Activity Report November 3-7

President Garrey Carruthers, Ph.D.

  • Attended the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities in Orlando, FL.
  • Participated in many Homecoming events.
  • More details will be provided in a special edition activity report next week.


Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Dan Howard

  • I, along with the President and other representatives of NMSU, spent the beginning of the week at the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities National meeting. This meeting brings together administrators and faculty of public and land-grant universities to discuss common challenges and opportunities.  One of the more interesting sessions that I attended focused on graduate education and research.  Among the important points made by the various speakers were the following:
    • Graduate education should be recognized as a public as well as a private good.
    • Although there is a lot of anxiety among Ph.D. students about jobs, the reality is that the vast majority of Ph.D.’s find jobs, although many of the jobs are not on the tenure track.
    • We need to do a better job of tracking our Ph.D.’s and preparing them for jobs outside the Academy.
    • Professional masters programs are growing rapidly around the country.
    • There should be greater emphasis on communication skills in graduate programs.
  • Another interesting session focused on funding for basic research in the United States. Among the important points made were the following:
    • Scientific productivity and benefits are difficult to measure.
    • Nevertheless, the United States needs to promote conditions for the research enterprise to thrive
    • World class research continues to be done in our universities.
    • USA still has the largest share of investment in research in the world, although China is rapidly closing the gap.
    • However, USA is only in 10th place in the percent of GDP devoted to basic research.
    • 3% GDP should be the goal for investment in basic research.
    • Leadership must come from Directors of NSF and NIH.
    • Scientists and universities must lobby key leaders in congress, as well as up and coming legislators.
  • Although I strongly support more funding for basic research, I continue to be concerned that the scientific community’s obsession with increased funding prevents us from making the changes that are necessary to deal with a reality that has been in place for some time and is likely to continue for the foreseeable future—very low success rates for proposals to major funding agencies. Among the changes we need to consider are the following:
    • Greater investment in centralized facilities.
    • Greater focus on team building.
    • An end to the startup arms race and more even investments in investigators over the course of their careers.
    • Smaller grants, and therefore more grants, from NSF and NIH .


Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences,

Dr. Lowell Catlett

  • Steven Loring, Associate Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station System, traveled to the APLU meeting in Orlando, FL, November 2-4, where he accepted the National Award of Excellence for Multistate Research on behalf of the W2128 “Microirrigation for Sustainable Water Use” project; Loring is the Administrative Advisor for the project. Researchers and extension faculty from 19 universities and three federal laboratories participated in the project. NMSU faculty participants included Professors Manoj Shukla, Mick O’Neill, Dan Smeal, and Professor Emeritus Ted Sammis from the Plant and Environmental Sciences department.

Cooperative Extension

  • In October, Del Jimenez, Agriculture Specialist with the NMSU Sustainable Agriculture Science Center at Alcalde, led a hoop-house workshop at the Bernalillo County Youth Service Center.  Over 20 participants from the center and the community-at-large worked together to build a poly-frame hoop-house, a style of green house, that will be utilized by the center to teach youth how to grow fruits and vegetables with the goal of that food being used in the center’s cafeteria.   Inside the hoop-house, irrigation was installed and raised planting beds were built, filled with soil, and planted.  The project’s inspiration came about from the center’s leadership as well as from County Commissioner O’Malley to focus on healthy eating and local food.  The hoop house will be utilized to teach the youth hands on life skills, entrepreneurial skills, and provide an opportunity to learn how food is grown. The project is a collaboration between the Bernalillo County Commission, Bernalillo County Youth Services Program, Albuquerque Public Schools, NMSU Cooperative Extension, Food Corp, and La Plazita.
  • Bernalillo County agents Graeme Davis and John Garlisch participated in a Tree Care workshop held at Trees of Corrales. The workshop was hosted by New Mexico Chapter of Nursery Growers and Think Trees New Mexico. Brian Kempf of Urban Tree Foundation, taught the attendees about proper techniques for tree nursery planting, limb pruning, root pruning, nursery stock selection, landscape plantings, watering, and safe tree maintenance in the landscape, as well as learning the dangers of what happens when the methods are not done properly.  The training was geared towards nursery professionals, landscape designers, city planners, landscape maintenance workers, tree care professional, master gardeners, and extension agents.
  • Five thousand visitors came to the historic Gutierrez-Hubbell House, a 10-acre site along the Camino Real in Bernalillo, to enjoy the Local Food Festival and Field Day.  The theme for this year’s festival was “The Many Faces of Local Food.”  The festival is designed to highlight local agriculture and included local farmers, value-added producers, food trucks, non-profits, educational groups, artists, and speakers.  The Cooperative Extension Service had a central role in the success of the festival.

Media Productions/Learning Games Lab

  • 4-H agents from across the nation gathered for their annual conference in Minneapolis, MN. Media Productions played a key role in helping 4-H leaders make plans for using technology with youth. NMSU’s Barbara Chamberlin spoke with the group, sharing apps and games created by her department and helping them develop a framework for introducing youth to digital tools.


Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Christa Slaton

 No Activity to Report


Dean, College of Business, Dr. James Hoffman

  • This week was very busy with numerous activities in celebration of Homecoming week. On Wednesday, November 5, Jim Hoffman and Anthony Casaus attended the Homecoming Kickoff Reception at the University Center and Residence.
  • Attended the NMSU Foundation Board meeting on Thursday, November 6 held in the recently opened Domenici hall.
  • On Friday, November 7 Perry Elders and his wife Alane were on hand for a dedication ceremony of one of our classrooms-Business Complex 108 in honor of Professor James Bullock hosted by the Accounting and Information Systems department. The room dedication was made possible by a contribution from the Elders.
  • We recognized 153 students who received scholarships this academic year at our annual scholarship luncheon on Friday, November 7. Scholarship Recipient Nicolette Serrao, a senior finance major with a minor in accounting spoke at the event. She is a recipient of the Finance Department and Farm Credit Bank of Texas Scholarships. Perry Elders, who received his Bachelor of Accountancy from NMSU in 1983 also spoke at the event. Our 2014 Distinguished Alumnus, Bobby Lutz, spoke at the luncheon as well.
  • We held our annual reception in honor of our Distinguished Alum, which was awarded to Bobby Lutz this year. Lutz came from Oklahoma to NMSU to play golf and earned his Bachelors in Business Administration in 1973 and his MBA in 1975. He was a member of the golf team from 1969 to 1973, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, a founding member of the Beta Alpha Psi, the honorary accounting fraternity, and a student senator from the College of Business. He’s now a businessman living in Dallas, Texas. Lutz and his wife, Rebecca, have created scholarships for students in the college, with preference for members of the men’s golf team, and continue to contribute to the college as specific needs arise.
  • Attended the Alumni Association’s 2014 Distinguished Alumni dinner with Bobby Lutz on Friday evening.
  • Attended the Alumni Association’s Golden A’s Luncheon on Saturday, November 8. We welcomed the Class of 1964 as Golden Aggies and NMSU graduates who celebrate 50 years or more since graduation.
  • The college hosted a tailgate party on Saturday, November 7 in appreciation of our generous donors. The event was great way to end our week of Homecoming festivities.


Dean, College of Education, Dr. Michael Morehead

  • Dean Morehead attended the Foundation Board meeting during the week, where advancement topics and university funding was discussed. Dr. Morehead had dinner with Mary Lou Davis who is on the Foundation Board and is also a donor for the College of Education; they discussed scholarships and the great things going on in the College of Education.
  • Dean Morehead met with one of the future Cornerstone Award recipients and notified them of their selection. The announcement for this year’s Aggie Cornerstone Award recipients will be announced in the near future.
  • Dean Morehead participated in numerous Homecoming Activities including introducing Barbara Hubbard and helping celebrate her selection as the College’s Distinguished Alumnae.

Robert Wood, Interim Associate Dean of Research

  • Wood traveled to University of Loughborough in the United Kingdom to discuss an undergraduate student exchange/placement program with their department of Exercise and Sport Sciences. They are regarded as THE top university in the UK in this academic area. NMSU and Loughborough already have an exchange agreement in place, and now we are looking at curricula to satisfy each academic program. The visit was very productive and will likely foster relationships in other areas such as anthropology wherein our universities have many shared interests.
  • Jennifer Fabre, Assistant professor, Ms. Eryn Murphy, Alumn, and I presented some of our Falls Research at the International Conference on Aging and Society in Manchester, UK. Since we actually have to report our activity before the week is over, I am going to state with confidence that the work was very well received and that we are looking forward to wonderful collaboration with our international colleagues!

Dr. Gladys De Necochea, Assistant Dean for Budget & Planning

  • Providing leadership to the College of Education (CoEd) Sustainability Committee, Dr. Gladys De Necochea has issued a college-wide call for faculty and staff nominations for the GREEN AWARD. Initially established in Spring 2014, the GREEN AWARD was developed as a college distinction to recognize best practices in sustainability.   All CoEd staff and faculty whose ongoing efforts are contributing to better protect our college, campus and community resources are eligible to be considered for this distinction.  Nominations are invited of individuals who have demonstrated substantial and creative practices in any of the following categories:
    • Energy conservation and renewable energy
    • Environmental education and outreach
    • Transportation and commuting issues
    • Resource conservation, recycling and environmental clean-up
    • Other sustainable practices

Ron Dziwenka, Program Manager for Assessment

  • Dr. Dziwenka, for the SPED Program Coordinator, helped coordinate the design and inputting of new key assessments into the Tk20 system, and prepared processes for the meeting on Monday with the SPED faculty and the workshop on Nov 19 with them and students.

Michelle Valverde & Karen Trujillo, Community Outreach

  • Major activities this week included meeting with Dr. Sullivan from Engineering to review the EOS draft goals and objectives, meeting with NMSU Fire, Police, and Environmental Health and Safety to prepare for both COG Days this month (250, 8th graders will be visiting campus), visiting Camino Real Middle School as part of the COG Project, meeting with Senator Soules in following up on the evaluative education model, and assisting with a video project focused on the misuse of standardized testing in the public schools.
  • Conference call with Arizona Director of FEA (Rachel). Refined state plan for FEA, spoke with NM FFA director about financing. Received notification from UPenn MSI that $50,000 grant was awarded. Submitted article to AACE Journal and received notification that we had two papers accepted to AERA conference. Assisted Sara Morales prepare for NMSTA conference. Met with Fred Parker and Kim Valdez from Hillrise Elem. to set up campus visit for spring. Updated Alliance Listserv and completed, distributed fall 2014 Alliance Newsletter.

Dean, College of Engineering, Dr. Ricardo Jacquez

  • The Engineering New Mexico Resource Network hosted XCal Corporation in the Aggie Innovation Space where they provided students with an overview of advances in 3-D printing. Students were given the opportunity to discuss new equipment trends and material applications for today’s changing technology needs.
  • The Department of Civil Engineering hosted the first John Clark Lecture during Homecoming activities on Friday.  NMSU alum, Omar Zoman presented a lecture on “Engineering: A Profession and a Passion.”  Zaman is a registered professional engineer with more than 35 years of professional experience. He specializes in highway, mass transit and airport design.
  • The Verge Lecture Series in Innovation and entrepreneurship hosted former Transportation secretary and NMSU civil engineering alumna Rhonda Faught, who spoke about “The New Frontier.” Faught, a registered professional engineer, has more than 30 years of experience in the technical, administrative and managerial areas of highway and transportation oversight and development.Homecoming Parade
  • More than 50 students from the College of Engineering participated in the Homecoming parade where they showcased student organizations from each of the engineering disciplines. The large display of students sporting the branded college t-shirt demonstrated the strong and growing student engagement in the numerous on campus activities in the college.
  • The College of Engineering hosted more than 300 scholarship donors and students during the 21st Annual Scholarship Breakfast. Civil Engineering student Erica Garcia shared the impact of her scholarship with the group and Dean Ricardo Jacquez thanked the donors for contributing to toward more than $1.2 million awarded in engineering scholarships.
  • Engineering Alumni CelebrationThe College of Engineering held its Annual Alumni Celebration on Friday, November 7 at the Tower of Dreams at which Distinguished Alum Gregory H. Fulfer was honored.  Fulfer is a 1984 graduate of engineering technology. Also recognized were engineering alumni from the classes of ’54, ’64 and ’74. Associate Professor Igor Sevostianov was awarded the Dwight and Aubrey Chapman Distinguished Professorship in MechanicalEngineering, and Professor Phillip De Leon was awarded the Paul W. and Valerie Klipsch Distinguished Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Professor Steven J. Stochaj and Associate Professor Jessica Perea-Houston were acknowledged for their University Research Council Awards for Exceptional Achievements in Research and Creative Scholarly Activity. Engineering students displayed their projects: Mini Baja, CuBO, and the Concrete Canoe.
  • The Aggie Innovation Space hosted a sell-out Pop Up workshop on CAD and 3-D printing to 32 engineering students. Engineering student Caleb Roy, who is a mentor at the Aggie Innovation Space, presented the workshop. The workshop was requested by the Engineering Dorm in Rhodes Garrett Hall, but was open to all engineering students.


Interim Dean, College of Health and Social Services, Dr. Donna Wagner

  • Interim Dean Wagner has been selected to serve as a member of the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on Family Caregiving for Older Adults.Recognizing the importance of family caregiving, the Institute of Medicine has begun a new study to address the myriad of issues involved. Dr. Wagner was thrilled to be asked to serve on the committee and understands the importance of the committee’s purpose.  She recently stated that “the Institute of Medicine’s studies are really important game changers in a couple of ways. The studies not only have an effect on curriculum in higher education but also public policy. Study recommendations inform health professionals as well as policy advocates. They are very proactive studies.”  Interim Dean Wagner has spent the past week in Washington, D.C. meeting with other IOM Committee Members.


  • Received letter of invitation from Helene Fuld Health Trust to apply for an endowment grant for the School of Nursing.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico approved a proposal for a contribution to the McCowen Behavioral Health Leadership Scholarship.
  • Kicked off the “Nightingale Circle” initiative and secured thirteen commitments this first week. This is the second phase of the Nursing Wall of Excellence in which individuals can honor a nurse with an engraved wood panel.Thankathon
  • Held a spirited “thankathon” in which student ambassadors phoned donors to thank them for their gifts this year.
  • Hosted CHSS board chair and James F. Cole recipient, Carol Smallwood, for award ceremony and homecoming activities in addition to distinguished alum, Christopher Ledingham.
  • Lunch celebration with advisory board member Judge Leslie Smith for winning the Friend of Nursing Award from the New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence.

Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Joe Tomaka

  • Met with Dr. Helene Silverblatt from UNM to discuss the future of SoAHEC and ongoing transition efforts, including hiring a new center director, programming specialist, and administrative assistant.
  • Participated in a Kick-Off Conference call for a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) grant through the Pew Charitable Trust. The project is funded through UTEP, but involves NMSU’s Survey Research and Program Evaluation Center (located in the CHSS) who will be working with UTEP, the South Central Regional Transit District (SCRTD) of New Mexico, and several other agencies. The plan is to assess the impact of a newly proposed public transportation routes to/from Las Cruces and several rural towns/colonias in southern New Mexico, including Chaparral, Anthony, Santa Teresa, and Sunland Park. The goal is to assess how these additional routes will improve access to health care as well as access to a range of goods and services, including fresh foods, job training, education, and recreational activities.
  • Worked on proposals for two Survey Research and Program Evaluation Center projects. The City of Las Cruces is seeking to survey City residents to gauge preferences for future development efforts. The second is for the Texas A&M Transportation Institute located in El Paso, TX.

School of Nursing

  • Students Valentina Isaac, DNP, Claudia Cruz, DNP, and Sandra Welling, PhD successfully defended their dissertations.
  • Pamela Schultz, Teresa Keller and Anita Reinhardt appeared before the Behavioral Health Subcommittee of the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee at the State Capitol. Dr. Schultz presented a proposal to increase the number of psychiatric nursing graduate students at NMSU who will commit to practicing in the state for three years after graduation.
  • Ruth Burkhart, MSN, MA, RN, BC, LPCC was appointed to the American Nurses Association Advising Committee for Workplace Violence and Instability Initiative.

School of Social Work

  • Hosted three events this week, including an Alumni Homecoming Workshop titled “Understanding the Veteran/Military Family Experience,” another forum titled, “Addressing Changes to New Mexico Social Work Licensing,” and finally an orientation for the comprehensive exam for students.
  • Frances Nedjat-Haiem, PhD, LCSW presented three papers at the Gerontological Society of America’s (GSA) 67th Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC.

Department of Public Health SciencesMPH student Jessica Spohn

  • Partnered with Memorial Medical Center for a Community-Based Participatory Research project for the Journal of Environmental Health. The study examined the impact of hygiene posters in promoting safe hygiene practices for used toilet tissue disposal in public restrooms. The article was the cover story for the publication this month.
  • MPH student Jessica Spohn, has been chosen as the Graduate School, Masters Level recipient of the “Alumni Association Outstanding Graduating Student Award” for this semester.


Dean, Honors College, Dr. Miriam Chaiken

  • As this was Homecoming week there were a number of events that were great fun and gave me an opportunity to meet with alumni from around the nation. It was a real pleasure to meet some of these folks and learn about their interesting experiences and their commitment to NMSU.
  • I submitted drafts for review of letters that will be used for recruiting high-achieving students to NMSU to the office of Admissions and Enrollment Management. We will be contacting all National Merit, and National Hispanic Merit students as well as their parents in an effort to encourage them to apply for admission to NMSU. We are planning a spring event to bring them to campus.
  • I submitted a draft for review of a possible sequence of courses to the College of Engineering to create a “Pathway to Honors”. This would assist in advising students who wished to pursue honors by helping them learn which courses in the General Education sequence, and which in their majors, would count towards honors.


Dean, University Library, Dr. Elizabeth Titus

  • Zuhl Library was the site this week for the Class of 1954 reunion dinner during homecoming week. Photographs of members of this class from the library’s university archives were on display during this event.
  • The university library celebrates the life of Deanna Litke,  an employee of the Access Services Department who retired from the library in 2008 and recently passed away.
  • Tiffany Santos, Curator for the Zuhl Collection and her team have put in new exhibits in the cases located on the 1st floor of Zuhl Library. All are invited to see and enjoy these unique collections.
  • The GO Bond B which supports academic, public, school and tribal libraries in New Mexico passed with over 62% statewide supporting the passage of this bond. All academic libraries in the NMSU System will benefit greatly from the funds this bond provides.  I personally want to thank President Carruthers, Ricardo Rel and his government relations team, and all those in the NMSU community who supported the passage of Bond B. All funding received from this bond by the University Library will be used for the purchase of library materials.


Associate Provost, International and Border Program, Dr. Cornell MenkingInternational recruiter

  • Menking and Joshua Vanderhoof, IBP’s new international recruiter, travelled to Washington DC for meetings with various cultural missions and education offices.  Among the countries visited were Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Indonesia. (Photo attached – Josh Vanderhoof with officials from the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission.)
  • The Center for English Language Programs (CELP) has was selected to participate in Proyecta 100,000, a program that aims to bring 100,000 Mexican students  to the U.S. as part of a renewed spirit of cooperation between the governments of Mexico and the United States of America, under the Bilateral Forum on Higher Education, Innovation and Research (FOBES/I). As part of this, 30 students from Veracruz, Mexico have arrived to participate in 4 weeks of intensive English study during the last 4 weeks of the fall semester.
  • Ashley Ryan, CELP Academic Coordinator and IBP/College of Education Liaison, travelled to Ecuador as part of a follow-up observation phase of the “Go Teacher” that has brought over 200 Ecuadorians to NMSU over the past two years. Dr. Ryan observed in schools around the Quito, Ibarra, and Uyumbicho areas of Ecuador. While in Ecuador, Dr. Ryan represented NMSU at the Yachay Tech Inauguration & Convocation. Yachay Tech, in Urcuqui Ecuador, is a newly created university founded on innovation in technology and science. NMSU’s Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Department and CELP have partnered with Yachay Tech in recent months. Dr. Ryan was able to tour the campus, meet professors and the new class of Yachay Tech students.
  • Orchid EnsembleOn November 5-6 the Confucius Institute collaborated with David Klement, NMSU Vocal Professor, Music Dept., on hosting the Orchid Ensemble, a trio of musicians who combine traditional Chinese instruments with modern musical sensibilities.  The performed and interacted with about 20 students that came to campus from Alma d’Arte Charter School, and then the trio went down to Vado Elementary School to perform for the Pre-K-2nd graders plus members of the local community.  The Confucius Institute also helped underwrite promotion costs for their primary concert at NMSU on the 6th.


Senior Vice President Administration and Finance, Angela Throneberry

  • The Henry Gutierrez Memorial Golf Tournament –The tournament was hosted by the by the NMSU Golf Course this past weekend. Henry was a well-liked PGM student who lost his life while attending NMSU and this tournament helps provide scholarship support to NMSU PGM students.Gardiner Hall
  • Gardiner Hall Physics Department – Research is prioritized and highly valued in Facilities and Services’ mission to provide the best academic atmosphere for our facility, staff, and students. Recently, through the joint efforts of our Facilities and Services shops and the Project Development and Engineering Department, we successfully installed the new Panalytical Empyrean Industrial X-ray Diffractometer for the Gardiner Hall Physics Department. Such technology will enhance the research efforts for the Physics department in the upcoming future.
  • “Taste of Brazil” – Corbett Center Student Union Taos Restaurant presented “Taste of Brazil”. The Campus Dining Department in partnership with the Center for English Language Programs and in cooperation with the visiting Brazilian international students presented a menu of Brazilian cuisine with music and decorations to complete the dining event for all.
  • Mercury Pollution PreventionMercury Pollution Prevention – Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) safely disassembled and disposed of a large 12 foot tall mercury manometer on campus.  Records indicate it was “donated” to NMSU a number of years ago.  Mercury is a toxic metal that the EPA encourages be phased out whenever possible. Acquisition of gifts that involve hazardous materials or contain regulated hazardous components must be approved by (EH&S) prior to acquisition.


  • “I Heart NY”– The lunch theme “I Heart NY”  sponsored by the 3rd Floor Bistro at the Danny Villanueva Victory Club in the Fulton Center included music and decorations that depict “the city that never sleeps”.
  • Office of Sustainability – Management of the Conservation and Modernization project continues. To date, we have completed interior lighting retrofits in seven buildings, exterior lighting retrofits on 11 buildings, and installed 38 LED street lights. Mechanical work has started as well.  Aggie Up! Power Down!
  • At the Bookstore – Retired Las Cruces police officer J.R. Lonsway returned to the NMSU Bookstore for a second reading and signing of his collection of police stories, “Twenty”. Tacky the Penguin visited both Saturday and Sunday for a special children’s story time.
  • Employee Appreciation – Facilities and Services Grounds department utilizes 10 seasonal employees during the growing season to help perform the required landscaping tasks. These employees are hired from April 1 through October 31.  On October 31, 2014 the department staff held an appreciation breakfast thanking the seasonal employees for their efforts during the growing season.
  • Employee Appreciation – Facilities Maintenance also held an appreciation luncheon on October 31, 2014, for all of the employees within the department. This was a team celebration of shop successes for numerous remodels, renovations, and successful implementation of a preventive maintenance crew for the buildings.


Vice President Student Affairs / Enrollment Management, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

  •  Attended the APLU Annual Meeting from November 1–4 in Orlando, Florida and was inaugurated as the Co-Chair for the Council on Student Affairs Executive Committee. Dr. Melissa Exum, Vice Provost for Student Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University, was also inaugurated Co-Chair.
  • During the APLU Annual Meeting, attended a discussion about partnerships for success specifically targeted at mental health and Title IX issues. The mental health session focused on addressing student mental health more effectively at every stage – identification, prevention, intervention, and results.
  • Also during the APLU Annual Meeting, attended a discussion regarding enrollment and retention. Some good work is being done at Southern Illinois University, Georgia State, and Northern Arizona University. These schools were able to use success metrics in developing strategies to improve recruitment and retention. Focusing on these metrics helped spread the ownership of student success and contributed to breaking down silos.
  • As an ex-officio member, attended the NMSU Foundation Board Business meeting on November 6 and 7. Along with Provost Howard, served as a panelist for “Let’s Get Engaged” on Thursday, describing the effect of recruitment and retention on the overall enrollment picture.
  • Attended the Aggie Pathway to the Baccalaureate Advisory Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 5.

Student Life, Dr. Michael Jasek

 Halloween Howl

  • Over 300 members of the NMSU community attended this year’s Halloween Howl on October 31 at the Intermural Fields. The evening was made a success by the participation of 38 student organizations, NMSU Fire Department, and Native Air Ambulance.


 University Admissions, Ms. Delia De Leon

  • University Admissions hosted about 130 students and families from Arrowhead Park Early College High School for a Homecoming Picnic on Thursday, November 6.  A member from the DACC Student Development Unit (Dual Credit) as well as several ambassadors from our colleges were also present in welcoming these students and families.
  • On Friday, November 7, Alumni’s International Board of Directors had the opportunity to tour NMSU and to hear from Aggie Ambassadors about their great experiences at NMSU.  The visit concluded with a brief presentation on how they could support the University Admissions office in their recruitment efforts.
  • Recruitment visits were made to northwest, northeast, and local New Mexico high schools as well as Colorado and a College Fair in Spokane, Washington. Staff attended graduate fairs at University of Arizona and Arizona State University, and we visited Las Cruces and Oñate High Schools for dual credit advising.

Student Diversity ProgramsMiss Native American

  • On Friday, October 31, the American Indian Program hosted the Fifth Meeting of the New Mexico Legislative – Indian Affairs Committee at the American Indian Student Center. Justin McHorse gave a presentation on the American Indian Program and American Indian Student Center. In attendance were Pueblo Governors and officials from San Ildefonso, Nambe, and Tesuque Pueblos.

 Health and Wellness, Ms. Lori McKee

  • Reid JacksonReid Jackson, NMSU Intramural Recreation Coordinator, will be inducted as a member of the National Collegiate Flag Football Championships Hall of Fame this January. This recognition comes from NMSU’s national affiliation with the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association. Reid coordinates all intramural sports and activities including 21 leagues and sports with participation of over 5,200 students annually.Campus Health Center
  • The Campus Health Center is joining universities across the country in preparing for the possibility of contact with communicable diseases. The Campus Health Center has been conducting weekly trainings on donning and doffing personal protective equipment (PPE) in practice for actual use in a communicable illness situation. The CHC will conduct an emergency drill in late November; more information about NMSU’s comprehensive disease response plan is at


Vice President Economic Development, Dr. Kevin Boberg

STEM Education Presentation to State Legislator

  • This week Innoventure director Marie Borchert, along with Dr. Susan Brown and Dr. Enrico Pontelli gave a presentation to State Representative Mary Helen Garcia regarding the legislative funding request they put forward to support STEM education outreach programs organized through NMSU and run throughout the state. The purpose of this presentation was to solicit Representative Garcia’s feedback before the team presents before the Jobs Council.

Arrowhead Entrepreneur-in-Residence Brad Gordon Campus Visit

  • This week Arrowhead Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Brad Gordon visited the campus and spent much of his time working with Arrowhead Center students and staff. Several workshops and round table discussions were held throughout the week, culminating with a networking luncheon on Wednesday, at which Mr. Gordon gave a presentation on his latest business venture. During Mr. Gordon’s presentation he shared advice on best practices and things to consider when presenting to Venture Capital investment firms. Mr. Gordon also took this time to solicit feedback and critiques of his presentation from the nearly 40 Arrowhead staff and students who attended the luncheon.

Arrowhead Center Presentation

  • Wayne Savage, director of the Arrowhead Park, gave a presentation on the Arrowhead Center at the 2014 New Mexico Society of Professional Engineers, November 7, 2014, held at the UNM Science & Technology Park.


Vice President Research, Dr. Vimal Chaitanya

          No Activity to Report


Vice President University Advancement / Foundation Executive Director,

 Ms. Cheryl Harrelson

  • Vice President Harrelson participated in a variety of events during Road to Discovery Homecoming Week November 3-9, 2014.  She led the NMSU Foundation Board meeting November 6 and 7 and attended the Distinguished Alumni dinner and awards ceremony November 7. During the awards ceremony, she escorted Lori Paulson on stage as she received the Spirit of Service Award from the NMSU Foundation. Ms. Harrelson also visited with alumni and friends at the NMSU Presidential Tailgate and Patio Party on Saturday.
  • The NMSU Alumni Association held a variety of events during Road to Discovery Homecoming Week. The week was kicked off with an open house at the Alumni Association on Monday. Other events included the Alumni Association Past Presidents’ Breakfast, the Distinguished Alumni Dinner and Awards Presentation, campus tours, class of 1954 and 1964 class reunions, a “Celebration of Traditions” tribute, a Parade Viewing Party, the Golden A’s Luncheon and a Recent Graduate Brunch.


Athletics Director, Dr. McKinley Boston, Jr.

  • I attended the WAC Board of Director Meeting for President Carruthers in Phoenix, AZ. The main topics discussed were conference membership expansion, NCAA Division 1 Governance reform, the WAC’s new strategic plan and the conference’s fiscal audit. The Bench marks for the WAC Strategic Plan were adopted.
  • The Las Cruces Forum held their monthly luncheon. We heard a presentation on the new adopted development strategy for the Las Cruces golf course project. The Anchor tenant in the development will be a new forty-bed hospital and primary care facility for patients with dementia. The business build up includes apartments and retail.
  • Met with AD Cabinet members ($10,000 level donors) over the weekend to steward relationships and to thank them for supporting my leadership of the Athletic Department.

Steve Macy, Assoc AD Marketing & Promotions

  • The NM State athletic department launched the “What Will They Do Next” campaign aimed at increasing men’s basketball attendance. The new program is aimed at increasing attendance, enhancing the atmosphere and providing a sense of fun at home men’s basketball games this season. “What Will They Do Next” will include all giveaways, halftime acts, special promotions, skits, and surprises during the season. Each game will have at least one “What Will They Do Next” element. This campaign has already generated national attention.
  • The New Mexico State athletic department announced several special mini ticket plans for the NM State men’s basketball season. Mini-plans are also available for the fan that just can’t make every game.  Mini plans are available in select seating areas in the lower bowl and all upper level seats.  Season tickets start at $50, while mini plans start at $15.


Associate Vice President University Communications, Maureen Howard

  • This week’s Sunday feature in the Las Cruces Sun-News focused on Manoj Shukla, NMSU professor of soil physics, who is conducting research on the use of highly saline water. Since 2013, he has been experimenting with water from the Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility in Alamogordo, researching the uses and impact of desalination in the environment, particularly if used in agriculture.
  • This week’s Eye on Research in the Las Cruces Sun-News highlighted Chemistry Professor Gary A. Eiceman’s $399,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for research to be conducted on “Chemical Orthogonality in Tandem Differential Mobility Spectrometry at Ambient Pressure.” The project is an extension of research that has spanned more than 33 years at NMSU and has included hundreds of students and contributors from New Mexico and around the world.
  • The Athletics Media Relations team covered five home athletic events this week, including the story of Hab Rubio becoming the first NM State man to win the WAC Individual Cross Country Championship.
  • KRWG received additional funding for Fronteras from the New Mexico Humanities Council. Fronteras is an ongoing collaboration among public radio stations across the Southwest featuring stories that deal with the complex nature of our border with Mexico.
  • Maureen Howard attended the annual meeting of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities. The theme this year was “Progress through Partnerships,” which included panel discussions on the value our universities provide to students and the public.


Assistant Vice President Government Relations, Ricardo Rel


Director/Secretary New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Jeff M. Witte

  • This week I attended and addressed the New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts’ (NMACD) annual meeting in Clovis. This was a great opportunity to meet with members who represent true conservation in some 47 local districts statewide. Staff also attended the NMACD annual conference in Clovis on November 5-6. Staff volunteered to assist with the Supervisor Certification training.
  • I also attended a reception and presentations as part of the High Desert Discovery District Innovation and Discovery Day in Agriculture and Food. As a member of the panel, we evaluated 12 proposals to be considered for venture capital funding.
  • EUSDA Student employeeStaff conducted four continuing education unit (CEU) workshops in Las Cruces, Hobbs, and Albuquerque. The workshops offered the opportunity for pesticide applicators to gather information regarding proposed certification and licensing rule changes, computer based testing, DriftWatch, and state and federal updates.
  • NMDA’s student employee, Caleb Gustin, has been selected to serve as the western region vice president on the National FFA Officer Team, for 2014-2015. Caleb is also an agricultural business and economics major at NMSU.





Chief, NMSU Police, Stephen Lopez

  • The Emergency Dispatch Center handled 350 telephone calls during the week, 216 police calls for service, and 27 fire and emergency medical calls.  19 of these calls were 911 calls, and the rest were non-emergency.  New call analytics being done by our dispatch supervisors shows that the busiest days of the week were Thursday (66 calls, 3 of which were 911), Friday (62 calls, 7 of which were 911), and Monday (59 calls, 3 of which were 911).
  • The Victim Services and Special Events Office was busy with Homecoming activities throughout the week, with 14 events coordinated (including the LCHS vs. MHS high school football game).  Advanced training was also completed by the Victim Services Coordinator and one of the criminal investigators to facilitate improved service delivery to victims.  This was put to use on Sunday when a report from two victims came in.  The Victim Services Coordinator was on scene and assisted the victims throughout much of the day.

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