Activity Report April 17 – April 23

Chancellor Garrey Carruthers

  • I met with Carrie Hessler-Radalet, Director of the Peace Corps, who was in town visiting with former Peace Corps members and those who sponsor and/or work in international program areas. A delightful person whose enthusiasm for the Peace Corps is infectious.  I did not realize that the Peace Corps receives far more applications than they have positions, a mark of achievement for a program that was established in 1961.
  • Our immediate office is now involved in the 21st Century NMSU restructuring self-evaluation.
    Audit Services, Police, Regent’s Office, NMDA, Athletics, University Communications, Real Estate, and Government Affairs executives were provided training and guidelines with an expected quick turnaround as most of these units are relatively small.
  • I attended the Salon Discovery Talks and was very impressed with the presentations, diversity of subjects, and attendance by students. The subjects were history of poverty and missed policy opportunities, big data, and companion dogs.  You should pencil in attendance as you will learn, as I did, more about exciting research and creative activities on the campus.
  • I testified before the Legislative Finance Committee regarding Restructuring NMSU into a 21st Century University. Interest was high, questions were mostly on target and good, and the Chair summarized with a comment that all Universities should be doing the same as the State’s economic conditions are not projected to be much, if any better, next year.  The subject of having too many Universities came up and I suggested that they may wish to look at Texas, where there are a number of systems like UT, Texas Tech, and Texas A & M.  I don’t know if this would save money in New Mexico but it may be worth a look.  Anyone out there from Texas have any information as to why these systems were formed?
  • Founders Day was another outstanding success, thanks to the good work of the Employee Council and Army ROTC. Over 2200 folks joined the luncheon.  General Fox, an NMSU graduate and now Secretary of Veteran Affairs, gave an outstanding presentation on the history, dedication, and sacrifices of our Aggies who served in all branches of the military.
  • I attended the annual meeting of the University Research Associates (URA), where I serve as Chair of the Budget and Audit committee. The URA has over 80 research university members, including some outstanding foreign schools.  The Chair of URA is Lou Anna Simon, President of Michigan State University.  The Presidents of Yale, Penn State, and Colorado State also serve on the Board with me.  URA is a partner with the University of Chicago in operating the Fermi Laboratory, a world class accelerator/physics research center.  Some NMSU faculty members are affiliated with the Fermi Lab.  (I should have taken more physics before I joined this group?)
  • The Foundation Board, International Alumni Board, and the President’s Associates Board all met together for the first time in anyone’s memory. There was plenty of energy in the room and lots of good vibes about being Aggies.  I also attended the President’s Associates Gala at NMSU Dona Ana.  It was an outstanding and well attended event, directed to raising funds for PA scholarships.  Kathy and I joined two fall 2016 PA scholars and their parents for dinner.  These students are really sharp. One is from Las Cruces, the other from Carlsbad.  Andrea and her team had a fabulous week!
  • The Employee Council Forum on the budget was viewed by 488 folks on line and over 150 in attendance at the Yates Auditorium. We will continue to turn to the Employee Council to sponsor these forums as we work our way through the restructuring process and budget reductions.

Executive Vice President and Provost Dan Howard

Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference – The HLC Annual Conference in Chicago attracted more than 4,000 participants, who gathered to share best practices in learning assessment, shared governance, federal compliance, and many other matters.  One of the best-attended sessions dealt with faculty credentialing.  In this session, presenters from HLC noted that the rules on faculty credentialing—the need for a degree above the degree level at which one is teaching (with the exception of teaching in terminal degree programs), and the need for 18 graduate credits in a discipline if one is teaching outside the discipline in which one has a graduate degree—are not new.  What is new over the course of the past year is an increased focus by HLC on enforcing these rules.  One of the points made at the session is that HLC and peer reviewers would continue to allow occasional exceptions to this rule if institutions had well-developed and defensible policies with regard to competency based exceptions.

Western Academic Leadership Forum Annual Meeting – From Chicago, I traveled to Missoula, Montana, to attend the annual meeting of the Western Academic Leadership Forum, a group composed largely of chief academic officers of institutions of higher education located in western states.  At the meeting, I was part of a panel that discussed the Affordable Care Act and its impact on higher education.  My comments focused on Student Health Insurance Plans and the changes made at NMSU in order to comply with IRS rules.  Later in the conference, I participated in a panel of Provosts who discussed ways to build community among the faculty.  In my presentation, I focused on the importance of first impressions when a new faculty member joins a department.  Among the best practices in helping a new faculty member feel welcome: make sure the office is ready with all office furniture, a working telephone, and a computer in place.  If a faculty member has laboratory space, make sure the space has been renovated appropriately and that some essential laboratory equipment is available.  Finally, the department head should set time aside to counsel the new faculty member and to organize a welcome within the department.  First impressions matter, and attention to small acts of caring can make all the difference in whether a faculty member feels valued in his/her new home.

College of Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Interim Dean Jim Libbin

Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Sciences

  • Thinking outside the lab, Dr. Scott Bundy, Professor in EPPWS, took his Tropical Insect Ecology class (EPWS 451/551) to Belize. The purpose of the class was to study the biology and diversity of arthropods (insects, spiders, etc.) in various habitats in Belize.  The students gained valuable experience on how to observe insect behavior how to effectively use a variety of collecting techniques to document diversity and evaluate insects in tropical environment. They explored tropical rainforests, caves, rivers, and many other habitats throughout Belize.  The students also were able to gain an appreciation of the rich culture and history of the Maya and Belizeans. You will be able to view some of their learning adventures by going to the link

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Food Science Field Trip – Dr. Efren Delgado and Dr. Ginger Scarbrough, Food Science and Technology faculty, arranged for their students enrolled in FSTE 263G: Food Science 1 to tour the Leyendecker Plant Science Center and the New Mexico Shrimp Company (see attached photo).  Students learned about innovative new products using glandless cottonseed to increase the profitability of the cotton plant, including growing shrimp fed on cottonseed meal.  In their next lab class, students made extruded puffed snacks using cottonseed meal.

Extension Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Money Smart Week – Dr. Bryce Jorgensen, Extension Family Resource Management Specialist, and Karim Martinez, Director of Dona Ana County Extension, organized several activities and presentations during Money Smart Week.  Created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 2002, Money Smart Week is a public awareness campaign designed to help consumers at all income levels better manage their personal finances.  They are featured accepting the proclamation for Money Smart Week with the City of Las Cruces.


College of Arts & Sciences, Interim Dean Enrico Pontelli

Elizabeth Netto Calil Zarur (Art) gave the final presentation in the Spring 2016 College of Arts and Sciences Colloquium Series on April 18 about “Sacred Art Objects in Cultural Contexts: European and African Influences in Brazilian Religious Rituals.”

Lauren Berlant (Department of English, University of Chicago) will speak on April 29 about “On Being in Life Without Wanting the World.…Biopower, Dissociation and Ellipsis” in the La Sociedad para Las Artes lecture series.

Nancy Chanover (Astronomy) received $31,946 from NASA.  Kenneth Hammond (History) received $2,000 from the China and Inner Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies and the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation to visit Japan for research on early modern urban cartography.  His article “Shared Heritage, Different Paths: Wang Shizhen and Wang Shimao” has been published by Ming Qing Yanjiu at the Oriental Institute of the University of Naples.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Department and the Women Studies Program presented the inaugural Feminist Borderlands Film Festival on April 18.  The festival featured short films by student and professional filmmakers, domestic and international, that address gender roles and identity, sexuality, race, class, transnationality, dis/ability, and other categories of identity and difference.

Three amazing Anthropology undergraduates have been awarded the Cheryl L. Wase Memorial Scholarship for the Study of Archaeology by the Society for American Archaeology. The students are Kayla Brown, Keighley Hastings, and Kailey Martinez.

Twenty-two of the 26 departments in the College of Arts and Sciences have completed the Goals/Objectives, Outcomes, Rubrics, and Measures (including Targets) for their 2016-2017 Outcomes Assessment. The 4 remaining departments are updating their “measures” and “rubrics.” All of the departments are currently collecting data for their assessments or collecting it during the last two weeks of the academic year. We are on track to have 100% compliance among all departments with all of the departments evaluating students’ writing abilities for the second year.

College of Business, Dean James Hoffman

  • Interviews continued this week for a full professor position in the Marketing department. We hope to have an offer to one of the finalists shortly.
  • Business Advisory Council member, Bobby Lutz, spoke to my Seminar in Entrepreneurship class on Monday. It was an excellent opportunity for him to share his business experience with the students.
  • On Tuesday I attended the Southern New Mexico Health-Tech Cluster roundtable hosted by Arrowhead Center, the Vice President for Economic Development at NMSU and the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Congratulations to Emeritus Professor Pookie Sautter, who received the Lifetime Contribution Award at the 40th Annual Marketing Educators’ Conference. This was only the seventh recipient of the award in 40 years. She was nominated by PhD alumnae Sarah Fischbach and Jennifer Zarzosa. Two other PhD alumnae Frank Bryant and Sarita Chaudhury were in attendance at the conference.
  • The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at

College of Education, Dean Donald Pope-Davis

Over the past two weeks, the STEM Outreach Center has planned and facilitated 4 outreach activities for middle schools in our area. Over 100 students from Camino, Mesa, Sierra, Lynn and Hatch Middle Schools explored robotics and 3D technology through these events.

College of Engineering, Interim Dean Steve Stochaj

engrElectrical and Computer Engineering Department Head Satish Ranade recently held a board meeting of the Electrical Utility Management Program board. Joining the group were five of six first graduates from EUMP in 1969. Arnie Schwalb, Larry Day, Harold Shearer, Raymond Shoults and Paul Charles, all of whom went on to assume leadership roles in the power industry, shared their stories and gratitude to Emeritus Professor William Kersting who originated the EUMP program. Les Daviet could not attend. Ranade, the current director of EUMP said these inaugural alums have paid back their fellowships many times over.

Two industrial engineering undergraduates have been selected to participate in the US Department of Agriculture summer research program “I-Discover” at their laboratories in Beltsville, Maryland. Paulina Orozco Barraza and Maria A. Gonzalez Olivas will participate in research through the program focused on advanced teaching laboratory courses of science and engineering to solve critical research problems in the areas of clean water, food safety, and sustainable energy and agriculture systems.

saharThe NMSU Graduate Council Fellowship selection committee has awarded Sahar Qavi a Preparing Future Faculty Graduate Assistantship for academic year 2016-2017. This is one of the highest merit awards of the graduate school.  Qavi is the fourth consecutive Chemical and Materials Engineering graduate student to receive this award.

Student mentors in the Aggie Innovation Space held a sell-out microcontroller workshop, helping students learn the basics of electronics circuitry and C/C++ programming through Arduino. Attendees designed circuits and programmed microcontrollers based off of real-world applications, as well as how to interface between the environment and computers.

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department recently held an Industrial Advisory Committee meeting. Industry representatives had the opportunity to meet new Department Head Ray Chen who shared the current state of the department and his future expectations. They also met with students and faculty members.

College of Health and Social Services, Dean Donna Wagner

School of Nursing

  • Evangelina Ramirez, College Assistant Professor, travelled to the Grants, NM campus last week to lead nursing students during community clinical work. Aggie nurses on the move!

aggie nurses

  • Two nursing clinical groups led by nursing faculty members Liz Kuchler, Randee Greenwald & Teresa Leon, attended the NM Public Health Association Conference at the LC Convention Center on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

School of Social Work

  • The School of Social Work is working with IQ Solutions Inc. in Bethesda, Maryland in efforts to refer social work students for part-time employment. Students are trained as information specialists who answer calls on a national hotline and provide callers with information regarding substance use and abuse. This is a pilot program and NMSU social work students will be the first in the nation to be trained and supervised by IQ Solutions to handle the calls.

Department of Public Health

  • Joe Gladstone, Associate Professor, and colleagues have recently completed their 400-page edited book titled, “American Indian Business: A Reader.” The book will be published by University of Washington Press in 2017. In addition to serving as co-editor, Joe contributed a chapter discussing tribal health program management, “Coyote Learns to Manage a Health Program”.

University Library, Dean Elizabeth Titus

2016 NMSU Library Awards

On Thursday, April 21, the NMSU Library held their 2016 Awards Ceremony. It celebrated years of service awards, the team award, the bonus awards, and for the first time, the recipients of the Elizabeth McKenney Titus NMSU Library Student Employee Scholarship.

Honors College, Dean Miriam Chaiken

Registration for Fall Classes – All of our current students were busy organizing their schedules for the fall, and on Thursday and Friday we participated in the first two Aggie Welcome Orientation events. The format is different this year, with two half hour sessions each day for prospective students, and a separate session for parents later in the afternoon. At each AWO event the participants learn about what resources the Honors College can offer to our students, and they received information to share with their advisors about possible Honors courses for their fall schedule of classes.  We had a good turnout on Thursday with transfer students, and the two Friday sessions with incoming freshmen were jam packed with some students standing. We’ll use this information to ensure the next AWO event is ready for the volume of interest.

URCAS Publicity – Next week we will hold our annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium, with more than 100 of NMSU’s best and brightest undergrads presenting their own scholarship. Kristie Garcia of U Communications kindly assisted us in preparing an “Eye on Research” video that discusses the upcoming URCAS – check out the video: We hope you will join us next Friday morning (8:30-1:30) in Corbett Center to learn more about the amazing productivity of our undergraduate Aggies.

Visit to the Arrowhead Early College High School – on Friday Dean Chaiken spent the morning at the AECHS and met with several classes of high school juniors. These students are able to take some of their classes at the university and/or DACC, and we discussed opportunities in the Honors College, and why they might want to begin taking Honors courses before they matriculate as freshmen. The students asked great questions and were excited about their prospective college careers. We are grateful to Josh Silver, former NMSU PA Scholar and AECHS Dean of Students for arranging for this important event.

Thesis Defense – Dean Chaiken participated in one more thesis defense, for a fascinating project completed by Megan Stamey McAlwain (Anthropology). Under the supervision of her thesis chair, Dr. Mary Alice Scott, Megan conducted original research on the training and preparation that medical residents who specialize in family medicine receive concerning end of life care. She conducted numerous interviews with the residents at each phase of their training, and logged many hours of participant observation as they did their work. The important lesson derived from her study is the need to improved training for the residents, so they are better prepared and more comfortable discussing end of life care issues. Additionally there were clearly ramifications for how we as a society deal with these issues in our own lives and those of our family and loved ones. The results of her work will be shared with the staff of Memorial Medical Center in subsequent presentations, and two of the lead physicians in charge of the family medical residency program attended Megan’s defense and were very interested in her results. She graduates this summer and will begin doctoral studies at U of Connecticut in the fall.

Administration and Finance, Senior Vice President Angela Throneberry

  • logoNMSU takes 3rd in RecycleMania – With a recycling rate of 81 percent, New Mexico State University Facilities & Services takes 3rd in the Grand Champion division, which includes 208 colleges and universities. RecycleMania is the nation’s premier waste reduction and recycling competition among colleges and universities, managed by Keep America Beautiful.
  • New Student Orientation – NMSU was host to over 200 new students at this year’s New Student Orientation held inside Corbett Center on April 21 and 22.  During orientation, students met with peers, faculty, and staff from various departments to become acquainted with the university. ICT’s Student Technology & Planning group provided information on the various computer labs, software, and technology services that are available to help students succeed.
  • trivizResearch Collaboration – Facilities and Services participated in a collaborative effort which provided support to Dr. Leinauer at the turf grass test plots located on Triviz Drive. The team consisted of Grounds personnel, Golf Course Maintenance personnel, and four Research personnel.  This team installed 17,000 square feet of Princess 77 Bermuda turf at the facility that will be used as test plots for future research.
  • Special Events/Social Media – A crowd of over 10,000 enjoyed the Carrie Underwood concert which contributed to a reach of 210,729 on The PanAm Center Facebook page.
  • Faculty Staff Golf Season – The Tuesday, April 19, the Faculty Staff Golf season has begun and participation continues to grow. For information on joining the league, go to
  • “A” Mountain Award – fredCongratulations to Fred Madrid who received the “A” Mountain Award at Founder’s Day on Friday, April 15, 2016.  He was nominated by the staff in Military and Veterans Program for the support he provides to NMSU veteran students.  His positive attitude and problem solving skills coupled with his experience as an Army Veteran make him a valuable resource for our students.
  • Striving for EfficiencycustodialThe Custodial shop has been researching new methods to help improve efficiencies. This week, they rolled out their new custodial carts which are configured to support our Green Cleaning program.  The carts are customized with the necessary supplies reducing the need to frequently restock.  They are being utilized in Corbett Center and the team is developing an implementation plan for the remaining facilities.


  • OASIS Student Club Hosts Earth Day Fair – The Office of Sustainability and OASIS Student Club hosted the Earth Day Fair again this year. They had live music, 35 educational and vendor booths, two food trucks and a wonderful turnout from the community and NMSU students. Thanks go to Auxiliary Services, Student Activities, Facilities and Services, the Police Department, and all the NMSU student volunteers and members of the Organization of Aggie Students Inspiring Sustainability.  They all worked tirelessly to make it another great Earth Day celebration.
  • NMSU INSIDER on Snapchat – Auxiliary Services launched the NMSU INSIDER Snapchat, an image messaging application software, last week already has well over 100 friends.

Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, Vice President Bernadette Montoya

  • Aggie Welcome – The Aggie Welcome & Orientation Office on Thursday, April 21, 2016, welcomed 45 new Transfer students and 10 family members. On Friday, April 22, 2016, we welcomed 277 new incoming freshmen students and 145 family members. All new incoming students were welcomed and guided by 28 Orientation Leaders that widely represent different regional areas and different Academic Colleges.
Michael Jasek, Dean of Students, addresses incoming freshmen.

Michael Jasek, Dean of Students, addresses incoming freshmen.

Our incoming new freshmen represented the following areas:

Aggie Welcome and Orientation Leaders excited to welcome students to campus.

Aggie Welcome and Orientation Leaders excited to welcome students to campus.

  • 6 from Arizona
  • 2 from Colorado
  • 1 from California
  • 1 from Minnesota
  • 243 from New Mexico
  • 1 from Nevada
  • 35 from Texas
  • 2 from Washington
  • 42 from Arrowhead Early College High School
  • 30 from El Paso
  • 12 from ABQ


  • AggieTHON – The Orientation Leaders, in the Aggie Welcome & Orientation Office, not only welcome new incoming students, they also give back to a special cause while dancing for 12 hours. After two long Orientation programs taking place Thursday and Friday, the Aggie Welcome & Orientation leaders participated in NMSU’s AggieTHON, Saturday the following day. AggieTHON is a dance marathon to help raise money for our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and specifically for the one in Albuquerque. They came in first place as the top fund raising team, helping contribute to the overall total of $7,246.00 raised that night.
Aggie Welcome and Orientation Leaders participating in AggieTHON.

Aggie Welcome and Orientation Leaders participating in AggieTHON.

  • Student Success – The Student Success Center submitted an application for GMAT Code Fee Waivers for the 2016-2017 academic year.  This is the third year that NMSU has participated in this program, which provides NMSU up to 10 GMAT Code Fee Waivers to students who meet the Program’s qualifications.  NMSU has awarded twenty GMAT Code Fee Waiver the last two years.
  • TRIO – The Student Success Center, via the TRIO Educational Talent Search Program, submitted a UNM STEAM-H Application for funding fifty middle school students from the Gadsden Independent School District.  If awarded, these students will participate in UNM’s STEAM-H program June 10-12, 2016.
  • Financial Literacy – The University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services Office attended a Financial Literacy Event held at DACC. The event was a series within the Money Smart Week represented by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Reserve Bank.
    Follow the link for additional information on the event:

Vice President for Economic Development, Vice President Kevin Boberg

  • Shark Tank – On Friday, Arrowhead Center hosted its annual spring Aggie Shark Tank The event featured 5 products developed by NMSU students and alumni.  The products were presented to 4 Sharks: Lou Sisbarro, Royal Jones, Mickey Clute, and Beto Pallares.  Each product received some type of investment, ranging from workspace, to crowd funding support, to direct capital investment.  VR Health Journeys, whose product is an application of virtual reality programs in healthcare settings, took both the Shark Favorite and the Crowd Favorite.
  • Health Cluster roundtable – Arrowhead Research Park Director, Wayne Savage hosted the 2nd Health-Tech Cluster roundtable event last week. Thirty-eight attendees—including representatives from various colleges at NMSU, Las Cruces Public Schools, the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, and administrative personnel from the City of Las Cruces—participated in a 3 hour intensive session regarding the development of a Health-Tech Cluster in the Arrowhead Research Park.
  • Borderplex Strategic Plan press conference – Arrowhead CEO and Director Kathy Hansen attended a press conference for the Borderplex 2020, the next phase of the regional strategic plan for the North American Borderplex aimed at improving quality in all aspects of business and life while spurring entrepreneurship and innovation in the Borderplex. Ms Hansen serves as a member of the Borderplex 2020 Steering Committee and co-chairs the Entrepreneurship Committee.

Vice President for Research, Vice President Vimal Chaitanya


The core microscopy facility (MICS) co-sponsored a set of workshops with the RISE Program on the use of the image processing and visualization program Amira which is available for the University community on a workstation in Skeen Hall.  The program was presented by personnel from the FEI company, a manufacturer of high-end electron microscopes.

New Mexico Space Grant Consortium

Pat recently returned from the launch of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) to the International Space Station (ISS). It was the 8th commercial resupply services (CRS-8) mission for NASA by the SpaceX Flacon 9 rocket from their launch complex 40 at Kennedy Space Center. She was a launch site guest of Bigelow Aerospace Company at Kennedy Space Center. Mr. Bigelow is the President and founder of Bigelow Aerospace Company.  Mr. Bigelow will be speaking at the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS).

New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute

On Friday, April 15, NM WRRI hosted a retreat for its staff to review its mission and work on goals for the coming year. The retreat began with a team-building activity aimed at having the 17-member group get to know each other better. It was followed by a review of key program outcomes, which highlighted successes and challenges. An interactive discussion ensued with participants suggesting ideas for group approaches to moving forward effectively on goals. Key items were identified that the group was enthusiastic about pursuing, and these will form the basis for focused strategic action item planning.


At the International Boundary & Water Commission (IBWC) office in El Paso on April 19, NM WRRI Director Sam Fernald met with Gilbert Anaya, IBWC Chief Environmental Engineer, to explore steps to reinitiate program activities with counterparts from Mexico on the recently federally funded (after a five-year lapse) Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Program. Included by phone was Sharon Megdal, Arizona Water Research Center Director, who joined in the discussion of the tactical (FY 16) and strategic (five-year plan) approaches to cooperation between three Water Research Institutes (New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas) and the three US Geological Survey Science Centers also representing New Mexico, Arizona and Texas as well as their Mexican Counterparts in Sonora for the Santa Cruz and San Pedro aquifers, and Chihuahua for the Mesilla and Hueco Bolson Aquifers.

University Advancement, Vice President/Foundation Executive Director Andrea Tawney

Joint Board Meeting – Nearly 60 members of the NMSU Foundation, Alumni Association and the President’s Associates Boards held an inaugural joint meeting on Friday. The boards primarily discussed outreach and alumni giving. Prior to the joint meeting, the boards held individual meetings for planning and update purposes. During the various meetings, board members heard impact highlights from Advancement staff, Chancellor Carruthers and NMSU students.
President’s Associates Ball – With incredible student and community support we are proud to report a very successful President’s Associates Ball on Friday at the DACC East Mesa campus. Gifts are still being calculated but to date an estimated $60,000 was raised for the President’s Associates Scholarship Fund. There were 270 attendees, 35 current President’s Associates Scholars volunteers and 100 NMSU student volunteers at the event. Thank you to all who participated and had an impact in student success.
Chile Pepper Institute Gift – We received a $62,400 donation from a local Las Cruces chile producer who has been a supporter of the Chile Pepper Institute.  This gift will go toward the Chile Pepper Institute Endowed Chair bringing it close to $800,000.
College of Business Gift – A $35,000 gift was made by an accounting alumnus and his wife to establish a Masters of Accountancy Endowed Scholarship in the accounting department.
Foundation Gift – The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation awarded a gift of $10,000 from its Robert P. Ashlock Risk Management and Insurance Development Program to develop a new class in the College of Business.

Athletics, Director Mario Moccia

  • The Athletic Department has begun a national search for a men’s basketball head coach position after head coach Marvin Menzies accepted the head coaching job at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). This postponed our statewide Aggie Athletic Caravan outreach which will be rescheduled this spring/early summer.
  • I joined the Foundation Board for their luncheon at Chopes on Friday. I gave a general update on the athletic department and answered questions.
  • New Mexico State Softball played their final home series of the season. The Aggies swept Cal State Bakersfield in all three games. Kathy Rodolph recorded her 400th win as head coach for New Mexico State during senior weekend and sits at 597 wins overall.


International and Border Program, Associate Provost Cornell Menking

An open house for a new computer lab set up in O’Donnell Hall, Rm. 033, was held on April 19.  The lab is a joint project between the College of Education, which provided the space, and funded by the Center for English Language Programs and IBP, which provided 25 new computers and software.

The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) received training on DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and how the status relates to study abroad. We have become a ‘safe space’ for DACA students (DREAM Excellence Ally cards are posted in our office) to let students know they can come and speak to us freely.

85 students attended a 4 hour pre-departure orientation for all summer and fall students going abroad.  A Culture Shock presentation by Dr. Eric Morgan from Communications and a Mobile Movie presentation by Dr. Amy Lanasa were included.  Next year a Mobile Movie contest will be held where students create a short film (7 minutes or less) while they are abroad. The top 10 films will be selected and will compete at the International Film Festival in March 2017. The top film will be recognized at the Film Awards night and will be given a dinner to Adele’s.

International Student Scholar Services and the International Club of NMSU hosted an end-of-the-semester celebration barbecue outside of Garcia Annex on April 22.  Approximately 100 students participated.

IBP was a sponsor of the annual Sister Cities Golf Tournament.  IBP’s team won first place.

National University of Maynooth in Irelend participated in a conference call with Dean Pope-Davis and Cornell Menking to discuss educational collaboration between the two institutions.

University Communications, Associate Vice President Maureen Howard

News – This week our news group assisted Glen Haubbold, AVP Facilities and Services, with placing his guest column about the hawks on campus. The piece explained the need to protect the hawks while ensuring community safety. It appeared in the Sun News on Sunday. Also this week, the latest edition of Panorama was distributed. Our group collaborates with Advancement on Panorama and this issue featured stories about the NMSU Art program and the Williams Hall renovation.

KRWG – On Wednesday, six members of the KRWG staff made the annual trip to Silver City for a Coffee Visit. More than 40 listeners and viewers joined KRWG at the Visitors Center to enjoy coffee and conversation. These community outreach gatherings provide a chance for KRWG to learn about the issues and opportunities in the region.

Sports Information – Athletic Media Relations reported on the women’s golf team winning their third consecutive Western Athletic Conference Championship and sophomore Kennedie Montoya winning the WAC Individual Championship. Additionally, Viviana Macias was named WAC Player of the Year, head coach Jackie Booth was named WAC Coach of the Year and all five Aggie players were named to All-WAC Teams.

Government Relations, Assistant Vice President Ricardo Rel

  • May 10 -12, Legislative Finance Committee, Capitol, room 322
    • 1:30pm, Long Term Economic Development Strategies- Chris Erickson- Economics, NMSU
  • Senator Tom Udall’s office will be holding a Women’s Career Success conference at the Research Park, in cooperation with Arrowhead Park, on May 4.

New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Director/Secretary Jeff M. Witte

  • I spoke to the NM Food Protection Alliance annual meeting in Albuquerque.  This is an annual gathering of industry and agencies to discuss the latest regulatory and company issues associated with food safety.  This conference was started five years ago by NMDA and the NMSU College of Agriculture to help address the gaps in communication between local, state, tribal and federal agencies and industry associated with the regulation of food.
  • Staff guest lectured for ANSC 220 (Careers in Agriculture) with an enrollment of approx. 115 students. Discussed the structure/divisions of NMDA, department functions, and the various types of positions staffed at the department.
  • VDS hosted the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology rounds.

NMSU Police, Chief Stephen Lopez

Police Activity – There were 65 police reports created, 31 supplements filed, and 57 traffic citations issued.   The Records & Evidence Office processed 78 items of evidence entered into the vault, 33 people were fingerprinted, and 3 background investigations were conducted.

Emergency Dispatch Center – Emergency Dispatch Center handled 422 calls for service (5 of which were 911 calls) resulting in 272 police calls (40 of which were agency assist) and 9 warrant entries.  There were 28 fire calls (8 of which were mutual aid), 15 emergency medical calls, 1 agency assist, 2 stand by, and 1 natural gas odor, and 1 fire alarm.  There were also 5 animal control calls.

Special Events- Special Events Staff worked a total of 544.5 hours including reviewing events such as the Maine Concert, IWOK Concert, AggieTHON and Convoy of Hope.

Crime Prevention – Staff set up booth at Pioneer Park to inform individuals about department services and programs.

Victim Services Staff – Case follow-up with initial contact on domestic violence.

Sunland Park Repeater Install – Sgt. Ryan Beck and Chief Lopez installed the radio repeater at the Sunland Park campus for the DACC security staff.  This completes the first phase of the radio repeater network for DACC, allowing the security officers to talk with each other as well as directly contact the NMSU Emergency Dispatch Center.

Aggie Welcome Week – Chief Lopez participated in Aggie Welcome Week on April 21st and April 22nd by giving an overview of the Police Department to new Aggie family members.

Incident on Campus – On April 22, a 911 call reported that there were individuals wearing masks and carrying guns near/in Breland Hall.  NMSU Police arrived on scene and detained the subjects before an emergency message could even be sent.  The three males were found to each have squirt guns, along with two plastic masks and a luchador-style mask.  They have been charged with public nuisance and interference with faculty/staff.

New Mexico State University-Doña Ana, President Renay Scott

Chemiakin featured – Three art displays will make up a show of art at NMSU Doña Ana. A suite of prints by Mihail Chemiakin on loan from the collection of Ron and Diana Johnson, ceramics by faculty artist Glen Shwaiger and art students’ printmaking will be shown. Chemiakin is shown worldwide and has been called the Pablo Picasso of modern times. Glenn Schwaiger, DACC instructor will display porcelain influenced by the materials and techniques of Jingdezhen, China. Art instructor Ouida Touchons’ students Angela Beniche, Jeremiah Bryan, Elvira Castro, Sandra Cooper, Adrian Madrid, and Tzabrina Rawinsky are featured.

The show will be held on Thursday, April 28 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm in DAEM building at the East Mesa Campus next to the DACC President’s office suite.


PA Ball – The President’s Associates Ball was held at the East Mesa Campus on Friday. NMSU Doña Ana was proud to host more than 250 attendees, many of whom had not been to the East Mesa campus before. The amazing students from the NMSU system showcased their talents including our own culinary arts students who prepared the appetizers and desserts for the event.

Service Recognition – NMSU Doña Ana employees received pins and awards to celebrate their service to the NMSU system. Jon Juarez of Computer and Information Technology celebrated 25 years while Kelly Brooks, Lupe Miranda, Corina Picazo, Michael Stewart, Gloria Dominguez Abigail Muñoz and Ellen Schneider celebrated 20 years of service.

New Mexico State University -Carlsbad, President John Gratton

  • The NMSU Carlsbad contingent returned to campus on Tuesday, April 19 after a very rewarding and informative session at the HLC Conference in Chicago. The five-person team attended peer review training and multiple sessions.  Additionally, the campus was able to ascertain that its next AQIP Systems Portfolio will be due by November 1, 2017.
  • On Wednesday, April 20, the NMSU Carlsbad campus conduced a reporting on its most recent diversity event which was a Celebration of Asian Heritages held on Thursday, April 14. The event was a huge success with presentations being made on customs of Nepal by Dr. Pradip Aryal and on customs of Iran by Dr. Jalal Hamedi. The Carlsbad campus will now start preparations for its Poetry Reading event which will be held on Thursday, April 28.
  • On Thursday, April 21, the Carlsbad campus conducted its Honors Awards event. Faculty from each department awarded their student of the year designations and the Dean’s Honor Roll, Who’s Who, and Crimson Scholars recipients were recognized.  The event was very well-attended and the Carlsbad staff did a great job of preparing and setting up for the celebration.
  • On Friday, April 22, President John Gratton and other NMSU Carlsbad faculty and staff attended the RPSP processes training and John also attended the President’s Communications Council meeting on Friday afternoon.

New Mexico State University – Grants, Interim President Harry Sheski

2016 Higher Learning Commission Conference – NMSU Grants was represented at the HLC conference in Chicago, Illinois last week by Interim President Harry Sheski, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs, Bill Serban, and Karen Henry, Computer Science program manager.  NMSU Grants campus together with the Las Cruces campus is currently preparing for a site visit from the Higher Learning Commission scheduled for November 2017.

Transfer Field Trip – Mr. David Stokowski, Natural Sciences Program Manager, and Ms. Sascha Larabee, Transfer Advisor accompanied three students on a visit to New Mexico Tech from April 21 to April 22. This was in conjunction with a NM Tech program to increase student transfer from NM community colleges.  The students were treated to campus tours and information sessions from a variety of departments and groups, including the Mineral Museum, the Mechanical Engineering Department and a night-time visit with the Physics Department to use their telescopes to view the night sky.

Earth Day – The Associated Student Government, students, faculty, and staff commemorated the day by working together to beautify the Earth Day Garden on the NMSU Grants Campus.   Students and staff spread gravel, planted trees, weeded the garden, and picked up trash around campus.


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