Activity Report February 16-20

President Garrey Carruthers, Ph.D.

  • Santa Fe: From my visit to this week’s legislative session:
    • Recommendations to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee: The subcommittee on Higher Education reported out their recommendations to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, consisting of about $1.7 million new dollars for NMSU, including funding formula I & G for all community colleges and the main campus plus Research and Public Service funding. No indication of action regarding our requests for compensation increases but these are typically handled in a separate bill.  Not much new money available.  We are still working on a $2.0 million appropriation to finish Jett/Jett Annex/Rentfrow Gym renovations.
    • Recruiting: I spoke to 120 4-H-ers and several FFA members who were visiting the legislature.  I invited all to attend NMSU.
    • Visit to the Corona Range and Livestock Center: Sharon and I visited with Shad Cox and Scott Schaefer of the Corona Range and Livestock Center regarding their need for additional capital outlay to complete their housing project at the Center.  David Abbey of LFC is attempting to find $220,000 from legislator’s allocation to fund one more building.
    • Ag Fest: I attended the Ag Fest at the Santa Fe Convention Center.  This is always a must stop for the President of NMSU as all ag associations and interest are represented there and they serve some of the best New Mexico food, ranging from chile dishes to outstanding beef and lamb.
    • House Bill 282: I testified on behalf of House Bill 282, sponsored by Representative Rod Montoya, which requires all higher education institutions to complete the articulation process to include adopting a common course identification taxonomy by August, 2017.  We are well underway in doing this for our four 2-year programs and NMSU main campus.
    • Arrowhead Center: I joined Kathy Hansen in testifying on our need for an additional $100,000 appropriation for the Arrowhead Center. 
  • Satisfaction Survey Open Forum: Judy Bosland and Dario Silva did a magnificent job of presenting the results of the recent NMSU satisfaction survey.  Over 400 folks were in attendance or online for the discussion.  This is one of several forums sponsored by the Employee Council. The survey was requested by the Diversity Council.  Communications remains our number 1 opportunity for improvement.
  • Dinner and Business Agreements: The Arrowhead gang and VP Kevin Boberg joined Mr. Al Zapanta and his colleagues from the U.S. Mexico Chamber of Commerce for dinner and an MOU signing for NMSU to participate in several of the Chamber initiatives.  This fits well with our Vision 2020 goal to “internationalize NMSU”.
  • Aggie Basketball: Congratulations to the NSMU men’s and women’s basketball teams for winning the regular season championships. Now on to the tournament which they need to win to assure a NCAA tournament nod.


Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Dan Howard

  • Student Success Predictive Analytics: Assistant Vice President, Judith Bosland, has been working on student success predictive analytics for NMSU.  At a meeting early in the week, she reported to me that the strongest predictor of student success at NMSU is first semester GPA, and she noted the importance of both predicting this GPA and intervening early, if possible, to influence first semester GPA of our students. 
  • College Basketball Hall of Fame Honors Coach Lou Henson: On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending a news conference announcing that Coach Lou Henson would be inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame.  This is a wonderful honor for one of the great Aggies of all time, and one of the great college coaches of all time.  However, I cannot help but reflect that for all of his accomplishments as a coach, Lou’s greatest legacy may be the selfless contributions he and his wife, Mary, have made to our community and to the community of Urbana-Champaign. 
  • New Mexico 2030 Coalition: On Thursday morning, I attended the first meeting of the New Mexico 2030 Coalition, a group organized by the Kellogg Foundation to visualize what a successful New Mexico looks like in 2030, and then determine pathways to get there.  I was forced to leave the meeting early, in order to attend the Employee Council meeting later in the afternoon, but before leaving I noted that the most important resource that New Mexico has is its people, and that the success of the state depends on developing an environment that enables all citizens to achieve their full potential. 
  • Climate Survey Open Forum: At the Climate Survey Open Forum hosted by the Employee Council, Judy Bosland presented results of the survey and the President and I answered questions from the audience.  The attendance at the forum was good and the questions posed were insightful.  I will summarize only a few key points…the survey results are available online and the forum was filmed.  Key points:
    • Important to obtain more faculty and staff input on strategic plan
    • Administrators at all levels need to communicate better with faculty and staff
    • Need to break down the silos between departments
    • Should develop plans to better involve families of employees with the university
    • Foster better relationship with the Las Cruces community
    • Develop a more coherent system of stipends for department heads
    • Improve civility at the university
    • Recruitment and retention of students is job one for everyone
      • Recognize that every interaction with a student is important and influences their view of NMSU
      • Need to improve advising, especially in the first year
  • Testimonios: On Thursday evening, I attended the Testimonios, at which faculty and staff members shared their experiences at NMSU and voiced their concerns over diversity issues and the climate at NMSU.  It was a well-organized event, designed to begin an important dialogue.  I want to thank all the participants for expressing their views frankly and for their clear commitment to NMSU.  I look forward to continuing this dialogue and to working with all of you to enhance the inclusiveness of NMSU.
  • Suicide Task Force: Finally, on Friday I met with the Suicide Task Force to go over their report and recommendations.  Although suicides are relatively rare at NMSU, there has been a significant increase in attempts and in individuals seeking counseling for suicidal ideations over the course of the past several years. Providing training so that faculty and staff can respond appropriately to students and employees who are contemplating suicide will be important as we cultivate an environment at NMSU that is responsive to some of our most vulnerable community members.


Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences,

Dr. Lowell Catlett

Cooperative Extension Service:

  • State Leadership Team Planning Meeting: The State 4-H Officers, 4-H Ambassadors and Diplomat teams, CES Specialist and Advisors (Amy Zemler, Eva Madrid and Allison Leimer) met in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the State Leadership Team Planning Meeting.  Officers presented their Youth Get Away (YGA) workshops to the ambassadors and diplomats in order to gain feedback on what worked well and things they could improve on before presenting their workshops to novice and junior 4-Hers at YGA in April. 
  • 4-H Day in Santa Fe: The Cooperative Extension Service celebrated 4-H Day 4-H Day in Santa Feat the Roundhouse on February 17. The NM 4-H leadership team is present every year to represent the State 4-H program and visit with legislators and the Governor on issues concerning our youth.  Youth attending are able to learn about the legislative process directly from Senators and Representatives who take time out to speak to the youth.  More than 100 youth attended to represent 4-H.  This year President Carruthers welcomed the group. He also spoke to the youth about the benefits of attending NMSU.  Senator Munoz, Representative Ezell, and Secretary of Ag, Jeff Witte, all spent time with this group and stressed the importance of individuals across the state being involved in the legislative process. 

Media Productions:

  • Assisting the University of Connecticut by designing an iPad app: NMSU Media Productions/Learning Games Lab has produced an iPad tool for the University of Connecticut Department of Extension to assist in a study on childhood obesity prevention. The digital tool helps researchers gather and store data – and lets youth enter their own answers to questions – to assess impact and behavior changes related to community-based after-school programs. Customized for UConn’s system, the tool improved research efficiency: administering the iPad-based survey takes only 10-15 minutes, whereas a paper-based version took 30-45 minutes. In addition, students who used the iPad platform were observed to be more curious, attentive, and cooperative during the process, as compared to paper-surveyed students.

ACES Ambassadors:

  • Ag Fest: Kristy Mason, ACES Director of Student Services, and eight ACES Ambassadors traveled to Santa Fe to represent the University and the College of ACES at Ag Fest.  The Ambassadors worked the ACES booth and were able to speak with various agriculture industry leaders, legislators and alumni. Ambassadors also attended a college fair at Hobbs High School to talk to prospective students and their families about the benefits of selecting NMSU to pursue a degree.


Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Christa Slaton

  • Consultant Dr. Catie Willging: The Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Education, and Health & Social Services combined to bring Dr. Catie Willging from the Behavioral Health Center of the Southwest (Albuquerque) to NMSU to consult with faculty in health, education, and social sciences departments about research and grant proposals.
  • Shared Service Center: Associate Dean Brown and I attended a College of Arts & Sciences Shared Service Center (SSC) meeting with Ross Justus and other participants to seek auditor approval for changes in the reporting structure to streamline the grant approval process. We then met with A&S principal investigators to discuss the SSC and our desire to have bi-monthly meetings to assess how the Arts and Sciences Shared Services Center is working.  Our Research Center staff continues to participate in training to learn new skills.
  • Scholarly Excellence Rally: Associate Dean Brown and I attended a Scholarly Excellence Rally for Dr. Shelly Lusetti in Chemistry/Biochemistry and her research colleagues Giancarlo Lopez (Biology), Immo Hansen (Biology), and Alvaro Romero (ACES) for their NSF-MRI award that allowed them to acquire an x-ray irradiator and a complementary dosimetry system.
  • The Great Call-Up: The Guard, the Border and the Mexican Revolution Emeriti  faculty Charles Harris III and L. Ray Sadler (both History) made a presentation at Nason House about their most recent book, The Great Call-Up: The Guard, the Border and the Mexican Revolution.
  • Annual Department Reviews: The associate deans and I conducted annual review meetings with department heads in English, Creative Media Institute, Theatre, Sociology, Languages and Linguistics, Psychology, Communication Studies, ad Music.
  • Awards: Michele Shuster (Biology) received $187,339 from NIH for her on-going project about science tools in the classroom.  Geoffrey Smith (Biology) received a $30,000 supplement for his existing NMSU Engineering/DOE award to conduct experiments involving low radiation backgrounds.   Rene Walterbos (Astronomy) received $14,998 from the Space Telescope Science Institute to study the interplay between stars, star clusters, and ionized gas.  Patrick Gaulme (Astronomy) will receive $10,000 from NASA in a group project to detect solar-like oscillations of main-sequence and red-giant stars that belong to well-known eclipsing binary stars.
  • Honors College Breakfast: Several department heads and I attended the Honors College breakfast and meetings to welcome potential Conroy Scholars and their parents to campus.
  • Coffee with the Deans: The Art Department hosted Coffee with the Deans in the Art Gallery. Faculty from across the college attended to have informal discussions with their colleagues across the campus.
  • ASNMSU Center for the Arts Signage: Wes Jackson and I met to discuss the signage for ASNMSU Center for the Arts and the naming ceremony. We discussed options with William Storm and Greg Walke and reached agreement on the sign design and placement.
  • Meet and Greet: Our student ambassadors hosted a Meet and Greet for potential student ambassadors. The turnout was very good and the energy and enthusiasm was high. Our ambassadors had just returned from leadership training at the University of Arizona.
  • Graduate Student Awards: Pat Hynes informed me of the awarding of $10,000 each to three graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her office has provided enormous opportunities for our graduate students for many years.
  • Other Desert Cities: I attended the Theatre Arts Department opening night of Other Desert Cities. Excellent performances by our students, professors, and community members. Performers received a standing ovation.
  • Meeting with Alumni: Patrick Knapp and I traveled to Oklahoma to meet with alumni from Geology, Criminal Justice, and Chemistry. The first day of our trip was marked by several flight delays that got us to Oklahoma five hours later than expected. The final day we had to make an early departure so we would not be stranded by the snow in Oklahoma and the ice and sleet in Dallas. Winter 2015 has been challenging across the East and Midwest. And in Las Cruces, we are enjoying the flowers on the trees.


Dean, College of Business, Dr. James Hoffman

  • Jemez Valley High School College and Career Fair: Jeanelle Chavez, Indian Resource Development Program, represented the college at the annual College and Career Fair held at Jemez Valley High School and hosted in collaboration with Jemez Valley Credit Union.  It was an excellent opportunity to speak to students from Jemez Valley High, Walatowa Charter High School and homeschooled students in the district students who might be interested in attending NMSU.
  • Economic Outlook Conference: The College of Business and Wells Fargo hosted the 4th annual Economic Outlook Conference on Thursday at the Las Cruces Convention Center.  With audience of close to 300 people, NMSU’s resident economic expert, Jim Peach (Regents Professor Economics and International Business) and Eugenio Alemán (a senior economist with Wells Fargo), gave their outlook on the regional and national economies for the coming year.
  • State of the City and County Membership Update Luncheon: Anthony Casaus and I attended the State of the City and County Membership Update Luncheon on Thursday at the Las Cruces Convention Center. Las Cruces City Mayor Pro Tem Greg Smith spoke on the state of the city and County Manager, Julia T. Brown gave an update on the county.


Dean, College of Education, Dr. Michael Morehead

No Activity to Report


Dean, College of Engineering, Dr. Ricardo Jacquez

  • VEX Robotics State ChampionshipVEX Robotics State Championship: The Engineering New Mexico Resource Network hosted the second annual VEX Robotics State Championship on February 14 for some 200 middle and high school students comprising 36 teams from throughout the state.  Four of the teams will go on to the VEX world Championship in Lexington, Kentucky in April. Approximately 100 engineering students, faculty and staff members volunteered to help with the event.
  • Summer Research Applications: The Engineering Research Center submitted coordinated applications for summer research positions from engineering undergraduates to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. There were three applications to the Boulder location and three to the Gaithersburg location. Successful applicants will spend nine weeks at NIST Boulder or NIST Gaithersburg working with NIST scientists and engineers, to expose them to cutting-edge and world-class research.
  • Power Laboratory: The Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering Department has developed a Power Laboratory under the supervision of Assistant Professor Rolfe Sassenfeld. The lab is equipped with six Hayden power system workstations and various types of motors, generators and power electronics.
  • Institute of Industrial Engineers Conference: Thirteen industrial engineering students traveled to the regional Institute of Industrial Engineers Conference at Arizona State University this past week.  Several made presentations in the research paper competition.
  • Scholarly Excellence Rally: Russell Hardy, director of CEMRC,Russell Hardy an entity of the New Mexico State University College of Engineering, was honored at NMSU’s Scholarly Excellence Rally Friday, February 13. The U.S. Department of Energy recently refunded CEMRC through a five-year, $15 million financial assistance grant to continue to monitor the WIPP site, which is located 28 miles southeast of Carlsbad, New Mexico. A Department of Energy-owned facility, the WIPP facility is a deep geologic disposal facility that permanently disposes of defense-related transuranic waste, and is the first and only facility of its kind in the U.S.
  • Southwest Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition: The NMSU Network Security Group held their own against 18 other teams in the Southwest Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition virtual regional qualifying competition. The team finished in the top nine, earning the first ever NMSU birth to the live regional qualifier event in San Antonio, Texas on March 7 and 8. The team adviser is Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering Assistant Professor Matt Presser.


Interim Dean, College of Health and Social Services, Dr. Donna Wagner

  • Study of Adult Day Programs Offered in NM: Interim Dean Donna Wagner will be conducting a study of the state’s adult day programs serving older adults.  She will work with Dr. Joe Tomaka, Director of the CHSS Survey Research and Program Evaluation Center, to survey existing adult day programs.  The final report of this work will assist the Secretary of Aging and Long Term Services in planning for adult day services in the state.

School of Nursing

  • Welcome Leah Stiff: Cheryl Lombardi, Dr. Anita Reinhardt from Nursing and  Dr. Donna Wagner, CHSS,  welcomed Leah Stiff and her family to NMSU at the Honors College recruitment breakfast this week. 

School of Social Work

  • Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Symposium: The School of Social Work is holding a “Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment” (SBIRT) Symposium for the community on Friday, February 20 at the NMSU Golf House banquet room. The primary goal of the SBIRT model is to identify clients who use alcohol and other drugs at risky levels, with the goal of reducing and preventing related health consequences, disease, accidents and injuries. 
  • NMSU Alum Featured in Southwest Senior: Ana Cole’s master’s thesis is featured in the February, 2015 edition of Southwest Senior.  Cole was awarded an  MSW in 2014. Her thesis, “The Benefits of Intergenerational Activities for Older Adults:  A Systematic Review” was supported by committee members  Virgina Yribba, Gail Leedy and Donna Wagner.

Department of Public Health

  • National Public Health Week: Department of Public Health Sciences is working with the office of NM Senator Udall, in collaboration with Masters of Public Health graduate, Melanie Goodall, to promote National Public Health Week, April 6-12, 2015. Senator Udall will co-sponsor a 2015 senate resolution to highlight National Public Health Week and its importance at the national level.


Dean, Honors College, Dr. Miriam Chaiken

  • Conroy Scholars Day: We started the week with the first Conroy Scholars Day, which we hope will become an annual event. We invited students who were National Merit or National Hispanic Merit semi-finalists to visit campus and learn more about what NMSU had to offer. We began by sharing the college experience of dinner in the Taos Dining Commons on Sunday followed by a program about the Honors College and the ways in which the honors curriculum dovetails with academic majors across campus. The students and their parents had an opportunity to ask questions about academic and extra-curricular activities across campus, and current students in the Honors College talked about their experiences and successes at NMSU. Monday began with breakfast and words of greeting and encouragement from President Carruthers and Provost Howard, and visits with their academic deans.  After breakfast each student was paired with one or more professors in their area of interest, and the students went with them to their labs/offices/departments to learn more about their prospective majors. Later in the morning they received their financial aid award, gifts from Admissions, the Honors College, and their academic home college, went on a fun campus tour in the open air trolley, and shared lunch with associated deans and the Honors College staff. The response was very positive from the students who visited campus and we are hopeful that many of them will choose to join us next fall as new Aggies. We extend our thanks to the administrators, faculty, and staff across campus who made this day successful, especially the staff of the Honors College who worked on these arrangements for many months.
  • Dean of Education Interviews: The search committee for the Dean of Education announced the names and itineraries of the four finalists who will be visiting campus over the next three weeks. Many details had to be pinned down to ensure that the candidates will have ample opportunity to meet with all the constituents that they should while visiting campus — and once again Valerie Torres of the Honors College should be thanked for her essential assistance with our logistics arrangements.
  • NM Leadership Institute Cohort Interviews: I was pleased to be invited to participate in the interviews for the next cohort of NM Leadership Institute students, high school juniors who are applying to be part of this exciting program funded by Dan Burrell. We interviewed more than 30 students in teams of four over the course of the day, and identified those that we felt had the best qualifications to participate in this program in the coming summer.
  • Graduate School Dean Interviews: The final candidate for the Dean of the Graduate School visited campus and we learned more about Dr. Jamboor’s vision for the NMSU graduate school.
  • Evening of Testimonio: On Thursday evening I was pleased to participate in and “Evening of Testimonio”, organized by the campus Hispanic Caucus, to discuss the climate of collegiality and tolerance on the campus. It was a thought-provoking experience, and one that left an impact on everyone who participated.
    Associate Dean, Dr. Tim Ketelaar
  • Conroy Honors Day: Participated in the inaugural Conroy Honors Day, an amazing day of events hosting a large group of National Merit and National Hispanic Merit Scholars.  Much appreciation goes to Dean Chaiken and the honors college staff for creating a day full of activities and information for prospective students and their families.  We received much feedback that the students and their families felt very welcomed.
  • Webpage Updates: Worked with Tiffany Cox to plan an update to the Office of National Scholarships and International Education (ONSIE) webpage on the Honors College Website.  We continued working on an email outreach campaign in which we plan to send personalized emails to students who have recently participated in study abroad.  We have created a list of the students and we are now drafting personalized emails that will be sent to each student inviting them to stop by the ONSIE office to learn how to translate their Study Abroad experience into a Fulbright or other prestigious scholarship.


Dean, University Library, Dr. Elizabeth Titus

  • Grant Proposal: A grant proposal was submitted this week by NMSU Library for 2015 Project Ceres funding from the USAIN Digital Libraries and Preservation Committee.  The project title is Selected Poultry, Fruits and Vegetables, Cotton and Livestock Serial Publications of the NMSU Agriculture Extension Service and the Agriculture Experiment Station (Digitization Project). Cindy Watkins, Associate Professor, NMSU Library is the Principle Investigator.
  • Library Planning Team: NMSU Library has established an internal team which will be working with others on campus on planning activities associated with the College of Osteopathic Medicine being on campus. Specifically, the Library’s BCOM Team will investigating questions related to library services.
  • New Student Group-Study Area: NMSU Library is planning an event for students to celebrate the opening of a new student group-study area, new research corrals for graduate students writing their dissertations, and having Zuhl Library open until 2:00 a.m. Sunday-Thursday. We will be telling all students to save the date, March 2, 2015 from 8:00a.m.-2:00p.m. on their calendars.


Associate Provost, International and Border Program, Dr. Cornell Menking

No Activity to Report


Senior Vice President Administration and Finance, Angela Throneberry

  • Valentine’s Dinner: The 3rd Floor Bistro at the Danny Villanueva Victory Club hosted its annual Valentine’s Dinner for over 70 guests, highlighting its fine dining experience, gorgeous interior and distinctive view of Aggie Memorial Stadium.  The monthly buffet series on February 18 featured savory Indian cuisine.
  • Kissing contest: The Barnes & Noble Bookstore had the IPad kissing contest on Friday, February 13.  With 44 couples entered, the event lasted 2 hours, 18 minutes, and 35 seconds. 
  • Aggie Tech Shop Recognized: The Aggie Tech Shop received a positive recognition in Monday’s Sound Off.  The write up read:  Tech support >> When I’ve had problems with my Apple computers I found a very helpful staff at the Apple store on the second floor of the University Bookstore. Many non-University folks may not know of this valuable resource. Thanks guys!
  • DACC Main Campus Infrastructure Upgrades: Construction work near the intersection of Wells and Espina has been taking place since February 10 in support of the DACC Central Utilities Improvement project.  Contractors laid new conduits under the existing sidewalk and are constructing a foundation in preparation for a new electrical transformer that will be installed in the spring.
  • Regents Professors Banners: The Grounds department completed hanging the Regents Professors banners on campus.  This was done as part of recognizing the NMSU Regents Professors.  The banner program is a collaborative effort between University Communications and Facilities and Services.
  • Mardi Gras: Taos Restaurant treated its guests to two special Mardi Gras celebratory events on February 17.  The Mardi Gras lunch featured décor, music and festive cuisine.  Dinner at Taos Restaurant featured Bodacious Burger of Blue Ribbon Angus beef stacked with outrageously enticing toppers.
  • Flooding in Chamisa: The Mechanical and Electrical shops responded to a high water alarm in the Chamisa valve pit on Wednesday, February 18, 2015.  Upon arrival they found the pit flooded due to a failure in a hot water piping system.  This affected the Coca Cola Weight Training Facility and the Football Field House.  The piping system was repaired and returned to service the following day.
  • Employee Evaluation Application Enhancement – ICT’s PDS group, in conjunction with the Human Resources Department, added functionality to the on-line Employee Evaluation application.  With the upgrade, the application can now be used for evaluation of non-exempt and exempt staff.  The enhanced application is scheduled to go live during March 2015.


Vice President Student Affairs / Enrollment Management, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

  • Doctoral Hooding Ceremony: Montoya met with the Commencement Team, Marisela Marquez and Gabrielle Martinez, and other campus stakeholders on Wednesday, February 18 to discuss details in planning the evening doctoral hooding ceremony on May 8.
  • Lottery Scholarship Discussions: Met with Wesley Jackson, ASNMSU President, on Tuesday, February 17 to discuss issues related to the Lottery Scholarship. It continues to be a pleasure to work with Wesley and members of his Executive Team on the Lottery Scholarship, especially through the legislative session.

University Admissions, Ms. Delia De Leon

  • Cooperative Pharmacy Program: University Admissions met with counselors and administration from the Gadsden Independent School District, in collaboration with the UNM/NMSU Cooperative Pharmacy Program to explain how the Pharmacy program works. The counselors and administrators were encouraged to share this information with their students.
  • Calling Campaign: University Admissions facilitated a calling campaign with a group of student volunteers led by Valarie Valencia, a graduate assistant with the College of Business. Calls were made to encourage prospective Business majors to attend NMSU. The callers provided scholarship reminders and informed the future Aggies about resources and student support services available at the University and within the College of Business.
  • New Mexico Leadership Institute Interviews: University Admissions participated in the interview process for applicants to the New Mexico Leadership Institute. Over 30 high school juniors were asked why they were interested in the Institute and in attending NMSU, and were informed of the steps they need to take to become an Aggie.
  • Admissions Interview: Centennial High School will be airing an interview given by Anton Magallanez, senior recruiter in charge of admissions communications, explaining why NMSU is a great college choice and how to apply for admission.

Student Engagement, Dr. Terry Cook

  • New Student Orientation: The Aggie Welcome and Orientation Office is preparing for 14 scheduled Orientation Programs that welcome first-time and transfer students to NMSU. We are currently recruiting Orientation Leaders who help facilitate orientation activities throughout the late spring and summer. A total of 247 new freshmen and transfer students have registered for the orientations so far, and many more are expected to register throughout the semester and into the summer. 

Student Life, Dr. Michael Jasek

  • Center for Deployment Psychology Training: A day-long Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) training was held on Thursday, February 12 at the Las Cruces Convention Center. Dr. Jenna Ermold from the CDP provided the training funded by President’s Performance Funds, the Dean of Students office and Counseling & Student Development. The training focused on serving student veterans and service members on campus. Information was provided on military culture, identifying ways NMSU might respond to assist service members during pre-deployment, the experiences service members might have during deployment, and how to provide support post-deployment challenges. A total of 79 registrants, including staff from several departments within SAEM and White Sands Missile Range and Ft. Bliss, were in attendance.
  • Governor’s Commission on Disability: Trudy Luken, Director of Student Accessibility Services, attended the Governor’s Commission on Disability meeting in Santa Fe. She was appointed Commissioner in 2012.
  • Student Leadership Programs Advisory Committee: The first Student Leadership Programs advisory committee meeting was hosted by Mark Baccei, Assistant Dean of Students. The committee will help to guide the development of leadership programs within Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The intent is to bridge gaps where leadership development is not occurring and to find ways to partner with various offices to prevent duplications.


Vice President Economic Development, Dr. Kevin Boberg

  • New Initiatives for Sustainable Economic Development: Introduced to us by President Carruthers, Al Zapanta has visited campus on several occasions of late.  This week NMSU (Office of the President, Office of the Vice President for Economic Development, and Arrowhead Center) signed a Memorandum Of Agreement (Agreement) with the S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and the U.S.-Mexico Cultural & Educational Foundation (Mr. Al Zapanta, President & CEO, signing on behalf of the latter two).  The Agreement creates a formal relationship between the Parties advancing sustainable economic development, building a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting technologies supporting all industries, cultivating resources and opportunities in education and training, and enhancing diversity across the border, region, and Americas. By this Agreement, the Parties will assist individuals, companies, and communities overcome a host of challenges and take advantage of opportunities, making North America more Globally Competitive.  Initiatives already have been launched in several new areas, potentially involving several colleges.
  • Young Entrepreneur Program: Arrowhead Center won a proposal to pilot Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) to help students commercialize technology. The proposal was submitted by a collaborative team of Arrowhead Center’s Dr. Kramer Winingham (PI), Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering’s Dr. Amit Sanyal (co-PI), and Master’s Electrical Engineering student Taylor Burgett. The $50,000 award will support several student entrepreneurs commercializing Dr. Sanyal’s Novel Attitude Actuator technology. Attitude Actuators are important components of satellites of all sizes and are the primary cause of satellite failure. Dr. Sanyal’s technology offers an elegant solution that eliminates the primary causes of failure while also providing several other beneficial features. Through the YEP program the team of student entrepreneurs will receive guidance and coaching from Studio G and mentors from AFRL’s Space Vehicles Directorate.
  • Studio G Networking Hour: On Friday, Studio G hosted its weekly Networking Hours event. This week’s topic focused on Market Research. A presentation was given to nearly 20 students that discussed Market Research methods and best practices for individuals developing startup companies are new innovative products.


Vice President Research, Dr. Vimal Chaitanya

          No Activity to Report


Vice President University Advancement / Foundation Executive Director,

 Ms. Cheryl Harrelson

No Activity to Report


Athletics Director, Mario Moccia

  • Upcoming Events: I met with Kelley Coffeen, Andrea Tawney, and Gena Bermudez and had a substantive discussion regarding the creation of a family weekend event around a September football game.
  • Guest Speaking: I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Rio Grande Rotary Club.  I introduced head baseball coach Brian Green.
  • Sports Enterprises Board Meeting: Met with the board members of Sports Enterprises and had my first discussion with them regarding future multimedia rights endeavors.
  • Adidas: Had meetings and lunch with Adidas representatives, Chris Terrell and Shannon Ferbrache, to discuss current contracts and future NMSU-Adidas relationship.
  • NMSU Alumni Association: Attended and spoke at the NMSU Alumni Association event in Phoenix. It was a well-attended event with over 250 attendees. 
  • NMSU Basketball: Both our men’s and women’s basketball teams had a victorious weekend. The New Mexico State men’s team won the Western Athletic Conference regular season championship after beating Grand Canyon University (GCU) at GCU. The New Mexico State women’s team celebrated a regular season co-conference championship after defeating Grand Canyon at home.  They can win the WAC outright with a win in either of its final two games.

Associate AD, Marketing- Steve Macy

  • Pack the Pan Am: Less than 600 seats remain for the Pack the Pan Am men’s basketball promotion on March 7. Over 12,500 fans will be on hand March 7 to say goodbye to the four seniors on the team, as well as recognize three new members to the US Bank NM State athletic hall of fame.


Associate Vice President University Communications, Maureen Howard

  • Las Cruces Sun-News Sunday feature: This week’s NMSU Sunday feature article in the Las Cruces Sun-News profiled student Lauren Schlothauer. Schlothauer, an NMSU agricultural communications and livestock major, recently earned second place along with a $2,500 scholarship during the sixth annual Animal Agriculture Alliance competition, a national program where college students share agriculture’s story and become passionate spokespeople on behalf of the food and fiber industries.
  • Las Cruces Sun-News Eye on Research: The Eye on Research article in the Las Cruces Sun-News focused on a Scholarly Excellence Rally February 13 for the Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center, which is an independent environmental monitoring program for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant to detect for exposure to radioactive materials. The U.S. Department of Energy recently refunded CEMRC through a five-year, $15 million financial assistance grant to continue to monitor the WIPP site, which is located 28 miles southeast of Carlsbad, New Mexico.
  • Sports information:Athletics Media Relations was excited to plan, call and execute the news conference for Coach Lou Henson announcing his selection for induction into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame on Tuesday. In addition the team fully staffed the Troy Cox Invitational Softball Tournament, the season-opening baseball contests in Beaumont, and supported the outstanding men’s and women’s basketball teams.
  • KRWG: This week the KRWG staff traveled to Truth or Consequences to meet with viewers and listeners. The visit provided an opportunity to discuss programming as well as to receive feedback from stakeholders.
  • Regents Professor Banners: Our Marketing Services team worked with Facility ServicesMichele K. Nishiguchi H. Prentice Baptisteto post the Regents Professor Banners on campus this week. Our two new Regents Professors, H. Prentice Baptiste and Michele K. Nishiguchi, were added to the group of banners on display.



 Assistant Vice President Government Relations, Ricardo Rel

  • 2015 Legislative Session: We are attending the 2015 Legislative Session in Santa Fe, NM, through March 21, 2015.  Stay updated on current news regarding the legislative session by visiting their website


Director/Secretary New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Jeff M. Witte

  • New Mexico Organic Farming Conference: I spoke at the 2015 New Mexico Organic Farming Conference, which is the largest agricultural conference in the state, with over 700 people registered to attend. NMDA’s Organic Program staff work with employees from New Mexico State University’s Cooperative Extension Service and the nonprofit Farm to Table to organize the annual conference.
  • Ag Fest: Staff hosted a large booth at Ag Fest, where we fed and visited with numerous industry, agency, and political staff regarding various agricultural issues.
  • 2015 Legislative Session: Staff and I continued to track and review draft and filed legislation for the 2015 legislative session, and attended various committee meetings. We also researched various subject matter for background material necessary for legislation, conducted bill analyses and interacted with other agencies regarding common legislation.
  • Ag Week in Santa Fe: Staff and I attended the following meetings as part of Ag Week in Santa Fe, this week:
    • Beef Council Meeting
    • New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau Meeting
    • New Mexico Cattle Growers Meeting
    • Rocky Mountain and New Mexico Farmers Union Breakfast


Chief, NMSU Police, Stephen Lopez

  • Update: There were 50 police reports created, 30 supplements filed, and 15 traffic citations issued.
  • Records & Evidence Office: The Records & Evidence Office processed 56 items of evidence, and fingerprinted 16 people.
  • Emergency Dispatch Center: The Emergency Dispatch Center handled 371 calls for service (22 of which were 911 calls), resulting in 178 police calls (8 of which were mutual aide), 17 fire calls (5 of which were mutual aide) and 8 emergency medical calls.
  • DACC East Mesa Campus Threat:  A 911 notification was sent out to the community on the afternoon of February 17 regarding a threat to a female student by her ex-boyfriend who threatened to shoot her in class at the DACC East Mesa Campus.  For the safety of the entire campus, classes were cancelled and the DACC was closed for the remainder of the day.  Officers were assigned to patrol the campus in the event the suspect returned.  The suspect was apprehended on February 18th in Chaparral by LCPD and US Marshals.
  • Violence Against Women Meeting:  A “Violence Against Women’s Act” grant meeting was held on February 19 to discuss funding and to begin the application process.  Representatives from the General Counsel, Dean of Students, EEO, Housing and Residential Life, Counseling & Student Development Center, International & Border Programs, and Student Diversity & Outreach were present at the meeting.
  • Activity Center: Officers charged suspect with resisting and disorderly conduct after they were called to the scene of suspect yelling and running around in the Activity Center Gym.  Workers at the gym were concerned that suspect was going to become violent.  Officers on scene attempted to speak to him in Activity Center lobby, but he would not comply and struggled with the officers.  Suspect was taken to MMC, evaluated after six hours of waiting and turned over to the Detention Center.  THC found in system as a result of urine test. 
  • East Mesa Campus: The East Mesa Campus was evacuated and deployment of canine was conducted due to a possible bomb threat.
  • Victim Services Coordinator:  The Police Department’s Victim Services Coordinator assisted two DACC victims with services including temporary restraining order paperwork and continued services with a main campus victim which included attending a domestic violence hearing.
  • Child Abduction Response and Investigation Training: Three members of the police department will be attending a Child Abduction Response and Investigation Training in Albuquerque which is being presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Albuquerque Field Office on February 24-26, 2015.

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