Activity Report November 10-14

President Garrey Carruthers, Ph.D.

  • I attended the Association of Governing Boards “Council of Presidents” meeting in Washington, D.C. AGB invites 20-25 Presidents and Chancellors of Systems to meet annually to assess the state of higher education in the U.S. and to catch up on policy proposals and failures.  From the meeting:
    • There was a discussion of governing boards to include how to change them (for private boards it is to turn away big givers and for public boards it is how to remove them legally), and that Regents and Trustees must be loyal to the institution and not to the person who selected them.
    • There has been erosion in public trust in higher education because of rising prices, poor decision making, leadership values, and governance challenges.
    • Board members need to focus on the future of the University.
    • Shared governance is important but policies/procedures/who does what to whom are not well spelled out. Shared governance means shared goals, objectives and budgets with the faculty/staff/administration.
    • New models must look at efficiencies and offering higher quality at a lower price.
    • The AGB is willing to brief all New Mexico Boards of Regents on their new report which is a detailed report about how Boards should operate.
    • Re authorization of the Higher Education Act will be the big issue for all of higher education next year. The change in the U.S. Senate allows Senator Lamar Alexander to chair the appropriate committee and he has already authored legislation to deregulate and consolidate many higher education programs and authorities.  (I served as Governor at the same time as Alexander and know him.)
    • There is a real concern about the Obama university rating system about to be deployed by the Administration. The number 2 person from the Department of Education wasn’t really very specific about what it may include but cost and access seems to be the focus.
    • NCAA athletics may be the subject of legislation next year. Some think the Courts will change athletics before the Congress can move.
  • All Presidents were summoned to a meeting with the Higher Education Department and listened to a report on the process used to tweak the funding formula. The biggest changes are the inclusion of floors on the amount any school could lose in one year and the use of matrices to price student credit hours and degrees.  We will be holding a forum with the Employee Council to review legislative issues soon and can discuss the formula.
  • I attended the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities meeting in Orlando, Florida. From this meeting:
    • I visited with former NMSU President Barbara Couture who is working with APLU.
    • Intellectual property is not a profit center for Universities but should be directed at moving intellectual property to the market, which is what we try to do at NMSU so I couldn’t figure out what their problem might be.
    • Tennessee has a 15 percent funding factor for research in their funding formula. We would like to have that in ours.
    • Some concern about States using funding formulas as to what happens if they don’t fund the formula.
    • In any rating or funding system it is far easier to show improvement if you are not performing well than if you are.
    • Community colleges usually fare poorly in most funding formulas.
    • Universities must constantly report on the value of research as public support is waning.
    • The private for profit institutions reported $4.7 billion in net earnings and overall had an 11 percent graduation rate.
    • Many colleges require a 3.0 GPA for admission.
    • The future of collegiate athletics and how it is organized is anyone’s guess!
  • I keynoted the New Mexico Society of CPAs meeting in Albuquerque. Many outstanding NMSU grads in attendance.  By show of hands, most of the 300 CPAs there graduated from a New Mexico program.
  • Thanks to an Andrea Tawney nomination, Stan Fulton was honored as the Philanthropist of the Year in New Mexico. Stan has given over $16 million to NMSU plus he has been equally generous with a number of other entities in New Mexico.
  • I attended the Foundation Board reception and meeting. I was pleased to learn after the meeting that all thought this was the best meeting ever of the Board.  They are gearing up for the soon to be announced $125 Million comprehensive campaign.  Way to go Cheryl and team in Advancement!
  • During Homecoming I:
    • Spoke to the class of 1964 (my class) and enjoyed trading stories with the attendees. I was able to validate a story I tell about the time NMSU decided to change the Aggie Fight song with a “better” version.  The authorities gave the crowd the music, the band played it through once to give us a feel for the melody, they played it and we tried to sing the new song, it ended and everyone booed and we haven’t heard about the song since.  The person who validated my story was a band member and said when they finished playing the new version, fans threw things at them so they broke out in the traditional fight song and a riot was thwarted.  By the way, I have lots of these Aggie stories.
    • Attended the College of Business Scholarship luncheon. Always a treat to see donors sitting with their scholarship recipients.
    • Attended the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Homecoming Recognition Breakfast, which is one of the larger of our Homecoming events.
    • Attended receptions at Business, Engineering, Arts and Sciences as well as the Distinguished Alum Awards dinner.
    • Drove my 1964 Thunderbird in the Homecoming Parade.
  • I attended a Presidents only Sun Belt Conference meeting in New Orleans. The NCAA Commissioner Mark Emmert discussed “The future of Intercollegiate Athletics” and didn’t really add much to what we already know except to add more color to all of the litigation which is now being filed or in the courts.  He said the spending arms race must stop.  He indicated the “Big Five Conferences” have agreed to full cost of attendance (which is difficult to define as it is site specific) and guaranteed four-year scholarships (now most schools have one year renewals up to four years).  He senses the Congress may establish a Commission on Collegiate Athletics.
    • Other but separate issue was Bowl games. There will be 38 Bowls in the coming season which means about one half of all football teams go to a Bowl.
    • There are still some reservations by Presidents about including our Olympic sports in the Sun Belt due to greater travel costs. I am now of the mind to focus on doing our best in the two conferences we belong to, let the NCAA issues sort out, and make another ask when the timing is better.
  • This week we will interview the finalists for the open Athletic Directors position and will host Dr. Natalicio (President of UTEP) for lunch and pay off my football debt with some local wine and pecans.


Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Dan Howard

  • At the Dean’s Mini-Meeting on November 11, Dr. Shelly Stovall presented an update on the Quality Initiative. She noted that we are now in the second year of the Quality Initiative and well along in our efforts to understand current practices with regard to writing within the discipline, the attitudes and beliefs of faculty members, and the writing abilities of our students.  Several deans expressed concern that we are moving too slowly in introducing more writing into our curricula, and I noted that they are free to move more swiftly.  One goal of the Quality Initiative is to encourage more conversations about writing at the departmental level and to encourage faculty to take the lead in improving writing within the discipline at NMSU.  Stovall should be a resource for departments, but colleges and departments have great latitude to develop their own writing within the discipline programs.
  • On November 13, I attended the Educational Advisory Board (EAB) Provost Roundtable. At the Roundtable, EAB staff presented their latest findings in the areas of: sustaining mission in an era of constrained resources; optimizing academic budget models; and the Dean’s Dashboard.  The sustaining mission presentation focused on growing concerns about the financial sustainability of higher education.  The bottom line for EAB—while real challenges for higher education exist, the debt load of most students, especially in public universities, remains relatively low and manageable.  On the academic budget model front, the EAB finds that a variety of budget models can be successful, as long as investments are made in areas with revenue growth potential.  What will not succeed is even investment in all units of a university.  The Dean’s Dashboard emphasized the importance of thoughtful class scheduling, good management of waitlists, and the benefits of developing differentiated workloads for faculty members.  The practice of offering course releases for administrative duties should be limited as much as possible.  This practice, when overdone, encourages faculty to invest time in activities that are of limited value to them and to their universities.
  • On November 14, I visited the office of every member of New Mexico’s congressional delegation, along with Carole Burke, from our Washington lobby firm of Lewis-Burke. Among the issues we discussed were the Higher Education Reauthorization Bill, the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, funding for basic research, the NASA balloon contract, federal student loan programs, and NMSU’s unmanned aircraft flight test center.  The conversations were good and forthright and I came away appreciating the willingness of our delegation to not only listen to the concerns of NMSU, but to take action to help NMSU in various areas.


Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences,

Dr. Lowell Catlett


  • On the November 13, forty-six high school juniors and seniors visited ACES campus to learn about the different degrees we have to offer. They visited Dr. Carroll’s sub-surface contaminant remediation research lab, Dr. Grover’s Guar specialty crop field. Guar is a member of the pea family and is also known as the cluster bean. The kids took a tour of the Animal and Range Science horse farm and visited the Arthropod museum. Dr. Tracey Carrillo gave them a tour of the Fabian Garcia student run shrimp farm. James Libbin gave an overview of the degrees that can be earned at NMSU-ACES and discussed college life for students.

Cooperative Extension Service

  • Ninety-one adult 4-H leaders, parents and Extension personnel, representing 20 counties, participated in a one day educational and fun event on Saturday, November 8 in Albuquerque. The annual Forum, with a theme this year of “Unleash the Magic of 4-H”, had 12 workshop sessions, a motivational speaker, a community service project, educational displays, and special activities and presentations. Workshop presenters included County Agents, Extension Specialists and 4-H Leaders. The motivational speaker was Brandon Lee White, who utilized ballroom dance in his presentation on the “Magic of Leadership”. The event was planned through the efforts of a committee comprised of 4-H leaders and a 4-H Youth Development Specialist.

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • The undergraduate program in Family and Child Science was recently approved by the National Council on Family Relations.  Students graduating from the FCS program are now eligible to become Certified Family Life Educators (CFLE).  Students are educated in 10 required areas including human development, interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, parent education, and public policy.  The Family and Child Science program at NMSU joins 125 universities and colleges throughout the U.S. and Canada that offer CFLE approved degree programs.

Media Production

  • Media Production’s Math Snacks learning tools will be offered as part of education programs for juvenile and adult prisoners in jail, prison, and probation facilities through public benefits corporation American Prison Data Systems (APDS), which brings ruggedized tablets to prisons to support online education, job training, rehabilitation services, and family communications. APDS, with a dual financial and social mission to make corrections safer and cheaper and to reduce recidivism, will include Math Snacks animations and learning materials on its private network that allows prisoners to access educational content without connecting to the internet.


Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Christa Slaton

          No Activity to Report


Dean, College of Business, Dr. James Hoffman

  • We hosted a lunch meeting on November 11 for Arthur Levine, President of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, LeAnn Buntrock, Program Director for the Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education, and representatives from the Las Cruces Public Schools including Superintendent, Stan Rounds, Deputy Superintendent, Steve Sanchez and Chief of Staff, Leslie Cervantes. Jim Hoffman, Steve Elias and Kathy Brook attended the meeting to discuss upcoming MBA program delivery to current and aspiring school principals.
  • Interviews for the Bill and Sharon Sheriff Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship position started this week and will continue through early next week. The endowed chair was created through a gift of stock valued at more than $1 million from Bill and Sharon Sheriff and aims to attract and reward faculty who will provide leadership and expertise in cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship in New Mexico and developing resources that will advance that goal in the state and region.  The faculty member awarded the chair will also collaborate with NMSU’s Arrowhead Center, which is an engine for sustainable economic development and entrepreneurship.
  • Jim Hoffman participated in an interview for NewsMakers on KRWG-TV at Domenici Hall on Thursday, November 13. Jim was interviewed by Glen Cerny, Executive Director of University Broadcasting for KRWG TV/FM.  The community introduction piece will be used at halftime of an AggieVision produced telecast, the audio will be used on KRWG FM and will eventually be posted online at
  • Jim Hoffman and Kevin Melendrez met with Don and Brad Beasley of the CPA firm, Beasley, Mitchell & Co on November 13 to discuss internship opportunities for accounting students.


Dean, College of Education, Dr. Michael Morehead

  • Dean Morehead and Dr. Susan Brown met with the NASA representative to discuss present and future funding. She was very complimentary of Dr. Brown’s work and indicated it is a model for the rest of the country. Dr. Morehead worked with Dr. Fant and Dr. Kaye to plan the future visit of a delegation from Mongolian National University of Education in March. Dean Morehead met with the student Education Council; it had about 20 members attend. Congratulations to Adelina Rodriquez for her excellent work in revitalizing this organization. This is the first year that this organization has had this type of participation, special thanks to our students.

James O’Donnell, Associate Dean

  • O’Donnell met with Search Committee for VP for Accreditation, Assessment & Planning.
  • Concluded final NES informational session for changes in teacher licensure exams.
  • Held preplanning meeting for Aggie Prep Grant forthcoming from Public Education Department.

Dr. Gladys De Necochea, Assistant Dean for Budget & Planning

  • Following a college-wide call for nominations, Dr. De Necochea is providing leadership to the CoEd Sustainability Committee to guide the solicitation of nominations along with the evaluation process of faculty and staff nominations submitted for consideration in the selection of the College of Education Green Award to recognize best practices in sustainability. In addition to undertaking the planning for the recognition of the Green Award recipient, the Sustainability Committee has begun to develop a sustainability-themed educational program to be delivered in April 2015 to students, staff and faculty within the College of Education.

Ron Dziwenka, Program Manager for Assessment

  • Dziwenka, for the ELED Program Coordinators, began preparing assignments and surveys for the Student Teaching cohort (EDUC 481 Student Teacher Program Evaluation, EDUC 509 Student Teacher Program Evaluation, EOSL 481 and EOSL 509), to be send to them to be submitted in the final weeks of the semester.
  • He met with the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, concerning the upcoming international conference in January, and began soliciting local sponsors.
  • He met with the SPED Program Coordinators, to help coordinate the design and inputting of new key assessments into the Tk20 system, and collected data from them to digitize.
  • Dziwenka continued running new reports on data collection and organization for all 4 Programs in Tk20, including reports number 002, 015, 016, 060, 067 and LTI 001. This process is almost completed. When this is done, the Program-specific reports generated will be sent to each Program Coordinator.

Advancement Team

  • Met with Dr. Steve Sanchez from LCPS regarding a collaboration with the College of Education for our annual Aggie Cornerstone Award


Dean, College of Engineering, Dr. Ricardo Jacquez

  • The Engineering New Mexico Resource Network hosted an NX-CAD Certification Workshop for 32 students. The workshop reviewed the use of this modeling software and students were tested for certification. This software is widely used in the engineering field and will enhance students’ employment opportunities.
  • College of Engineering ambassadors conducted tours of engineering laboratories for approximately 15 engineering alums on campus for Homecoming.
  • New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation (New Mexico AMP) students from NMSU and other alliance partner institutions attended the New Mexico Academy of Science 2014 Research Symposium on November 1 in Albuquerque. The New Mexico Academy of Science and its partners, New Mexico Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, New Mexico Partnership for Math and Science Education, and New Mexico AMP provided funding for the conference. The First-, Second-, and Third-Place awardees for Poster Presentations were undergraduate students who participate in New Mexico AMP in statewide institutions, including Central New Mexico Community College, University of New Mexico, and Santa Fe Community College. In the Graduate Division, Chaitanya Kukutla, graduate student who works in the Reinventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWiT) Program at NMSU with Faculty Mentor, Dr. Nirmala Khandan, won First Place for his poster presentation on algal bio fuel research.
  • The College of Engineering recognized Dr. Phillip DeLeon as the recipient of the Klipsch Endowed Professorship in the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering during Homecoming activities. The college also recognized Dr. Igor Sevastianov as the recipient of the Dwight and Aubrey Chapman Endowed Professorship in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.
  • Industrial Engineering graduate students Carlos Escobar, German Reyes, Yuzhe Yan, and Brendan Sullivan attended the annual Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers Conference in Detroit where they presented technical posters and papers.  They were joined by industrial engineering faculty member, Dr. Delia Rosales-Valles.
  • The Aggie Innovation Space advisory committee met to review outcomes from the 2014 calendar year and establish educational programming and performance targets for the next calendar year. The committee is comprised of faculty from each of the engineering disciplines, Arrowhead Center, Engineering Physics, the Department of Marketing and the Art Department.


Interim Dean, College of Health and Social Services, Dr. Donna Wagner

  • Wagner, Interim Dean of the College of Health and Social Services, is now serving on the State of New Mexico’s Healthcare Workforce Committee. Members of the committee are comprised of healthcare consumers, providers, members of the Department of Health, the Public Education Department, the Higher Education Department, licensing boards and other healthcare experts.

School of Nursing

  • Pam Schultz, Department Head of the School of Nursing, is pleased to announce that the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program has received full national accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).
  • The School of Nursing held a “SIM Man” training hosted by a Laerdal representative, the distributor for the “SIM Man”. The training was held in the school’s Simulation Lab.

Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Joe Tomaka

  • Tomaka participated in a conference call with Dr. Helene Silverblatt of NMAHEC, regional AHEC’s, and Michael Duffy, RN, BSN of SAMHSA regarding AHEC’s future work with behavioral health issues. Specifically, the group discussed AHEC as a vehicle to deliver the Mental Health First Aid Program.
  • Tomaka also met with Dr. Gigi Shamaley and Chris D. Lucero, BCH CHES, Program manager for the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) at the New Mexico Department of Health. The discussion included recent changes at SoAHEC and the ability to maintain and grow the CDSMP program in the SoAHEC region.  The meeting was part of efforts to grow SoAHEC into a NMSU Center for Community Engagement.
  • In the survey center, two Survey Research and Program Evaluation Center Projects were given cost estimates. Both are survey research projects, the first is for the City of Las Cruces to survey city residents and find gauge preferences for future development efforts.  The second estimate was for the Texas A&M Transportation Institute located in El Paso, TX.

Student Organizations

  • The College of Health and Social Services Student Ambassadors participated in homecoming 2014. They won 4th place in the door decorating contest and participated in the annual homecoming parade.

 CHSS Door     CHSS Door 2     Parade


Dean, Honors College, Dr. Miriam Chaiken

  • This was a week for search committee activities. The committee that will select the next Dean of the Graduate School met to discuss the long short list of finalists for the position. We narrowed the field to 8 finalists and began scheduling skype interviews with those candidates.
  • The search committee for the Dean of the College of Education had its first meeting and we discussed timetables and the first draft of the job announcement. Throughout the week members of the search committee submitted suggestions for changes and enhancements in the announcement and those were reconciled and a final version of the job announcement was resolved by the end of the week.
  • I joined Yvonne Flores, the Coordinator of Crimson Scholars at the LC Convention Center where students who have GPAs of 3.5 or higher from DACC were honored. They all received their Crimson pin, and select students received additional commendations. They were an impressive group of students who are completing their associates degree, and I encouraged them to continue their education on the main campus and in the Honors College.
  • On Friday Darren Phillips, the campus photographer, spent a couple hours with us taking a new group of stock photos that we can use in our publications and on the web site. We are in the process of trying to improve the visual appeal of our electronic presence and these photos will be very helpful.
  • I ended the week by presenting a colloquium to the Department of Psychology faculty and students. My topic was  “Understanding Risk and Vulnerability: Combating Hunger in Africa with Local Knowledge” and they were a lively crowd that asked many excellent questions and we had a great discussion. It was a lovely way to end my work week.


Dean, University Library, Dr. Elizabeth Titus

  • The Dean and a library team met with Kevin B. Boberg, VP for Economic Development, to provide him with feedback various challenges associated with the library’s and university’s collaborative affiliations with the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Mardi Mahaffy, Associate Professor and Reference and Research Services Department Head, gave a presentation to library faculty on her recent sabbatical.
  • This week the library began public sales of its 2015 calendar which features the Organ Mountains and its many changing faces.
  • A new exhibit, Lore of the Archives: Dr. Andrew Wiget and the New Mexico Folklore Festival is now open to the public. The exhibit is located in the Milton Gallery, on the 4th floor of Branson Library East.
  • The Library’s Performance Task Force chaired by Dr. Larry Creider met with the library faculty to have a forum on recommendations the task force is considering.


Associate Provost, International and Border Program, Dr. Cornell Menking

  • We received a visit from Chris Lawlor to promote summer study programs at one of NMSU’s new partner institutions, National University of Ireland Maynooth.
  • Don’t forget that this week is International Education Week.  There are lots of interesting activities.  Visit this link for full details:


Senior Vice President Administration and Finance, Angela Throneberry

  • Dining Events at Taos Restaurant – Wednesday evening was the Stone Steakhouse Swipe + Event. The “plus” for an additional fee, gave attendees access to additional steak and sides options.  A Native American Heritage Lunch was hosted on Thursday with music, themed decorations, and a buffet menu consisting of three sisters soup, roasted turkey, succotash, fry bread, pork, and corn and green chile stew.
  • Office of SustainabilityAmerica Recycles Day – The Office of Sustainability and ASNMSU celebrated America Recycles Day. Faculty, staff, and students learned about the importance of reducing, reusing, and if all else fails, recycling. It was explained what NMSU recycles with special emphasis on the toner recycling program, had free clothes to give away, and asked for people to sign the Green Pledge which to enter NMSU in a free recycled plastic bottle park bench give away.  An announcement was made regarding  the upcoming Campus Conservation Nationals, a competition between NMSU and UNM for lowering energy in three campus residences.  The co-chair of the Bicycle Friendly University committee spoke about the importance of getting bicycles registered with the Police Department and shared information on recycling bicycles.
  • Open Air Trolley – Rides in the open air trolley, in support of Alumni tours, was provided by the NMSU Transportation and Parking Office for homecoming on Friday, November 7.
  • Annual Pilgrimage – Facilities Operations is working with Los Indigenes de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe to plan the annual pilgrimage scheduled for December 11, 2014.
  • Energy Rebates – NMSU has received more than $106,000 in rebates from EL Paso Electric related to lighting retro-fits for the AMERESCO Energy Services Contract.  These retro-fits include interior and exterior building lighting and walkway parking lot lighting retrofits that have been performed since late August 2014.
  • Presley Askew Baseball Stadium – Renovations continue at the NMSU Presley Askew Baseball Stadium.  Additional bleachers with chair seating are being constructed.  Footings for a shade canopy have been bored, formed, and poured with concrete.  The metal structure for the canopy will be erected the week of November 10.
    Baseball field         Baseball field 2
  • The Alumni Homecoming Parade – Barnes & Noble Bookstore prepared viewers with 100 chairs, provided coffee, balloons for the kids, samples of hot tamale candy and fig bars, and displayed a 20 foot banner for the parade viewing party.
  • Changes to Banner class roster help faculty – ICT adds additional information to the Banner class roster that help faculty identify students. The change, which consists of adding NMSU student usernames to the Banner class roster, lessens confusion when students with similar names attend the same class.  The addition of the username adds a unique identifier that spans both Banner and Canvas class rosters. The username is one more piece of identifying information that will prove useful to NMSU faculty.
  • Kent Hall Courtyard – There is a preliminary conceptual design for the Kent Hall Courtyard. This renovation is a deferred maintenance activity and will be brought forward in the Facilities Operations FY 16 BRR request for Campus Beautification.


Vice President Student Affairs / Enrollment Management, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

  • Damon BeasleyThe Annual SAEM Homecoming Staff Picnic was held on Friday, November 7. Damon Beasley, Technology Support Technician for SAEM, and Lydia Quintana, Accountant at ASNMSU, received this year’s SAEM Staff Recognition Awards.
  • Montoya attended the NMSU Pioneers Luncheon held by the NMSU Foundation on Wednesday, November 12.
  • Montoya attended the Financial Aid Retreat on Friday, November 14 and facilitated a session on strengths-based leadership.
  • About ten SAEM staff members attended the NASPA Region IV West conference in Albuquerque from November 10–12, representing the offices of the Dean of Students, Career Services, Admissions, Financial Aid, and the Vice President’s Office. One of the conference’s highlights was a film about the difficulties faced by low-income students.
  • The Enrollment Strike Force team met on Thursday, November 13 and discussed plans for system-wide recruiting and Alumni feedback from Homecoming. Also, scholarship awards are already going out to prospective students, compared to past years, when awards were not made until December or January. Early awards can help attract more students to NMSU.

Student Engagement, Dr. Terry Cook

  • Military and Veterans Programs held a picnic for our veteran students, faculty, and staff last week. Andele’s Restaurant generously donated the meal. About 200 students, faculty, and staff attended theMilitary Veterans BBQ event.
  • Terry Cook welcomed forty 8th grade students from Camino Real Middle School in Las Cruces to campus on Friday, November 14.  The students are participants in Closing the Opportunity Gap (CoG), an initiative facilitated through Borderlands Center for Educational Studies (BoCES).
  • Mid-semester enrollment in UNIV courses was up 36% from Fall 2013. Over 700 nine students enrolled in 17 courses offered.

Diversity Programs

  • Chicano Programs is working with a Social Work student as an intern. Ms. Bayona will be calling students who are admitted to NMSU and who have expressed interest in Chicano Programs. As part of Chicano Program’s outreach efforts, Ms. Bayona will also be reminding students of the importance of completing the Scholar Dollar$ application and tips for applying for financial aid, in addition to reminding them that they will need to attend a New Student Registration to register for classes next fall.
    NMSU Rec SportsHealth and Wellness, Ms. Lori McKee
  • David Carbajal, Workers Comp Coordinator for the Campus Health Center, attended a seminar sponsored by the State of New Mexico General Services Department on Loss Prevention & Control. The seminar was conducted at the UNM Science & Technology Park and covered: Higher Ed Trends & Exposures, NM Tort Claim Act, Property & Casualty Claims, Workers Compensation, Employee Benefits, and Liability Insurance Coverages.  The training is a preparation for a statewide audit, which will be conducted in FY 2015.

Staff Highlights

  • Gena Bermudez recently joined the Office of Student Engagement as the Family Orientation and Outreach Coordinator. Gena has been on the NMSU campus since 1992. As a member of the Office of Student Engagement, Gena will work on creating Family programs, the annual Calling Campaign, Discovery Days, and will serve as the Presidential Ambassador advisor.



Vice President Economic Development, Dr. Kevin Boberg

Arrowhead Center Speaker Series

  • On Thursday, Arrowhead Center hosted Edward Murphy, who gave a presentation entitled “Solving Business Problems and Making Better Decisions Using Financial Modeling.” The presentation was designed to help people learn why it is important to build a financial model, and what it can do for you in your business. Mr. Murphy is an experienced Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer with over 35 years of business experience in Public and Private Companies. Nearly 30 people attended the event and participated in a question and answer session after the presentation.

NMSU/Arrowhead Team wins $50,000 NSF I-Corps Grant

  • Arrowhead Program Manager Dr. Kramer Winingham will serve as mentor for an I-Corps team selected to commercialize Dr. Ou Ma’s Gravity Offloading Machine. The $50,000 award supports commercialization training and the entrepreneurial lead, mechanical and electrical engineering student Dakota Burrow. Dr. Ma, from Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, will serve as the principal investigator and technical lead. The I-Corps award offers an exciting opportunity to bring an innovative NMSU technology to market.


Vice President Research, Dr. Vimal Chaitanya

          No Activity to Report


Vice President University Advancement / Foundation Executive Director,

 Ms. Cheryl Harrelson

  • A planned gift has been completed to assist with the Rounder’s Award Scholarship.  75 percent of the estate gift will come to the NMSU Foundation at an estimate of $2.0 million plus. The scholarship will help a rural student from New Mexico interested in agriculture or media and journalism.
  • During homecoming, generous donors decided they would provide $21,660 to further enhance the patio and portable AV equipment for the Spiritual Center. The Spiritual Center is scheduled for grand opening on January 16 at 1:30 pm. Additional information about the event is forthcoming.
  • The NMSU Foundation is collaborating with City of Las Cruces and several community partners including NMSU’s Art Department to apply for the $1M grant for the Bloomberg Public Art Challenge. NMSU Foundation will serve as the fiscal grantee (should the grant be awarded) and is taking the lead on writing the submission. The City is the overall lead and applicant as required by the grant.
  • President’s Office hosted the final presidential tailgate of the year for donors, distinguished alumni, and NMSU supporters. As we approach basketball season the President will host about 3-4 private receptions prior to tip-off of men’s and women’s basketball for donors and supporters.



Athletics Director, Dr. McKinley Boston, Jr.

No Activity to Report


Associate Vice President University Communications, Maureen Howard

  • This week’s Sunday feature in the Las Cruces Sun-News profiled alumnus Kevin Cobble, refuge manager at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near Socorro. Cobble, who graduated with a degree in Wildlife Science in 1978, is the recipient of this year’s Distinguished Alumni and James F. Cole Memorial Award. Cobble has helped many NMSU students gain beneficial wildlife experience while working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • This week’s Eye on Research in the Las Cruces Sun-News featured the work of New Mexico Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Ecologist Scott Carleton, who is leading three research projects on various life history aspects of the lesser prairie chicken. He and his team of graduate and undergraduate students work with state, federal and private organizations to provide solutions in hopes of better understanding the biology of these birds in New Mexico.
  • KRWG aired a special program on Thursday: “Issues and Answers: The Minimum Wage.” This hour-long program included a documentary on the Las Cruces minimum wage and a forum featuring Sarah Nolan, executive director of NM CAFé, and Las Cruces Mayor Pro-Tem Greg Smith.
  • KRWG also held a 50th anniversary celebration this weekend. This public event marked the FM station’s inaugural broadcast in 1964 and included facility tours along with anniversary cake and ice cream.

On November 10, Ana Henke, Extension/ Experiment Station publications supervisor, organized and led a Google Hangout (video conference) for the Association for Communication Excellence on “Print-on-demand, eBooks and the future of print.” Ana and her team are leaders in developing eBooks for our research publications. Six universities participated in the call, which provided the opportunity for colleagues at these universities to learn valuable insights in eBook development.


Assistant Vice President Government Relations, Ricardo Rel

  • November 17-20 – Legislative Education Study Committee
    • Hispanic Education Update
    • Higher Education Connection to Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and Common Core State Standards, Dr. Rick Scott
    • Legislative Lottery Scholarship Update, HED Staff invited
    • Higher Education Funding Formula Update, Tracy Hartzler
    • HM 99, Adult Education Program Funding Formula
    • Northern New Mexico College Report: Fiscal Impact of Dual Credit, Ricky Serna
    • School Leadership Program Initiative – UNM Staff (requested)-
      Testifying: Steve Elias, Business College – Academic Head for Management
    • Potential Committee-Endorsed Legislation
  • November 17- Investments & Pensions Oversight Comm. – State Capitol
    • ERB status reports and updates-Actuarial Data Regarding Solvency
    • SIC Proposed Legislation
  • November 19-21 – Legislative Finance Committee – State Capitol
    • Department of Information Technology – Review Information Technology Requests
    • DFA Special Requests
    • Jobs Council Report
    • Legislative Health and Human Services Committee Request
  • November 18-19 – Science, Technology and Telecommunications Committee –State Capitol
    • Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers and Student Teacher Accountability Reporting System
    • Higher Education Institutions Accounting System Status (“BANNER”)
    • Proposed Legislation for Endorsement
      • State Investment Council Investments in Technology Commercialization
      • Angel Investment Tax Credit
  • November 18 -21 – Legislative Finance Committee- State Capitol
  • November 20 – NM Finance Authority Oversight Comm.- State Capitol
    • Consideration of Proposed Legislation for Endorsement
      November 21 – Indian Affairs Committee- State Capitol
    • Consideration of Legislation for Endorsement
  • November 24 – 25 – Economic & Rural Development Committee- State Capitol
  • November 24-25 – Legislative Health and Human Services Committee – State Capitol
    • Falls Task Force Report


Director/Secretary New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Jeff M. Witte

  • This week I met with Governor Fred Vallo, Pueblo of Acoma; staff from the Eight Northern Pueblo Council; Governor Torres, Pueblo of Isleta; and Mr. Joe McGuinn, Water Resources from Pueblo of Santa Ana, to discuss various topics extending from the 2014 State-Tribal Leaders Summit.
  • Staff and I toured Border Foods with Ben Etcheverry, an agronomist for the company and an NMSU graduate. Border processes green chile and jalapeños and packs them for its own label, Tres Hermanas, as well as other labels (Great Value, Safeway, Ortega, and more). We talked briefly with executives from Mizkan (Border Foods’ parent company) about partnering with NMSU to develop food safety experts and others who can go on to work for Mizkan, whether at Border Foods or elsewhere. Border Foods is looking to expand its footprint and business over the next couple of years. That will mean good things for New Mexico chile growers.
  • Staff participated in the first ever External Advisory Board (EAB) meeting for the Southwest Border Food Safety and Defense Center in Socorro.
  • Staff traveled to Santa Fe to meet with the Brewery Guild to discuss growing barley in New Mexico for their company.
  • Staff conducted a site visit at the Espanola Community Co-op. The co-op purchased cold-storage for their specialty crops in order to extend their selling season.
  • Staff attended the “School Integrated Pest Management” conference in Corpus Christi, Texas. Topics covered included school pests (e.g., cockroaches and rodents and the risks they can pose to children), the exclusion of snakes and other pests, controlling mosquitos and flies indoors, ants and other pests of the turf and landscape areas with special attention on proper sprayer calibration.
  • Staff submitted final comments on the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s Proposed Rule for the definition of “Waters of the Unites States” under the Clean Water Act.
  • NMDA sponsored a pesticide disposal collection event in Farmington. The event was a free of charge opportunity for agricultural producers, public agencies, schools and pesticide management companies to turn in old, unwanted or unusable pesticide product, which is then properly disposed of. NMDA contracts with a New Mexico based company, Advanced Environmental, based in Los Lunas. The company collects, records, packs and ultimately disposes of the product and containers collected. NMDA utilizes product registration fees to support the costs associated with the program, allowing for two to three events to be held annually in various locations across New Mexico.


Chief, NMSU Police, Stephen Lopez

  • There were 39 initial police reports and 27 supplemental reports filed last week, 8 traffic citations issued, 64 items of evidence processed, and 14 individuals were fingerprinted.
  • The Emergency Dispatch Center handled 181 police calls and 22 fire & medical calls during the week.  There were 438 telephone calls handled by the EDC, up significantly from the prior week (350).  Of these, there were 20 calls that came in on the 911 lines, with the remainder on non-emergency lines.  The busiest day of the week was Monday (84 calls), followed by Tuesday (81), then Friday (80).
  • The special events office spent much of the week debriefing from the activities of the previous week, to include the LCHS vs MHS football game and the NMSU homecoming.
  • Victim services was called out and spent much of the week trying to work with two victims.
  • The University Health Center and the Police Department met with representatives of the NM Department of Health regarding a potential agreement for dispensing emergency medications to the campus population should there be an epidemic affecting this region.  The information is now solidified enough that it will be taken to the NMSU Communicable Diseases Planning Committee and the NMSU Emergency Planning Committee for review and input.  This caps off a process that has been underway for several years.
  • The Police Department has agreed to assist the Department of Housing and Residence Life in identifying possible locations for security cameras to address concerns raised by at least one parent, as well as to possibly address damage and theft of university property.
  • Two of the canine officers conducted a presentation for an Animal Science 112 class, to include a demonstration on how explosive detection dogs work.
  • Seven officers completed training on suicide intervention approaches.

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