Activity Report August 16-22, 2015

President Garrey Carruthers, Ph.D.

  • Welcome: Welcome back for the Fall 2015 semester.  Good news, incoming freshmen enrollment is up 6.7%.  It appears that we have turned the corner on new student enrollment and now need to focus our efforts on retention. 
  • 2016 Legislative Session: The Council of University Presidents has finalized their legislative program for the coming legislative session.  There are 11 items on the wish list but the three priorities in my mind are:
    • Faculty and staff compensation, which is every institution’s number one. The last substantial appropriated compensation increase was in FY 08.  In the past eight years, there has been a 2.5% total increase, in two different installments, authorized by the legislature. 
    • A formula base adjustment for utilities is being requested as Universities have little control over these costs. Since 1990, the State has adjusted utilities funding on two occasions.
    • Supporting students who are asking the legislature to extend the use of the Liquor Excise Tax to sustain the Lottery Fund.
  • Capital Outlay Committee: A  Capital Outlay Committee composed of the Secretary of Higher Education Barbara Damron, Committee Chair Jerry Burke, and representatives of the Legislative Finance Committee, the Department of Finance and Administration, and the Department of Energy held a hearing on our NMSU requests last week.  Our top priority is a $25,000,000 request to construct a new facility for the Department of Art, to include funding to demolish Dan Williams Hall.
  • Sun Belt Membership: The Administration, Regents, community leaders, and legislators met with a Membership Committee from the Sun Belt Conference to renew our request to move all of our collegiate sports into the Sun Belt Conference.  The presentations were terrific but the response was guarded.  Remember that we maintain our Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) status by playing in the Sun Belt and the remainder of our programs are in the Western Athletic Conference.
  • Hardman and Jacobs Hall: Hardman and Jacobs Hall is now partially on line with over 40 classes scheduled in this outstanding facility.  Please drop in and admire this addition to our campus.  Check out the unique use of mesquite wood on the stairs and as facing for some of the reception desks.  The Office of Facilities and Services will soon complete the landscaping around the building.  ICT will  move into the south end of the building when completed.
  • NMSU Employee Council: I want to commend the Employee Council for continuing their Forum series for the coming year.  Soon to be scheduled for this fall are Forums on the Athletic Program, Staffing Study, and next year’s Legislative Outlook.  


Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Dan Howard

  • Fall 2015 Convocation: Convocation on Tuesday provided an opportunity for the President to focus on some of the good news at NMSU and for me to remind everyone of the importance of retention and helping our students be successful at NMSU.  An important new initiative this year is our student success navigators, who are working closely with first year students, and laying the groundwork for their success, by helping them understand the importance of class attendance, good note taking, and taking advantage of the many resources on campus designed to help students learn, including faculty office hours.  Faculty members at NMSU, of course, have always played the central role in student success through their efforts in and out of the classroom, and we will continue to depend on the dedication of our faculty as the most important component of student success at NMSU.
  • QuickConnect: An area of special focus this year, especially with first year students, is class attendance, and we are depending on faculty members to alert us, through the QuickConnect system, if students miss two or more classes in the first four weeks of the semester.  All referrals to the QuickConnect system will receive a response, but I expect the response to referrals of first year students to be especially aggressive, because student success navigators will be involved in the response. Of course, faculty members are welcome to address attendance and performance issues with their students directly, but it is good to know that help is available.
  • Changes at NMSU: Later on Tuesday, I spent some time at the Business School convocation, where I discussed our new Faculty Care Leave, graduate student health insurance, the new 120 credit policy, and other matters.  With regard to the 120 credit policy, at their July meeting, the Regents approved reducing the minimum number of credit hours necessary to receive an NMSU undergraduate degree from 128 to 120.  Currently, the process for changing credit hour requirement is quite cumbersome, but a proposed revision to Section 6.82 of the Policy Manual would considerably streamline the process.  Because the front end of both the current and new processes are the same, I encourage departments that would like to move to 120 credits, to go ahead immediately with reviews of their degree programs and recommendations for changes, including the reduction in credit hours.  Under the revised policy, the recommendations need to be approved by the department head and transmitted to the Office of the Dean for final approval.    Under the current policy, changes in academic programs require several layers of approval above the Dean.  It is likely that these layers will be removed soon.
  • Land Grant University Demographics: At the end of the week, Dr. Laura Gutierrez Spencer and I teamed up to provide new faculty members with some insights into land-grant universities and the students who attend them.  Dr. Spencer did a marvelous job of describing the diversity of our students and tactics for engaging all of them.  At the end of the session, I described the Student Success Navigator Program and was gratified by the response from our new faculty members who indicated a strong willingness to be active partners in aggressive interventions.


Interim Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences,

Dr. Jim Libbin

  • Gold King Mine Spill: NMSU Cooperative Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station faculty have worked closely with New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) and New Mexico Environment Department officials to coordinate the response and provide science-based information regarding the Gold King Mine spill affecting the Animas River in San Juan County. In particular, Bonnie Hopkins, County Extension Agriculture Agent, played a key role coordinating county and state agency responses to the spill. Drs. Kevin Lombard and Mick O’Neill of NMSU’s Farmington Agricultural Science Center, along with Dr. April Ulery of the Plant and Environmental Sciences department, provided advice and baseline sampling of the river and irrigation ditches. Dr. John Wenzel, Extension Veterinarian, provided information regarding livestock health when exposed to heavy metals. Along with many other College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences staff and faculty, these faculty demonstrated the quick, nimble response and close working relationship NMSU has with NMDA to provide usable information to help the citizens of New Mexico.
  • USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Panel of Experts: Steven Loring, Associate Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station System, is a member of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Panel of Experts. The Panel met in June to review and recommend changes to the Plan of Work and other accountability systems used nationally. The recommended changes will have a significant impact in the way information is collected from NMSU and reported nationally, in conjunction with the National Impacts Database.

Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology:

  • Oscura Mountain Chipmunk: More than just a cute and cuddly critter, the Oscura Mountain chipmunk is providing New Mexico State University Fish and Wildlife researchers with vital habitat information on an entirely unique kind of animal. Dr. Jennifer Frey, Curator of the NMSU Wildlife Museum, and her graduate student Ian Perkins-Taylor are using novel research techniques to document information regarding population ecology and habitat use that is important for the future conservation of this species.

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Patricia Christmore Award: Merranda Marin received the Patricia Christmore Award at Fall Convocation.  This award recognizes junior faculty for excellence in teaching.  Dr. Marin joined the faculty in 2012, and teaches courses in human development, parenting, and family therapy.Dr. Kourtney Vaillancourt and Dr. Merranda Marin were recently selected as Minority Fellowship Mentors for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  This is an initiative to increase the number of culturally competent family therapists who provide mental health services to underserved populations.  They will provide academic, professional, and career development advice to a group of fellows.

Extension Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Martin Steinman Endowed Chair in Food Science Technology: Nancy Flores was selected for the Martin Steinman Endowed Chair in Food Science Technology.  The chair was established in memory of the owner of Border Foods in Deming.  Dr. Flores will use the funds for applied research to benefit New Mexico food processors.

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Christa Slaton

  • New Faculty: The College of Arts and Sciences welcomed 26 new faculty in 16 of our academic departments at the first faculty meeting of the new academic year. Half of the new hires are women, including six new female faculty in the STEM disciplines.
  • Crimson Kickoff: We held our Crimson Kickoff for Freshmen two days before classes began. An enthusiastic group of students participated in a game to identify the home departments of our department heads after the department heads entertained them with clever and funny clues.
  • Williams Hall Renovations: We held an appreciation reception for donors to the Williams Hall Renovation project and provided an update on the status on HED’s response to this project being presented as the university’s #1 capital outlay project. Chancellor Carruthers got a rousing ovation when he stated we need to take Williams Hall down and build anew. Architectural drawings were displayed to demonstrate how the new building may be redesigned to further collaboration among the programs in the Art Department. While there are many more steps in the process, this is the closest we have ever been to achieving this goal. In addition, we have raised more than $800,000 in private donations. Kudos to the visionaries and supporters who have helped us get this far.
  • Various Faculty Awards: Three Arts and Sciences faculty were presented with university-wide awards at the Fall Convocation: Mary Alice Scott (Anthropology) received the Patricia Christmore Award; Graciela Unquez (Biology) won the Advising Award; and Nathan Brooks (History) received the Westhafer Award for Teaching. Faculty were also entertained by the college’s superb Pride Band.
  • NMSU/UNM Cooperative Pharmacy Program: We held a reception for the incoming students in the joint University of New Mexico (UNM) and New Mexico State University (NMSU) Cooperative Pharmacy Program. Students spend their first two years at NMSU and then complete the program and UNM. At the conclusion, they are awarded degrees from both universities.


Dean, College of Business, Dr. James Hoffman

  • Leadership Changes: This summer the college had some changes in leadership.  William Gould became the Associate Dean for Research and Carlo Mora became the Interim Department Head for the Management Department.  Former department head, Steve Elias became the NMSU Director of the Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership Program.  An internal search will soon begin for the Finance department head. An interim department head will soon be named for the Marketing Department. 
  • Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship: We hosted a visit from New Mexico Secretary of Education Hannah Skandera on June 4. She announced the Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership Program, a new education leadership program designed to help provide the state’s principals, superintendents and other aspiring school leaders with the knowledge and skills to help close the state’s school achievement gap.  The program is funded by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.
  • Excellence in Academic Advising Award: Congratulations to Debra Cardinali, Academic Advisor, for receiving the Excellence in Academic Advising Award, which recognizes faculty and professional academic advisors for their outstanding achievements and service to our students.  Candidates are nominated by students and recipients were recognized at Convocation.
  • The College of Business Weekly Activity Reports: The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at


Dean, College of Education, Dr. Donald Pope-Davis

  • ELA Pd.D. Students: The department of Educational Leadership and Administration welcomed 23 newly admitted doctoral students to begin courses this fall semester
  • Mickelson Teachers Academy: Curriculum and Instruction doctoral student, Mona Plaza, was selected to be a part of the Mickelson Teachers Academy. She was one of 400 teachers selected from across the country.
  • Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social Chair Elect: Judith Flores Carmona has been elected as Chair-Elect (2015-2016) of Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS)/Women Active in Letters and Social Change.  MALCS is open to all Indigenous women, Chicana, Latina, Afro-Latina, Asian-Latina and gender non-conforming people working toward the support, education and dissemination of Chicana/Latina & Native American women’s issues.
  • Advancement Meetings: Advancement office engaged the Advancement CFR office in visiting with faculty regarding their areas of research and opportunities for funding.
  • College of Education Opening Program: Dean Pope-Davis hosted Opening Program on August 18 to welcome back all College of Education faculty and staff.


Interim Dean, College of Engineering, Dr. Steve Stochaj

  • Investment in NMSU: NMSU is one of the four university partners in the recently announced Engineering Research Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics (CBBG) funded by the National Science Foundation. NSF is investing $18.5 million in the first five years and NMSU’s share from NSF is $3.2 million. Civil engineering Associate Professor Paola Bandini is the NMSU PI and will lead the Infrastructure Construction Thrust for the center. In addition, NMSU will lead the Diversity and K-12 programs for the center with chemical engineering Professor Martha Mitchell as the diversity director.
  • Breaking New Ground Program: Nearly 60 students transferring into the engineering programsBreaking New Ground Program at New Mexico State University and Howard University this fall semester received an extra boost to help them with the transition and become successful engineering students. They were participants in a National Science Foundation-funded Breaking New Ground program led by engineering faculty at the respective universities. As recipients of a National Science Foundation three-year grant for Broadening Participation in Engineering, the two schools are seeking to bridge a non-traditional pathway for minority students to become part of a much-needed engineering workforce in the United States.
  • Partners for Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education Forum: Industrial engineering Associate Professor Delia Valles-Rosales and three industrial engineering students attended the Partners for Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education (PACE) Forum in Sao Paulo, Brazil this summer, representing a team of industrial and mechanical engineering students and faculty. Valles and Associate Dean Patricia Sullivan organized the Collaboration and Innovation Challenge Competition for which NMSU had six finalists out of 37 and three winners. NMSU participated in the Reconfigurable Shared Use Mobility Vehicle Competition as part of a team with University of São Paulo, Howard University, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.  This team won Second Place-Customer Insight and Third Place-Product Engineering. PACE Silver status was awarded to NMSU.
  • Awards: Notification of award was received this week from the U.S. Department of Education Student Support Services STEMH program. With funding of $1.1 million over five years, the program will provide tutoring, mentoring, financial literacy training, academic coaching, and other services to 120 first-generation, low-income students in the STEMH disciplines at NMSU. The grant will be managed from the New Mexico AMP offices, led by civil engineering Professor Phil King, who replaces Ricardo Jacquez as project director on the New Mexico AMP and SSS STEMH projects. Vice President Bernadette Montoya and Associate Vice President Terry Cook from Student Affairs and Enrollment Management will serve as Co-PIs for the SSS STEMH project.
  • International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry Conference: During the last week of June 2015, chemical and materials engineering Associate Professor Jessica Houston traveled with students Wenyan Li, Jesse Sambrano and Faisal Alturkistany, to Glasgow, Scotland to attend a conference for the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry. Houston is a Councilor, Scholar and Committee Chair in this society.  This year the Houston lab received two outstanding awards at the final awards ceremony:  Outstanding Poster Presentation awarded to Faisal Alturkistany, molecular biology graduate student; and 2014 Best Paper Award given by the journal, Cytometry Part A, the official journal for ISAC. The lead author is Ruofan Cao (former NMSU Ph.D. student), and contributors include Houston’s collaborators from Los Alamos National Laboratory Mark Naivar and Mark Wilder.


Dean, Honors College, Dr. Miriam Chaiken

  • Freshmen Picnic: To kick off the new academic year, we held our annual Freshmen Picnic, which was open to all Crimson Scholars. The Crimson Scholars are students entering NMSU with high college board exam scores, high GPAs from their high school, or both. More than 200 students enjoyed food and games on the lawn in front of the Conroy Honors College, and given the temperature hovering near 100 degrees, the tag game with water cannon squirt guns proved to be the most popular event. This was an opportunity for the new students to visit the Conroy Building, and learn more about the opportunities they have as Crimson Scholars.
  • Honors Students: On August 16 we assisted with registration for the last students, who arrived on campus without a roster of courses, and visited with students and their families as they moved into the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) in Rhodes Garrett Hamiel Hall. The students moving into our LLC come from all over the region, and this year the student coming from the longest distance, joining the Honors College, is a freshman from Vietnam who plans to be a psychology major.
  • Conroy Scholars: We welcomed the first cohort of Conroy Scholars to NMSU. The Conroy Scholars are high-achieving incoming freshmen who were National Merit or National Hispanic Merit semi-finalists and finalists, and they join us from four states, including New Mexico.


Dean, University Library, Dr. Elizabeth Titus

  • NMSU Library Website: The NMSU Library has a brand new website design. Currently, a soft roll out, with the main homepage having a new look, as well some of the second-level pages. Some interior pages will still have the old design, but these pages will be changed gradually over time, with much more to come in content and accessibility. The NMSU Library homepage will have a black feedback button, and we welcome input and suggestions.
  • NMSU Library Faculty Books: NMSU Library faculty have written three new books:
    • A new book written by two NMSU Librarians lays out the basics of the backend of library work. “Fundamentals of Technical Services” by John Sandstrom, Acquisitions Librarian, and Liz Miller, Cataloging Librarian, gives a brief history of the field and delves into collection development, metadata, physical processing, workflows, and even useful analysis on trends in technical services.
    • NMSU Librarian and Department Head of Technical Services, Ellen Bosman, has waded into the vast slew of religious books to research the best material for small, large, and new church libraries. “A Basic Media List for Church Libraries: an annotated bibliography details resources for libraries getting a foothold and those libraries who want to have help having the best and most relevant books for their collections.
    • Martha Andrews, NMSU University Archivist, has co-authored a book with Walter Hines, titled “Hugh Milton: A Life Beyond Duty.”Milton began as an engineering professor in 1924, rose to the rank of college president in 1938, and in 1940 was recalled to service by the U.S. Army to fight in the Pacific Theatre. Brigadier General Milton even ended up as Undersecretary of the Army.
  • Digitization: Tombaugh digitization sprung into high gear during the summer and both Metadata Librarian Ingrid Schneider and Digital Projects Librarian Nathan Brown had updates last week on their progress. From Brown: 398 folders were scanned, representing 6,269 total items. From Schneider: 1005 individual items in 189 folders are now available with metadata.


Associate Provost, International and Border Program, Dr. Cornell Menking

  • Collaborations with Mexico: Over the summer, IBP staff worked to organize two big Mexican-related events that will happen in the fall: A trip of legislators traveling to Chihuahua City from September 28-October 2, and co- hosting an event called “CampusLink” with Univ. Autónoma de Chihuahua on October 29.   Visit for more info.
  • International Student Orientation: A record-breaking 402 international students received a joint orientation last week in a standing-room only event at Corbett Auditorium.  This is the largest group ever recorded at NMSU, and includes 283 degree-seeking, 55 English, and 64 exchange students.  This is up from last year’s 331 (212 degree-seeking, 60 English, and 49 exchange).
  • Summer Studies: 22 Tecnologico Nacional de Mexico students will finish summer studies conducted at NMSU on August 28.  The students were the result of new collaborations with.  CELP provided intensive English and Arrowhead provided innovation and technology transfer learning.
  • GoTeacher Program: At a closing ceremony on August 11, the Center for English Language Programs presented 54 Ecuadorian English teachers with certificates of completion as part of the continuing “Go Teacher” program.  The non-credit eight-month program, which is funded by the Ecuadorian government, has graduated over 200 students in four cohorts to-date.


Senior Vice President Administration and Finance, Angela Throneberry

  • Move-In Day: Housing & Residential Life had a very successful move-in day on Sunday, August 15. Over 1500 students moved on campus with help from their families and hundreds of University volunteers. The day was capped off with a dinner served by Sodexo Campus Dining for students and their families in the Taos Restaurant in Corbett Center, followed by a welcome from President Carruthers on the outdoor stage.
  • FY15’ Parking Lot Renovations: Right on schedule and just in time for the students’ return, the upgrades to seal and stripe Parking Lots #03, #72, #74, #75 and #82 were completed. 
  • Scavenger Hunt: Barnes & Noble at NMSU was a stop in the Residence Life Scavenger Hunt on Monday, August 17, where students learned the Aggie Fight song. The store has also extended their store hours through August 28. 
  • Student VIP Block Party: As part of the Crimson Kick-Off, Barnes & NobleStudent VIP Block Party with the assistance of Auxiliary Services, hosted over 500 students for dancing, games, and music.  Food was served by Sodexo Dining, who also hosted cereal and cake eating contests with the winners taking home $100 gift cards!
  • Returning Students – NMSU Golf Course is once again a very busy place with the arrival of the PGA Golf Management student as well as NMSU Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams. The Annual Cowboys for Cancer Golf Tournament is scheduled for August 28. 


Vice President Student Affairs / Enrollment Management, Dr. Bernadette Montoya


  • First Year Walk: We have had a very successful start to the Fall 2015 semester with our newest tradition, the First Year Walk. Freshmen students walked from the Pan American Center to the Miller Gates on Tuesday, August 18 to celebrate the start of their college years as an Aggie.
    First Year Walk
  • Student Success Navigators:We are pleased to have the Student Success Navigator team in place for the Fall 2015 semester. The Navigators will continue to receive training and work with all of our first-time students.
    Student Success Navigators
  • Quick Connect Responders: In a continuing effort to increase freshmen retention, 52 employees have signed up to be QuickConnect Responders. Everyone is encouraged to take part in this program to reach out to our students.
  • SAEM Summer Conference: The first Annual SAEM Summer Conference, held July 23 and 24, was a very great success. Over 120 staff members attended the conference to hear presenters from SAEM departments, the Center for Learning and Professional Development, and representatives from the Academic Colleges. 


Vice President Economic Development, Dr. Kevin Boberg

  • Arrowhead Park Receives Grant to Plan Development of Health Technology Hub: Arrowhead Center aims to help identify and meet New Mexico’s health care delivery and technology development needs through a new grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration. The EDA will award $488,000 in grant funding to create a master development plan for Arrowhead Park that includes a health care technology cluster to better support startup companies focused on improving health care in the region and diversify the state’s economy.
  • Arrowhead Center to Receive Competitive Grant Funding Collaboration between Research and Small Businesses Taking New Technologies to Market: New Mexico State University was selected to receive a new $100,000 federal grant from the U.S. Small Business Assistance Federal and State Technology (FAST) Partnership Program. The grant, supported by the Martinez Administration, will help Arrowhead Center build to support programs that fund collaborative efforts between researchers and small companies working to take new technologies. Arrowhead Center was one of just 20 universities and organizations nationwide to receive the grant this year.
  • Arrowhead Partners With Mexican Institutions To Foster Entrepreneurship: Arrowhead Center was invited to help implement the unique, three-phase program, which is called “Atrevete a Emprender,” or “Dare to Be an Entrepreneur.” The partnership included the Social Development Fund FONDESO, part of Mexico City’s local government, and five universities: Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Tecnologico Nacional de México and Universidad Autonoma de la Ciudad de Mexico. The program helps teams composed of students, recent graduates, researchers and faculty members to develop business plans and establish seed funding for entrepreneurs in Mexico City to incentivize the creation of high-impact startups.
  • Aggie Shark Tank Event: Arrowhead and Studio G held the second Aggie Shark Tank event offering the opportunity for NMSU students and alumni to pitch their idea for investment. Lou Sisbarro, Royal Jones, Mickey Clute, and Dino Cervantes participated as Sharks. Five Studio G clients pitched their businesses at this exciting event held in Yates Theatre. Justin Dahrling of Golf Iconic received a $30,000 investment offer from the Sharks. Brooke Higginbotham of Pivotal Biomedical Tech was selected as the Shark’s Favorite and won a $1,000 cash prize sponsored by Arrowhead Center. The next Aggie Shark Tank will be held October 23rd in Yates Theatre.
  • Student Entrepreneurism: A New Mexico State University researcher (Roy L. Xu, Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering) and an engineering graduate student have partnered with Arrowhead Center’s student business incubator, Studio G, to further develop a protective shield technology that could help reduce concussions and even save lives. The partnership is supported by a $50,000 award from the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps program.  Separately, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has chosen Arrowhead Center to pilot its Young Entrepreneur Program aimed at helping student entrepreneurs commercialize technology that is important to AFRL. AFRL has awarded Arrowhead a $50,000 grant to start the program. In addition, AFRL scientists and engineers will mentor the students as they ready their technology for commercial use.
  • Arrowhead Center Enterprise Adviser Selected As Kauffman Fellow: Arrowhead Center Enterprise Adviser Estela Hartley has been accepted into the Kauffman Fellows, a highly selective program in which a cohort of business and investment professionals completes a two-year curriculum and individual development plan with executive coaching, facilitated mentoring and peer learning in innovation investing. As an enterprise adviser, Hartley shares her expertise in qualitative research, collecting valuable consumer insights to help clients design innovative business models and compelling customer experiences with clients at Arrowhead Center.


Vice President Research, Dr. Vimal Chaitanya

  • Foundation Based Research Funding Opportunities: Andrea Tawney and Elaine Stachera from University Advancement met with Vimal Chaitanya, Sudha Murthy, and Alisha Giron to discuss closer collaboration in pursuing foundation-based research funding opportunities as well as better accounting of foundation-based awards. Among strategies discussed were use of GRID to better disseminate foundation research opportunities to all researchers across the NMSU system, use of ARGIS to capture all foundation-originated awards, and use of University Advancement search engines to capture all foundation-based competitive research opportunities and appropriate dissemination through GRID.

Physical Science Laboratory (PSL)

  • Contract Offer: PSL was awarded a follow-on Information Operations Vulnerability/Survivability Assessment (IOVSA) contract from the Army Research Laboratory on 29 July 2015.  The IOVSA contract is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) task-order-based contract valued at $75,000,000 for five years.

Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC)

  • Comments: Mike Ferguson, Export Control Manager, provided comments to the Office of Defense Trade Controls Policy relevant to the U.S. State Department’s rulemaking revising International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) definitions to provide consistency with Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Mr. Ferguson noted one change concerning prepublication proprietary information reviews as being particularly troublesome for researchers as limited purpose reviews may result in a temporary delays. He noted that these delays should not be construed as an absolute publication restriction warranting removal of the fundamental research status.  

Office of Research Development (ORD)

  • Research & Resources: The Office of Research Development published NMSU’s research magazine, Research & Resources, for 2015 mostly in-house with significant cost savings. The hard copy of the magazine is being mailed to institutions of higher education. An on-line version is available at:

Office of Research Integrity/Office of Research Compliance

  • Convention for the American Psychological Association: Luis A. Vazquez, Associate Vice President for Research Integrity, attended the 123rd Annual Convention for the American Psychological Association (APA) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Debates centered on the Hoffman Report, which described how the Department of Defense (DoD) influenced the APA President’s Task Force on Ethics. The influence resulted in the endorsement of language in the Code of Ethics between APA and DoD allowing torture to be used with prisoners who are disproportionally individuals of Middle Eastern/Arab, Asian, African American and Latino descent.  The Council voted on NBI #23B, Adoption of Resolution to Amend the 2006 and 2013 Council Resolution to Clarify the Roles of Psychologists Related to Interrogation and Detainee Welfare in National Security Settings, to further Implement the 2008 Petition Resolution, and to Safeguard Against Acts of Torture and Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in All Settings as APA Policy. 

Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI)

  • Teaching Abroad: Sam Fernald is currently teaching Land Use and Water Quality course at Vietnam Forestry University. The class has 47 students who constitute the 3rd graduating class in the relatively new Advanced Program in Natural Resources. Vietnam Forestry University is one of the top forestry and natural resource universities in Vietnam. Sam is exploring funding opportunities with the faculty researchers at Vietnam Forestry University, particularly in the areas of linked water and natural resources sustainability with food security.


Interim Vice President University Advancement / Foundation Executive Director,

 Dr. Andrea Tawney

  • College of Education: The Thornburg Charitable Foundation gifted $80,000 to assist master-level students in the College of Education with hands-on experience in Early Childhood Education.
  • Crimson Colleagues Advisory Council: The Crimson Colleagues Advisory Council held their inaugural meeting to plan the faculty/staff campaign.
  • Colleges of ACES and Engineering: A $500,000 gift from the estate of Joe Nakayama adds to existing funds in the Colleges of ACES and Engineering.
  • Graduates of the Last Decade: The campaign for GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) will launch this month.
  • Proposals to NMHED: Proposals from throughout the NMSU system are being forwarded to the New Mexico Higher Education Department for consideration of matching funds made available by the 2015 New Mexico Legislature from the Higher Education Endowment Fund. The matching award is contingent upon receipt of private donations and all funds (gifted and matching) must be placed in an endowment.


Athletics Director, Mario Moccia

  • Student Move-In Day: Spoke at the Crimson kickoff student move in day. Football head coach Doug Martin, soccer head coach, Freddie Delgado and volleyball head coach, Mike Jordan also spoke at the event and welcomed back the students.
  • Various Interviews: I had multiple interviews with Las Cruces Sun-News, Adams Radio, KFOX TV and ESPN the Magazine to discuss the football program and Stuff the Stadium campaign.
  • All Student-Athlete Meeting: Addressed all student-athletes at the All-Sport Beginning of the Year meeting held at the Corbett Center. All student-athletes were required to attend the meeting in order to participate in their sport. Topics that were discussed included compliance, academic and athletic training policies and procedures.
  • Meeting with Citizens Bank: I met with Citizens Bank as an effort to repair the relationship between Citizens Bank and Athletics.
  • Volleyball Fundraising Banquet: Attended the 1st Serve Women’s Volleyball Fundraising Banquet. The event was well attended with over 200 attendees which included donors and staff. The team is picked to finish second in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) preseason coaches’ poll.


Director/Secretary New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Jeff M. Witte

  • Animas River Incident: NMDA, CES, and ACES continue to work together to assess the long term-impact and create an economic recovery plan for the Animas River Incident.
  • NM Apartment Managers Association Conference: Staff spoke at the NM Apartment Managers Association Conference in Albuquerque.  Safe pesticide use, label information, and how to obtain a license were addressed.  A second presentation was given regarding laws and regulations specific to interior pesticide application to apartment complexes.
  • New Mexico Petroleum Marketer’s Convention: The New Mexico Petroleum Marketer’s Convention was held in Albuquerque.  Staff spoke at, and attended the meetings.


Chief, NMSU Police, Stephen Lopez

  • Police Activity: There were 23 police reports created, ten supplements filed, and 30 traffic citations issued.  The Records & Evidence Office processed 17 items of evidence and fingerprinted 26 people.
  • Emergency Dispatch Center:  Emergency Dispatch Center handled 307 calls for service (one 911 call), resulting in 189 police calls (22 of which were agency assist) and 10 warrant entries.  There were 19 fire calls (nine of which were mutual aid) eight fire alarms, one emergency medical, and one call for flooding.  There were two animal control calls.
  • Special Events Staff – Special Events staff worked a total of 384 hours and reviewed 14 events for safety and security concerns.  Staff was also engaged in Security Officer Training.
  • Victim Services – Assisted University employee with off-campus case and assisted with Sexual Assault Report, provided services, contacted Financial Aide, and accompanied victim to Office of Institutional Equity.
  • Assistance to Other Agencies – Several members of the department continue to assist the FBI, BATFE, and local agencies with the investigation into the church bombings and the plethora of suspicious devices and bomb threats.  The explosive detection teams continue to be used on a daily basis, and also participated in sweeps after a third device was located on Friday.  In addition, the department’s personnel continue to work leads and support the investigation in a variety of ways.
  • Move-in Day on Campus – Police Department personnel assisted with this year’s move-in day on campus, from conducting traffic control to carrying items to dorm rooms.


Special Assistant to the President, Scott Eschenbrenner

  • NMSU Hotel Project: Our hotel project west of the convention center continues to press forward with discussions continuing with New Mexico based hotel development firms. This item is one of our highest priorities and will provide opportunities for the HRTM program as well as a benefit to our community!
  • Mason Farms: Former Aldershot Greenhouses, now Mason Farms continues to make progress on the removal of the greenhouse structures. According to Mason Farms representatives, the project is on schedule for an August 2016 completion date.
  • Various Projects: New Mexico State Police building demolition started in mid-August with a 90-day estimated completion time frame. Additionally, FNF Construction who is working on the Missouri and I-25 bridge project has agreed to remove all of the former NMSU Golf Course Clubhouse and Driving Range improvements as part of our agreement for use of the site through August 2016.


Interim President, NMSU-Alamogordo, Dr. Ken Van Winkle

  • Alamogordo Convocation: Convocation was held on Friday, August 21 on the NMSU-A campus recognizing the accomplishments of faculty and staff. Interim President, Dr. Ken Van Winkle discussed the NMSU-A strategic plan and Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mark Cal, introduced new faculty and staff.
  • Library Remodel: The David Townsend Library is being remodeled with completion expected by the middle of September. The new look is exciting and the remodel will meet ADA compliance. This will be a welcome improvement to the campus and will greatly benefit NMSU-A students.
  • New Positions: The NMSU-A campus is pleased to announce the addition of Brenda Campbell as Director of Marketing, Dr. Vandeen McKenzie as the Interim Vice President for Student Success, and Dr. Juan Garcia as the Director of External Affairs and Development.


President, NMSU-Carlsbad, Dr. John Gratton

  • Carlsbad Convocation: The NMSU Carlsbad campus conducted its annual convocation on Tuesday, August 18.  The event was well-attended and participants enjoyed the interaction.
  • Early College High School: The NMSU Carlsbad President has begun negotiations with the Aggie Development Corporation on lease options and land availability in order to construct an Early College High School on the NMSU Carlsbad campus.
  • Carlsbad Mayor’s Energy Summit: The NMSU Carlsbad President has been working with the Carlsbad Mayor’s Task Force in planning for the Mayor’s Energy Summit which will be held on September 14. NMSU Professor Jim Peach will be a featured speaker at the Summit.
  • WIPP Employee Leadership Academy: The NMSU Carlsbad President has been working with the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) to develop and implement a Leadership Academy for WIPP employees.


President, NMSU-Dona Ana Community College, Dr. Renay Scott

  • Student Support Initiative: DACC launched a new initiative to support students by bridging them to community resources in the areas of financial literacy, health & wellness, social services, and career support.  The Center for Career and Student Success, directed by Rosa De La Torre-Burmeister will support student retention by helping students overcome outside barriers that hinder attendance, perseverance and success. 
  • Career and Technical Program: DACC’s Career and Technical Program Administration and faculty are working with businesses from the Border Industrial Alliance to explore ways to package education training to support growth in manufacturing and logistics in southern Doña Ana County.
  • Fundraiser: DACC will host a fundraiser on August 27 at 5:30 p.m. at the East Mesa Campus.  Several pieces of the recently acquired Royce Rein collection will be auctioned with proceeds supporting the DACC Art Endowment. The extensive DACC art collection includes more than 250 artworks, many of which are displayed on DACC campuses. 
  • Dona Ana Convocation: More than 200 people attended convocation with standing room only. The presentation was retooled to include more participation by faculty and staff to provide input on KPI’s.


Associated Students of New Mexico State University

  • Annual Welcome Back Concert: Our Annual Welcome Back Concert will be this Friday, August 28 at 7:00 pm at the Corbett Outdoor Stage, featuring Hawthorne Heights. 
  • ASNMSU Senate: The ASNMSU Senate had a successful Senate Orientation this past Saturday.  The first meeting will be held on Thursday, August 27 at 6:00 pm in the Senate Chambers, Corbett Center.
  • Keep State Great: The date for our annual on-campus community service event, Keep State Great, is set for October 17.  We highly encourage staff and faculty participation.  Departments or individuals may register on our website,

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