Activity Report February 9-13

President Garrey Carruthers, Ph.D.

  • Santa Fe: The latest news from the legislature:
    • House Appropriations and Finance Committee Meeting: The House Appropriations and Finance Committee met on Wednesday afternoon to hear presentations from higher education representatives and Higher Education Department Secretary designate Barbara Damron.  All matters were referred to the Higher Education subcommittee for deliberations on Saturday.  The subcommittee is recommending an increase of $1.724M in I&G funding for all of NMSU.  There was an attempt in the subcommittee to reduce the funding for NMSU athletics to the UNM level.  Traditionally, NMSU has received more general funding than UNM but UNM has received far and away more capital outlay money.
    • Whistleblower Act: I visited with A.J. Forte of the Risk Management Division regarding the Whistleblower Act and the prospects of modifying it to be more reasonable.  This is a delicate enterprise in that changes may be viewed as having a chilling effect on whistleblowing.  The changes recommended ensure no retaliation for whistleblowing but suggest it is the duty of the employee to report fraud or unethical conduct.
    • Inspection of Public Records Act Amendment: The Inspection of Public Records Act amendment to protect intellectual property from disclosure has been drafted along with a memorial directing study of the Act during the next interim.
    • Secretary Hannah Skandera: Secretary designate is now Secretary Hannah Skandera after a vote of 22-19 in her favor on Monday.  This confirmation was over four years in the making.
  • Albuquerque Journal Editor in Chief: I visited with Kent Walz, the Editor in Chief of the Albuquerque Journal, who is very pleasant and very opposed to any changes in the Inspection of Public Records Act (as is the editor of the Las Cruces Sun News, the Foundation for Open Government).  Modifications are needed and that effort will continue.
  • Governor’s Prayer Breakfast: Several folks from NMSU attended the annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast, which was sponsored by Presbyterian Health Systems and UNM Hospital. The speaker was Ron Suskind, a noted newspaper reporter and book author from Washington, D.C., who gave a very moving presentation regarding his family’s journey with their autistic son.
  • Radio Interview: I was on KKOB live with Bob Clark, an Aggie graduate, discussing the State of NMSU and both our histories with this great University.  Bob has a broad listenership in that I received many comments after regarding the interview. 
  • NMSU Strike Force: Kudos to the NMSU Strike Force for their quick and careful review of all legislation that may impact NMSU.  The Strike Force is led by Ben Woods and includes over 20 people.       


Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Dan Howard

  • “Diversifying the Faculty at NMSU” Discussion: My most important activity of the week took place on Monday afternoon, when I spent 90 minutes with about 60 faculty members at the Teaching Academy discussing “Diversifying the Faculty at NMSU”.   Fostering this dialog will be an ongoing effort of my office to ensure we are promoting diversity in recruitment, hiring, and retention. The session began with a presentation in which I evaluated the pipeline for faculty members from groups–Hispanics, African Americans, and American Indians/Alaska native–who are underrepresented in the Academy.  The first major loss of potential faculty members from these important segments of our society occurs in high school where graduation rates lag well behind those of Whites and Asian/Pacific Islanders.  The second major loss occurs in college, where six-year graduation rates of underrepresented minorities are significantly lower than those of Whites and Asian/Pacific Islanders.  There is further loss in Ph.D. programs but the gap in graduation rates is much smaller.  The gap seems to disappear when it comes to winning tenure track jobs at four-year institutions of higher education after receiving a Ph.D.  Data from the Educational Advisory Board indicates that individuals from underrepresented groups occur in the professoriate at a rate that matches or exceeds the rate at which they are Ph.D. recipients.  Other good news is that the percentage of women faculty members in engineering, the physical sciences, and the life sciences closely matches the percentage of women receiving Ph.D.’s in these disciplines.
  • Graduation Rates: New Mexico State University presents a mixed picture when it comes to pipeline issues.  The majority of the undergraduate students at NMSU are from underrepresented groups, with Hispanic students representing 52.9% of our students, African American students representing 2.9% of our students, and American Indian/Alaskan Native students representing 2.3% of our students.  However, graduation rates for these groups of our students lag behind those of our non-minority students.  The difference in graduation rates is unacceptable and will need to be a major focus of NMSU moving forward. 
  • Faculty Recruitment and Retention: The picture at NMSU is better when it comes to recruitment and retention of faculty members from underrepresented groups.  Over the course of the past 10 years, NMSU has hired 287 tenure track faculty members (49% female, 51% male) and the percent of underrepresented minorities among these hires is more than double the percentage of underrepresented minorities among doctoral degree recipients in the United States. Moreover, NMSU retains these faculty members at a slightly higher rate than it retains white faculty members.  The success of NMSU at recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty reflects good recruitment practices, a robust commitment to inclusion, and strong buy-in at the departmental level.  Nevertheless, the experience of an individual faculty member is strongly shaped by the local environment of the department and there can be little doubt that experiences will vary across the university. 
  • True Picture of NMSU: In the wide-ranging discussion that followed, we touched on issues ranging from teaching loads, to past attempts to improve the success rates of minority students in science courses, to a perceived exodus of minority faculty members from some parts of the university, and to a shortage of resources in the Black Studies Office.  One faculty member noted that the data I presented seemed somehow too good, and at odds with her own experience as a scientist at NMSU, where diversity seems to be lacking in all too many meetings.  I responded that I presented the data as they were available to me…good, bad, and ugly.  I also noted that too often at NMSU we accentuate the negative, what we do not have, what we do not do well, and fail to recognize and celebrate what have and what we do well.  As Provost, it is my responsibility to ensure that a true picture of the institution, both the successes and the challenges, are presented internally and externally.  It is also my responsibility to foster a spirit of inclusion that lets every faculty member, staff member, and student know that we value them and will work to help them be successful.  It is a responsibility that I welcome and that I take very seriously.


Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences,

Dr. Lowell Catlett

Cooperative Extension Service

  • 4-H County Council Officer Leadership Retreat: The 4-H agents in the Southwest District hosted a leadership retreat 4-H County Council Officer Leadership Retreatfor 4-H county council officers on February 7-8 in Las Cruces.  Twenty eight 4-H members developed leadership through participating in the NMSU low ropes course and workshops provided by agents. To end the weekend, youth learned about “Building the Best You” and going the extra mile by Mindy Turner, State 4-H Specialist.  This was followed by youth having the opportunity to set team goals that they would implement back in their respective counties throughout the year.  Kaylee Banegas, Doña Ana County 4-H’er, was quoted saying, “At the beginning of this weekend I thought I was just going to be attending the Southwest District Officer Training and learn about better teamwork. But I never imagined that I would learn so much about all the members on my team, including myself. I learned a lot about venturing out of my comfort zone and asking for help from my fellow teammates when I need it. I got to see some of the strengths and weaknesses of my team and myself. I cannot explain how much this weekend really impacted my views on leadership, teamwork, and communication.  Aside from all the workshops, Kristen, Carli, Kayleigh, and I got to learn some life tips while cooking chicken.”
  • Bugs—Out of the Box: Extension Plant Sciences, Dr. Carol Sutherland, exhibited 33 different drawers of insects during the “Bugs—Out of the Box” at the Western Heritage Museum in Hobbs, NM.  Each drawer featured a particular group of arthropods or a certain behavior or activity.  The drawers were from the NMSU arthropod collection located in Skeen Hall. There were 1,024 attendees during this event.

 Museum Visitors     Master Gardner Sally Seed and Dr. Carol Sutherland

         Museum visitors                      Master Gardner Sally Seed and Dr. Carol Sutherland


Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Christa Slaton

No Activity to Report


Dean, College of Business, Dr. James Hoffman

No Activity to Report


Dean, College of Education, Dr. Michael Morehead

  • Daniels Scholars Interviews: Dean Morehead participated in the Daniels Scholars interviews this week. Candidates as usual were outstanding; it is amazing the quality of students who emerge in this process. It was an honor to participate.
  • Class Visit: Dean Morehead presented in Charles Townley Honors leadership class and discussed his philosophy of leadership, focused on expectations and mentors.
  • NMSU Advancement Activities: Participated in two advancement activities which honored the donors from NMSU that support the college, at the present time there are over 80 individuals who work at NMSU and give to the College of Education. Our goal is to reach 100 and when we do, there will be a special recognition.
  • Emerging Legislation: Dean Morehead participated in phone call with other deans to discuss the legislation emerging that could impact teacher and administrator preparation. It could be perceived by the way some legislation is emerging that some in the state would support opening the door for private for-profit companies that would license future teachers and administrators.
  • Evaluations: At this time of year, the dean’s office is reviewing faculty evaluations, and are more and more amazed by the terrific work done by NMSU College of Education faculty, students and staff.   

James O’Donnell, Associate Dean

  • University of West Indies Presentation: O’Donnell, along with colleagues,  presented an invited workshop on research to the College Administrators & Faculty Experience coalition at University of West Indies, Open Campus, Belize City, Belize.
  • Annual Winter Conference for COBEC: Represented NMSU Study Abroad at the annual winter conference for COBEC in Corozal, Belize.
  • Campus Visit: Visited and observed College of Education student teachers in San Ignacio, Belize.

Robert Wood, Interim Associate Dean of Research

  • Clinical Research Partners: Wood networked with several clinical research individuals in the community and reached out to Michael Conn, Vice President of Research at the Texas Tech Health Science Center in El Paso, regarding collaborative opportunities. Several investigators in our College (and others) have expressed a need for clinical research partners.

Dr. Gladys De Necochea, Assistant Dean for Budget & Planning

  • SAVE THE DATE!: The College of Education Sustainability Committee has announced the date for the upcoming college-wide celebration of Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22 from 2-4 pm and will include an information fair, an array of panelists to speak on sustainable practices in edible education, and a taste-testing of healthy, local grown food choices.    Additional information on the event is forthcoming and will be posted onto the CoEd Sustainability Committee website:

Dziwenka, Program Manager for Assessment

  • Annual Reports: Dziwenka continued organizing data for the major yearly reports due in the Spring 2015 semester, and began inputting data for the 2015 EPP Annual Report.
  • iACT 2015 Conference: He prepared information for a follow-up story for the NMSU Communications Dept. (requested by IBP Associate Provost Menking) on the recently-completed iACT 2015 conference, and what this offers in terms of exposure and opportunities for NMSU.

Michelle Valverde & Karen Trujillo, Community Outreach

  • Math Snacks: Worked with Karin and Sara to submit an IRB for Math Snacks and also Sara and Lida on research for Math Snacks. Met with team to address questions from program officer.
  • LCPS Principal’s Meeting: Presented at the Principal’s meeting for LCPS to launch teacher recognition for Bridge.
  • New Alliance District: Attended the School Board meeting in T or C and signed them as a new Alliance District.
  • Grant Proposal: Met with Denise Rodriguez Strewn, Judith, and Karen to discuss a State Farm Insurance grant proposal for Service Learning
  • Reauthorization of ESEA: Reviewed the latest report from the NEPC regarding reauthorization of the ESEA; sent to community partners.

Adelina Rodriguez, Recruitment

  • Calling Campaign: Adelina collaborated and coordinated a calling campaign with Anton Magallanez, in Admissions. With the assistance of Education Student Council members and Ambassadors, students contacted over 380 admitted and applied students for the Fall 2015 academic year. Students provided prospective students an opportunity to inquire about student life at NMSU and were reminded to apply for scholarships, along with additional information. Students who were not available will receive an email.

Kelly Coffeen & Ashley Jurado, Advancement Team

  • Annual Thank You Luncheon: Hosted our annual thank you luncheon for all NMSU administration who supported our college in 2014.
  • Thank You Dinner: Hosted a thank you dinner for the students at the Aggie Pride Call Center.
  • Lunch with Alum: Went to lunch with a great donor and alum of our college, excited to feature him in more alumni stories.


Dean, College of Engineering, Dr. Ricardo Jacquez

  • Community Involvement: Engineering students Caitlynn Roy, Jaymie Velasquez, Ember Krech and Leo Borrego, along with Aggie Innovation Space Manager Ken Ruble, went to El Paso to assist Socorro High School engineering students with evaluation and mentoring of their senior capstone projects and presentations. They will formally judge these projects later this semester.
  • Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department Head Ian Leslie, along with a number of others from various departments, visited with faculty at the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, January 30. The meeting is a follow-up visit after the signing of a general agreement with UACJ.  The purpose is to pair professors from the same area to look for opportunities to collaborate.
  • Frank Bromilow Excellence in Research Award Recipient: Chemical and Materials Engineering Associate Professor Hongmei Luo Hongmei Luohas been named the 2015 recipient of the Frank Bromilow Excellence in Research Award, which she can put on the shelf next to the 2014 Frank Bromilow Excellence in Teaching Award she received last year.  Never in the history of this award, dating back to 1978, has a single professor won both awards in successive years. The award will be presented to Luo at the annual Bromilow lecture, taking place on February 25.
  • Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment Awards: Chemical and Materials Engineering Assistant Professor Thomas Manz’ research group in was recently awarded a supplement of 100,000 computational hours of time on the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) network, supported by the National Science Foundation, for the period ending March 31, 2015.  In addition, XSEDE provided an educational grant of 50,000 computational hours that were recently used by 14 students in the Chemical Engineering 491 Special Topics: Calculation of Material and Molecular Properties class to complete their final course projects.
  • Additional Funding: Manz has also been funded by National Aeronautics and Space Administration and New Mexico Space Grant Consortium (NMSGC) in the amount of $15,000 to execute a project entitled, “Ordered Electronic Phase on Capacitor Plates for Electromagnetic Shielding and Inductance Applications.”
  • Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering Phase II Workshop: Chemical and Materials Engineering graduate student Joshua Alcala has been selected to represent NMSU at the Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering Phase II: Insights from Tomorrow’s Engineers workshop organized by the American Society of Engineering Education in April in Washington D.C. With support from the National Science Foundation, the American Society for Engineering Education has launched a series of meetings to develop a new strategy for undergraduate engineering education that meets the needs of industry in the 21st Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering aims to produce a clear understanding of the qualities engineering graduates should possess and to promote changes in curricula, pedagogy, and academic culture needed to instill those qualities in the coming generation of engineers.
  • Intel Student Innovation ApprenticeIntel Student Innovation Apprentices: Engineering students in NMSU’s College of Engineering now have a new resource to make their project and business ideas come to life with the help of a team of Intel Student Innovation Apprentices. Through a grant from the Intel Foundation, the college has established an apprenticeship program within the Aggie Innovation Space to assist students with engineering projects, innovative ideas and entrepreneurial endeavors. Ten engineering students have been hired to serve as apprentices.
  • Aggie Engineering MIT Lincoln Laboratory Radar Design Challenge: The Engineering New Mexico Resource Network hosted the Aggie Engineering MIT Lincoln Laboratory Radar Design Challenge on February 7. The challenge drew 30 engineering students to participate in the Saturday event, where they gathered in teams to learn about real-world applications for Doppler radar and technical use of radar equipment, and then spent the afternoon around campus gathering data. Design Challenges are part of the educational offerings under the Aggie Innovation Space to blend classroom knowledge and real-world application through non-credit co-curricular offerings. Students are exposed to teamwork, critical thinking, oral and written communication skills that help round out their engineering academic curriculum.
  • Pop-Up Workshop on iOS App Development: Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Phillip DeLeon taught a Pop-Up workshop on iOS App development in the Aggie Innovation Space on February 6 for 20 NMSU students. Students were walked through the process of developing an App using the Apple iOS platform.  The Pop-Up workshops are part of the educational offerings under the Aggie Innovation Space. The sessions are taught by faculty as non-credit co-curricular offerings to expand student learning across multidisciplinary topics beyond the classroom.
  • Engineering Day for Career Connections: The College of Engineering hosted Engineering Day for Career Connections with 65 employers in attendance who were seeking engineering students for internships, co-ops and permanent employment. During Career Connections, eight employers made information session presentations which were attended by a total of 217 students.
  • Cummins, Inc. Representatives: Cummins, Inc. representatives, all of whom are NMSU engineering alums, spent two days prior to the career fair reviewing resumes for 115 plus engineering students.  These former alums made a gift, from their own money, of $1,200, to the NMSU Mini Baja Team.
  • Hebei Agricultural University: Bo “Bonnie” Gao has arrived from Hebei Agricultural University, Hebei, China to begin her sabbatical research in the Industrial Engineering Department.  She will be working in Associate Professor Delia Valles-Rosales’ laboratory. Gao is chair of the industrial engineering program at Hebei.
  • Kevin Coffee: The College of Engineering recently received alum Kevin Coffee from California. Coffee met with engineering students, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head Satish Ranade and the college’s development officer. 


Interim Dean, College of Health and Social Services, Dr. Donna Wagner

CHSS Associate Dean for Research, Joe Tomaka, Ph.D.

  • College of Health and Social Services Research position: Candidates for the CHSS Research position have been interviewed and candidate information has been reviewed by the Search Committee.  Announcement of final selection will be forthcoming.

CHSS School of Nursing

  • NMNEC Conference: Planning continues for the NMSU-School of Nursing/NMNEC conference on Saturday, February 28 at the Las Cruces Convention Center.
  • Leadership Otero: SON BSN Associate Director and faculty presented the BSN program to leaders in the Otero County Community, Leadership Otero.

CHSS Department of Public Health Sciences

  • National Public Health Week: NMSU Department of Public Health Sciences is making plans to recognize individuals and organizations in the region as our outstanding Public Health Heroes during National Public Health Week, week of April 6-12, 2015.


Dean, Honors College, Dr. Miriam Chaiken

  • Dean of Education Finalists: The search committee screening candidates for the position of Dean of the College of Education completed the videoconference interviews and met to discuss the candidates that we will bring to campus. The four finalists will be announced early in the week of February 16 and all will visit campus within the next month. We are now proceeding to schedule the campus visits and opportunities for the candidates to meet with the broad campus community.
  • Honors Classes Fall 2015: We completed the first proof of classes that will be taught in the Honors College for Fall 2015.
  • 20th Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium: Associate Dean Tim Ketelaar and I visited a graphic design class in the art department to discuss the design challenge for all the graphic arts we will need for the 20th Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium (URCAS) that will be held in late April. These talented students are competing in teams to design the next URCAS logo and other ancillary products such as a web site and PowerPoint template. We are looking forward to seeing the designs they present to us in a few weeks.

Associate Dean, Timothy Ketelaar

  • Crimson Scholars Abroad: Worked with Tiffany Cox to develop ideas for updating the Office of National Scholarships and International Education (ONSIE) webpage on the Honors College Website.  We also developed a recruitment strategy for contacting all Crimson Scholars who have studied abroad during the past two years.  We will be reaching out to these students with personal emails to invite them to drop by the ONSIE office to discuss how to turn their recent study abroad experiences into a possible Scholarship or Fellowship opportunities in the near future. Much thanks to Yvonne Flores for her assistance in developing this list of Crimson scholars who have studied abroad.


Dean, University Library, Dr. Elizabeth Titus

No Activity to Report


Associate Provost, International and Border Program, Dr. Cornell Menking

Confucius Institute

  • Land of Many Palaces: The CI will sponsor film-maker Adam Smith to present “Land of Many Palaces,” a film about Chinese ghost cities on February 19 at 7:30 pm in O’Donnell Hall, Room 111.
  • Chinese Language Honors Society Induction Ceremony: Cathedral HS had its Chinese Language Honors Society induction ceremony on February 13– becoming part of the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association national organization. 
  • Assisting with Translation: The CI has been assisting LCPS with translation of important documents into Mandarin Chinese for students and parents. 
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations: Exciting plans have been made for Chinese New Year celebrations (February 19 and 26 and 27 – at all sites).  

Center for English Language Programs

  • Go Teacher Participants: Go Teacher participants from Ecuador have begun doing observations at DACC (ESL), NMSU (SPCD 111G), Alma D’ Arte, and Mesilla Elementary School.
  • Tecnologico de Monterrey’s Chihuahua Meetings:  Meetings were held with a delegation visiting from the Tecnologico de Monterrey’s Chihuahua campus to discuss collaborative programs and contracts.

 CELP and IBP staff with delegation from Tec de Monterrey's Escuela de Idiomas e Internacionalizacion

CELP and IBP staff with delegation from Tec de Monterrey’s Escuela de Idiomas e Internacionalizacion.


International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

  • Bringing International and Domestic Students Together: We are introducing the “Thursday Global Meetup” – a new weekly event co-sponsored by ISSS, OEA and CELP to bring international and domestic students together to make friends, practice English, and generally feel at home and welcome on our campus.  Light refreshments will be served and students are also welcome to bring lunch.  There will be guest speakers, presentations and contests designed to boost morale for our international students.  Location is Garcia Annex Faculty Senate Chambers from 11:30 am-1:30 pm every Thursday throughout the semester.
  • Global Coffee Hours: There are also three Global Coffee Hours scheduled for Spring 2015.  On February 27 we will showcase Vietnam, followed by Saudi Arabia on March 31 (tentative), and Ecuador on April 17.  Location for February and April events is Garcia Annex Faculty Senate Chambers.  March is TBA.
  • Spring 2015 International Enrollment: Final Spring semester international enrollment is a total of 1194 students.  This includes 567 graduate students, 515 undergraduates and 112 non-degree students from 85 countries.  There are 1115 international students studying on the Main Campus, 42 at DACC, and 37 at NMSU-Alamogordo.
  • Beginning-of-the-Semester Lunch: On February 4, 2015, 150 degree-seeking, exchange, and CELP students came to a beginning-of-the-semester lunch hosted by ISSS. 

Office of Education Abroad

  • Faculty Led International Programs: Four FLiP (faculty led international programs) are going out this May: Speech Pathology to Peru, History to Mexico, Animal Science to Mexico and HRTM to Italy.  With safeguards in place to ensure all programmatic details are addressed before FLiP programs depart, OEA staff have been conducting pre-departure and website orientations for each group.  The History course to Mexico City is an NMSU-Alamogordo course—the first of its kind from one of our community colleges. Hats off to President Cheri Jimeno, VP for Student Success, Dr. Juan Garcia, and Professor Jose Gonzalez for all their efforts in ensuring this program came to fruition.
  • Discussions for more FLiP Programs: OEA continues discussions with three other faculty members interested in conducting the following: Theater in France/Italy, Film in Hungary and French in France for summer 2016. We are pleased that despite losing both Faculty-led Coordinators, our FLiP program continues to grow.
  • Greeks Go Global: Greeks Go Global is a new initiative that will encourage fraternity and sorority members to go abroad to learn Spanish and volunteer. OEA hopes to make this an annual event/competition to support Greek Life. 
  • New Winter Break Program: A new winter break program to either Peru or Ecuador will be added for native Spanish speakers who will earn both Spanish and Internship credit during a short two-week program. We are hoping to include community members with this program to help provide scholarships and community interaction with our students. Community members can be at any level of Spanish and will have the opportunity to volunteer while abroad.
  • ASNMSU Student Fee Review Board: OEA presented to the ASNMSU Student Fee Review Board to request a continuation of funding from ASNMSU ($2 per student per semester) to support, through scholarships, NMSU students going abroad. Two students, Ms. Ember Krech and Ms. Robyn Howzell joined Director Kristian Chervenock during the presentation and recounted stories of their transformative experiences while abroad.


Senior Vice President Administration and Finance, Angela Throneberry

  • Smash Brother Tournament: The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity sponsored this video gaming tournament in the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Las Cruces on February 7.  Over 80 contestants competed and half of the registration fees were given to Casa De Peregrinos Food Bank.
  • Brenda Purcell wins ICT’s Asprey Award: The award, which recognizes the employee who has gone above and beyond, was presented to “Ms. Brenda” for her exemplary service during the 1st quarter of 2015. Brenda, a Student Technology Tech Advisor, oversees the computer rental program, and more importantly, is the person students, faculty, and staff turn to when they need one-on-one help with using technology. She does so much more. Brenda is not only a valued ICT staff member; but also an important part of the NMSU community.
  • Official NMSU Ring: The official NMSU ring will be on display in the campus Bookstore as early as next week. To order, go to  
  • Facilities Operations: Plant Operations and Energy Management personnel have been actively supporting the AMERESCO Performance Contract.  This week they installed a new chilled water meter at the Music Building.  This meter will be used for measurement and verification of utility consumption related to the performance contract.
  • Summer Preparation: Plant Operations personnel are preparing the chilled water production systems for the summer cooling season.  In addition to cleaning the chiller tubes to ensure production is maximized, they have inspected the piping in the thermal storage pool and are making the necessary repairs prior to the start of the summer cooling season.  
  • Irrigation Season Approaching: Utilities shop personnel are performing scheduled maintenance on the water distribution system.  These activities are being done prior to the start of the irrigation season to minimize impact to the campus. 
  • NMSU Golf Course: Representatives traveled to Albuquerque to take part in the 1st Annual New Mexico Golf Expo.  Experiencing the first great week of weather, the course hosted a high school tournament and 2 PGM tournaments.
  • Kick it Up a Notch Program: Facilities and Services Custodial Operations “Kick it Up a Notch” program for 2015 has introduced a new Touch Free Electronic paper towel dispenser for keeping high-traffic areas up and running while reducing maintenance.  The Touch Free operation reduces the risk of cross contamination since you only touch the towel. Metered dispensing of one pre-cut, pre measured towel discourages waste. One full loading of the dispenser offers more than 2,000 11 inch towels, so maintenance visits can be reduced by as much as 50% which gives our cleaning staff more time to perform other needed cleaning tasks.
  • Campus Beautification: Grounds shop personnel continue to work on the beautification of campus.  The priority project for the shop is installing the new landscaping at the corner of Triviz Street and Wells Street.  They are also working on a restoration project on the Northwest corner of the Chemistry building.


Vice President Student Affairs / Enrollment Management, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

  • New Employee Meet and Greet: Montoya hosted the quarterly Meet and Greet for new employees on Monday, February 9. It is always a pleasure to personally welcome employees new to SAEM.
  • APLU Council on Student Affairs: Attended the APLU Council on Student Affairs monthly conference call on February 12. Dr. Montoya currently serves as Co-Chair of the Council.
  • Phoenix: Interim Associate VP for Enrollment Management, Dacia Sedillo, spent the week in Phoenix finalizing her Leadership Academy practicum experience and graduating from the Foundations Program.

University Admissions, Ms. Delia De Leon

  • Calling Campaign: The Admissions recruiters facilitated a phone calling campaign in partnership with the College of Education Ambassadors. Over 500 calls were made to prospective students who had an interest in pursuing a major within the College of Education.

University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, Ms. Janie Merchant

  • New Mexico Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators: Joseph Molina, Financial Aid Advisor, attended the first board meeting of the year in Albuquerque for the New Mexico Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NMASFAA). Joseph represents NMSU as the new Treasurer-Elect for the state association that seeks to assist financial aid administrators across the state by providing a place to share knowledge and resources. The board met to discuss reports from the legislative, finance, conference planning and various other committees. The board is hard at work planning the 2015 NMASFAA Conference that will take place at Hotel Albuquerque during the first week of April.

Health and Wellness, Ms. Lori McKee

  • Carlsbad Caverns: Outdoor Recreation took 11 students to Carlsbad CavernsParticipants explored the caves on their own after their guided tour for their very first time through the caves on February 7, 2015. Participants were lead by two Outdoor Leadership Program facilitators on a 1.5-hour ranger-guided tour through Kings Palace.
  • Electronic Management Software: The NMSU Activity Center implemented electronic management software to improve the business functionality of the Rec Sports operations. The new software will improve the management of the AggieFit membership database, track scheduling, billing, and resources from one integrated source. The software will have the capability to publish online and connect Rec Sports services to any web-enabled device or smart phone while automating the facility with technology and support. 
  • Campus Health Center Screening: The Campus Health Center wrapped up two weeks of screening student and faculty for elevated blood metabolic levels that are key risk factors for heart disease. The screening provided over 250 participants with the reduced cost testing, and information on cholesterol, glucose, electrolytes, triglycerides, and heart/liver/kidney functions. Each year the event grows with Aggies marking the calendar for the annual event.

Diversity Programs

  • Leadership Training and Coaching Skills Workshop: On Monday, February 9, Dr. Spencer attended a professional development workshop for the development of management skills entitled “Leadership Training and Coaching Skills.” The workshop provided valuable information on how to maximize the potential of employees in any setting.
  • New Student Organization: Hispanic Council met on February 10 and voted in “Trio Scholars” as the newest student organization to join Hispanic Council. The students also conducted interviews for two finalists for the Chicano Programs Coordinator position.
  • Scholarship Disbursements: Chicano Programs finalized eight scholarship disbursements for the Hispanic Faculty Staff Caucus scholarship, the Danny Villanueva Scholarships, the Jose Garcia Scholarships, and the Chicano Programs Scholarship. 
  • Reaching Out: Chicano Programs is sending out a letter to the family members of Hispanic students who are enrolled for Fall 2015. This letter contains information on how family members can help students reach crucial deadlines to be well prepared for the fall semester.


Vice President Economic Development, Dr. Kevin Boberg

  • Arrowhead Park: Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine Construction Activity: BCOM construction activity commenced this week with earthwork and utility relocation both underway.  The foundation work will begin in about thirty days, and a formal ground breaking ceremony will be held.
  • Business without Borders Workshop: Arrowhead Center hosted Jerry Pacheco, Executive Director of the New Mexico International Business Accelerator, who discussed how to walk a startup through key development processes when they are looking to grow internationally, including determining where to export, how to find buyers and connections in foreign markets, financing solutions, and how to navigate the regulations related to entering a new market. After his presentation Mr. Pacheco answered questions from the 15 participants.
  • Arrowhead Innovation Network (AIN) Enterprise Advisor Quarterly Meeting: Arrowhead Center hosted a quarterly meeting of AIN’s Enterprise Advisors, with representation from several NMSU colleges and the private sector.  Updates were given on business creation and growth through Arrowhead’s various programs, accompanied by discussions of engagement of the advisors and best practices.


Vice President Research, Dr. Vimal Chaitanya

  • Core University Research Resources Laboratory: The CURLL (Core University Research Resources Laboratory) hosted Sierra Middle School students for all-day hands-on demonstrations of the microscopes.
  • Technical Advisory Committee: The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) selected the one proposal from the State of New Mexico that will be submitted to NASA under the FY 2015 NASA Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). Dr. Steve Stochaj’s research project “Virtual Telescope for X-ray Observations” will be submitted.
  • Range Commanders Council Meeting: Pat Hynes attended the Range Commanders Council (RCC) meeting on February 10, 2015 at Edwards Air Force Base and presented the Spaceport Framework for Spaceport Operations Body of Knowledge, housed on the NMSU Library Digital Collections site.
  • High Altitude Balloon Contract: The high altitude balloon contract ended after three successful balloon launches from the Antarctic with Orbital Science Corporation (OSC) assuming operational responsibility. PSL began supporting OSC on the balloon contract under an in-process agreement that will be finalized in the next few weeks. 
  • Los Alamos National Labs Workshop: Tim Lower, from PSL, attended the LANL Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Workshop.  A follow-up meeting will explore a wider set of requirements with LANL.  Separately, a new contract was recently started with LANL which involves students, mentors, and collaborations with other agencies.
  • Upcoming Changes: The Other Transaction Authority that will replace the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Tech Center for the operation of the NMSU/PSL Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Test Center is being finalized.  The FAA expects no absence in coverage between the two agreements.
  • National Multicultural Conference and Summit of the American Psychological Association: Luis Vazquez attended the National Multicultural Conference and Summit of the American Psychological Association, in January 2015 as an invited speaker for two presentations. The presentations were titled, “Immigration: A Difficult and Challenging Dialogue” and “Multicultural Psychotherapy Supervision: A Rearview look with forward-thinking vision.”  
  • NMSU-County Extension Workshop: Luis Vazquez, Associate Vice President for Research Integrity and Andrew Pena, Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services, provided a workshop in January 2015, to the NMSU County Extension Directors at the New Mexico Association of Counties Winter Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, titled, “Helping Maintain a Community Free of Conflict of Interest and Commitment Violations.”
  • Attaining Excellence in Compliance for Research & Policy Conference: Luis A. Vazquez attended UTEP’s first conference on “Attaining Excellence in Compliance for Research & Policy,” hosted by UTEP’s Office of Research and Sponsored Projects on January, 23, 2015
  • National Institutes of Water Resources Annual Conference: NM WRRI Director Sam Fernald attended the National Institutes of Water Resources annual conference in Washington DC.  Sam serves on the Board as the western region representative.
  • New Mexico Legislative Session 2015: Sam Fernald testified on Friday, February 13 before the New Mexico House Agriculture, Water and Wildlife committee. House Bill 234, introduced by Representative Terry McMillan, makes an appropriation to the NM WRRI and received a 9-0 Do-Pass vote by the committee.
  • Western Governors’ Drought Forum: Sam Fernald attended the Western Governors’ Drought Forum: Drought Impacts and Solutions in the Recreation and Tourism Sectors meeting in Santa Fe on January 28-29, 2015 and participated in a Roundtable discussion entitled, “What is Drought? How Drought Manifests Itself in New Mexico and the West.”


Vice President University Advancement / Foundation Executive Director,

 Ms. Cheryl Harrelson

No Activity to Report


Athletics Director, Mario Moccia

No Activity to Report


Associate Vice President University Communications, Maureen Howard

  • Las Cruces Sun-News Sunday feature: This week’s Sunday feature in the Las Cruces Sun-News highlights NMSU’s new online training program called Veterans on Campus. The training will assist NMSU faculty and staff to work better with student veterans and military students. It looks at four different things – the unique value that veterans bring to campus; the obstacles they face pursuing a college degree; effective techniques in managing classroom discussions concerning veterans and veterans issues; and best practices for connecting with student veterans who might be exhibiting signs of psychological distress.
  • Las Cruces Sun-News Eye on Research: This week’s Eye on Research in the Las Cruces Sun-News focuses on Associate Professor Jiannong Xu, who has received a $1.2 million SCORE grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, one of the National Institutes of Health, to study “Bacterial Colonization and Immunogenicity in Mosquito Gut Ecosystem.” Dr. Xu was honored at an NMSU Scholarly Excellence Rally February 6.
  • Sports Information: Athletics Media Relations supported the start of the softball season in helping host the Hotel Encanto Invitational at the NM State Softball Complex. The Aggies went 3-2 to start the season, including their record-setting 16-11 win over No. 18 Nebraska.  The sports writers also continued to support the outstanding women’s and men’s basketball teams.
  • KRWG Engineering Update: The KRWG engineers completed the Pinos Altos microwave project, which was made possible with a $206,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utility Service. The upgrade now provides a clear signal with redundancy from the KRWG Milton Hall facility to our tower site above Silver City.
  • President’s Communications Council: The group met this week and received a briefing on the NMSU homepage update. Draft integrated marketing plans were also discussed as well as new ways to recognize student and employee accomplishments.


Assistant Vice President Government Relations, Ricardo Rel

  • We are attending the 2015 Legislative Session in Santa Fe, NM, through March 21, 2015. Stay updated on current news regarding the legislative session by visiting their website


Director/Secretary New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Jeff M. Witte

  • Micro-Brewery Industry: Staff and I met with farmers from the Questa area to discuss the production of hops, barley, and wheat for the Micro-Brewery Industry.  Staff as well as technical experts presented information for the group to help them with their decision.
  • Trade Opportunities: Staff and I met with the Consul General of Canada to discuss trade opportunities. We agree there is potential to grow Canadian markets for New Mexico products, including onions, chile, and more.
  • National Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey: Staff participated in the National Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey steering committee meeting in Sacramento, California.  The committee provides input to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Plant Protection and Quarantine division regarding cooperative plant pest grants.
  • New Mexico Bee Keepers Association: Staff presented at the New Mexico Bee Keepers Association annual meeting.  Staff provided updates on the state apiary program, updates on pesticide regulations affecting pollinators, introduced DriftWatch and informed members of upcoming 2015 apiary pest survey.
  • National Association of State Conservation Agencies: Staff attended the National Association of State Conservation Agencies (NASCA) meeting in New Orleans, LA.  All states represented provided general updates for their respective states regarding legislative concerns and state specific projects.  Staff provided updates for New Mexico, followed by an update by National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) board member Brent Van Dyke. Staff assisted with reception for 1st Vice President Brent Van Dyke.


Chief, NMSU Police, Stephen Lopez

  • Update: There were 57 police reports created, 17 supplements filed, and 50 traffic citations issued.
  • Records & Evidence Office: The Records & Evidence Office processed 63 items of evidence, and fingerprinted 50 people.
  • Emergency Dispatch Center: The Emergency Dispatch Center handled 375 calls for service (14 of which were 911 calls), resulting in 312 police calls (9 of which were mutual aide), and 4 emergency medical calls.
  • Bicycle Theft: An e-mail was sent out to the community on the afternoon of February 12 regarding the recent rash of bicycle thefts from the Las Cruces campus.  Bike owners were encouraged to use “U”-style locks to secure their bikes.  The community was also encouraged to call 911 immediately if they happen to see a theft in progress.
  • Dispatcher FTO Program: Karena Pirtle, Supervisory Dispatcher, attended a Dispatcher FTO Program in Jacksonville, FL conducted by the Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida the week of February 9.  The course was designed to provide knowledge and materials to assist with having a training program for new dispatchers that come into the Department.
  • NMSU Employee Council: Three Police Department personnel were elected to the NMSU Employee Council: Jeff Harvey, (Alternate) exempt staff; Jake Capraro and Gina Franks, (Representatives) non-exempt staff.
  • NMSU Policy Changes: The Police Department is drafting recommended changes to NMSU Policy 2.53 Police (University).  One of the areas being looked at is the coordination of NMSU.  This section of the policy is being jointly evaluated with representatives from ICT, Facilities & Services, and Fire & Emergency Services.

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