Activity Report May 1 – May 7


Chancellor Garrey Carruthers

  • On Saturday Dean Libbin, HRTM Department Head Hertzman, Regent Lopez-Askin, and I performed a single student graduation ceremony for HRTM graduate Tiffany Diaz. Her mother is very ill and was not sure she could attend our graduation ceremonies next week so the four of us joined Tiffany and her family in their home (dressed in our regalia). I read the official citation confirming the degree, and we presented her graduation participation certificate.  Her father, Dennis Diaz, is a local minister and former NMSU football player.  Wonderful family. [Ms.Diaz passed away on Wednesday, May 11.]


  • This is our big week where the fruits of the labor of our fine faculty, staff and students pay off – the graduation of about 2,000 students. This is one of the last of our large graduating classes from the extraordinary enrollment growth in 2010-2013, the recession period where students could not find jobs so elected to attend NMSU.  I spoke to members of this graduating class as they initiated a new tradition of walking back through the Miller Field gates and up the mall to the Pan American Center, symbolizing their successful completion of an NMSU degree.  At the start of the year, this year’s freshmen walked from the Pan Am down through the Miller Field gates to the Cornerstone on the Horseshoe, to make this return journey in four or five years. Thanks to the faculty and staff for transforming these lives and giving them the cornerstone of their lives, a great education from NMSU.
  • I regret the press on NMSU regarding football suggests a “forever” decision has been made on athletic conference alignment before many of you finished the survey on this subject. This survey was suggested by Regent Cheney and will provide some insights as we consider options. To date over 1,263 folks have responded with over 800 comments.
  • Below are the counts for the Athletics survey.


  • NMSU Dona Ana has been challenged by the Higher Education Department regarding their addition of new space on their Gadsden campus. The HED is concerned about adding net square footage and about declining student numbers at DACC.  We will soon tear down Monagle Hall, which will represent a 170,000 square footage reduction for NMSU. By the way, one use of the Monagle space may be 500 parking places.
  • Several folks and myself met with Jorge Ayala, the Regional Director (5 states) of the Economic Development Administration (EDA). Trisha Korbas, a NMSU civil engineering graduate, is now the EDA representative in Albuquerque.  EDA has been a substantial investor in the Arrowhead Park and its programs.  EDA officials have referenced Arrowhead Center as the model for University economic development activities.
  • I attended the 13th Teaching Academy. Very nice turnout and several were recognized for service and accomplishment.   Kudos to Tara Gray and her colleagues for a terrific job in helping our faculty improve their teaching game.  It is my sense that when we hire newly minted Ph.D.s, we include in their contract they spend some time taking advantage of the Teaching Academy offerings.  I did not have teaching experience before I started my career here but the Provost at that time required that all faculty attend teaching improvement seminars during the Christmas/New Year’s break.  I found them very useful.
  • Kudos to Glen Haubold and Heather Watenbaugh for starting the process of updating the Campus Master Plan. It is a 10-year plan which is revised periodically.  We receive good comments from the State because we have a realistic and updated plan.  There will be plenty of opportunities for all to participate and share ideas.
  • Regent Mitchell, VP Tawney, LCPS Superintendent Stan Rounds and others broke bread with Daniels Fund executives, including Linda Childers the CEO. The Daniels Fund has invested more than $3,000,000 in NMSU projects and scholarships and is especially pleased with their investments in Arrowhead Center and the Bridge. They are big supporters of the Early College High School.

Executive Vice President and Provost Dan Howard

Promotion and Tenure Reception – This year, more than 75 faculty members from across the NMSU system were tenured and/or promoted, and we celebrated their accomplishments at a reception held last Tuesday, May 3.  It was a great pleasure to acknowledge their accomplishments and to encourage all of them, especially those who are newly tenured, to take some risks with their scholarship and teaching.

General Education Statewide Steering Committee – The General Education Statewide Steering Committee met on Thursday, May 5, in Socorro to begin planning a General Education Curriculum centered on essential skills rather than content.  The two hours of discussion were lively and focused on a variety of questions ranging from whether every university should require a first year course, in which essential skills are introduced, to how we go about ensuring transferability of general education courses.  Prior to our next meeting, a subset of the steering committee will come together to discuss the introduction of essential skills during the first year of coursework.  As for the next meeting, which will be 3-4 hours in length, rather than two hours, we will break into smaller groups to consider the question of how many credits should be associated with general education and how essential skills should interface with content areas.

Faculty Senate and Furloughs – Later on Thursday, I attended the last NMSU Faculty Senate meeting of the year.  At the beginning of the meeting, I gave a short presentation on the 2017 budget and our ongoing efforts to identify $10.7 million in savings.  I did not provide a comprehensive overview of the budget cutting process; instead, I focused on the Transforming NMSU into a 21st Century University re-organization effort and the savings that should be realized by reducing levels of management at NMSU, especially in our administrative units.  This is a process that is best implemented through attrition of employees, which, given the typical pace of resignations, retirements, and promotions at NMSU, could occur relatively quickly, but not over the course of a single year.  When fully realized, the reorganization of administrative units is expected to save millions of dollars on an annual basis.  Our need, however, is for immediate savings and one of our challenges is to identify temporary solutions that will provide some of the necessary savings while the Transforming NMSU process plays out. Among the temporary solutions that are being considered is three furlough days in the 2016-2017 academic year.  I noted that furlough days are only one potential solution, and that I am seeking feedback on this option.  Please send your comments and concerns to me at

College of Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Interim Dean Jim Libbin


  • On March 22, the Teaching Academy hosted a panel to discuss Community Engagement, Outreach, and Extension. Panelists talked about what Community Engagement is, what makes good impact statements, why they are important, examples of impacts from various colleges, and how those impacts can be entered in Digital Measures. More than 30 participants attended the event and another 55 participants from across the state joined via the web. The panel consisted of Natalie Kellner (Provost’s Office), Karen Trujillo (College of Education), Mari Langford (College of Health and Social Services), Jon Boren (Cooperative Extension Service), and Steve Loring (Agricultural Experiment Station).

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Wanda Eastman was appointed as the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) Representative to the Council of Future Practice for the 2016-2017 Academy program year. Wanda’s commitment to the Academy supports empowering members to be the food and nutrition leaders. Academy successes are directly related to the contributions of member leaders like Dr. Eastman. It is a high honor to be appointed a representative on this council. We in ACES are proud of Dr. Eastman’s success.
  • Stuart Munson-McGee, Food Science and Technology faculty member, received an award for outstanding service from the Faculty Senate in honor of his leadership as Chair.


Cooperative Extension Service

  • The Guadalupe County Extension Service, in coordination with the Guadalupe Soil and Water Conservation District, hosted a demonstration for local growers on the use of weed barrier fabric and mat installation. Area growers learned to use both the tractor-pulled implement for large area fabric installation and received information on hand installation using weed fabric and staples. More than 30 growers from across the county attended the demonstration, where NMSU Extension Agriculture Specialist Del Jimenez explained the process for laying down the fabric, how the fabric works and reasons one may want to use this growing option. Jimenez works with small farmers all across New Mexico, demonstrating a variety of modern growing techniques such as hoop house and cold frame construction and growing, as well as weed barrier installation.

College of Arts & Sciences, Interim Dean Enrico Pontelli

The American Cancer Society projects that an estimated 1,685,210 new cancer cases can be expected this year in the United States. In an ongoing effort to support research at New Mexico State University into innovative methods of cancer detection and treatment, representatives from Cowboys for Cancer Research and NMSU Aggies are Tough Enough to Wear Pink presented another $250,000 in immediately available funding to four research projects, involving investigators from the departments of Biology and Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Kathryn Hanley (Biology) received $60,000 from the New Mexico Department of Health to study the range distribution of Aedes Aegypti in the state.  This mosquito can transmit a number of diseases including the Zika virus.  Enrico Pontelli (Dean’s Office) received $29,638 for the UNM EPSCoR GUTS project.

The Las Cruces Symphony held performances with guest pianist Jon Nakamatsu.

Wes Kline (Art) shot, edited and included music and sound for the film “Laura, or Scenes from a Common World.”  It has been selected for screening at 2016 AVIFF Film Festival in Cannes this month.

On Friday, May 6, the 17 College of Arts and Sciences Discovery Scholar Program (DSP) students and their mentors met to celebrate the 7 DSP students who are graduating and to all share their scholarship accomplishments through being part of DSP. Students in DSP are mentored through the process of creating, implementing, and disseminating their personal scholarship in preparation for Graduate School.  Students in the program come from the Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


College of Business, Dean James Hoffman

  • The final candidate for the Engineering Dean position visited campus on May 2. Along with the search committee that I am chairing, we interviewed the candidate and I attended lunch with him and members of the Academic Deans Council.  The search committee met with the Provost on May 5 to provide input on all candidates and feedback about references.
  • Congratulations to Carlo Mora and David Daniel who have been promoted to Professor effective Fall 2016. I attended a reception in their honor on May 3rd hosted by the Provost.
  • Many thanks to our professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, for hosting breakfast for all college faculty and staff on May 3.
  • I joined the Academic Deans Council for a lunch interview with the second of four candidates for the ACES Dean position on May 4. Interviews will continue into finals week.
  • We held the last faculty meeting of the academic year on May 6 to review committee reports and discuss the budget.
  • The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at

College of Engineering, Interim Dean Steve Stochaj

The New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation Summer Community College Opportunity for Research Experience (SCCORE) program for summer 2016 will be held June 6-July 1 at NMSU and four New Mexico AMP partner institutions, including Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico Highlands University, New Mexico Tech and University of New Mexico.  The 2016 SCCORE scholarship awardees attend NMSU-Carlsbad, Luna Community College, UNM-Taos Community College, NMSU-Alamogordo, Dona Ana Community College, Central New Mexico Community College and Santa Fe Community College. Participating students live on the university campus and serve as apprentice researchers on a faculty member’s research project and also take a credit-bearing course. Several students in the NMSU SCCORE program will work as research assistants with the Re-Inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure program. The ReNUWIt Young Scholars program will participate in the course provided by the NMSU SCCORE. The Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics will fund two students and provide research projects for them. Follow-up activities of the SCCORE program include attendance to, and research presentations at, the New Mexico AMP Student Research Conference. The SCCORE participants are also eligible for the New Mexico AMP Transfer Scholarship when the transition to university STEM degree programs.

eng alumnaNMSU engineering alumna Ember Krech is one of 10 doctoral students who have been selected to receive the University of Kansas’ prestigious Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship for the 2016-2017 academic year.  They are among over 170 students who have benefited from the fellowship since it was established in 1989. The Self Graduate Fellowship is a four-year award to new or first-year doctoral students who demonstrate leadership, initiative and a passion for achievement.  The fellowship covers full tuition and fees, provides a $30,000 annual payment to new fellows and includes a unique development program.  Krech is pursuing her doctoral degree in bioengineering.

Civil engineering student Dustin W. Dolan was selected to receive a $3,000 Gas Producers Association Permian Basin Chapter Scholarship for New Mexico State engineering students. This is the most important program for our Gas Processors Association Chapter.

The College of Engineering hosted a Student Capstone Poster Event in the East Ballroom of Corbett Center on May 4. Some 13 project teams from across the college presented posters and prototypes of the results of their capstone projects.

College of Health and Social Services, Dean Donna Wagner

Office of the Dean

  • The College of Health and Social Services held a recognition reception last week for faculty who were promoted, and/or received tenure. From the Department of Public Health Sciences, Anup Amatya was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. The School of Nursing promoted three instructors- Teresa Keller was promoted to Professor, Linda Summers was promoted to Associate Professor and received tenure and Martha Morales was promoted to College Associate Professor.  Congratulations to our very deserving colleagues!

School of Nursing

  • Pamela Schultz, Department Head, will be retiring from the School of Nursing at the end of the spring semester. Schultz has been with the School for 13 years and her role as Director of the SON has brought success to the School.  She will be greatly missed by the faculty, staff and students.  We wish her the best of luck!

School of Social Work

  • In response to the School of Social Work’s initiative to develop an online social work program, Dr. Iván de la Rosa, Associate Professor, attended the Council on Social Work Education conference in Indianapolis. The conference provided an opportunity for participants to learn best practice methods in developing and administration online or hybrid/blended programs; teaching and learning social work online; and clinical field issues related to distant education.

Department of Public Health Sciences

  • Satya Rao, Professor and Liz England-Kennedy, College Associate Professor, received the Outstanding Workshop Award from the Teaching Academy at NMSU. This award is given to the presenter of the Teaching Academy workshop that garners the highest evaluations from participants.


  • Cindy Kratzke, Associate Professor, and the Voice Against Cancer student organization, teamed up on an international cancer project last week. President Vijaya Pandey, who will be graduating this week, led the group to support our campus community and global projects. This year’s project was to help the kids at the Children Hospital in Juarez, Mexico. The Department has allocated $250 for this international project to deliver gifts for the children at the hospital.

University Library, Dean Elizabeth Titus

  • Branson Library hosted National Guard Historian William Boehm talk “Passage to the American Century: Pancho Villa, The National Defense Act and National Guard Mexican Border Service” on Monday, May 2. Over 20 people came out to hear about the raid on Columbus, N.M. in 1916.
  • The NMSU Library hosted the “Paws to De-Stress” event, which took place Tuesday, May 2 in the Zuhl Library lobby area. 258 people came to interact with trained service dogs and lessen their stress levels. This event is co-sponsored by the Library and the Counseling Center.


  • Rio Grande Historical Collections collected 22 more boxes of records from J. Paul Taylor and have begun to process the new Senator Mary Kay Papen papers.
  • Dean Titus met with Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences Dr. Enrico Pontelli to discuss collaborative fundraising for digitization of the Clyde Tombaugh Collection.

Honors College, Dean Miriam Chaiken

  • End of Term Support for Students – at the end of the semester everyone is feeling the stress, especially the students. We decided to help do some stress-busting by putting out snacks to keep students’ energy levels up, and Subie the College Mascot paid a visit. Subie proved that golden retrievers are good for the soul, as many students came by for a little fun and play and tail wags.
  • Fulbright Representative Visit – Andy Riess, the Assistant Director of the Institute of International Education (Fulbright) paid us a visit. We learned more about new initiatives and countries that will be available through the IIE programs, and he visited with a number of faculty who may apply for Fulbright awards in the coming cycle. This was a good foundation for the informational session that Drs. Andrea Orzoff and Tim Ketelaar will hold on Monday, May 9, for faculty interested in learning more about Fulbright opportunities.
  • Book Manuscript Submitted – Dean Miriam Chaiken is co-editing a book entitled  Responses to Disasters and Climate Change: Understanding Vulnerability and Fostering Resilience with Michèle Companion of U of Colorado – Colorado Springs. The book will be published in 2017 by Taylor & Francis Press. The twenty-three essays included in the volume cover seventeen countries around the world, including her work in Mozambique. Different dimensions of community, household, individual, or social group vulnerability to disaster and strategies are investigated in each essay, to better understand and improve resilience. Multiple forms of disasters, both chronic (poverty, food insecurity, climate change) and acute (hurricanes/typhoons, earthquakes, fires, and floods) are explored to provide a comprehensive discussion of the topic.

Administration and Finance, Senior Vice President Angela Throneberry

  • arborArbor Day Activities – In conjunction with Arbor and Earth Day, Grounds personnel planted 15 Smoke Trees on the south side of Frenger Street between the Sheep Barn and the Herders Residence. This was a collaborative effort between Grounds and Animal and Range Sciences to improve the appearance of the campus landscaping around the sheep barns.
  • Endowed Scholarship – Jeff Dunham performed on May 2 in the Pan American Center to a crowd of approximately 4,000 fans.  Presented by American Collegiate Talent Search (ACTS) and Special Events, the evening included a presentation of a $25,000 donation from Dunham to Barbara Hubbard for her scholarship program which includes the Jeff Dunham Endowed Scholarship.  Dunham was a winner in the talent search contest presented by ACTS over 30 years ago, and has maintained a close relationship with Hubbard during his very successful career.
  • poliche shiefNMSU CIO Hosts –  NMSU Chief Information Officer (CIO), Norma Grijalva, hosted this year’s CHECS board meeting on April 14 and 15. CHECS (Consortium for Higher Education Computer/Communications Services Network), is a non-profit organization made up of CIOs from K-20 institutes within the state of higher education. They regularly meet to discuss issues that impact technology in New Mexico, such as networks and technology resource sharing. This year’s meeting was held at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.
  • S-T-R-I-K-E! – In support of NMSU’s first place Aggies Baseball team, the Fire Department and Police Department were in attendance on Sunday’s final series game vs. Sacramento State at Presley Askew Field. NMSU Athletics honored local Police and Firefighters though an “Appreciation Day.”  The Aggies swept the series to capture first place in their division.  Throwing the first pitch was NMSU Firefighter Tyler Aguirre and Police Chief Stephen Lopez.
  • “May the Fourth” – “May the Fourth” Star Wars themed event was held in the Aggie Lounge and was hosted by CCSU, Resident Hall Association and Aggie Activities Council. The event included light saber challenges, posing with Star Wars characters and a game of Pin the Light Saber on Yoda.  Luke SKYWater, Princess LAYS, Yoda Soda, Padawan Pizza &Wookie cookies were served.


Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, Vice President Bernadette Montoya

  • senior walkSenior Walk – The first annual Senior Walk was on May 5, 2016. This new Aggie tradition complements First Year Walk, which is held each fall. Senior Walk is meant to be a time of reflection and celebration for our Graduating Aggies each Spring semester. Chancellor, Garrey Carruthers addressed the seniors before they took their senior walk through the Miller Gates. The event organizer was Campus Activities with event attendance from University Advancement, Commencement, and NMSU Barnes & Noble.
  • Student Success Center – NMSU Student Success Center was awarded 10 GMAT Fee Waiver Codes for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Applications for the GMAT Fee Waiver Codes will open July 1, 2016. The NMSU Student Success Center also conducted an end of the year/graduation celebration for the Daniels Fund Scholars Program.
  • Recruitment Best Practices – AVP Dacia Sedillo, Director of Undergraduate Admissions Delia DeLeon, and Assistant Director of Recruitment Communications, Anton Magallanez presented to the College of Business Department Heads Wednesday morning. The purpose of the presentation was to inform of current recruitment practices occurring centrally, and to offer ways the COB and UG Admissions can partner in recruiting new students to the College at little or no additional cost or need for additional resources.
  • Student Media – KRUX 91.5 FM, the student-run radio station of NMSU, hosted their annual music festival KRUXfest 2016 April 21-23. Events were held at Art Obsura featuring Off to Sleep, Porter, Back of a Car and Neely; Banes and Noble Café at NMSU, featuring Ehran Kraul, Hayden Spears, The Kangaroo Infant, and Tyler Watkins; and El Patio featuring Circle of Bears, and 3AM
  • Chicano Programs Outreach – This week Chicano Programs hosted two groups of prospective students on campus. On May 5, a Border Patrol Sponsored program with at-risk high school students visited the Las Cruces and DACC Central campuses. Students visited the Creative Media Institute, the Activity Center, the CAMP programs and the Stress Buster event.  The group ate at the Taos cafeteria, then toured various DACC programs in the afternoon. On May 6, the Phoenix Collegiate Academy completed their annual trip to NMSU.  They were provided a tour from Admissions and a presentation on Preparing for College by Chicano Programs.
  • Counseling and Student Development – The Counseling Center hosted a program called Stress Buster on May 4 and 5 to help students cope with the end of the semester. Stress Buster included massage therapy, pet therapy and various activities. Over 500 students participated over the two-day event.
  • Aggies Against Violence Week – The Office of the Dean of Students had a very successful Aggies Against Violence Week which took place from April 25th -29th organized by WAVE and the Aggies Against Violence Committee! Events included viewing of the documentary The Hunting Grounds by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, Committed and Empowered to End Campus Sexual Assault Workshop for faculty, staff, and student leaders, Self-defense interactive demonstrations, the spoken word performance group Speak Like  Girl .
    Walk a Mile In Her Shoes
    around the horseshoe

Vice President for Economic Development, Vice President Kevin Boberg

  • Women’s Career Success Conference – On Wednesday, in conjunction with Senator Udall’s Office, Arrowhead Center co-sponsored the 2016 Women’s Career Success Conference. The event was held at the Arrowhead Research Park and was attended by over 90 women.  The conference featured discussions and breakout sessions focused on financial literacy, career success planning, and entrepreneurial development.  Senator Udall and Arrowhead Director Kathy Hansen welcomed the attendees and keynote speaker Alice Loy of Creative Startups gave the keynote address. Senator Udall then facilitated a panel of women professionals who shared advice and stories about their journeys as they have developed strong careers and businesses.
  • Innoventure Competition – The annual Innoventure Competition was hosted by Arrowhead at Corbett Center on Friday. More than 38 teams of middle school and high school students from around the state participated in this year’s competition. The overall winner for middle school teams was Special Classroom Modifications, from CC Snell Middle School in Bayard, NM.  The overall winner for high school teams was West Las Vegas High School.
  • Daniels Fund Visit – On Thursday and Friday, representatives from the Daniels Fund visited Arrowhead and the NMSU campus. They were given briefings on a grant they have issued to the NMSU Foundation for Arrowhead’s entrepreneurship programming across the K-16 educational pipeline.  The Daniels Fund representatives were given briefings on the Innoventure program and Studio G, and had the chance to attend several events associated with these programs.
  • EDA Regional Director Visit – Jorge Ayala, new director of the U.S. EDA regional office in Austin, Texas, visited Arrowhead last week along with Trisha Korbas, EDA representative and NMSU alum. Mr. Ayala met with Arrowhead staff and Chancellor Carruthers, and also had an opportunity to get to know NMSU campus and the regional community.

Vice President for Research, Vice President Vimal Chaitanya

Army Research Lab (ARL) Director visits NMSU. On May 4, Dr. Philip Perconti, ARL Director, Dr. J. Corde Lane, Executive Officer and Technical assistant to the Director, Dr. Patrick Baker, Director of Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate (SLAD) and Mr. Richard Flores, Chief, Cybersecurity and Electromagnetic Protection Division visited NMSU and met with President Carruthers, Provost Howard, VPR Chaitanya and Dean Stochaj. Dr. Perconti presented the Army’s open campus program and discussed future plans to establish hubs and spokes across the Nation at several University campuses. He invited the room full of NMSU researchers to get more engaged with the fundamental research (6.1 and 6.2 type) needs of the Army. The visitors spent the afternoon with PSL reviewing their SLAD program and traveled to the UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) center of excellence operated by PSL at the Las Cruces airport.

NSF EPSCoR State Wide Meetings in Albuquerque – On May 4 and 5, NM EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) office organized annual EPSCoR all-hands meeting and EPSCoR RII-5 planning meeting to develop research topic areas centered on a New Mexico energy center for the next cycle of NSF competition. At the meeting, participants from all the working groups including, bioalgal energy development, geothermal energy, osmotic power development, solar energy, uranium transport and site remediation, as well as the social and natural science nexus team met to discuss project development and future work for the remaining years of the project. Sam Fernald, Enrico Pontelli, Vimal Chaitanya and many researchers from NMSU representing energy generation and distribution, water, environment, food,  and social nexus participated in the discussion for the topics to be included for the NSF EPSCoR RII-5 phase of the cycle tentatively scheduled to start in July of 2018 after a nationwide competition among EPSCoR states.

WSMR Academic Partnership – Brig. Gen. Coffin, commanding Officer of White Sands Missile Range invited the University leadership and the research awardees to participate in “Academic Partnership Initiative Meeting and Luncheon”. Vimal Chaitanya attended the meeting with the College of Engineering interim Dean, Steve Stochaj, Head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Satish Ranade and Head of the Computer Science Department, Jonathan Cook along with the team of NMSU research awardees, Muhammad Dawood, Zachary Toups and Sang-Yeon Cho. Chancellor Carruthers joined us for lunch with Brig. Gen. Coffin and invitees from UNM, UTEP and NMSU.

NSF CAREER Award Workshop – The Office of Research Development conducted a three-hour proposal development workshop for the NSF CAREER program.  The CAREER award is NSF’s most prestigious award for junior faculty. In addition to presentations and critical-review-based activity, the workshop also featured panel discussion with two current CAREER awardees and a prior NSF Program Director.

Water Users Organization – The Lower Rio Grande Water Users Organization (LRGWUO) Technical Committee met on April 26 at NM WRRI to continue discussion of water topics applicable to the membership.  LRGWUO membership consists of City of Las Cruces, Doña Ana County, Doña Ana Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association, Town of Mesilla, Anthony Water and Sanitation District, Village of Hatch, New Mexico State University, and Elephant Butte Irrigation District (EBID).

University Advancement, Vice President/Foundation Executive Director Andrea Tawney

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Gift – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico agreed to make a $5,000 gift to support the 2016 Domenici Public Policy Conference.
Estate Gifts – Two alumni (College of Business and ACES) have presented documentation that they have placed NMSU in their estate plans, with generous gifts that have a present value of $100,000 and $75,000, respectively. As a result, they are being welcomed into the 1888 Society.
Endowed Scholarship – An alum from the College of Engineering has established a new $80,000 endowed scholarship. The gift began with a call by Jonathan Gordon, a student caller and U.S. Army veteran who works at the Aggie Pride Call Center. He reconnected the donor to what is happening today in the College of Engineering. The gift planning director met with donor in his hometown and together they crafted a scholarship agreement that will create a lasting legacy for future students following in his footsteps.
Donor Thank You – Five College of Health and Social Services student ambassadors from all departments hand wrote 95 donor thank you cards.  The cards showed appreciation to donors for their support.
Aggies in Paradise – The NMSU Intercollegiate Athletics Department raised $35,000 (net) during the annual Aggies in Paradise event on May 6. A record crowd of 450 people attended the dinner and auction on the 50-yard line in Aggie Memorial Stadium.

Athletics, Director Mario Moccia

  • mens tennisOur New Mexico State men’s tennis team traveled to Brownsville, TX for the Western Athletic Conference Tournament where the Aggies won the WAC Championship for the second time in a row. The win advanced them to the NCAA Tournament where they will take on Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX on Saturday, May 14. This is the first time in the history of the program that the Aggies will make a back to back appearance at the NCAA Tournament.
  • Travelled to Dallas, Texas, to participate in and present at the Third Annual Learfield Minority Academy. The academy is designed to foster minority growth and professional development in the collegiate sector. There are over 150 applicants from various organizations that vie for 13 spots to attend the five-day seminar which consists of two days of educational sessions dedicated to sales training and best practices followed by two days of job shadowing. I participated on several panels and presented with Troy Datcher, Vice President for Sales and Sports Marketing for Clorox and Shawn Taylor, President of Zaxby’s Houston, LLC.
  • Attended the 2016 Fiesta Bowl Spring Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, the Summit was attended by Athletic Directors, head football coaches and conference commissioners to discuss the latest trends in college football.
  • Athletics hosted our annual Aggies in Paradise event on Friday evening at Aggie Memorial Stadium. There were over 300 attendees at the event which is the biggest athletic fundraiser of the year. The evening consisted of a dinner, music and a live and silent auction. Final numbers have not been totaled but early counts show an all-time revenue for this event. All proceeds support the student-athletes.
  • Our New Mexico State baseball team took 2 out of 3 games from first place Seattle University over the weekend and are one game out of first place with 6 remaining conference games left. On Sunday, the Aggies closed out their home schedule by hosting Senior Day and celebrating Mother’s Day at Presley Askew Field. Seniors Joe Koerper and Cameron Haskins were honored following the game. Additionally, the Aggie Baseball players honored their Mom’s on the field after the game.


International and Border Program, Associate Provost Cornell Menking

On May 3, representatives from ACES received a delegation led by Dr. Armando Segovia Lerma, the General Director of the Consejo Estatal de Ciencias, Tecnologia e Innovacion de Chihuahua (COECYTECH), which manages CONACYT funding for the state of Chihuahua.  Dr. Segovia received his Ph.D. from NMSU’s Agronomy program in 2000.  Numerous projects were discussed in a meeting with Esther Devall, Stuart Munson-Mcgee, Efren Delgado, Dean Jim Libbin, Dean Loui Reyes, Rod McSherry and Cornell Menking, many with the intent of enrolling people from Chihuahua in NMSU graduate programs.

On the week of 25 April, the Confucius Institute at NMSU received the President of their partner university Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Vocational College, Liu Guiyun, and the Director of the International Cooperation Division at new partner university Hebei Normal University, Xue Xianlian for a week of activities profiling the Institute. In addition to our annual Board Meeting, visits were made with Assoc. Provost of International and Border Programs, Dr. Cornell Menking, the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Don Pope-Davis, with Office of Education Abroad personnel Angel Palumbo and Kari Rankin, meeting with Wayne Savage of Arrowhead Development,  as well as dinner with the Provost, Dr. Dan Howard. The CI hosted a “Taste of China” lunch at Taos Restaurant and an Open House in Breland Hall, attended by more than 60 guests who learned about Chinese language, paper cutting, calligraphy, and received performances by our Chinese language students and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

The China Side Director, Prof. Ren Qiang attended the National Chinese Language Conference in Chicago with two or our Chinese language instructors. This major event was attended by over 2,000 educators of Chinese language and culture. They were addressed by Madame Xu Lin, Head of the Confucius Institute Headquarters Executive Council, Beijing, among others.

The CI also hosted Chinese movie night and a general meeting of all their New Mexico teachers.

On May 3rd ,2016 the Study Abroad Ambassador Club held an International Prom that was open to the while International Community and their friends. Approximately 80 students attended and a king and queen were even crowned. This is the second semester that this club has done this and will do it again next semester.


This week, the Office of Education Abroad (OEA) met to discuss plans to increase diversity and access to study abroad. These ideas were inspired by the Diversity Abroad Conference attended in April. Work will begin on the projects this summer, which include translating relevant materials and website content into Spanish to better serve our student population.

Over the past month OEA has met with 5 potential FLIP programs that will go out in 2017. This is a great start to next years faculty led programs.  We continue to be busy with registration, billing, health insurance and appointments with future education abroad students.

OEA met with Lessons From Abroad to organize the first Southwest conference for returning education abroad students. The conference will be held in September in Tucson, Arizona. We are participating in both the marketing and content teams to create continued support for NMSU students after they have studied abroad.

The OEA marketing team had an international carnival full of games and information about Education Abroad in front of Corbett. There was a decent turnout with many conversations with incoming freshman about opportunities for education abroad.  Final count for classroom presentations by our marketeers for the Spring semester is 183!

University Communications, Associate Vice President Maureen Howard

Web Communications – We are happy to announce that our Snapchat Geofilter was accepted by the Snapchat Team.  Geofilters are special one-of-a-kind overlays for Snaps (images or videos) that can only be accessed in certain locations.  The “Hello from NMSU” Geofilter can only be accessed on campus.


News – This week we kicked off a hashtag campaign to gather information about the experiences of the NMSU community during the summer months. Called #NMSUSummerDiscovery, the project invites the NMSU community to tag their photos from travel, study or other summer activities. The campaign started on Friday with this post on the NMSU Facebook page: “What kinds of adventures are you planning this summer? Whether you are traveling, studying or just spending time with your friends, let us know by tagging your photos “NMSUSummerDiscovery”? Please join us and add to the posts.

KRWG – On Tuesday Senator Tom Udall stopped by the studios of KRWG for an interview about issues along the border region. Following the taping, the student production crew had the opportunity to chat with the Senator. The program aired as an episode of KRWG’s weekly show “Fronteras.”

Government Relations, Assistant Vice President Ricardo Rel

  • May 10 -12, Legislative Finance Committee, Capitol, room 322
    • May 10, 1:30pm, Long Term Economic Development Strategies- Chris Erickson- Economics, NMSU
    • May 11, 1:30 pm, Program Evaluation: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) – Educational Costs, Degree Production and Labor Market Outcomes
    • May 12, 10:00 pm, Update on Statewide Compensation Strategy, Justin Najaka, Director, State Personnel Office
  • May 19, Investments and Pensions Oversight Committee, Capitol, Rm 322
    • 2016 Interim Work Plan and Meeting Schedule
  • May 23, Legislative Health & Human Services Committee, Capitol, Rm 322
    • 8:40 am, Medicaid Update, Brent Earnest, Secretary
    • 30 pm, Work Plan; Meeting Schedule, Review of 2016 Health and Human Services Legislation.

New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Director/Secretary Jeff M. Witte

  • Marketing staff are currently attending Expo-Gan Sonora, Mexico, to meet with representatives from the livestock industry and evaluate needs for livestock genetics.  NMDA was previously informed the State of Sonora was searching for 8,000 breeding bulls.  Specialists are evaluating what breeds are needed to satisfy this demand.
  • Representatives of NMDA’s Marketing and Development division are currently participating in the SIAL Tradeshow in Shanghai, China.  The New Mexico pecan industry is represented in the tradeshow as well.
  • VDS received approval for National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) participation for 2017 and they hosted National Poultry Improvement Plan training for veterinarians and producers.  Participants heard from experts in the field on topics such as Pullorum and Avian Influenza sample collection and diagnostics.  All participants had the opportunity to practice collection techniques on live birds.
  • Staff was selected by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Office of Food and Veterinary Medicine & Office of Regulatory Affair’s (ORA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Training Workgroup as an ORA FSMA Preventive Controls (PC) Regulator Training Instructor.  As a recognized Instructor, they will become a member of a PC Regulator Training Instructor cadre and as such, the cadre will be afforded the opportunity to develop as an instructor and prepare to deliver the PC Animal Food Regulator training to FDA and State food safety staff.
  • NMDA’s Public Information Officer utilized the giant green chile cheeseburger to talk about New Mexico agriculture during Ag Day in Grants.  Presented to approximately 200, 2nd-, 6th-, and 7th.

New Mexico State University-Doña Ana, President Renay Scott

Union Pacific Donation – On Tuesday the head of Public Relations for Union Pacific is expected to donate a gift of more than $20,000 for programs and services at the Sunland Park Center to develop the workforce in Southern Doña Ana County.

Respiratory Therapy Program Honored – The NMSU Doña Ana Respiratory Therapy program has been awarded the Distinguished Registered Respiratory Therapist Credentialing Success Award from their national accrediting agency. This award is not an endorsement or recommendation but rather is based on the program’s compliance with established accreditation standards.

Woods Receives Honorary Degree – Ben Woods will be presented with an honorary business degree during the DACC commencement on Thursday, May 12 at the Pan American Center. Woods recently retired after 25 years of service to NMSU. The NMSU Board of Regents conferred the degree for his contributions to education including NMSU Doña Ana.


New Mexico State University-Alamogordo, President Ken Van Winkle

NMSU-A Holds Spring Art Show – NMSU-A held its Annual Spring Student Art Show on Thursday, May 5. The students artists are part of NMSU-A’s digital and fine arts program. The displays featured work from ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, graphic design and various digital media. More than 300 people from the campus and community attended the event.

Local Elementary Students Enjoy Theater Production – Theatre group presented the play “The Mystery of Pirate’s Cove” to local elementary school students on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, at the Rohovec Theater.  For the 17th year, the theatre group has produced a spring play designed for a young audience. Last week more than 1200 children from the local schools had a chance to see the production in person. The play opened to the community on Friday and Saturday, May 6 and 7.

NMSU-A Holds Annual Literacy Event – This year’s theme was “Take the Right Path to Education” and included information on-site from Otero County Health Office, Presbyterian, I-BEST, Forest Service, and Hunger Coalition. The event started with a walk and Zumba presentation. Door prizes were also given away along with healthy refreshments.

Retirees visited Campus – On Friday, May 6, former faculty and staff visited the campus and enjoyed a reception in their honor.  President Van Winkle provided them an update on campus changes including information on the on-going change from three divisions to two divisions and the upcoming searches for the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Student Success.  Numerous members of the current faculty and staff were on hand to welcome the retirees to campus and answer questions.

New Mexico State University -Carlsbad, President John Gratton

  • On Monday, May 2, NMSU Carlsbad President John Gratton attended the monthly PAC meeting via ITV.  The discussion was very pertinent to the economic issues in New Mexico as budget considerations were presented for consideration.
  • On Tuesday, May 3, a contingent of NMSU Carlsbad faculty traveled to Las Cruces in order to attend a promotion and tenure reception at the Stan Fulton Center. The event was attended by faculty representing NMSU – Las Cruces and each of the four branch campuses and all attendees enjoyed the festivities.
  • On Friday evening of May 6, The NMSU Carlsbad campus hosted a “Launch Reception” to celebrate the completion of a student literary publication. The venture was the result of a great collaborative effort between the English, Humanities, and Media Arts Departments and during the ceremony students presented their literary works. The event was well-attended, enjoyed by all, and the involved faculty and staff are to be commended for the initiative.
  • On Saturday, May 7, the NMSU Carlsbad campus conducted its annual Employee Appreciation reception and dinner. The festivities included the recognition of service awards, the awarding of faculty and staff awards, and the announcing of faculty receiving promotion and/or tenure. The event was very well-attended and was enjoyed by all.

New Mexico State University – Grants, Interim President Harry Sheski

Student Appreciation – The faculty members of NMSU Grants hosted a baked potato bar to show appreciation for their students on Wednesday May 4.  Students enjoyed visiting and networking with their professors while snacking on a baked potato. The faculty have hosted student appreciation meals for the past five semesters.

New Teacher Reception – On May 5, the NMSU Grants Education Program in collaboration with the Delta Kappa Gamma Psi Chapter organization hosted a reception to recognize students who previously received an Associates in Education from NMSU Grants and continued to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Education.  The new teachers were given words of advice and encouragement from Interim President, Dr. Harry Sheski, and veteran teachers from the NMSU Grants and Grants  Cibola County Schools.  All graduates were given a bag full of teaching supplies donated by Delta Kappa Gamma members to help them get started in their new profession.

Bust End of Semester Stress Video Game Night – The last Video Game Night of the Spring 2016 semester was a Super Smash Brothers Tournament! The tournament was held in the Multi-purpose Classroom 007 from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm on Friday, May 6! Students, staff, and faculty enjoyed door prizes, snacks, competition and a great time!

Associated Students of New Mexico State University

2016 Spring Commencement – May 13, 2016.

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