Activity Report April 10 – April 16

Chancellor Garrey Carruthers

This year’s Founders Day celebration was a smashing success. This event continues to exceed our expectations.  We have a long and proud history with our ROTC and military science program. This was a wonderful opportunity to recognize those who serve our country. A special thank you to everyone who helped put this year’s event together as well as everyone in attendance. It’s the work you do each day that makes NMSU such an outstanding university.

Executive Vice President and Provost Dan Howard

Salon Discovery – On Thursday, three terrific talks were presented to a packed house at Yates Auditorium.  I congratulate the speakers—Dr. Jamie Bronstein, Dr. Huiping Cao, and Dr. Gaylene Fasenko—for sharing their enthusiasm for, and insights into, their fields of study.  Thanks to Dr. Tim Ketelaar for organizing these talks, which provide a glimpse into the fascinating scholarship of the faculty of NMSU.

CAMP Banquet – Later that evening, I had the honor attending the College Assistant Migrant Banquet, which recognizes graduating seniors.  As always, I found the banquet to be both moving and joyous as we celebrated the success of some of the hardest working students at NMSU.  Congratulations to Dr. Cynthia Bejarano and her staff for another successful year of guiding students and building one of the most cohesive communities at NMSU.

Founders Day Picnic – The week ended with the second Founders Day Picnic, which celebrated 100 years of ROTC.  The weather was glorious, the food was terrific, and the talks were marvelous.  Secretary of Veteran Affairs Jack Fox, gave an especially moving tribute to the many Aggies who have served their country in the armed forces through the years.  As he noted, Memorial Tower sends a powerful message that NMSU cares about their sacrifice.  For those of you who have not visited Memorial Tower, I join General Fox in encouraging you to do so.  No one can fail to be moved by the photos and stories of the Aggies who have given their all in serving their country and are memorialized in Memorial Tower.  Thanks to Roseanne Bensley and the Founders Day Organizing Committee.  The day was truly memorable.

College of Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Interim Dean Jim Libbin

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Student Recruitment – Drs. Stu Munson-McGee, Efren Delgado, and Esther Devall visited the University of Chihuahua April 12 to recruit undergraduate and graduate students into the Food Science and Technology major at NMSU. They met with the dean and faculty members in Chemistry and gave a presentation at the international graduate school fair.  In addition, they met with the dean and faculty members in Agriculture and Forestry Sciences in Delicias on April 13.

Extension Family and Consumer Sciences

  • National Health Outreach Conference – Dr. Sonja Koukel, Extension Health Specialist, gave a presentation on how health literacy impacts individual and public health. Koukel leads the national Health Literacy Action Team for the Cooperative Extension Service.  Cassandra Vanderpool, diabetes coordinator,  gave a presentation on a cooking school for people with diabetes in New Mexico.  Lourdes Olivas, nutrition program coordinator, gave a presentation on using promotoras to teach people with diabetes how to increase their physical activity and eat healthier.

School of Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management

  • On Thursday, April 14, the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management hosted a reception, silent auction, and dinner for members of the NMSU and Las Cruces community.  Distinguished guests included Chancellor Carruthers, New Mexico Secretary of Tourism, Rebecca Latham, Regent Jerean Hutchinson, and members of the HRTM Board of Advisors.  The reception included a ribbon cutting sponsored by the Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce Conquistadores celebrating HRTM rejoining the Chamber.  The silent auction and raffle raised over $3500 which will be used to offset expenses for HRTM students studying abroad in Florence, Italy and to endow the Chef Maurice and Laura Zeck Scholarship Fund.  The event was featured in the Las Cruces Sun News.

hotelExtension Plant Sciences

  • On April 13th Elizabeth Smith, Vineyard Weather Specialist in CES-PS,hosted 35 Texas Tech Architect students and 4 professors, to teach soil transport and studies. The intention was for the students to learn about how soil and dust moves in our southwest environment for their design of a theoretical “Dust Institute.” The visitors received hands on learning of instruments the New Mexico Climate Center uses to study dust and toured the second floor Skeen Hall soils lab.

College of Arts & Sciences, Interim Dean Enrico Pontelli

The College of Arts and Sciences held its Faculty-Staff Awards ceremony on April 14.  Various persons or groups were honored for their work.

Gary Eiceman (Chemistry & Biochemistry) gave an invited presentation and tutorial about ion mobility spectrometry at the Trace Explosives Workshop, the leading assembly of researchers in security based issues, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Cynthia Bejarano (Interdisciplinary Studies) met with colleagues at the American Education Research Association about a special journal collection on Latinos and postsecondary education.  Christopher Brown and the Bureau of Land Management developed an MOU for research by NMSU programs involving the new Organ Mountain-Desert Peaks National Monument. The Department of Criminal Justice’s student honorary society, Alpha Phi Sigma, won a number of awards including Star Chapter Award at the organization’s national conference in Denver.

Dr. Antonia Dominguez (Stanford) was a guest seminar speaker for the Biomedical Research Seminar Series.  Motoko Furuhashi (Art) gave a College of Arts and Science Global Connections presentation about “Art Practice in Japan: Cultural Roots and Aesthetics.”  Jamie Bronstein (History) and Huiping Cao (Computer Science) both gave presentations at Salon Discovery respectively entitled “Two Nations Indivisible: a History of American Inequality” and “The Five V’s of Big Data.”  The musical “The Drowsy Chaperone” opened at the ASNMSU Center for the Arts.  The Dona Ana Lyric Opera presented Handel’s “Xerxes.”

The College of Arts and Sciences Colloquium has had recent presentations by Professor Ellen McMahon, Department of Art, University of Arizona, about “How Climate Change Comes to Matter Through Art and Popular Culture;” Professor Jesse Aleman from UNM’s Department of English about “Days of the (Un)Dead: Vampires, Zombies, and Other Forms of Chicano/a Horror in Film;” and Dr. Laura Williams (NMSU Interdisciplinary Studies Department) about “Food Trucks, Race & Masculinity.”

College of Business, Dean James Hoffman

  • On Monday I met with the first candidate for a full professor position in the Marketing department. Interviews will continue next week.
  • The first of three candidates for the Engineering Dean position visited campus on Thursday. Along with the search committee that I am chairing, we interviewed the candidate, and I attended lunch with him and members of the Academic Deans Council.
  • On Friday attended the Founders Day picnic held on the Trader’s Plaza. In addition to commemorating our institute’s heritage, we joined celebrations across the country honoring the Army ROTC for its 100th
  • I met with faculty who regularly teach MBA core courses on Friday to discuss curriculum and assessment issues.
  • We hosted an ice cream social on Friday afternoon in recognition National Student Employee Appreciation Week. The National Student Employment Association designates one week each year to recognize student employees at universities and colleges across the nation.
  • The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at

College of Engineering, Interim Dean Steve Stochaj

aaronAaron Lindsay, Highest Honors graduating senior in chemical engineering, recently received a highly coveted National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Lindsay is one of four STEM undergraduates in the state and 31 chemical engineering undergraduates nationwide to receive the fellowship. As part of the application process, Lindsay independently developed a research proposal focused on solid polymer electrolytes for use in lithium anode batteries. The fellowship provides a $34,000 annual stipend in addition to a $12,000 cost of education allowance for tuition and fees over three years at the graduate school of the student’s choosing.

expertThe College of Engineering held its first spring Verge Fund Lecture featuring energy industry expert Phillip Harris speaking on “Key Convergences in the Global Electrical Industry.” Approximately 70 people attended the lecture on April 8. Industrial Engineering Department Head Edward Pines has hosted the Verge Fund Lecture Series in Innovation, Ventures and Entrepreneurship for 10 years.

The College of Engineering hosted two Soldering Workshops in the Aggie Innovation Space. Student mentors from the Aggie Innovation Space and college Safety Specialist Juanita Miller provided coaching during the hands-on workshop. Students learned the basics of soldering and received a Velleman Sound to Light Mini-Kit to build during the workshop that they could take home. Several students commented that they took “circuits” in college but this was “real.”

Ray Chen, department head of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, held a National Science Foundation CAREER workshop for seven faculty in the College of Engineering on April 7. With his experience as a National Science Foundation program director, he was able to present the faculty with information about the NSF program and the review process, as well as to answer questions.

engrCivil Engineering Assistant Professor Pei Xu received notification from New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute that her proposal entitled “Reducing Treatment Costs of Alternative Waters with Antifouling Ion-Exchange Members” will receive funding for $150k through the Cooperative Agreement Project between NMSU and the US Bureau of Reclamation. The two-year project will run from April 15, 2016 through April 14, 2018.

University Library, Dean Elizabeth Titus

Faculty and Staff Activities

  • Molly Molloy, Border & Latin American Studies Librarian, gave a talk titled “Homicides in Mexico 2007-Present: “Drug Wars” or Human Rights Disaster” to the New Mexico Public Health Association Conference on Tuesday, April 12.
  • John Sandstrom, Acquisitions Librarian, gave a talk for the El Paso Archeology Museum on the history of Navajo weaving at the opening of “Gift of the Spider Woman” on Thursday, April 14, and has been invited back to do another program in October or November on regional variations of Navajo weaving.
  • Martha Andrews, University Archivist, gave a speech during Founders Day on Friday, April 15, which honored the history of Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs), including NMSU alumni Kathleen Nova Kelly Titland.
  • Susan Bontly, Library Specialist Senior, gave a presentation along with Samar Khalil, Cynthia Gomez, and Tahani Mansour at the Graduate and Research Arts Symposium at NMSU on Friday, April 15. Their presentation was titled “Impact of Technology on Post-Secondary Classroom Culture: A Critical Literature Review.”

Searches for Positions Continue

The NMSU Library is currently conducting searches for Metadata Librarian, Government Documents Librarian and Head of Reference and Research Services. The Library selected David Irvin as Business Librarian and he will come onboard on August 15, 2016. Dean Titus also attended a lunch with a candidate for the College of Engineering on Thursday, April 12.

Common Read

Dean Titus and Theresa Westbrock, Reference and Instruction Coordinator, attended the Teaching Academy’s event “Transforming Lives Through the Common Read” on Friday, April 15. They worked in roundtable discussions with other members from within the campus community to investigate way in which to integrate common read into course work, course activities, and campus events.

Find out from The Source

Read the newest issue of the NMSU Library Magazine “The Source” with stories like the Dastardly Caper of the Dime Novels and find out which donor quoted this: “When the west was won, it was women along with men, who braved the perils of an unknown wilderness, who fought side by side with each other to reach their common goal.” PDF Version here:

Honors College, Dean Miriam Chaiken

Salon Discovery – Associate Dean Tim Ketelaar organized another Salon Discovery event that was well attended. The Salons are Tim’s brainchild and have become much-anticipated events that bring together very disparate and engaging members of the campus community. In the light of all of our grim discussions about budget cuts and desperate financial situations, it is pleasant to spend a little time engaged in an activity that reminds us what universities are supposed to be about – sharing ideas and learning from each other.

Honors Society Induction – the National Honors Society Phi Eta Sigma had their induction ceremony at the same time as Salon Discovery. We induced about 50 new freshmen into the organization, who represent our best and brightest in the freshman class.

New Crimson Scholar Coordinator – we were pleased to welcome Roman Gutierrez to our office as the new Coordinator for the Crimson Scholar program. Fortunately for all of us, Yvonne Peña Flores, who has held that post for many years, will overlap with Roman for a few weeks as he learns the ins and outs of the job.

Common Reading Workshop – together with Michael Jasek (Dean of Students) and David Smith (Director of Assessment), Miriam Chaiken helped with a workshop to introduce the Common Reading project. We had a great group, nearly 35 registrants for this Teaching Academy event, and the participants ranged from units all across the NMSU and DACC campuses. There is a great deal of enthusiasm about the possibilities for this program, which is modeled on successful programs from other campuses. The first selection for the reading will be Temple Grandin’s book, Thinking in Pictures.

Administration and Finance, Senior Vice President Angela Throneberry

  • Ray Silva is awarded the 4th quarter Asprey Award – The Asprey award recognizes the most outstanding ICT employee of the quarter.  Ray Silva, Lead Enterprise Data Architect, is known for his willingness to go above and beyond with any task assigned to him.  Ray’s primary focus is on his work as Administrator of Cognos, the Enterprise Reporting Tool for the University.  However, due to the restructure of the Enterprise Application Services department, Ray has taken on a broader role at ICT. His response to the increased workload is, “whatever is best for the team,” demonstrating his selflessness and leadership.
  • famFamily Interaction Day – The Fire Department participated in the Family Interaction Day at Myrna’s Children’s Village on April 14th.  The Fire Department showcased Fire Engine 301, with its firefighting and emergency medical equipment, to approximately 200 participants.  Our little Aggies and their families enjoyed a beautiful day as they participated in many fun and educational events.
  • March Madness – After a month of NCAA tournament wins, losses and upsets, the Corbett Center Student Union (CCSU) March Madness program has come to an end. Chris had the most accurate predictions for the entire tournament and won a Coca-Cola mini fridge courtesy of CCSU, Sodexo and Coca Cola!


  • Around the Aggie Lounge – While fans watched the Masters Golf Tournament, the Corbett Programming staff added to the fun with a friendly competition. Students had to guess the number of golf tees in a jar.  Out of 157 participants, Jordan and Alex were the lucky winners with the same guess of 345 – the actual count was 346.
  • Aggies Against Violence Week – There are tables set up on the 1st floor of CCSU with t-shirts and markers. Guests are welcome to stop by and design a shirt depicting what Aggies Against Violence means to them. On April 25, these shirts will be displayed at various location across campus beginning on April 25th, including the first floor of CCSU and the Aggie Lounge.
  • National Poetry Month – The Corbett Programming staff has organized a “Poet Tree” board to display student’s poetry. The bulletin board is located on the 2nd floor, of CCSU, and submissions can be delivered to the Information Desk staff.

Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, Vice President Bernadette Montoya

  • Aggie Welcome – The Aggie Welcome & Orientation Office (AWO) attended the Region 3 conference for the National Orientation Director’s Association on April 1-3rd in Ogden, Utah at Weber State University. The AWO Office was responsible for helping in the facilitation of this conference as NMSU held a position on the planning committee for our Region including: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The AWO Office took three current Orientation Leaders: Jennifer Hughes, Tatiana Williams, and Traci Escajeda. For further information on the conference experience of the leaders:
    aggie welcome

    Aggie Welcome & Orientation Staff that attended the Region III Conference.

  • Transforming NMSU into the 21st Century – Bernadette Montoya, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, held two listening sessions on April 13 and April 14. One hundred fifty seven SAEM staff members attended the sessions. Dr. Montoya addressed questions, concerns and recommendations staff had in regards to the transformation and the current budget status of the University. Staff had different outlets of communicate during the sessions anonymously online or by index card.
Staff from SAEM at the Listening Session presented by Dr. Bernadette Montoya.

Staff from SAEM at the Listening Session presented by Dr. Bernadette Montoya.

  • Financial Literacy Fair – NMSU, in partnership with Wells Fargo, hosted the 2016 Financial Literacy Fair on Wednesday, April 13.  Approximately 250 students participated in the fair, which drew 17 local vendors. The fair provides students and guests with information about budgeting, credit, identity theft prevention, investing, saving, student loans, and financial aid.
  • minervsaUndergraduate Admissions – Minerva Galaz with the Undergraduate Admissions Office was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation. NMSU’s College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) hosted the attended banquet. The award was presented to Minerva for her valuable and continued support to the program.


Vice President for Economic Development, Vice President Kevin Boberg

  • Entrepreneur Encounters – On Monday, Arrowhead Center hosted NMSU alum, Regent and entrepreneur Jerean Hutchinson as this month’s featured speaker. Hutchinson shared insights about her experiences in business and owner of La Posta de Mesilla.  The event was well attended and featured a question and answer session between Ms. Hutchinson, and NMSU aspiring entrepreneurs.  A webcast of the event can be viewed by clicking here.
  • Dare to Be an Entrepreneur – Arrowhead’s Griselda Martinez and Jorge Ramos returned to Mexico City last week with the Dare to Be an Entrepreneur teams that visited NMSU. Martinez and Mr. Ramos spent the week training entrepreneurship mentors in best practices for student entrepreneurship development.
  • NM Tech Inventors & Entrepreneurship Panel – Kathy Hansen, director and CEO of Arrowhead Center, participated as a panelist at the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Workshop, held at New Mexico Tech on April 15 and 16, 2016. The topic of Ms. Hansen’s panel was “Licensing to New Ventures.” Arrowhead Center is committed to working with NM Tech as they develop student and community entrepreneurship, with the overall aim of developing a state-wide network for entrepreneurship.
  • Studio G Design Hours – On Wednesday, Studio G hosted its weekly Networking Hour. This week’s topic focused on market research strategies. Kramer Winingham gave his presentation on Market Research to more than 20 aspiring student entrepreneurs.  Studio G Networking Hour provides the opportunity for students to meet other students how are interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses.

Vice President for Research, Vice President Vimal Chaitanya

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Support to Vanilla Aircraft LLC – NMSU/PSL’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Test Center (UAS FTC) provided the Vanilla Aircraft LLC team with flight testing, operations expertise, and crew support to successfully conduct a 25.1 hour flight endurance test of a 36-foot wingspan UAS, the Vanilla Aircraft VA001 Medium Altitude and Long Endurance Unmanned Aircraft on 04 April. This test was a successful expansion of their flight test envelope toward achieving their goal of 10 days of flight.

WRRI/BoR funding for Three Engineering faculty – NM WRRI announced three faculty grant awards associated with the Bureau of Reclamation/New Mexico State University Cooperative Agreement. Dr. Catherine Brewer, Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering, received funding for a one-year project entitled, Biochar for Desalination Concentrate Management. Another faculty member from the Chemical & Materials Engineering Department, Dr. Reza Foudazi, received funding for a two-year project entitled, In-situ synthesis of antibacterial ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes with controllable pore size. Also receiving funding through the agreement is Dr. Pei Xu of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering for a two-year project, Reducing treatment costs of alternative waters with antifouling ion-exchange membranes. Congratulations to these NMSU researchers.

Statewide Water Assessment (SWA) Steering Committee – The NM WRRI hosted the Statewide Water Assessment (SWA) Steering Committee and Work Groups where project updates were given and a strategic work plan for the next fiscal year was developed. The SWA is supported by the NM Governor with funding provided by the NM Legislature and the Office of the NM Attorney General. The SWA is an effort to provide new, dynamic, spatially representative assessments of water budgets for NM with cutting edge improvements for evapotranspiration (ET), crop consumptive use, groundwater recharge, and brackish water. Researchers from NMSU, New Mexico Tech, University of New Mexico, US Geological Survey, NM Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, Petroleum Recovery Research Center, Office of the State Engineer, Sandia Laboratories, and Tetra Tech Inc. are participating in the SWA coordinated by NM WRRI.

Increased Research Collaboration Opportunities with U of A, Tucson and ASU, Phoenix – In order to better define areas of immediate and long term collaboration, Vimal Chaitanya visited University of Arizona (U of A) and met with Dr. Kimberly Espy, VPR and Dr. Michael Proctor, VP for Global Initiatives. Various initiatives were discussed including border consortium around the theme of manufacturing, public health, energy etc. A major border consortium involving UCSD, UA, NMSU and UTEP was discussed and specific discussions with other partners are being planned. Also, discussed was the creation of a Global Institute of Alternative Therapy at U of A campus to which NMSU would be invited to contribute to. With ASU, the collaboration discussions revolved around sustainability initiatives including global security, cybersecurity and smart grid.

Lewis Burke Associates Campus Visitation – Team of Lewis Burke employees consisting of Michael Ledford, Laura Uttley, Kari McCarron and Paula Trimble visited the NMSU campus for a day and a half. The visitors spent time at the Colleges of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Health and Social services, Education and Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. The Colleges had the opportunity to articulate their vision for research and ask how and what LBA can contribute to in building that vision. In addition they met with PSL, the Offices of VPR, Government Relations, Arrowhead Center and the President and the Executive Vice President.

University Advancement, Vice President/Foundation Executive Director Andrea Tawney

Foundation Gift – The Stocker Foundation made a $20,000 gift to the Methods in Learning Kinesthetically (MILK) program in the Department of Kinesiology and Dance (College of Education).
Corporations Gift – Sandia National Laboratories/Lockheed Martin made a $5,000 gift to the Young Women in Computing program in the Department of Computer Science (College of Arts & Sciences); and a $2,500 gift to the 2016 Domenici Conference.
The Big Event – More than 200 students dedicated their Saturday morning on April 9 to write more than 2,000 personal thank you notes to NMSU donors during The Big Event 2016. As part of University Advancement’s participation in the annual event, these student hand-written messages emphasized to a donor the significant impact of their gift.image003

Wells Fargo Gift – Wells Fargo is funding several programs across NMSU with a $50,750 gift. The money will support the College of Business Hall of Fame Banquet; Red to Green Money Management Program; Business Advisory Council; Scholarship Luncheon; Innoventure Competition at Arrowhead and the President’s Associates Scholarship.
Estate Gift – A husband and wife, each with Aggie degrees, and both 1888 Society members, will give a planned gift of $5,000 to support an existing endowed fund in a department of ACES.
Calling Program – Ten members of the Campaign Steering Committee have initiated a calling program to re-engage NMSU alumni with the university.  The personal contact by these committed volunteers has been well received.

Athletics, Director Mario Moccia

  • Had a meeting with Chris Lahey, General Manager of New Mexico State Sports Properties and Jim Buckle, Manager of Video and Television Media at Learfield on a comprehensive plan for television going into the 2016/17 year. Discussion included the number of live televised events, specifically in football and men’s basketball, as well as a discussion with Aggie Vision on specialty shows and the ability to televise road games.
  • Met with community member Jon Roberts to discuss a Parkinson’s awareness event at an Aggie baseball game. We selected Friday, April 29th as the day for this event as April is Parkinson’s Awareness month.
  • Student-athletes conducted our first Aggie Athletic Club (AAC) Thank-a-Thon last Monday and Tuesday. Student-athletes called to thank AAC donors for their support. The event was very well received.
  • Attended the Crimson and White Society Scholar Banquet held at the NM State Golf Course last Wednesday. Over 125 student-athletes with cumulative GPA’s of 3.5 or higher were recognized.
  • On Saturday afternoon, Football Head Coach Doug Martin and I held a press conference to announce our partnership with Under Armour as our new footwear and apparel provider. The five year deal will begin on July 1, 2016. The announcement proceeded our annual football.


  • I attended the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico 2016 Gala-007 James Bond event as a guest of board member Ammu Devasthali. It was a great opportunity to meet people outside of the university community.

International and Border Program, Associate Provost Cornell Menking

In collaboration with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV’s), Dr. Menking participated in the visit of the National Peace Corps Director, Ms. Carrie Hessler-Radelet.  Meetings with the President and Provost, RPCV’s, and students studying in NMSU’s Peace Corps Fellows and Masters International programs were held, and a closing reception attended by RPCV’s from around the region and university officials was held in the Bobby Lee Lawrence Academy of Wine.

On Saturday, April 16, two full busloads of NMSU international and domestic students, and NMSU faculty and staff, travelled to the Trinity site for a special private visit to that site.  Visitors included a number of Japanese students.

On April 18 Michael Schmelzle, the new Director of International Student and Scholar Services, began his employment at NMSU.

University Communications, Associate Vice President Maureen Howard

News – University Communications coordinated a campus visit from KFOX/KDBC on Wednesday, April 13, when they produced a segment called “Pay It Forward.” Host Sandra Diaz and sponsor Michael Gopin spent about an hour at Corbett Center presenting $25 gift cards to students at random and talking to them about the concept of “Pay it Forward.” Bryce Smith, ASNMSU Director of Governmental Affairs, was interviewed for the segment, which is scheduled to air in late May.

KRWG – A special “Issues and Answers” program entitled “The College Votewas hosted by Simon Thompson this week and included student representatives from the NMSU College Democrats, College Republicans and Young Americans for Liberty. The program will be rebroadcast Saturday and Sunday, April 23 and 24. Also this week the KRWG Patron Board held its quarterly meeting.

Sports Information – Athletic Media Relations hosted a news conference announcing Under Armour as the new athletic footwear and apparel partner for NM State Athletics, provided support for the men’s basketball coach search, covered the Aggies participation in the NCEA Championships and staffed the Aggies drive for WAC titles in softball and baseball.

Web Communications – This week we are excited to announce the release of the new Photo Archive.  New features include an advanced search that allow users to filter photo results by categories such as portraits or campus landscapes.

New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Director/Secretary Jeff M. Witte

  • Staff participated in Sierra County Ag Day. They utilized the giant cheeseburger and 2014 Ag Stats to talk with local elementary school students about New Mexico agriculture.
  • Met with the Secretary of the New Mexico Tourism Department to discuss New Mexico products and opportunities to help New Mexico producers.
  • NMDA celebrated student appreciation week, honoring our student employees with a hotdog lunch, a speech, and games.

NMSU Police, Chief Stephen Lopez

  • Police Activity – There were 45 police reports created, 22 supplements filed, and 89 traffic citations issued.   The Records & Evidence Office processed 31 items of evidence entered into the vault, 21 people were fingerprinted, and 14 background investigations were conducted.
  • Emergency Dispatch Center – Emergency Dispatch Center handled 312 calls for service (6 of which were 911 calls) resulting in 288 police calls (26 of which were agency assist) and 1 warrant entry.  There were 18 fire calls (8 of which were mutual aid), 2 emergency medical calls, 3 stand by, and 1 natural gas odor.  There were also 3 animal control calls.
  • National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week – This week was National Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week and the Department held several celebrations throughout the week to show appreciation for our dispatchers.  This week recognizes the efforts made by emergency services dispatchers to help the public by answering 911 calls, dispatching police, fire, and medical personnel, and being there for people who come into the lobby at all hours of the day and night in need of help.  A special thank you to the NMSU Fire Department who provided lunch for our dispatchers and staff on Tuesday.
  • Founder’s Day Celebration – The NMSU Police Department provided an officer and an explosive detection canine to assist with security at the 2nd Annual Founder’s Day Event which took place at Trader’s Plaza on April 15th in conjunction with the 100 Year Anniversary of ROTC.  Everything went well with no incidents to report.

New Mexico State University-Doña Ana, President Renay Scott

Doyle Awarded by Cisco – NMSU Doña Ana instructor Robert Doyle was awarded the 2015 Cisco Certified Network Associate Instructor Curriculum Specialist Award for the United States and Canada.  This award is given annually to nine instructors world-wide.  Doyle was selected because he demonstrated excellence in online instructor communities, the number of professional development opportunities he completed, attention to student needs, and his student’s performance. In addition Robert also received an Instructor Excellence Expert Award for 2015. This award recognizes the top 10 percent of Cisco Certified Academy Instructors in the world. Doyle is an instructor in computer and information technology.


Aesop Finishes Successful Run – The NMSU Doña Ana theatre production of Aesop in Rancho Cucamunga wrapped up a successful run of 6 performances with a matinee on Saturday at 2 pm. The play was written by Luis Alfaro and was a modern day telling of Aesop’s fables.

Family Fun Day – Families from throughout Doña Ana County enjoyed bubbles, games, performances, hobbies, displays and storytellers at the inaugural Family Fund Day. The Cultural Diversity Committee of Faculty Council hosted the celebration.

New Mexico State University-Alamogordo, President Ken Van Winkle

NMSU-A PTK Induction –  On Friday, April 15, NMSU-A’s Alpha Nu Beta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa held their induction ceremony. The students that received invitation letters attended an orientation and then were inducted into the honor society at a ceremony at the Tays Center.  These students will now attend the meetings, represent the honor society and be eligible for scholarships. 

NMSU-A Supports Holloman AFB’s Military Child Fair – On Saturday, April 16, members of NMSU-A Student Services attended the Holloman Air Force Base Military Child Fair held on base.  April is officially the Month of the Military Child.  This event is held on base to celebrate all the military children at Holloman and the surrounding area.  This year NMSU-A was a sponsor of the event and attended the event to pass out information on NMSU-A programs and registration information.

New Mexico State University -Carlsbad, President John Gratton

  • The NMSU Carlsbad campus held its monthly Town Hall meeting on Monday, April 11. All faculty and staff were invited to attend as information was shared with campus constituencies related to construction projects, safety initiatives, legislative issues, and budget stipulations.
  • On Tuesday, April 12, President John Gratton attended the monthly UAC meetings held on the NMSU campus. Multiple policy revision were presented for first reading to the attendees and during the following President’s meetings reports were received from the dual-credit task force and from other system-wide initiatives.
  • On Thursday, April 14, President Gratton, Andrew Nwanne, and Bill Finley traveled to Chicago in order to attend the annual HLC Conference. The three individuals attended peer evaluator update trainings on Friday, April 15 and they were joined by Shelley DeBlasis and Yaxi Zhao who traveled to Chicago on Friday. All five of the NMSU Carlsbad representatives will attend multiple sessions at the conference before returning to Carlsbad next week.

New Mexico State University – Grants, Interim President Harry Sheski

Meeting with the College of Education – Dr. Sheski, Interim NMSU Grants President, and Kati O’Connor, NMSU Grants  Program Manager, met with Associate Dean of Education, Dr. Enedina Garcia Vazquez on Monday, April 11 to discuss the expansion of online education programs for the Cibola County community.  Prospective students and current teachers are interested in furthering their education by taking online education courses, enrolling in online graduate programs as well as strengthening their content knowledge by taking online upper division content courses.  The Grants Cibola County school district is in need of educational assistants and teachers in all areas specifically Mathematics, Science, and Special Education.

Talent Show – The 2nd Annual NMSU Grants “Gown to Town” Talent Show was held April 15 2016.  Sascha Larrabee, Transfer Advisor, who served as the Master of Ceremony also produced the show. Talent came from community members as well as from our own students, faculty, and staff.  The show began with a performance by the NMSU Grants Master Choral class singing Gloria in D Major conducted by Rachel Stokowski.  There were many talented acts including Rachelle Basin(Natural Science Faculty) who swung her poi, Gene Romero (Art faculty member) who danced with Connie Lyons, math instructor and Brian Johnson, Advisor, who serenading the audience with his guitar. Young Stephanie Ramone, daughter of NMSU Grants student Lita Jose, sang Skinny Love and student Tara Hogue signed the song “Guilty.”

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