Activity Report April 3 – April 9


Chancellor Garrey Carruthers

  • I attended the Executive Committee of the Borderplex Alliance, where I serve as a Vice Chairman representing southern New Mexico. NMSU is a one of the few public members of the Alliance.  I am more and more impressed by the organization in that it is a private sector initiative dedicated to improving economic conditions in the Borderplex region (Juarez, El Paso, and Las Cruces).  The thought is the private sector should be driving job creation and development plus they work better across borders than the public sector.  One of the principals of the Borderplex has committed a substantial financial investment in the Arrowhead Center as he and his organization see this NMSU unit as central to the Borderplex mission.
  • The challenges of Athletic Conference alignment for both our Olympic sports as well as football has inspired the Chair of the Regents Deborah Hicks to form an “Athletic Review Committee” to advise myself and the Regents on options. As you know, we have two more seasons in the FBS Sun Belt Conference and then we are without a home. The Western Athletic Conference is struggling to maintain viability and is having some difficulty adding membership to ensure stability.  Some of us have been in conversation with the Big Sky Conference regarding membership, and we have been approached by at least one other conference to consider membership for our Olympic sports.  If you have views you wish to express on the subject, send them to me at  You need to be part of the conversation.
  • We had a very nice debriefing with all but one of our local legislators. Representative McMillan was unable to attend.  We reviewed how NMSU was impacted by the recent session and covered some of the pressing issues, such as expenditure reductions, with them.  What I liked most about the session was the conversation with the legislative delegation and their expressed support of NMSU.
  • We are always continuing to improve our relations with our community as well as legislators. Two events this week exemplify those efforts – I met with the Town and Gown committee to bring them up to date on our financial issues as well some planned development activities.  ASNMSU once again sponsored the Big Event, where 1100 NSMU students ventured out into the community to assist in clean up and improvements all over town.  The Big Event was invented by NMSU students in 2005 and is now a nationwide movement for Universities.  Just another reason to be proud to be an Aggie when our students are engaged in terrific community service.
  • The Regents Real Estate Committee and Aggie Development meeting was very productive in that they approved and will recommend to the Regents an agreement to lease educational space from Central New Mexico Community College, thus saving over $400,000 per year when compared to our current arrangement. They also approved a lease with an Albuquerque firm thus starting the process to build a privately owned hotel on NMSU property next to the
    Convention Center. Both of these projects have been underway for some time.  Thanks to Scott Eschenbrenner and Clayton Bradley for putting these deals together.

Executive Vice President and Provost Dan Howard

Board of Regents Meeting –  The decision of the Regents not to raise tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year was the most important action taken at the Board meeting on Monday.  This decision, coupled with declining enrollment and fewer dollars from the state, means that we will need to reduce our I&G budget by $10.7 million for the coming fiscal year.  As noted by the Chancellor in his memo to the NMSU Community on April 4, in deciding on the reductions, we will evaluate all academic and administrative programs that receive I&G funding from the perspective of how important the programs are to our teaching, research, and service mission.  Unit leaders and other stakeholders will be involved in these evaluations, and we will try to ensure that program changes designed to reduce expenditures do as little harm as possible to our teaching, research, and service mission.

Employee Council Benefits Forum –  Because the Chancellor was under the weather, I stood in for him at the Employee Council on Thursday and answered questions about benefit changes that are being contemplated as part of our budget reductions.  Most of the questions and comments centered on our proposal to eliminate the Employee Health Center and to ask the state to open a local health clinic that would serve the needs of our employees and other state employees.  As I noted at the meeting, the Employee Health Center is supported by I&G dollars, and it is less central to our research, teaching, and service mission than many other units supported by I&G dollars, such as academic departments.  Moreover, the center was established when NMSU was self funding the medical benefits of employees and one of the major purposes of the center was to reduce medical costs.  By leaving the center in place when we returned to the state medical plan, the university was no longer the beneficiary of the cost savings; rather, the state enjoys the benefit of the savings.  Hence, we are optimistic that State Risk Management will see the wisdom of stepping in and funding a local health clinic similar to the Employee Health Center.  Regardless of the rationale behind the proposal to eliminate the Employee Health Center, the employees of the center pointed out the many benefits the center provides to the NMSU Community.  They strongly contended that the Employee Health Center supports the research, teaching, and service mission of the university by ensuring that faculty and staff suffering from illness and emotional distress have easy access to high quality medical care.  I do not dispute the good work of the center and encouraged employees to send their comments and concerns directly to the Chancellor and me at and  As I noted at the meeting, the Chancellor  and I are committed to consulting with faculty, staff, and students as we develop plans for budget reductions that do the least possible harm to our core mission and will enable NMSU to better weather future fluctuations in enrollment and state funding.

College of Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Interim Dean Jim Libbin

  • NMSU’s College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences hosted a Hannah Farbo Memorial Blood Drive Monday, April 4 in honor of a recent NMSU student who passed away last November. Nearly 21 units of blood were donated.
  • ACES hosted the New Mexico FFA State Career Development Events on April 6-8. More than 1,550 junior high and high school FFA members attended the conference where they competed in contests all designed to prepare students for careers in the food, fiber and natural resource industries. In addition to the contests, the College of ACES and the New Mexico Department of Agriculture hosted a BBQ lunch and street festival with NMSU clubs/organizations, departments, and other colleges across campus. Festivities included carnival-type events, such as, bobbing for produce, ultimate tic-tac-toe, gunny sack races, etc. Admission was $1 or a can of food to be donated to the Casa De Peregrinos Emergency Food Program, and nearly 400 cans of food and $550 were raised from the event.


Extension Plant Sciences

  • The 2016 Western Pecan Growers Association Conference and Tradeshow was held at the Hotel Encanto in March.  The popular Pecan Food Fantasy contest was coordinated by the Dona Ana County Extension Office, while the educational program was coordinated by NMSU Extension Pecan Specialist Richard Heerema (Extension Plant Sciences).  Oral presentations were given by pecan industry representatives, as well as experts from the USDA, INIFAP (the Mexican agricultural research agency), and five universities. An important theme of the conference program again this year was the proposed Federal Marketing order for pecans.   Other presentations covered Pecan Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Pecan Weevil Management, irrigation scheduling, plant growth regulators, and wind machines. The educational program concluded with a growers’ panel discussion of salinity, an increasingly concerning management issue in southwestern pecan orchards. The 708 participants came from New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, California, Oklahoma, northern Mexico, and the southeastern U.S.

Media Productions

  • As part of National eXtension Conference professional development activities, Barbara Chamberlin and Jeanne Gleason of NMSU Media Productions mentored innovative grant recipients in the i-Three Issue Corps, with members from 31 states and 33 institutions in the national Extension system. Serving as key consultants in technology for the i-Three “design-a-thon,” they helped grant recipients refine multimedia technology aspects of projects and experiments related to Food Systems and Climate Change.

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Child Abuse Awareness Week – Students enrolled in CAST 301V (Introduction to Child Advocacy) , taught by Dr. Merranda Marin, sponsored several events the week of April 4-8 to highlight the importance of preventing child maltreatment. They handed out materials about child abuse on the International Mall and in Corbett Center, collected toys and clothing for Jardin de Los Ninos and La Casa, and sponsored the showing of the “Tough Love” documentary followed by a discussion of community professionals.

family and consumer

College of Arts & Sciences, Interim Dean Enrico Pontelli

Gary Eiceman (Chemistry & Biochemistry) gave an invited presentation and tutorial about ion mobility spectrometry at the Trace Explosives Workshop, the leading assembly of researchers in security based issues, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Cynthia Bejarano (Interdisciplinary Studies) met with colleagues at the American Education Research Association about a special journal collection on Latinos and postsecondary education.  The Department of Criminal Justice’s student honorary society, Alpha Phi Sigma, won a number of awards including Star Chapter Award at the organization’s national conference in Denver.

The College of Arts and Sciences Colloquium had presentations by Professor Ellen McMahon, Department of Art, University of Arizona, about “How Climate Change Comes to Matter Through Art and Popular Culture;” Professor Jesse Aleman from UNM’s Department of English about “Days of the (Un)Dead: Vampires, Zombies, and Other Forms of Chicano/a Horror in Film;” and Dr. Laura Williams (NMSU Interdisciplinary Studies Department) about “Food Trucks, Race & Masculinity.”

Mercedes Valdez (Criminal Justice) was accepted to participate in the 2016 Racial Democracy, Crime and Justice Network’s Summer Research Institute (SRI).

A NMSU team, led by Dr. Zach Toups (Computer Science), Dr. Igor Dolgov (Psychology), Dr. Wei Tang and Rolfe Sassenfeld (Engineering), was selected as one of the 4 finalists of the Ice House Competition – a national competition organized by IEEE and focused on the development of innovative technologies (e.g., wearable computing) for emergency responders.

College of Business, Dean James Hoffman

  • We hosted the annual spring meeting of our Business Advisory Council on Thursday and Friday where much of the focus was on student interaction. We launched a mentorship program where we paired BAC members with students for mentoring.  In addition, we held mock interviews to help students prepare for job seeking.
  • Congratulations to our 2016 Hall of Fame inductees Brenda Joy Baca Alvarez (’81) and Jim Holder (’90) as well as our Traders’ Award recipients Bill (’65) and Sharon Sheriff. All of our recipients were recognized Friday at our annual awards banquet at the Las Cruces Convention Center.  It was an excellent opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of our alumni and close friends of the college.
  • The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at

College of Education, Dean Donald Pope-Davis

Debra Knapp, Director of Dance

The NMSU Contemporary Dancers, under the direction of Ann Gavit, attended the American College Dance Conference from March 15-19 at West Texas A & M.  We submitted two dances for adjudication, Ann Gavit’s Baggage and graduate students Collete Kerwick and Jermey Edmonson’s The Manipulator. From 39 dances, 11 dances were selected for the gala performance and both of our dances were chosen.  This is a honor for our dance program.  Over the past seven years, we have had 6 dances chosen for tour region’s gala concert and one dance that was chosen to represent our region at the national festival.

STEM Outreach Center

The STEM Outreach Center hosted a field trip for over 50 students from Zia Middle School. Students experienced STEM through experiments in the Chemistry Department, Agriculture Animal Science farm tours and explored Ozobot robots in our very own STEM Learning Lab.

We shared the wonders of our 3D printers with everyone that came through the Annual Technology Day celebration at Corbett Center.

Over 300 parents and students got to experience a flight through outer space when the STEM Outreach Center took the planetarium to Mesa Middle School for their annual community event.

College of Engineering, Interim Dean Steve Stochaj

Civil Engineering to Host Eisenhower Fellowship – New Mexico State University through the Department of Civil Engineering has been approved by the Federal Highway Administration to host the Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program – Hispanic Serving Institutions Fellowship for the 2016-2017 academic year. The fellowship is open campus wide. David Jauregui, civil engineering department head, is the PI and Monica Lopez, scholarship manager, is the campus manager for the fellowship program. Applications are due April 29 and the proposed recipients will be submitted to the FHWA on May 27.

AMP Scholars Take to the Road – Three New Mexico AMP Undergraduate Research Scholars participated in off-campus professional development activities in early April:

  • Chemical Engineering junior Jesus Au attended the American Institute of Chemical Engineers National Conference in Arizona on April 1. He presented a poster on his URS research on the use of polymerization-induced phase separation in the presence of solid electrolyte. The project has potential application in the battery industry. Au is mentored by Assistant Professor Reza Foudazi.
  • CENGRCivil Engineering seniors Anahi Soto and Adam Sanchez attended the Rocky Mountain Regional American Society of Civil Engineers Student Conference.  The conference was held April 1-2, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. Soto participated on the NMSU concrete canoe team which placed 2nd out of 13 participating schools. Sanchez participated on the steel bridge team. Soto’s URS research focused on the sorption of cadmium on iron-modified zeolites as a function of pre-treatment, mentored by Associate Professor Lambis Papelis. Sanchez’ URS research investigates the use of recycled concrete aggregates as a coarse aggregate in reinforced concrete structures, mentored by Assistant Professor Brad Weldon.

LadyEngineering Awarded $1 Million NSF Grant – The College of Engineering was recently awarded a five-year grant totaling $1 million from the NSF S-STEM program. Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Paola Bandini serves as the PI for the project that will support a cohort of 20 academically talented students who demonstrate financial need, with the S-STEM Scholarship and the Cohort Academic and Research Experience. It will include individualized self-assessment and monitoring, academic success workshops, one-on-one relationships with faculty mentors, and training to increase self-efficacy, metacognitive self-awareness and self-study skills. The project will also collaborate with existing programs and services—including the Student Success Center, the Office of Career Services, and the Math Success Center—to further enhance students’ educational experiences and professional preparation.

engr1engr 2Chemical Engineers Receive WRRI Funding – Chemical and Materials Engineering Assistant Professors Catherine Brewer and Reza Foudazi have been funded by the Water Resources Research Institute. Brewer was funded for her proposal entitled, “Biochar for Desalination Concentrate Management.” Total funding provided for this project is $74,377. Foudazi was funded for his project entitled, “In-situ synthesis of antibacterial ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes with controllable pore size” in the amount of $149,866.

Chemical Engineering Students Place at Nationals – Twenty-two Chemical and Materials Engineering students traveled to Tucson on April 1 to represent NMSU at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Rocky Mountain Regional Student Conference.chemical engr The ChemE Car team took third place in the regional. Their car stopped 0.72 m from the 60 m target, 1 cm behind second place UNM.  The event was won by Colorado, whose car stopped 0.5 m from the target. This is the first time NMSU has qualified to compete in nationals, which will be held at the AICHE National Meeting in San Francisco this fall. Four students presented research posters: Jesus Au, Brent Carrillo, Sarah Lyons (3rd place), Ryan Zowada (1st place). The students were also presented with the Team Spirit Award for their unwavering commitment to support each other at all of the event competitions.

College of Health and Social Services, Dean Donna Wagner

Dean Donna Wagner

nursingThis March issue of Southern New Mexico Healthy U highlights the faculty and students from CHSS.  Dr. Satya Rao, a professor of Public Health, co-developed the Southern New Mexico Suicide Prevention and Survivor Support Coalition.  In this article, she shared her insights into suicide, support for suicide survivors, and risk factors associated with suicide.

An article in the same issue discusses patient safety concerns in hospitals. Photographs of students from the NMSU School of Nursing were used to demonstrate the use of simulation to teach skills that promote patient safety.

School of Nursing

Dr. Pamela Schultz, Director of the School of Nursing, was interviewed by CBS local news, El Paso, on the current sleep study that is being conducted by Dr. Schultz and Dr. Harold Smith.  More information about this study is available at

School of Social Work

studentsThe School of Social Work collaborated with Food Recovery Network (FRN) at NMSU in a sandwich making event hosted by and also sponsored by Sodexo and El Caldito.  Volunteers, including social work students, food recovery volunteers, and local military members made 560 sandwiches for donation to the El Caldito Food Center.


Department of Public Health Sciences

public heaklthpublich healthThe NMSU Department of Public Health Sciences celebrates National Public Health Week, April 4-10. On Monday, April 4, undergraduate public health students hosted an information table at Corbett Center to promote this year’s national theme of Healthiest Nation 2030. Included in this event was the selection of local public health personnel, Travis Leyva, NM Department of Health, and Jonah Garcia, La Clinica de Familia/Healthy Start, for the Public Health Heroes awards.

Public Health students Leslie Mosso, undergraduate PHS and Gigi Holder, MPH, were selected to serve as summer research interns at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

University Library, Dean Elizabeth Titus

  • NMSU Library has created an internal webpage which will aid library faculty and staff to ask questions and receive centralized answers regarding possible questions on the NMSU FY 2017.
  • The Archives and Special Collections Department has revised the reading room policy for the Caroline E. Stras Research Room to allow the use of digital cameras in the reading room along with cell phones and iPads.
  • From Agriculture to Women’s Studies, the NMSU Library’s series of LibGuides help you find your way around the Library and its scholarly resources. The LibGuides are created by subject specialists from the Library’s faculty and staff. The LibGuides are continually updated, so we’d like to do a spotlight on a recently completed LibGuide. This week, the NIH Public Access Compliance LibGuide was created, and recently updated, by Nirmala Gunapla, Science Librarian. The guide supports scientists at NMSU to understand the NIH Public Access Policy [which mandates that the public has access to published results of NIH-funded research] the process for submitting peer-reviewed articles to PubMed Central and how to verify compliance.

Honors College, Dean Miriam Chaiken

Fulbright Workshop – Dr. Ketelaar organized a workshop for students to learn how to prepare competitive Fulbright applications. The interactive workshop included two participants who had been panel reviewers for Fulbright applications (Dr. Sandra Deshors of the Languages and Linguistics Department, and Dean Miriam Chaiken). Two student moderators, Haley Stewart and Anthony Colin, asked questions of the panelists, and at the end the audience also asked their questions of interest. Many students commented that they were less intimidated about the application process after listening to the panel, so we hope this will help increase participation in the Fulbright process at NMSU.

University Speaker Laurie Garrett – On Tuesday we hosted Ms. Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize winning science journalist, who was this year’s University Speaker. Her talk focused on the challenge of infectious disease and national security in the era of climate change. While she painted an alarming picture of what might happen as diseases like Zika Virus, Chikangunya, and Ebola emerge and spread, she also argued there were concrete and practical steps that could be taken to ward off these diseases and prevent the worst case scenario. Her talk was well attended, and in the afternoon she spent time with interested students at the Honors College in a more informal discussion about these issues. We are grateful to ASNMSU and the Office of the Provost for their continued support for this important annual event.

Circle for Excellence – the Honors College hosted a lunch meeting for the members of our advisory board, the Circle for Excellence. The Board is comprised of caring supporters of the Honors College and our students, and includes President Emeritus William Conroy, for whom the College is named. We had a lively discussion of the things we are doing in the college, new initiatives, and the ways in which their financial support have made a difference. One of the most critical opportunities that was made possible through the generosity of Circle members and other supporters is the annual award of the International Research Scholarship. This years’ recipient, Jessica Croom (Geography) was able to attend the luncheon with her faculty advisor, Dr. Christopher Brown, and talk a bit about her plans for her research. This year, thanks to our successful Giving Tuesday activities, we are able to support a second student who received an Honorable Mention, Ms. Arielle Gonzales. Jessica’s work will take her to Canada and Arielle will spend a good deal of the summer in Haiti.

Thesis Defenses – it is nearing the deadline for completion of graduate theses in advance of May graduation, and Dean Chaiken was part of two thesis defenses this week. On Monday, she served as MA committee chair for Ms. Norma Chairez Hartell (Anthropology) who completed her research on artistic styles and the art community in the Las Cruces area. An artist herself, Norma has been very active in the local area, documenting all of the murals in Las Cruces (which will soon be part of a community walking tour through the Branigan Cultural Center), she wrote the nomination to put landmark Chope’s restaurant on the National Register of Historic Places, and in this work documented the unique art themes and approaches of the working 2 dimensional artists in Las Cruces. It was a fascinating thesis and hopefully the beginning of more work to come. The second student, Vanessa Martinez (Nutrition), defended her thesis that examined the rate of food insecurity among college students, especially Hispanic college students at NMSU. Using a USDA validated instrument, Vanessa’s research demonstrated that the incidence of food insecurity among our NMSU students, especially minority students, is many times higher than the national average. Sobering statistics that we should be trying to address.

Search Committee – Dean Chaiken is serving on the search committee to select the new department head for Public Health Sciences. We did phone interviews with the finalists and will soon be arranging for on campus visits.

Administration and Finance, Senior Vice President Angela Throneberry

  • ADmin&FMcFie Circle – The McFie Phase I project will provide a lovely new pedestrian and bikeway path connecting International and Frenger Malls.  Due to the construction projects of Domenici IPP and the Hardman and Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center, this pathway has been closed for about 4 years!  So the opening, in just a few weeks, will provide easier access to these facilities as well as Milton Hall, Frenger Food Court, and Zuhl Library.  The landscaping includes the addition of benches and tables for all to enjoy.  Thank you all for your patience as we continue to make improvements to our campus!
  • Introducing Bite – Bite is a free new app by Sodexo, NMSU’s campus dining partner. With this powerful tool, you can check the hours for all Sodexo restaurants at NMSU, obtain the full menu with nutritional information at Taos Restaurant, save favorite foods, and even link to FitBit. To download, search “Bite by Sodexo” in the App Store or Google Play and enter menu code P2AJ9.
  • LEDLEDs shine bright on Technology Day event at Corbett Center – Technology Day, which was sponsored by ICT’s Student Technology group, was held in the Aggie Lounge on April 5. The event was a smashing success, featuring over 20 tables that showcased various departments and the technology and innovational services they use or provide at NMSU.  On hand were 3D printers, 3D pens, 3D educational learning programs, telecommunications museum, and a friendly candy-delivering robot.  To aid in the promotion of this event, the NMSU Basketball team was on hand to challenge their student peers to games of tech-pong.

Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, Vice President Bernadette Montoya

  • American Indian Week – The American Indian Program has been busy this week with their Annual American Indian Week. The weeklong event started with an opening ceremony and blessing outside of Hadley Hall. Over 300 people enjoyed the popular Native American Taco Demonstration.
During the event, Lani Rae Padilla was crowned the 2016-2017 NMSU Miss Native American.

During the event, Lani Rae Padilla was crowned the 2016-2017 NMSU Miss Native American.

  • leadershipLeadership and Diversity Outreach – Zooey Sophia Pook is the student program coordinator for the NMSU LGBT+ Programs. She is a Transgender scholar whose research focuses on the intersections of identity, autonomy, and culture. She holds Master’s Degrees in Philosophy and Communication, and is currently completing a PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication.   She was invited to give numerous talks in the US and abroad. She is noted for her “Heteronormative Privilege” series of YouTube and has presented research at conferences such as Feminisms and Rhetoric’s, Gender Matters, and The Future of Comics.  Zooey Sophia will speak on Transgender Identity, Retention, and Student Success through Gender Inclusive Language at the National Conference on Leadership and Diversity at Northern Arizona State University on April 22-23, 2016.

Vice President for Economic Development, Vice President Kevin Boberg

  • EDA 2016 National Conference – Last week, Wayne Savage and Zetdi Sloan attended the EDA 2016 National Conference in Washington, D.C.. The event focused on the future of economic development.  Members of Congress and the Executive Branch, along with public and private sector economic development leaders shared their experience and expertise discussing strategies for creating conditions fostering economic growth for decades to come.  During the keynote address, Arrowhead Center’s thank you video for the i6 Grant was showcased and presented to the more than 800 conference attendees.
  • Regional I-Corps event – Three members of the Arrowhead team attended the Regional I-Corps meeting on the UTEP campus.   Kramer Winingham, Zetdi Sloan, Gina Duttle have all participated with the NSF I-Corps program in various roles, as faculty mentors, principal investigators, and entrepreneurial leads.  Arrowhead was invited to participate in this event and share best practices gained from the extensive participation of our staff.
  • Dare to be an Entrepreneur – Last week, Arrowhead Center hosted 25 students from Mexico City participating in the Dare to be an Entrepreneur program, a business model competition implemented through several Mexican universities, in partnership with Arrowhead Center. The 25 students representing 10 business teams, spent the week at NMSU going through intense business model training, culminating with a pitch presentation given before potential American investors. The students did a remarkable job with their presentations.
  • Studio G Networking Hour – On Wednesday, Studio G hosted its weekly Networking Hour. The topic of this week’s discussion focused on how to design and build your product as outlined in The Disciplined Entrepreneurship Series, based the Disciplined Entrepreneurship book written by Bill Aulet from MIT. Studio G’s Networking Hour provides aspiring student and alumni entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet with individuals that share an interest in startups and entrepreneurship, 17 students attended this week’s event.

University Advancement, Vice President/Foundation Executive Director Andrea Tawney

CASE Award – University Advancement was awarded a Bronze Award for Giving Tuesday in the single event or project category on April 4 at the CASE District IV Conference in Dallas. NMSU Advancement competed with over 70 entries from institutions in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The award, and the success of Giving Tuesday, would not be possible without the generous support of donors and community members.
Campaign Dinner – Jerean and Tom Hutchinson hosted 15 alumni and friends for an evening of lively NMSU conversation with Chancellor and Mrs. Carruthers. The group heard about all the exciting things going on at the university and how they can support the campaign and our students.
Engineering Gift – A gift of $100,000 was made to support International Outreach with China in the Department of Engineering Technology.
Foundation Gift – Corporate and Foundation Relations received $35,000 from the Westmeath Foundation for one of the STEM Outreach program continuations in the Farmington municipal school district.
Baseball Infield Turf Gift – A proud Aggie donated $2,500 in honor of her late husband in support of the NMSU Baseball team. The funds will support the infield turf project. The couple attended baseball games for over 30 years. Later this month a plaque in appreciation will be mounted on the chair he sat in at every game.
CASE Conference – Members from Alumni Relations, Student Philanthropy, Board and Donor Relations and Communications attended the 2016 District IV CASE Conference in Dallas.   The CASE Conference covered topics related to university advancement, alumni relations and the importance of social media.

Athletics, Director Mario Moccia

  • The Board of Regents presented Resolutions to four of our athletic programs. Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, and Equestrian were recognized for their athletic success.


  • Traveled to Roswell, NM for the neutral site baseball game between our NM State Aggies and the UNM Lobos. This was the second game of the Rio Grande Rivalry Series. The game was played at the New Mexico Military Institute Ballpark in front of a standing-room only crowd. While the Lobos won 3-2, the game was a big success. Prior to the baseball game, former NMSU Regent Jim Manatt and his wife Marylyn hosted an alumni gathering of approximately 20 alums at their home. To read the full story of the baseball game, follow the link:
  • The NM State baseball team traveled to Phoenix, AZ, to take on Grand Canyon. There was a large crowd of Aggie alums that attended the game to support our Aggies.NM State Baseball team

International and Border Program, Associate Provost Cornell Menking

Last week four staff from the Center for English Language Programs (CELP) attended the TESOL 2016 International Convention and English Language Expo in Baltimore, Maryland.

CELP Director Ashley Ryan also learned that CELP will receive a site visit from University and College Intensive English Programs (UCIEP) officials, the next step in making CELP the only accredited intensive English program in the state.

International and Border Programs held its spring meeting of the IBP Advisory Council.

Cornell Menking held a meeting with various Chinese faculty interested in helping NMSU recruit Chinese students in their home country.

Cornell Menking spoke about NMSU’s internationalization efforts at the annual meeting of the Academy for Learning in Retirement.

University Communications, Associate Vice President Maureen Howard

News – This past week University Communications was part of NMSU’s Communicable Disease Preparedness response task force for a statewide public health exercise. The full-scale drill, which involved emergency messaging at various stages of the exercise, culminated in the university simulating the first drive-through point of dispensing operation at the Pan American Center on Saturday, April 9. University Communications worked with Department of Health PIOs during the week and on site during the exercise to engage various channels of communication and coordinate the dissemination of information.

Sports Information – Athletics Media Relations covered the WAC regular season champion Aggies men’s tennis team as they completed WAC play with a 4-1 record. The sport writers continue to work with the Aggie softball and baseball teams that are at the top of the WAC standings.

KRWG – The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum has incorporated an episode of Field Trip! into a new exhibit. Field Trip! was a collaborative effort with KRWG and Cooperative Extension Service to produce half-hour educational programs about farm production in New Mexico. The museum is utilizing the episode featuring honey to illustrate the production of the sweet treat.

In collaboration with GradNation activities, KRWG taped a forum, “Issues and Answers: The Graduation Rate.” The panel included New Mexico Senator Bill Soules, NMSU Education Dean Donald Pope-Davis and La Academia Director Octavio Casillas.  The group discussed ideas and initiatives to strengthen education in southern New Mexico. The program aired Thursday evening on KRWG TV.

New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Director/Secretary Jeff M. Witte

  • I attended a trade mission with the Western United States Trade Association (WUSATA) to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This mission was to begin preparations of market expansion for US agriculture products in the event the Trans Pacific Partnership is ratified. There appears to be great interest in US agricultural products, specifically dairy, pecans, beef, and forage produced in New Mexico. While many challenges are present, we view this as a ground floor opportunity. We met with the new ministers of agriculture and industry to help assess market access as well as the US Embassy ambassador and agriculture attaché.
  • NMDA and ACES sponsored a Student BBQ & Street Festival on the lawn between Gerald Thomas and Skeen Hall. NMDA set up the food trailer and grilled hotdogs and hamburgers for FFA students and advisors. More than 1100 people were served.
  • NMDA, in conjunction with the Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials (ASPCRO), National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and US Wildlife Services conducted the Western Pest Management Tour in Albuquerque, NM and surrounding areas. Topics included environmental impacts of commensal and non-commensal pest rodents, disease issues, and management tools for burrowing rodent control. Also discussed was predator control, with an on-site visit to a New Mexico ranch and sheep operation owned by Mercedes and LeRoy Craven, who spoke to attendees about the issues they face in sheep production in an area with high predator pressures and the successful partnership they have with USDA Wildlife services.  The meeting was attended by control officials throughout the U.S.
  • VDS hosted the quarterly Animal Health Update meeting.  Agencies in attendance included NMLB, USDA-VS, NMDOH, Navajo Nation, NMDA, and FBI.
  • Staff spoke at the Northern Livestock Days in Santa Fe.  The meeting was well attended and producers had many good questions.

NMSU Police, Chief Stephen Lopez

  • Police Activity – There were 57 police reports created, 27 supplements filed, and 59 traffic citations issued.   The Records & Evidence Office processed 48 items of evidence entered into the vault, 24 people were fingerprinted, and 3 background investigations were conducted.
  • Emergency Dispatch Center –  Emergency Dispatch Center handled 310 calls for service (5 of which were 911 calls) resulting in 270 police calls (33 of which were agency assist) and 5 warrant entries.  There were 25 fire calls (9 of which were mutual aid), 6 emergency medical calls, 2 stand by, 3 natural gas odors, 4 fire alarms, and 1 carbon monoxide.  There were also 4 animal control calls.
  • Special Events- Special Events staff worked 145.25 hours and reviewed 8 events.
  • Crime Prevention – The National Crime Victims Walk and Expo was held at Pioneer Park on April 9, 2016.  Victim Services Coordinator Amanda Bowen set up a booth describing the various services available to victims who may be affiliated with the university.  Deputy Chief Andy Bowen participated in the Victims Walk on behalf of the department.
  • Victim Services staff – Assisted victim with obtaining a housing unit for a victim, removing items from shared house and helping the victim return home for the weekend.  Provided counseling information to victim in Roswell, Assisted victim with continued harassment.  Coordinated with LCPD, ASNMSU Attorney, and off-campus housing.
  • Repeater Install at Sunland Park – Chief Lopez and Sgt. Ryan Beck started work on the installation of a radio repeater for the DACC security officers at the Sunland Park campus.  Work will continue this week.
  • NMDOH POD Exercise, Lot 30 – 52 individuals from across the NMSU system showed up to assist the NM Department of Health with the Spring Fever 2016 exercise.  This exercise focused on the mass dispensing of prophylactic medications to a large community.  This was the first time there has ever been a POD (point of distribution) set up for oral antibiotics in a head-of-household drive-thru clinic.  This style is intended to speed up distribution by only requiring one person from each household to show up, and they are allowed to pick up medications for everyone in their family.  The lessons learned from this exercise will be used to develop plans for similar POD clinics should the need ever arise.  This exercise also allowed the NMSU Emergency Planning Committee members to test the NMSU contagious disease plans leading up to the actual exercise.  It also allowed the designated NMSU personnel an opportunity to practice the dispensing of medications to a large portion of campus, should there ever be a disease outbreak directly affecting the campus community.  The credit for the success of this exercise goes, in largest part, to the University Health Center staff (both before and during the exercise), the DACC Nursing faculty and students, and the NMSU Las Cruces student nurses association.  These people accounted for over half of the people working the POD.

New Mexico State University-Doña Ana, President Renay Scott

NMSU Doña Ana Students Excel at Competition – More than 187 students from 9 New Mexico community colleges competed in 35 technical events at the SkillsUSA challenge held last week in Albuquerque.  Bringing home the gold for DACC was Jon Myllykangas in automotive technology, Victor Velazquez in electronics technology and Lorena Giesbrecht in restaurant service. Silver was awarded to Victor Velazquez in the job interview competition. Bronze winners included Bianca Lugo in culinary arts and Student Government President Derek Holder in prepared speech. The gold medalists are qualified to compete at the national competition in June.

Student Scholars Honored – In the NMSU Dona Ana Celebration of Student Excellence ceremonies held at the Las Cruces Convention Center, outstanding students were honored with a medal ceremony and reception.  Crimson scholars, Dean’s list, and outstanding students from each division, branch campus and program walked the stage and received their awards.

Stucdent scholar donor

Respiratory Care Program Recognized – The commission on accreditation for respiratory care notified NMSU Dona Ana Respiratory Care Program they would receive the Distinguished RRT Credentialing Success Award in ceremonies at the national convention in June. The award is based on key accreditation metrics including 3 or more years of outcomes data, hold accreditation without a progress report, RRT credentialing success of 90% or better and meeting or exceeding thresholds for credentialing success, attrition and positive job placement.

New Mexico State University-Alamogordo, President Ken Van Winkle

2nd Annual Engagement Conference – On April 8, NMSU-A held the 2nd Annual Engagement Conference.  This year’s theme was “Service Learning”- a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. There was a morning workshop and sessions with panels, presentations and roundtables. The luncheon presentation was by Dr. Rudy Garcia, Dean of Student Services at Central New Mexico University. The Engagement Conference was hosted by the Learning Signature Task Force and New Mexico State University Alamogordo.  It was partially sponsored by the Strengthening Science, Engineering, and Energy Career Options (SECO) Grant awarded to NMSU-A which supports the institutionalization of service learning as a way to add relevance and importance to mastering math and science skills and help students engage with their community.

NMSU-A Holds Celebration of Excellence – On Friday April 8, NMSU-A held its annual Celebration of Excellence event at the Tays Center. This year students were recognized for their academic achievement, student organizations were acknowledged for their support to various student and community needs and scholarship donors were credited with helping numerous students reach their educational goals.  The event was attended by more than 150 persons.

SBDC Spoke to Chamber Members – The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) presented at the Chamber of Commerce’s Food and Networking Event on Friday, April 8.  The SBDC spoke to chamber members about the workshops the center offers on starting a new business, social media usage in business, and business plan development. This was a great opportunity for members of the SBDC to network with other small business owners and organizations from our community.

New Mexico State University -Carlsbad, President John Gratton

  • NMSU Carlsbad President John Gratton traveled to Las Cruces on Monday, April 4 in order to meet with Provost Howard in discussing the NMSU Carlsbad candidates for promotion and tenure and to attend the Board of Regent’s hearing on tuition and fees requests from each of the campuses. During the Board meeting, Glen Haubold was recognized for an “Above and Beyond” Award and the athletic teams were recognizing for their accomplishments in the WAC and in post season play.
  • On Wednesday, April 6, President John Gratton presided at the weekly Carlsbad Rotary meeting and also met with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss the upcoming Leadership Carlsbad program of activities.
  • On Thursday, April 7, John presented an afternoon “Leadership Traits and Abilities” session to the WIPP Leadership Academy which is in their first week of a four-week program.
  • On Friday, April 8, the NMSU Carlsbad campus conducted its spring semester “Assessment Day” activities at which time each academic department reported on their assessment initiatives. Additionally, NMSU Carlsbad hosted a visit from Dr. Andrew Pena and other representatives from HRS. All faculty and staff were invited to receive pertinent information on topics including I-9 Compliance, ADA Compliance, CLPD Training, and Employee Council news. The sessions were well-attended and were very valuable to all of the NMSU Carlsbad employees.

New Mexico State University – Grants, Interim President Harry Sheski

Spring Break Academy – During this year’s spring break, NMSU Grants hosted its local law enforcement agencies and 29 dual credit students for the annual JOLT (Junior Officer Law-Enforcement Training) Program.  Students participate in a boot camp-style training where they begin each day with physical training and then continue on to a classroom setting where they learn about law enforcement directly from those working in the field.  Students leave the JOLT Program with First Aid and CPR certifications, knowledge of defense tactics, K-9 training, an introduction to law, and so much more.  Graduation for the JOLT cadets took place in the NMSU Grants Auditorium on Friday evening, the 8th of April.

ACT Testing – The National American College Test (ACT) was administered at the NMSU Grants Campus on Saturday, April 9, 2016. Registered examinees included fifty-three individuals from Grants High School, Navajo Prep, NM Connection, NM School for the Arts, and Santa Fe Indian School.  NMSU Grants Testing Coordinator, Melody Simpson, supervised the exam which included six room supervisors and one proctor.

Associated Students of New Mexico State University

  • The Big Event- More than 1,000 students participated in The Big Event on Saturday, April 9. They completed community service at hundreds of organizations and businesses in town, and even assisted Las Cruces residents with various jobs, yard work, and clean up.  We’ve received a lot of a positive feedback from the community, as they were all thankful for the volunteers!

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