Activity Report November 17-21

President Garrey Carruthers, Ph.D.

  • The Office of Audit Services has recommended that NMSU establish a Compliance Office to oversee and coordinate compliance activities. In their recent report on this subject, they identified laws and regulations with 329 requirements, 28 offices doing compliance, and at least 100 employees involved in compliance oversight.  One unit had to comply with 49 laws or regulations.  The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires compliance from at least 11 offices, branches or academic colleges.  Hence, I have asked Luis Vasquez and Ross Justus to co-chair a committee to define a new NMSU governance model for compliance which will not replace the work currently being done, but will make sure we have a coordinated effort.  Recently, we had a case where outside auditors warned us of deficiencies, NMSU did not respond with corrective actions, and we were in jeopardy of losing a large state contract because a year later the conditions still existed.
  • Dan Howard, Jim Hoffman and I had a very enjoyable lunch with President Diana Natalicio and Business Dean Bob Nachtmann from UTEP. I furnished lunch and paid off my wager on the UTEP/NMSU football game with a sampling of New Mexico products.  It is interesting how many common issues we share.  We ended the meeting attempting to define areas of future collaboration.
  • The Regents Budget Committee has been energized by the addition of “outside” members Bob Danley (banker) and Adolpho Telles (KPMG retiree) who are actively asking the right questions and transforming the committee into much more of a strategic budgeting enterprise. Both are great business folks bringing their experience to our great University.  One of the issues which they contributed extensively to was our benefits package and possible changes to it.
  • Several NMSU executives joined me in interviewing four candidates who have applied to be the Director of Athletics at NMSU. Anyone of these candidates would be an excellent Director.  Each has either extensive AD or Associate AD experience.  Thanks to the Search Committee, chaired by Larry Lujan, for making my job difficult by providing excellent finalists.
  • We had an excellent meeting with the Town and Gown Commission, discussing our legislative aspirations, fund raising, building projects, and changes in admission standards/pathways to a baccalaureate. Several members of the Commission were given a tour of the very attractive interior of the Center for the Arts.
  • Dan Howard and I visited with Colonel Rich Morales of the United States Army Cadet Command and Lt. Colonel McCoy, the commander of our NMSU unit, about the status of our program. We had received a rather troubling letter from the Department of Defense suggesting that we needed to graduate more commissioned officers, which we would be delighted to do if financial support was available.  We have elected to designate ten scholarships for ROTC/STEM students (two-year commitment because advanced ROTC students are supported by DOD) to help increase the size of the Corps to 80 students.  Colonel Morales (who hails from El Paso) was very pleased with the NMSU Army ROTC unit and praised our facilities (as compared to UNM’s).
  • Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and come back ready to finish the semester with a flourish.


Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Dan Howard

  • On Monday, I met with a delegation from the Science Research Management Department of Hebei Province. Hebei is a province with 77 million residents and is one of the largest agricultural provinces in China.  Among the important agricultural products are wheat, corn, cotton, pork, and a variety of fruits and nuts.  We are in active negotiations with Agricultural University of Hebei to develop dual degree programs and the visit from this delegation is another signal of the interest the province has in developing close ties with NMSU and New Mexico.
  • On Tuesday, I spent all day with the President and his leadership team interviewing finalists for the Athletic Director position. The candidates were all first rate and demonstrated a good knowledge of NMSU and the challenges and opportunities that a new AD will face.
  • On Thursday, the President and I met with Colonel Rich Morales and Lt. Col. David McCoy to discuss the future of ROTC at NMSU. Colonel Morales reassured us that, although the number of ROTC programs across the country is being reduced, he is an advocate for the continuation of ROTC at NMSU.  His support reflects the strong tradition of ROTC at NMSU and student demographics of NMSU that reflect the demographics of the United States better than those of most universities.  Nevertheless, it will be important for NMSU to recruit more STEM students into its programs and to increase the size of the cadet corps.


Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences,

Dr. Lowell Catlett

Center for Animal Health and Food Safety

  • Willis Fedio and the NMSU Food Safety Laboratory (FSL) staff have been selected to participate in the Food and Drug Administration’s Whole Genome Sequencing Program. The FSL was awarded DNA sequencing equipment and supplies to sequence pathogens collected from foodborne disease outbreaks, contaminated food products and environmental sources.  The genome sequences will be archived in the FDA reference database that can be used to determine sources of contamination during outbreaks, better understand environmental factors associated with the contamination of foods and to help develop rapid methods including culture independent tests.  The FSL also plans to use the equipment to contribute to teaching, research and service to the Food Industry.

 Animal and Range Sciences

  • Laura White, assistant professor (equine science) and Monica Salazar, M.S. student working with Dr. Ryan Ashley, were inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture during their 36th annual banquet on November 19.  Also during the banquet Laura Goodman, Ph.D. student in Range Science, received the Distinguished Graduate Student Award for Gamma Sigma Delta.

Plant and Environmental Sciences

  • Manoj Shukla, Professor in Plant and Environmental Sciences, will serve for the next three years as the first John Kaichiro Nakayama and Tome Miyaguchi Nakayama Research Excellence Professorship/Chair from the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences.  The endowment agreement states “The Professorship shall support a dynamic visionary who leads collaborative teams of faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students that sustain excellence in agricultural research well into the future, via classic core subjects as well as emergent critical domains.”


Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Christa Slaton

  • Dean Christa Slaton and Patrick Knapp visited alumni in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Washington, DC, and Maryland. They recruited more members for the Dean’s Advisory Council.
  • Dean Slaton and Associate Dean Brown continued to work with Human Resources and OGC to establish their integration into the Research Shared Services Center that is scheduled to open March 1, 2015.
  • Dean Slaton met with new faculty from Government and Mathematical Sciences to welcome them to NMSU and to seek their input about how to support faculty and help them succeed at NMSU.
  • The Department of Theatre Arts and Arts and Sciences concluded a successful search for the new department head for Theatre Arts. Wil Kilroy from the University of Southern Maine will arrive July 1, 2015.
  • In conjunction with International Education Week, the College of Arts and Sciences hosted “Global Connections” presented by Assistant Professor Ilana Lapid from the Creative Media Institute on “Documentary Filmmaking in Beliz.”
  • Associate Dean Jeff Brown attended the ceremony honoring leading recipients of grants.  Jeff Arterburn (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Gary Eiceman (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Jon Holtzman (Astronomy), and Associate Dean Enrico Pontelli (Arts and Sciences) each brought more than $1,000,000 in external funding to NMSU in the past year.  Faculty who brought at least $500,000 in external funding to NMSU included Reta Beebe (emeritus, Astronomy), Michael Johnson (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Shelley Lusetti (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Satyajayant Misra (Computer Science), Frank Ramos (Geological Sciences), Elba Serrano (Biology), and Graciela Unguez (Biology).  In addition, USDA researchers Debra Peters ($1,000,000) and Richard Estell ($500,000) will be recognized.  Their work is shared between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.
  • Associate Dean Brown and Ralph Preszler were added to the committee that will review future ICT FTE fees.
  • Associate Dean Brown worked with faculty about limited submission proposals to the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation.
  • Associate Dean Brown worked with department heads concerning Student Fee Equipment Maintenance applications, revisions to research specialization pages in the Graduate Catalog, and ICT research FTE fees. He also participated in a meeting of the Intellectual Property Advisory Council regarding one patent and one plant strain licensing report.
  • Associate Deans Pontelli and Brown worked with Associate Dean Martha Mitchell (Engineering) to assist faculty pre-proposals to the W.M. Keck Foundation.
  • Michael DeMers (Geography) received $27,500 from the National Geographic Society.  William Maio (Chemistry and Biochemistry) was invited to present a talk, “The Taumycin A Macrocycle: Asymmetric Total Synthesis and Revision of Relative Stereochemistry,” at the young investigators’ symposium of the Southwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.  He gave this talk in October at the University of Vermont, and will give it on December 1 at the University of Toledo.  It describes work that he recently published in Organic Letters.
  • Francisco Alatorre and Carlos Posadas from the Criminal Justice department discussed social service providers’ perceptions about undocumented immigrant youth as they seek to justify their presence in the United States at the American Society of Criminology in San Francisco, CA.
  • Associate Dean Enrico Pontelli worked with Faculty Affairs Committee on review of P&T cases and also with College Planning & Budget Committee on a new program to incentivize development of grant proposals.
  • Associate Dean Pontelli hosted Dr. Salvador Abreu from Portugal and met with a group of faculty and students from the University of Chihuahua, Mexico to discuss joint degree programs.
  • Associate Dean Ken Van Winkle met with the Arts and Sciences Diversity Committee to continue work on a diversity plan for the college and he met with College Promotion Committee to finish a draft of a revised College Promotion Policy.
  • Associate Dean Van Winkle met with department heads concerning, assessment, and the Quality Initiative. He also met with the department heads engaged in Academic Program Review to establish a timeline for the submission of the self-study.
  • Cooperative Pharmacy program director Amy Buesing and Associate Dean Van Winkle attended the Farm Bureau Prime Timers group luncheon for a presentation on the cooperative pharmacy program between UNM and NMSU.


Dean, College of Business, Dr. James Hoffman

  • Attended numerous meetings throughout the week.


Dean, College of Education, Dr. Michael Morehead

  • Dean Morehead participated in the Foundation Board investment committee meeting, the discussion featured annuities and hedge fund allocations. Dean Morehead attended the Millionaire Research award ceremony where, Susan Brown, Betsy Cahill, Wanda Bulger, Karin Wiburg and Amanda Gibson-Smith were honored for their research and grant writing.
  • Dean Morehead discussed with Drs. Haynes Writer and Garcia the finalization of a proposal to submit to the provost for the Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction taught in Spanish. This would be one of a kind in the southwest for education. The Ngage Foundation held a meeting to discuss metrics the group could use to determine success, this included a discussion related to what would be the major goals and objectives for the Foundation.
  • Morehead participated in a meeting with the Medical Academy ECHS to discuss work and college articulation, also was discussed was the new clinic the College of Education will be hosting on the site.

Jim O’Donnell, Associate Dean

  • Met with Education Council to discuss impact of Common Core State Standards on Secondary Teaching Field; update members on the CAEP Standards and progress; and, review progress on the transition to NES.

Robert Wood, Interim Associate Dean for Research

  • The most important event this week was my meeting with Michelle Valverde and Karen Trujillo regarding advancing a sustainable model for the Center for Research and Outreach and BoCES. We have discussed my view on how a Center can function very efficiently, and there seems to be some consensus.
  • Another critical activity this week was meeting with Karin Wiburg, Karen Trujillo. and Sara Morales to advance some the conceptual organization and promotion of the Math Research Outreach (e.g., MC2).

Dr. Gladys De Necochea, Assistant Dean for Budget & Planning

  • Working closely with the CoEd Sustainability Committee, Dr. De Necochea continued to guide the solicitation of nominations of College of Education faculty and staff for consideration in the selection of the College of Education Green Award to recognize best practices in sustainability.
  • She coordinated the selection of the 7th cohort of the CoEd Faculty Leadership Program and delivered the program orientation to the FY 2014-2015 Leadership program participants: Julia Parra (C & I), Linda Spencer, (SPED/CD), and Ivelisse Torres Fernandez (CEP).

Ron Dziwenka, Program Manager for Assessment

  • Dziwenka, for the ELED Program Coordinators, began preparing assignments and surveys for the Student Teaching cohort (EDUC 481 Student Teacher Program Evaluation, EDUC 509 Student Teacher Program Evaluation, EOSL 481 and EOSL 509), to be send to them to be submitted in the final weeks of the semester.
  • He continued to disaggregate the data for AY13 on Classroom Management, Inclusion, Assessment and Diversity, in order to present them to the Program Coordinators.
  • He met with the Organizing Committee of the upcoming iACT international conference in January.
  • He met with IPB Associate Provost Cornell Menking and OEA Director Kristian Chervenock. They discussed the iACT conference and Dr. Dziwenka’s upcoming meeting with officials in the International Program of Yonsei University in the ROK when he is at a conference there in the first week of December, to initiate talks on a Yonsei-NMSU relationship.
  • He met with the SPED Program Coordinators and their SPED 4/582 class, to give a presentation on the Tk20 system and a workshop on inputting their data into the Tk20 system.
  • Dziwenka continued running new reports on data collection and organization for all 4 Programs in Tk20, including reports number 002, 015, 016, 060, 067 and LTI 001. This process is almost completed. When this is done, the Program-specific reports generated will be sent to each Program Coordinator.


Dean, College of Engineering, Dr. Ricardo Jacquez

  • The Office of the Vice President for Research will hold a Scholarly Excellence Rally on Friday, November 21, to honor College of Engineering Dean and Regents Professor Ricardo B. Jacquez, who also serves as Director of New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation (New Mexico AMP), a National Science Foundation-funded organization in its 21st year of operation. Provost Daniel Howard, Principal Investigator, and Dr. Jacquez, Co-Principal Investigator, were recently granted an extension for the NSF New Mexico AMP program that serves students at NMSU and 27 New Mexico partner institutions.
  • Ten members of the Chemical Engineering Alumni Academy met November 6-8 to perform their annual review of the program. The Academy reviewed all aspects of the program, met with all faculty, staff, and held an open forum for both the graduate and undergraduate students. The group identified what they perceived as strengths, concerns and opportunities for the department to address, which are available in a report found on the departmental website at
  • The Chemical and Materials Engineering Department sent 26 undergraduates to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers national meeting in Atlanta on November 14, the largest group of undergraduate students from NMSU to attend a conference as a group in 20 years. NMSU AICHE Student Chapter President Eric Banek and President-elect Eric DeLong were co-presenters of session on leadership at the conference.
  • Aaron Cate, an industrial engineering master’s candidate, presented his research at American Indian Science and Engineering Society Annual Conference in Orlando, FL.
  • The Aggie Innovation Space initiated a pilot program called “Think Tank Thursdays” for students to discuss ideas. The meeting inspired an art project and mentors from the Aggie Innovation Space met with a graduate student from the art department to discuss helping to develop the mechanical mechanism for a “breathing chair” art project.
  • The Aggie Innovation Space held a Project Management led by Industrial Engineering Department Head Edward Pines. Some 30 people attended the workshop.


Interim Dean, College of Health and Social Services, Dr. Donna Wagner

No Activity to Report


Dean, Honors College, Dr. Miriam Chaiken

  • Our group of supporters, the Circle for Excellence, had the first meeting as a whole group. These dedicated supporters are the folks primarily responsible for raising the endowment for the Honors College International Research Scholarship that awards one student funds for international research each year. The most recent winner, Upile Chisala did research on birthing and midwifery in her native Malawi, and she met with the Circle members to thank them for their support. The meeting was productive and amiable, and we will be looking forward to additional strategies for fundraising activities.
  • The Dean of the Grad School search committee conducted video interviews. The pool is quite strong and I’m confident we’ll have a good final pool to bring to campus early in 2015.
  • We finalized the posting of the job announcement for the Dean of the College of Education and this was then disseminated to all members of the College.
  • My students in my grad applied anthropology class completed presenting their semester-long research projects and did a splendid job. We celebrated their progress and the pending Thanksgiving break by having a dinner at my house where I cooked vats of African food which disappeared quickly, everyone left full and happy, and I think a good time was had by all.


Dean, University Library, Dr. Elizabeth Titus

  • The University Library’s Assessment and Data Gathering Task Force distributed and did a presentation to all library staff this week.
  • This week the University Library announced the completion of the digitization of the university yearbooks collection which spans 85 years. The first yearbook was published in 1907.  This collection is available on the library’s website, When you get to the library website, click on digital collections for full-text access to the university yearbooks collection.


Associate Provost, International and Border Program, Dr. Cornell Menking

  • It was a busy week as IBP helped NMSU observe International Education Week for the third year in a row. Activities this year included:
    • Information tables on Peace Corps, study abroad, the Center for Latin American and Border Studies.
    • Menking gave his annual State of internationalization presentation (PowerPoint available ).
    • Phil Lewis premiered his film, Painting My Miracle: The story and conservation of the NMSU Retablo collection.
    • The Confucius Institute, in collaboration with Taos and Sodexo, hosted Taste of China Day. Confucius Institute teacher Ting TingChinese food was complemented with a dance by Ting Ting, a Confucius Institute teacher working at Vado Elementary School.
    • The Center for Latin American border studies hosted Dr. Tamara Falicov, an Associate Professor from the University of Kansas, who presented at two events:  The showing of “Maestra”, a film about the eradication of a literacy in Cuba, and a talk about how international film festivals shape and circulate Latin American cinema.
    • The US State Department presented on careers in the foreign and civil service, Iliana look Peed presented as part of her global connection series documentary filmmaking in 1 million villages in Belize.
  • Dr Festus Addo-Yobo of black programs collaborated with IBP to bring the week’s featured speaker, Dr. Alphine Jefferson, professor of history and director of black studies at Randolph Macon College. He presented on Diversity in Leadership: global education’s role in preparing the next generation.
  • During the week Menking, Dr. Imelda Olague from Engineering, met with the region’s Diplomat in Residence from the US State Department, Ms. Anne Callaghan, and Ms. Jennifer Archibeque, Customer Service Manager at the Bureau of Consular Affairs in El Paso, TX.  Over lunch they discussed ways to strengthen international internship and career options at NMSU.  Another outcome was a commitment by IBP to open a passport office in Garcia Annex. The general public will then be able to come on campus and apply for passports.
  • This week NMSU also hosted visitors from the Hebei Bureau of Science and Technology in China. They came on an investigative visit that complements continued efforts to develop deeper ties between institutions in Hebei Province and NMSU.  Provost Howard, Dean Lowell Catlett, Associate Deans Jim Libbin and Dave Thompson, Steve Loring, Confucius Institute Co-Directors Elvira Hammond and Qiang Ren, and Dr. Jinfa Zhang all met with the visitors, which included Mr. Wang, Director of International Cooperation Division of Hebei Bureau of Science & Technology, as well as other important administrators and researchers interested in collaborating in agricultural sciences.

                                   Dr. Howard with Confucius Institute visitor    Confucius Institute visitors

  •  On November 20 Dr. Menking received a Research Achievement Award at the Millionaire Researchers event hosted by the Office of the Vice President for Research.  The award recognizes IBP’s success in bringing external funding in excess of $1M to the university.


Senior Vice President Administration and Finance, Angela Throneberry

  • NMSU Fire Protection GrantFire Protection Grant for New Equipment – FS Fire received notice from the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission that we were successful in the 2015 NM Fire Protection Grant application for general firefighting/rescue equipment. Over 140 applications were reviewed with over $20 million in requests. The Commission distributed $6 million throughout the state. NMSU received $100,000, the maximum amount any one department could receive. The funds will be used specifically to purchase vehicle extrication, forcible entry equipment, and ventilation and technical rescue equipment. The Fire Department is staffed with fourteen (14) student firefighters, and six (6) administrative staff that respond to over 1,000 incidents each year. For more information, visit our website.
  • Welcome future student – Housing & Campus Life, in cooperation with the College of Education, hosted 100 8th graders from Mesa Middle School on November 20th as part of a program to encourage younger students to consider college as an option in their future. The students were provided information about NMSU Housing and Life on campus and experienced student dining with lunch in the Taos Dining Center.
  • Book signing event – CB McKenzie, author of “Bad Country”, and winner of the Tony Hillerman award, visited the Barnes & Noble Bookstore on Novwember 15th to sign his book for customers.
  • Two Thanksgiving lunches – Sodexo Dining Services offered two opportunities for a Thanksgiving lunch.  First, an “Early Thanksgiving” on Wednesday, November 19, at Stan Fulton Athletic Center’s 3rd Floor Bistro.  Second, was a full Thanksgiving menu served in the Taos Restaurant for the students to enjoy before leaving campus for the holiday break.
  • The Hungry Games finale – It was held on November 15th at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore on campus with a live remote from KRUX.  Approximately 800 cans of food were dropped off to be donated to the Aggie Cupboard, and Casa de Peregrinos.   The Club/Fraternity/Sorority that donated the most food was Delta Sigma Phi. They won two iPad minis with Retina.
  • Undergraduate Learning Center –Bradbury-Stamm is moving along on the Hardman and Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center.  The concrete grade beams are being poured and they are erecting the forms for the North walls which are scheduled to pour the first week in December.

Undergraduate Learning Center Undergraduate Learning Center-

  •  Club Fitting Clinic – The PGA Golf Management Program was hosted by the NMSU Golf Course and led by Jason White, Head Golf Professional, with assistance from Henry Stetina, Program Specialist. Approximately 25 students were in attendance to learn the importance of club fitting and customer interaction.
  • Facilities & Services Project Development & Engineering – NMSU Carlsbad
    Everyone thinks about restrooms.  Beyond the obvious thoughts, do you ever think about special use restrooms?  We do!  At Project Development and Engineering we love to change old restrooms into new accessible restrooms* every chance we get.  In fact, we recently answered the question “how many accessible restroom projects have you completed in the last five years?”  Project Development and Engineering completed 16 projects at a total construction cost of $1,151,263.

*An accessible restroom: conforming to standards directed by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) passed in 1990.  ADA guidelines govern facilities open to the public by dictating all design and construction aspects necessary to insure the facility is accessible to any person with disabilities.

  • O'Donnell HallFacilities and Services have two organizations to help you with your accessible restroom needs.
    • Project Development and Engineering for architectural and construction remodel services
    • F&S Operations for repair and maintenance of existing facilities
  • Please contact either organization and let us help you think about special use restrooms.
  • Open Mic Nights –Barnes & Noble Bookstore and ASNMSU had a great success for their 1st attempt in partnering for the Open Mic Night in the store.  On Nov. 20th the event scheduled enough acts with 2 walk-ins to fill the two hours completely.   The acts brought in about 35-40 family and friends for an enjoyable evening.  Starting next semester this will event will be held every other Thursday with extended hours


Vice President Student Affairs / Enrollment Management, Dr. Bernadette MontoyaNMSU Registrar Dr. Cassandra Lachica-Chavez

  • A Welcome Reception for the University Registrar, Cassandra Lachica-Chavez, was held on Friday, November 21.
  • Montoya met with the Diversity Program Directors on Friday, November 21 and discussed recruitment travel and current efforts related to retention of first-time freshmen.
  • The search committee for the Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management met. Committee members received their orientation from Human Resource Services and received their charge from Dr. Montoya.
  • The SAEM Assessment Team began this week uploading strategic goals for each area into WEAVE. This tool helps connect assessment with strategic planning and will allow us to collaborate with other assessment efforts across NMSU.
  • Interim Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Dacia Sedillo discussed the plan to recruit National Merit Scholars to NMSU. This effort is a collaboration with Honors Dean Chaiken and Provost Howard. At this time, we have applications from about 60 students for the Fall 2015 class.

University Registrar, Dr. Cassandra Lachica-Chavez

  • Cassandra Lachia-Chavez began her first week as the new Registrar on Monday, November 17.

Diversity Programs

  • Chicano Programs is supporting the efforts of enrolled and prospective students to achieve their educational goals. A Social Work intern from NMSU’s College of Health and Social Services called Hispanic prospective and enrolled students as outreach for next fall’s freshman class.
  • Spencer is participating on the search committee for the Dean of the College of Education. Chicano Programs is supporting the Hispanic Faculty Staff Caucus in the preparation for this December’s Hispanic Academic/Leadership Graduation Stole Ceremony, and staff are participating in a Safe Zone Training.

University Admissions, Ms. Delia De Leon

  • University Admissions is teaming up with the Geography Department to use a GIS- (Geographic Information System) approach to develop recruitment strategies for California. California is a very large and complex market, and this approach will help us understand where to best invest our resources.

Aggies Activities CouncilStudent Life, Dr. Michael Jasek

  • Aggies Activities Council participated in the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities South Central Conference this past weekend. Board Members of the Council met many other activity councils and networked and returned to NMSU with ideas, events, and tools. Aggies Activities Council has many great things coming to NMSU and student life this Spring Semester. They are working to get more students involved, bring more desired events to campus, and to reach out to incoming freshman.
  • Meg Long and Vanessa Paz from WAVE presented a two-day ASIST Training to 21 NMSU police officers and firefighters on November 15–16. ASSIST gives participants tools to use when working with an individual who has indicated that they have had thoughts of suicide.

Student Engagement, Dr. Terry Cook

  • Anthony Marin, Director of Student Affairs, was honored at a reception for NMSU’s Millionaire Researchers at the Fulton Center on November 20, 2014.  President Carruthers and the Office of Grants & Contracts recognized faculty and staff who received research awards in FY2014.


 Vice President Economic Development, Dr. Kevin Boberg

Global Entrepreneurship Week Las Cruces

  • This week marked the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), “. . . the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth, and expand human welfare.” To celebrate GEW, Arrowhead Center hosted several events to support and encourage entrepreneurship on campus and in the community. The week’s events included an Entrepreneurship Roundtable, an Open Coffee Kickoff, Las Cruces Business Fiesta, the fourth round of Studio-G’s Launch competition, and a discussion of Business Model Innovation. More than 70 students and community members participated in GEW Las Cruces.


Vice President Research, Dr. Vimal Chaitanya

  • Vimal Chaitanya was nominated and elected to serve a second term on the executive committee of the Council of Research Policy and Graduate Education (CRPGE) of Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU).
  • Visited the Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX with five ACES faculty and Sudha Murthy to identify individuals we can collaborate with in water related projects, specific crop production, environmental issues with fracking etc.
  • Served as a panelist at DYNAMICA EXPO and conference in El Paso in a session that dealt with current advances in orthopedic implants and future needs.
  • Fifty-six faculty and staff were recognized at Millionaire reception hosted by the President’s and VPR office on November 20 for attracting more than half a million dollars to NMSU from externally sponsored sources to conduct research, development and related activities. The individuals recognized were responsible for 82 percent of the total awards of $139,950,465 received during FY 2014
  • Pete Lammers was informed that a competitive, pre-application submitted to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA-BAA-14-49) was selected for full proposal development and submission. The project is entitled, “Towards an Industrial-Scale Synthetic Biology Platform.” NMSU will be the lead institution and Pete Lammers the P.I.  The proposal will include two Co-I.s: Yair Shachar-Hill, Michigan State University and Andreas Weber, University of Duesseldorf, in Germany.
  • Students affiliated with the Energy Research Laboratory at NMSU were well represented at the recent New Mexico Academy of Sciences Meeting, November 1, 2014 at the Hyatt Hotel in Albuquerque. Three oral and five poster presentations were made by the students.  In addition, Chaitanya Kukutla, a graduate student with Professor Khandan, won a $200 cash prize for the best poster by a graduate student at the meeting.
  • Luis Vazquez presented two workshops. One was on Ethics and School Psychology and the second on Collegiality and Ethics to the New Mexico School Psychology Association Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The workshops were attended by school psychologists and psychodiagnosticians from across the state of New Mexico.
  • Sam Fernald and a WRRI staff member attended the Acequia Congreso in Taos on November 15. The 15th annual Congreso de Las Acequias is sponsored by the New Mexico Acequia Association. The Association hopes to continue building a movement throughout the state that protects land and water resources for future generations of acequia farmers and ranchers.
  • WRRI initiated new two-year project supported by the NM Environment Department with faculty and students in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences and the College of Engineering to study the use of produced water for water supply sustainability that will include evaluation of produced water quality, quantity, treatment, delivery, demand and cost.
  • Sam Fernald met with the New Mexico State Engineer and several staff. Sam provided an update on the institute’s new initiative, a Statewide Water Assessment. State Engineer Scott Verhines and Sam Fernald discussed how their institutions could collaborate on the assessment.


Vice President University Advancement / Foundation Executive Director,

 Ms. Cheryl Harrelson

  • President’s Office hosted first basketball reception for about 22 donors prior to tip-off of men’s home opening game. We also recognized two of the three donors featured in the new LCD screens installed in Pan Am for donor recognition. Royal Jones of Mesilla Valley Transportation was recognized on the court as well as Rick and Kim Baugh from Sunland Racetrack Park and Casino for Mr. Stan Fulton.
  • The Department of Animal and Range Sciences has a committed pledge of $25,000 for a new scholarship. The donors will make their first $5,000 donation before the end of the year.
  • ACES had over 14 student ambassadors call roughly 300 donors and alumni at our annual thank a thon which was held Monday and Tuesday evening.
  • Terra Van Winter is participating in Leadership New Mexico Connect Program during the end of this week.
  • Received a $10,000 gift for the Williams Hall renovation from a loyal alumnus in Farmington.


Athletics Director, Dr. McKinley Boston, Jr.

No Activity to Report


Associate Vice President University Communications, Maureen Howard

  • This week’s Eye on Research in the Las Cruces Sun-News featured Alvaro Romero, professor of Urban Entomology, who is known for his bed bug program. He is now researching urban pests that most affect people’s everyday lives – house flies. The focus of his research is primarily to shed light on the role of house flies in the transmission of human and animal pathogens.
  • This week’s Sunday feature in the Las Cruces Sun-News highlighted the work of geological sciences Assistant Professor Brian Hampton, who is collecting geological samples in Alaska. Hampton’s research focuses on the relationship between tectonics, erosion, climate and sedimentation. He and his research group at NMSU are working on a project that will help the geologic community better understand the tectonic history of Alaska and western North America.
  • KRWG-TV previewed a film showcasing the NMSU retablos collection, the nation’s largest.  This story was part of the Fronteras program and includes an in-depth interview with Creative Media Institute Professor Phil Lewis.
  • The Albuquerque Journal published a guest column November 18 from President Carruthers that outlined the statewide impact the university has across New Mexico. The column was the third during 2014 published by the Journal on its Education Page. Previous topics addressed NMSU’s cancer research expertise, published in May, and NMSU’s commitment to take its research and discovery activities to the next level, published in February. Read the full texts of the president’s guest columns here:


Assistant Vice President Government Relations, Ricardo Rel

  • 2 – 3 – Water & Natural Resources Committee- State Capitol
    • Water Supply Vulnerabilities, J. Phillip King, Civil Engineering Department, NMSU participating in a panel
    • Proposed Legislation
  • 3 – 5  – Legislative Health & Human Services Committee- State Capitol
    • Recommendation of the Behavioral Health Subcommittee of the LHHS
    • Substitute Care Review, Shelly Bucher, L.M.S.W., Director, Southwest Region, National Child Protection Center on a panel
    • Review of 2015 Legislation for Committee Endorsement
  • 8 – 12 – Legislative Finance Committee- State Capitol
    • 9:00 am/Monday – FY 14 & FY 15 General Fund Revenue Projections- DFA
    • 9:00 am/Tuesday- Higher Education Institutions- Dr. Jose Garcia- Higher Education Dept; FY16 Instruction and General Funding Formula Request; Research and Public Service Projects and Review Process


Director/Secretary New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Jeff M. Witte

  • I attended the 96th annual meeting of the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau (NMFLB). They asked me to judge their discussion meet for FFA members. This is a new contest that seems to be generating a lot of enthusiasm in our next generation of agriculturist. They surprised me at their annual banquet by presenting me with the Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award. I was speechless, humbled and felt very honored. I started my professional career with Farm Bureau many years ago so this award holds a special place.

Chad Smith, Jeff Witte, and Mike White

 Chad Smith, Executive Director NMFLB;

Jeff Witte, Director/Secretary, NMDA;

Mike White, President NMFLB

  • I attended the State FFA District VI Chapter Officer Leadership Training meeting and spoke to the young leaders about opportunities in life, including agriculture. A great group of future leaders that really serve to recharge all we try to do.
  • Staff co-lead the U.S. Pecan booth at China’s Global Food & Hospitality Trade Show in Shanghai, China.
  • Staff met with Congressional, Department of State, and George Washington Medical School officials regarding the staff members recent trip to West Africa, where he trained police officers to safely work around the Ebola virus.
  • Staff attended a crisis communications training built around a fictitious nuclear event that’s impacting agriculture, where they trained alongside counterparts from Oklahoma and Texas, as well as dairymen and other members of that sector, and radiological experts at the federal level.


Chief, NMSU Police, Stephen Lopez

  • The Emergency Dispatch Center handled 19 emergency calls and 287 nonemergency calls from the public.  The busiest day of the week was Wednesday, with 5 emergency calls and 57 nonemergency calls.  The Dispatch Center staff dispatched 172 police calls, 23 fire/medical calls, and handled 9 arrest warrants.
  • The Records and Evidence Office processed 22 items of evidence and fingerprinted 28 individuals.  The office is currently staffed by one regular employee and one temporary employee while the hiring process for the second position is underway.  The position closes in the next week, and the Police Department hopes to have a permanent employee in the position shortly after the first of the year (due to the extensive background investigation required).
  • Officers filed 41 initial police reports and 18 supplemental reports during the week, and issued 16 traffic citations.
  • Bicycle theft (and larceny in general) remains a significant issue.  In addition, theft of catalytic converters continues to present a regional challenge.  False fire alarms (at Chamisa Village, this past week) also continue to present a challenge and a drain on both police and fire resources.  Efforts are underway with Housing and Campus Life to identify mechanisms for curtailing this activity in the Spring and subsequent semesters.
  • The Victim Services Coordinator for the Police Department completed training in forensic interviewing of victims.  This will provide a significant resource not only to the university, but also the larger community.  Other agencies have already inquired about the possibility of utilizing the Coordinator to conduct interviews for them as the need arises.
  • Officers assisted the Las Cruces Police Department by locating and detaining the suspect in a double-shooting that took place off campus early Sunday morning, and in securing possible evidence until search warrants could be obtained.  Both victims (who are students) are still being treated at University Medical Center in El Paso, and are in stable condition.  The Dean of Students has contacted the parents of both victims on behalf of the university to check on them and to offer support and services.

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