Presley Askew Field and covering the Baseball Aggies series win over Grand Canyon, taking two of the three games. The Equestrian Aggies completed their season with a heartbreaking 8-7 loss to Fresno State last Thursday in the opening round of the NCEA National Championships, while the Softball Aggies clinched the top seed in the Western Athletic Conference Tournament that they host in May with a pair of wins over Bakersfield.
  • Excellence in Photography award: University Communications chief photographer Darren Phillips earned a Gold Award for Excellence in Photography in the District IV Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Accolades competition. Darren’s collection of photos was the first-place winner in the district, which includes New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. He is now a finalist at the national level for a CASE Platinum Award.


Assistant Vice President Government Relations, Ricardo Rel

No Activity to Report


Director/Secretary New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Jeff M. Witte

  • Community Outreach: NMDA student and AXED major, Jessica Gustin, represented the department at a local middle school, La Academia Dolores Huerta, about STEM careers in agriculture. Jessica has a passion for teaching, especially when it comes to the agriculture industry. She jumped at the opportunity to host a booth on behalf of NMDA, and did a great job!
  • NM Agriculture Livestock Incident Response Training: NMDA and NMSU Cooperative Extension Service hosted the annual New Mexico Agriculture Livestock Incident Response Team training for veterinarians in private practice to provided updates on emergency response concerning livestock. This includes foreign animal disease investigations and equipment training. This program is a model for the nation.


Chief, NMSU Police, Stephen Lopez

  • Update: There were 40 police reports created, 12 supplements filed, and 24 traffic citations issued.
  • Records and Evidence Office: The Records & Evidence Office processed 28 items of evidence, and fingerprinted 33 people.
  • Emergency Dispatch Center: The Emergency Dispatch Center handled 276 calls for service (16 of which were 911 calls), resulting in 140 police calls (12 of which were agency assist) and three warrant entries.  There were 25 fire calls (ten of which were mutual aid) including one fire alarm, eight emergency medical, one hazmat, one structure fire, and one natural gas odor.  There were three animal control calls.
  • Public Safety Communicator’s Week:  This was Public Safety Communicator’s Week and the Police Department recognized the hard work of their Emergency Dispatch Staff with a luncheon at the Police Department.
  • Active Shooter Class: Chief Lopez presented an Active Shooter Class for Military Programs.

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