Activity Report November 25 – December 1

Chancellor Garrey Carruthers

I will be testifying before the Legislative Finance Committee on Tuesday with respect to the Council of University Presidents’ response to their cost drivers support and making our positions on lottery scholarships and appropriation requests.  We will seek two percent new money, four percent redistribution in the funding formula; decoupling of the lottery scholarship from tuition; and most importantly, compensation increases for all employees.  The just released revenue forecast is for $199 million “new dollars” so we are hopeful some new money can be invested in higher education. Higher Education has seen a $69.2 million reduction in appropriations over the last three fiscal years.  We have a very good story to tell. We did brief our local legislative delegation this past week on NMSU matters, to include freshmen enrollment and 2018 applications being up.  Best attendance ever for this briefing with seemingly good support for NMSU.

Giving Tuesday was once again a big success with $2.5 million in contributions which, with matching funds provided by many donors, yielded another $973 thousand, hence, $3.48 million in total contributions.  The Advancement team with many volunteers and students did an outstanding job again.  This was our third-annual Giving Tuesday event, and we have raised over $11 million in these years.  All goes to the Foundation and most for scholarships.


We had a number of visitors from San Luis Potosi, a city in central Mexico, who are interested in building a private university in that city (one million people) on their rather large community development project.  Their visit was to determine if NMSU would contract to run this university, to include assisting in identifying and hiring faculty and determining program offerings.  The project, if we are to participate, has to meet our HLC accreditation standards.  This project would be very much like one operated by Arkansas State in Queretaro.  The person who brought the project to our attention is Tim Hudson, former chancellor at Arkansas State.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the fantastic weekend for NMSU football.  It has been forever since there was this much excitement in our town and the Aggie Nation, almost what one feels in the South Eastern Conference (SEC) on game day.  The attendance was outstanding, and I was pleased when the fans stormed the field, hoping they would not tear down the goal posts. So we need to all plan to hit Tucson on December 29 for the game vs. Utah State.  Please purchase your tickets from the Aggie Ticket office in that we have an allotment of prime seats.

Executive Vice President and Provost Dan Howard

At the Monday, November 27, meeting of the Regents Financial Strategic Performance and Budget Committee we discussed differential tuition for students taking nurse courses and raising tuition for out of state students who take six or fewer credits during any academic semester. The discussions about differential tuition for our nursing students centered on implementation and the expansion of the nursing program.

On Wednesday, November 29, I traveled to Albuquerque with Melody Munson-McGee, Stuart Munson-McGee, and David Smith to attend a meeting of the Statewide General Education Steering Committee. At the meeting, we discussed the results of the nine faculty input sessions held across the state, we spent time working on learning outcome rubrics, and we discussed possible changes to the curriculum model.

On Thursday, I discussed general education reform at the Teaching Academy. Among the issues covered were the model, concerns about the model raised by faculty across the state, and how to implement the model at NMSU and other institutions of higher education.

On Friday, I was once again at the Teaching Academy, this time discussing promotion and tenure with assistant professors. Among the topics covered were the contents of the dossier, how to write effective narratives (less is better), the need for multiple forms of teaching evaluation, the importance of mentoring students, and identifying appropriate external letter writers.

College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Dean Rolando Flores

NMSU-ACES Cooperative Extension Service delivered presentations and participated in panel discussions at the first Binational Border Conference on Agricultural Extension in Chihuahua, Mexico. The conference was hosted by Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua and was sponsored by SAGARPA (Secretaría de Agricultura, Ganedería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentación) and APLU (Association of Public and Land Grant Universities).  NMSU-ACES coordinated the participation of the U.S. delegation that included six Land-grant universities.  As Mexico is interested in learning more about the connection between agricultural research, teaching and extension, its government and universities have reached out to NMSU for capacity building and training to better understand the development, implementation and continuous review of the U.S. cooperative extension model. NMSU-ACES is slated to have a second round of intensive extension training, sponsored by SAGARPA, that will follow up on challenges and opportunities that were flagged during this binational gathering in Mexico.

Adult 4-H volunteers need opportunities to participate in educational programs during the 4-H program year and to network with other volunteer leaders. In an effort to provide this opportunity, the New Mexico 4-H Volunteer Leader Association Executive Board in partnership with the State 4-H Office, provides leadership to an annual conference for adult volunteers, leaders and parents. The 2017 New Mexico 4-H Adult Forum was held in Socorro, New Mexico in conjunction with the Collegiate 4-H Leadership Conference and Socorro County youth training. Eighty volunteers and Extension professionals representing 21 counties, engaged in service learning, project training and personal development through workshops, general sessions and interactive displays. At the end of the day, several participants said that they felt energized for the new year. Participants will go back to counties to train the 3,000 volunteers across New Mexico who are impacting over 5,000 youth.

Nine cattlemen from Mexico visited with Dean Rolando Flores and Dr. Shanna Ivey, interim department head of Animal and Range Science, as part of NMDA’s end of the year inbound mission. The nine gentlemen were in New Mexico buying Angus and Brangus bulls and took the opportunity to visit with the College’s representative to discuss ideas to address common issues and explore collaboration. Cattlemen in New Mexico, and Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico face similar issues with range management and care for the Angus and Brangus breeds so the meeting offered a great opportunity to exchange ideas. The inbound mission ended at the 2017 Joint Stockmen Convention organized by the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association.

The USDA-NIFA Multistate Project W-3128: “Scaling Microirrigation Technologies to Address the Global Water Challenge” was awarded the Irrigation Association’s National Water & Energy Conservation Award in Orlando, Florida. The group is a team of researchers and Extension specialists who have been working for nearly 45 years. This group documents and shares the science that has advanced the development and practical application of microirrigation in agriculture.  Irrigation technology/application is important, as it influences so many different areas of our economy and the ability to sustainably manage our water resources. The team includes Manoj Shukla from NMSU’s Plant and Environmental Sciences Department; past members have included Mick O’Neill, Dan Smeal, and Ted Sammis, also of the PES Department. Steve Loring, associate director of NMSU’s Agricultural Experiment Station, accepted the award as the administrative advisor of the group.

College of Arts & Sciences, Dean Enrico Pontelli

Giving Tuesday!   The College of Arts and Sciences participated in this year’s Giving Tuesday at NMSU.  We had our student ambassadors volunteering all day to greet and thank donors for giving.  We had a lot of faculty, students and our board members stop by to give!


The Dean’s Office hosted a retirement reception for Cathy Thomas.  Cathy was the special executive administrative assistant to the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.  We celebrated her nearly 30 years working with the college and her 36 years with New Mexico State University.

Science Magazine has featured the “pint-sized neutrino detector” as one of 12 discoveries nominated for the breakthrough of the year. Assistant Professor Robert Cooper (Physics) is one of the PIs on this collaboration.

College of Business, Dean James Hoffman

As part of our philanthropic efforts, the American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter Director of Philanthropy Nicole Money contacted the local Boys and Girls Club about donating toys for the upcoming 2017 holiday. They enthusiastically agreed and we began gathering toy donations from our members, faculty and staff. We will be presenting the toys to them mid-December and hope this will continue to be a great relationship between AMA, the College of Business and the Boys and Girls Club.

Photo by Anthony Casaus: Dean Hoffman with AMA students and toys collected for toy drive

David Boje and Grace Ann Rosile (Management Department) are members of interdisciplinary, cross college team of Business and Arts & Sciences (Comm Studies & Psychology) that was funded $40K to do Post-Deployment Military Family Reintegration Interventions, Proposal No. 57. We are one of eight awardees of the 2017 IMPACT Mini-Grants.  More than 215 faculty members participated in this Mini-Grant competition.  The research on veterans and their family members, will compare ’embodied restorying process’ working with ‘material objects’ in sand trays against control group. Goal is research results will make this an evidence base method of treatment.

David Boje (Management Department) received award from Military and Veterans Programs at their annual banquet on November 10 for his continued support and dedication to our military and veterans students at New Mexico State University.

Dean Jim Hoffman and Director of Development Anthony Casaus met with Desert Sun Motors owner, Bobby Martinez of Alamogordo Monday, November  27.  Martinez spoke to Dean Hoffman’s Finance 490 Business Creation and Valuation class in the Business Complex.

Photo by Anthony Casaus: Bobby Martinez discussing case study with students in Finance 490 Business Creation and Valuation class.

College of Education, Dean Donald Pope-Davis

Giving Tuesday ~ Scholarships in honor of Bunford Pelton   Clifford Pelton established two scholarships in the College of Education in honor of his brother Bunford Pelton as well as two others at DACC and International Programs.

  • Bunford (“Bumpy”) S. Pelton Counseling Endowed Scholarship in the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology
  • Bunford (“Bumpy”) S. Pelton Teaching Endowed Scholarship in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Bunford S. Pelton was born in Baltimore, Maryland on January 26, 1927.  He was nicknamed “Bumpy” in grade school, but no one remembers why. Bumpy had a hard life and was often misunderstood because he was shy and guarded but he was always considerate of others.  He was honorably discharged from the army in WWII.  He was a master of many trades. He worked hard his entire life and rarely enjoyed his earnings. However, after retirement his dream was to trek through Asia. He had two great adventures to Katmandu.  He finally found a true place to call home when he followed his brother Clifford L. Pelton to Las Cruces in 1996.  His brother Clifford established four endowed scholarships in honor and memory of Bumpy’s life.  It is his wish to ease the financial burden of students and hopefully at some time they will pay it forward in honor of Bumpy.

The Giving Tuesday event was a great opportunity to meet with the donor and learn about his family commitment to learning. Knowing more about the donor adds a depth of understanding about what donors bring to the College of Education students’ success.

STEM OUTREACH CENTER   The Las Cruces Scholastic Chess Association teamed up with the STEM Outreach Center and the El Paso Institute of Chess (EPIC) to hold the first John Clark Memorial Tournament. The tournament was free to all competitors.  There were three age divisions which were Kindergarten to 2nd grade, 3rd grade – 5th grade, and 6th grade – 8th grade. There were over 70 students competing from Alameda Elementary, Lynn Middle School, Mesilla Park Elementary, University Hills Elementary, Sierra Middle School, and students from EPIC. The tournament was from 8:00am – 3:00pm and all students played five rounds each while parents patiently watched from the sidelines.  First through third place finalists in each group received a trophy. Fourth and fifth place received medals.

Counseling & Educational Psychology Department   Our doctoral program in Counseling Psychology was mentioned in an article on inter-professional training.

Monitor on Psychology: Special Report: Trends to Watch in 2018

Read article here:

Mathematically Connected Communities – Teacher Leader Cadre (TLC)   The Mathematically Connected Communities (MC2) Project is a partnership of math educators, teachers, mathematicians, researchers, and school administrators across New Mexico with a focus on professional opportunities for effective mathematics teaching and learning. As an essential component of MC2, the Teacher Leader Cadre (TLC) brings together a group of 23 dedicated classroom teachers who convene monthly with mathematicians and math educators to deepen their content knowledge, build leadership skills, engage in rich, ongoing study of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, and design professional learning experiences for teachers. Teacher Leaders are involved in developing and facilitating Content and Pedagogy workshops and also use Edmodo learning communities, eNewsletters, webinars, and videos to provide online support for teachers across the state. The TLC provides university faculty and staff with classroom “laboratories” to study children’s learning and effective teaching practices.

College of Engineering, Dean Lakshmi Reddi

The Chemical and Materials Engineering Department has been putting a lot of investment into undergraduate research in the past few years and the effort is yielding returns.  At the 2017 pair of chemical engineering undergraduate researchers won first place in the Environmental Division of the undergraduate research poster competition at American Institute of Chemical Engineers national meeting in Minneapolis, Minessota. The poster was presented by Gustavo Hernandez and Daniel Ellis entitled, “Nitrosodimethylamine Removal from Underground Water in NASA White Sands Testing Facility.” Other authors of the poster included Jose Rodriguez, Assistant Professor Catherine Brewer and Professor Paul Andersen.



NMSU Regent Chair Debra Hicks visited with more than 50 engineering students in the Eloy Torrez Family Engineering Learning Communities in November. Hicks, an NMSU civil engineering alumna, gave insight on being the president and CEO of Pettigrew & Associates. The students learned about leadership within industry and the steps to take to succeed while in college. The students engaged in great conversation about their future in the engineering industry.



Douglas Cortes, associate professor of civil engineering, was invited by the Center for Micro-BioRobotics of the Italian Institute of Technology to visit in CMBR in Pontedera (Province of Pisa, Italy). His visit was focused on formalizing his collaboration with the IIT’s CMBR research team, and included research presentations by Cortes and his Italian counterparts. Cortes leads the Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics-funded research at NMSU to create a self-excavating geo-probe inspired on the evolutionary adaptations developed by earthworms and roots.  The Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia promotes Italy’s technological development and higher education in science and technology. The CMBR group aims at designing and developing new robotic solutions and advanced components taking inspiration from nature, primarily from plants and soft animals.


Two industrial engineering graduate students made poster presentations at the recent American Society of Mechanical Engineers International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition in Tampa, Florida. Sajia Ema gave a presentation about her M.S. thesis concerning improving the quality of health care delivery by optimizing operating room scheduling in hospitals. By achieving the goal of this project, it is expected to improve patient safety in hospitals that run at near capacity. Success of this research project will also lead to more effective utilization of resources, which in turn will help reduce the overall patient care cost. Sayed Hossain presented his research conducted at University of Regina, Canada regarding assembly line balancing problems. He developed a novel approach for handling multi-objective ALB problems. The proposed approach can be further implemented to similar optimization problems in the areas of supply chain management and healthcare systems.

College of Health and Social Services, Dean Donna Wagner

University Library, Dean Elizabeth Titus

Primo goes live @ NMSU Library on December 14, 2017

Take a peek at what our new integrated system can do for you!

Primo: A new user experience

Primo delivers the ultimate discovery experience. It provides users with a consistent way to discover library collections and resources across devices, quick access to frequent actions, and seamless patron services – all from a single, intuitive web interface.

The Primo Difference

One experience across devices

With Primo, users can access all the resources that our library system has available via computers, smartphones, and tablets, locating and viewing information in the manner most convenient for them.


Users can copy a citation reference, request a copy, export information, print bibliographies, or save items to “My Favorites” with a single click.


Primo enables patrons to personalize their search experience, providing the best matches for a particular query and showing action options based on a specific user’s profile, previous selections, and even their current location.

Broad and rich content

Primo delivers a wide range of resources, of all types, all in one place. Users can find and access electronic, digital, and print collections within seconds.

On Giving Tuesday, Frances F. Williams announced the 2nd scholarship for NMSU Library student employees.

Frances Williams has established this scholarship in honor of her family and their diverse interests and educational pursuits. Frances has a legacy in the Las Cruces and southern New Mexico communities as an advocate for women’s rights, civil rights and military affairs. The NMSU Library proudly houses her archives which detail her extraordinary humanitarian efforts, such as her political and community activities, her work during the Vietnam War, and her history with Temple Beth El.   Frances has inspired many citizens to be champions in our community and this scholarship honors Frances Williams and her family’s legacy in Las Cruces.

Frances has also created a second scholarship with the Golf Management Program in the College of Business.


On November 27, the NMSU Library hosted Paws to De-Stress event. Therapy dogs came to Zuhl Library to help student relieve some stress. There was around 70 students that stopped by to say hi to the therapy dogs.




Graduate School, Dean Louἰ Reyes

Honors College, Dean Miriam Chaiken

Honors College International Research Scholarship   Two dozen students attended the Honors College workshop on November 30 to learn about “How to apply for the Honors College International Research Scholarship.”   Last year this scholarship provided funding for four (4) NMSU Crimson Scholars to travel to Uruguay, France, Germany, and South Korea to conduct student-designed research projects ranging from Marine Biology to Biochemistry of Food. The scholarship is open to Sophomore and Junior Crimson Scholars.  This year’s deadline is February 26. If students are interested in pursuing this opportunity, they should contact Associate Dean Dr. Tim Ketelaar at

Sofia Bali, a Biochemistry Major and one of four (4) recent recipients of an Honors College International Scholarship answers students questions during a recent Workshop at the Conroy Honors Center.

Giving Tuesday   For the third year in a row, the Honors College was the fortunate recipient of generous support from members of the campus and the community. Several people with long-term ties to the university initiated newly endowed scholarships to support our Honors students, and others donated to the Dean’s Fund for Excellence, which permits us to support students in many ways. This semester 44 students have received scholarships for local or international travel to attend professional opportunities, book scholarships, or other forms of financial support. This would not be possible without the generosity of our donors, and we are truly grateful.

Administration and Finance, Senior Vice President Andy Burke



The Importance of being Sustainable   In a spring 2017 survey, we learned that sustainability education is a significant factor influencing overall satisfaction and student learning for our apartment community residents. This kicked off a series of sustainability and recycling programs in Chamisa. This week, Housing & Residential Life provided approximately 250 students living in Chamisa Village apartments with a recycling bin. In addition, a variety of programs are offered to educate residents about sustainable living in campus housing.



Carlos Lobato appointed NMSU’s Chief Privacy Officer   Carlos Lobato, NMSU IT Compliance Officer, has been appointed the University Chief Privacy Officer. Carlos has been leading the effort to ensure that NMSU complies with the federal and state data privacy regulations and laws. He will work with, and seek the assistance of, relevant entities around NMSU to develop appropriate rules and procedures as they relate to data privacy.



Campus Beautification   Grounds performed the scheduled restoration of the landscaping in the Wooten Hall courtyard.  The crew trimmed the trees and bushes, updated the irrigation system, replaced aging plants, power washed the walkways, and top dressed the gravel.  This project was identified and managed by the supervisor for the west campus zone.  This initiative demonstrates his commitment to providing an attractive campus for the students and community.


Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, Vice President Bernadette Montoya

Undergraduate Admissions   On Monday, November 27, Undergraduate Admissions hosted an early Aggie Welcome and Orientation program for students planning to attend NMSU in the Spring. Forty-four transfer and seven freshmen students attended the event and registered for courses that will begin January 17. Thank you to all of our campus partners, who help make each new student orientation a success.

University Registrar’s Office (Student Records)   The admission application processing staff continue to work early morning, late nights and weekends to process the incoming applications and render admission decisions by our priority scholarship deadline of December 1. End of term grading was opened for all instructors at 5:00 p.m. Friday and will remain open through 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, December 12.

Student Success Center   The Student Success Center, Red to Green Financial Wellness Program, in collaboration with Goretty Munoz-Cedeno and Erick Cedeno from WSB Las Cruces, LLC, presented “Evaluating Your Assets and Key Documents to Consider” workshop from 3 to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, November 28, at the Zuhl Library Conference Room 225. This workshop supported dialogue around key documents such as understanding a trust and developing a will, which can help students to better prepare for their future. Students gained insight for choosing insurance plans that are best suited for their personal circumstances, and were encouraged to begin the discussion around preparing for their future early on.

The Student Success Center participated in the Stress Busters event coordinated by the Aggie Health and Wellness Center on Tuesday November 28 and Wednesday, November 29. Students received helpful tips for combating test anxiety and managing their stress level in the classroom as they prepare for final exams.  Students enjoyed down time while playing Jenga and coloring various mandala patterns.

Stress Busters hosted by WAVE   WAVE hosted the annual Stress Busters event reaching over 920 students. The event centered on reducing students stress levels before finals week. Some of the activities included chair massages provided by Massage Therapy Training Institute, hair and nail services provided by Olympian Academy of Cosmetology, therapy dogs by Therapaws, hot chocolate provided by Sodexo, self-care bags, coloring, stress ball and play dough stations, and much more!

Career Services   Career Services hosted TRAX (WSMR), Camp Caribou (Maine), and DXC Technology (El Paso). The representatives of these groups were interviewing students and sharing employer information. A workshop was conducted to aid in preparing students for their applications for Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Service Fellowship, Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship, DOE Scholar Program, and the U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship which all have December or January deadlines.

University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services   We are proud to report that, even with no regular front desk staff, our student employees and other staff have worked hard to maintain the high level of student service we strive to provide. The lines of students lengthened this week, as our continuing students wrap up business before they leave for the winter break and prospective new students get established before the spring semester. Even with the extra traffic, as of Friday morning, there are no outstanding voicemails or emails on the general office lines and current year document scanning is almost complete. All staff and student employees continue to work on cleaning out the old storage units and scanning or destroying those documents, as they have time.

We are pleased to announce that Monica Hernandez will be joining the team on December 8. She will be transitioning from the DACC Financial Aid office to the NMSU office, so she will be able to hit the ground running upon arrival and will be an asset to the office.

This week, we conducted presentations for the first Spring 18 Aggie Welcome and Orientation program and for the College of Education CEP 199 Academic Excellence courses. We are finalizing the FAFSA data load “testing” in preparation to begin Federal/State aid awarding for 2018/19.

Student service numbers:

  • Students assisted at the front window: 179
  • Students assisted on the main phone line: 79
  • Students assisted via the general email address: 88
  • Students assisted at CAASS (Center for Academic Advising and Student Success): 12

3,463 prospective new students have been awarded scholarships for academic year 2018/19.

Health & Wellness   Amanda Gallivan, assistant director of Campus Health & Wellness, had the opportunity to attend the 2017 BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA General Assembly in Denver, Colorado. Students and advisors from across the nation joined to share ideas, be inspired, build exceptional peer education programs, share strategies in health and safety, and build student leaders. She also attended the Certified Peer Educator (CPE) Train the Trainer which is an effective strategy for building a well-educated and sustainable peer education group. The CPE training also helps peer educators develop leadership skills to be able to successfully create and implement campus programs. Over 350 campuses have been trained since the new curriculum launched in July 2016.

Staff Highlight: Carla Anaya   Carla Anaya, administrative assistant at the Aggie Health and Wellness Center will be graduating this Fall 2017 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. HRTM student and SAEM employee, Carla was awarded the College of ACES Academic Achievement Award and will receive this recognition at the Sam Steel ceremony on Friday.

Vice President for Economic Development, Vice President Kevin Boberg

NM Gas Co Gift   At the Giving Tuesday kickoff celebration, representatives from New Mexico Gas Company, an Emera company, announced a $150,000 gift to Arrowhead Center. It was the second year that Tommy Sanders, an NMSU alumnus and a vice president at New Mexico Gas Company, presented a check at Giving Tuesday headquarters. The funds support business accelerator programs that help entrepreneurs across New Mexico. “We are pleased that these funds will support the continued growth of Arrowhead Center programs,” Sanders said. “Chancellor Carruthers and his team have demonstrated tremendous leadership in the development of an engine that supports business growth. We’re very happy to be a part of that. We believe in what you’re doing and we believe it’s going to have far-reaching impact to all of New Mexico.”

NM Gas Co representative present a check to Arrowhead Center at NMSU’s Giving Tuesday

Next Gen Orientation   Studio G hosted a program orientation session with representatives from institutions across the state that will begin offering Studio G programming at their campuses through a grant from the Daniels Fund. Campus “champions” from San Juan College, Santa Fe Community College, Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell, and Western New Mexico University visited the NMSU Las Cruces campus to get an overview of Arrowhead Center and learn more about how Studio G works with student and alumni entrepreneurs. Two additional institutions, New Mexico Tech and University of New Mexico, will also be launching Studio G sites at their campuses. Champions from our NMSU – Alamogordo and DACC campuses were also in attendance.

Studio G Networking Hour   On Wednesday, Studio G held its weekly networking hour, focusing on how to scale your business. Studio G holds weekly networking hour events that provide students and local entrepreneurs the opportunity learn about business strategies and principles of entrepreneurship as well as a chance to connect with other aspiring and successful entrepreneurs. Each session is broadcast on Facebook Live. Check out the following link to see the video and learn about upcoming events

Strategic Doing Workshop   On Friday, Arrowhead’s Dr. Lauren Goldstein held a Strategic Doing workshop with NMSU faculty, staff, students and Arrowhead clients to assist with developing strategic action plans for their applications to the NSF I-Corps teams program. Strategic Doing provides a framework to assist teams in identifying goals, aligning manageable tasks and taking strategic action to make rapid progress on collaborative projects. The aim of this workshop is to provide potential NSF I-Corps teams with tools to complete a strong application and to be prepared for the rigorous fast paced schedule of deliverables required in the NSF I-Corps teams program.

Vice President for Research, Interim Vice President Luis Vázquez

This week, NM WRRI released the November issue of its online newsfeed, New Mexico Water eNews. One article highlighted visiting scholar Xiaojie Li, who is conducting research under the academic advisement of Shaozhong Kang of China Agricultural University (CAU). She is adding international experience to her academic program as a doctoral student by studying at NMSU. Xiaojie’s program supports the goals of the New Mexico State University-CAU Water Science and Engineering Joint Research Center and Dr. Sam Fernald is helping her with her research as part of the joint program. She will study the impacts of climate change on regional evapotranspiration and water demand. The eNews is available by clicking here.

On Friday, November 24, Pat Hynes and Paulo Oemig, with New Mexico Space Grant, met at UNM with Dr. Edl Schamiloglu, associate dean for Research and with Dr. Nader Vadee, faculty coordinator for Engineering and Technology program at Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute. The purpose was to introduce them to Dr. Oemig and to update them on the upcoming statewide Space Grant meeting on December. 11.

University Advancement, Vice President/Foundation Executive Director Andrea Tawney

Giving Tuesday   Our third-annual Giving Tuesday was a huge success. Our accounting team has been working tireless all week, and gifts are still being counted, but we have surpassed last year’s total, reaching at least $2.2 million. More than 1,500 donors contributed to scholarships and programs benefiting students at campuses throughout the state.

11/28/2017: Leslie Cervantes, third from left, NMSU’s Associate Vice President, Alumni Engagement, Participation and Stewardship is joined by members of the Salopek family to celebrate the million dollar mark in donations during the third-annual Giving Tuesday event at NMSU’s Corbett Center Aggie Lounge. (NMSU photo by Andres Leighton)


New Endowments   Arts & Sciences and Business colleges were the benefactors of a $37,500 donation for scholarships from a local donor and her family.  These funds were matched by Giving Tuesday funds to create two new endowments for these colleges.

Domenici Conference Support   The Hatton W. Sumners Foundation will provide $25,000 to support the 2018 Domenici Public Policy Conference. The Sumners Foundation regularly supports the conference.

Scholarship for Government   A past board president for the NMSU Foundation contributed $12,500 to be matched with Giving Tuesday funds and create a new scholarship for students interested in pursuing a law degree in the Department of Government.

Athletics, Director Mario Moccia

The Aggies swept UTEP in men’s basketball on Saturday and Thursday marking the third consecutive year NM State has swept the Miners in men’s basketball. The Lobos and the Miners home men’s basketball games were both in the top five for all-time individual ticket revenue games over the last 18 years.

The Aggies football team beat the University of Idaho Vandals on Saturday to record their 5th win of the season. The Aggies five wins are the most NM State football has recorded since 2004. The Aggies win over Idaho puts us one game away from being bowl eligible. Many initiatives are being undertaken for this weekend’s game including an “Excused Absence” email sent on behalf of Chancellor Garrey Carruthers.

International and Border Programs, Associate Provost Cornell Menking

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) hosted the second “Descubre Day” event on November 20.  The event welcomes prospective Mexican students to campus and helps familiarize them with NMSU.  We were excited to have over 300 people attend — 159 undergraduate candidates, 46 graduate candidates, and 100 family members and friends.  The visitors were welcomed by the provost and the associate provost of International and Border Programs and had information sessions with the director of International Student and Scholar Services and our international student recruiter for Mexico.  Visitors were then given the opportunity to visit the academic colleges and were offered a campus tour.  Lunch was served in the Taos Cafeteria, after which there was an open fair where these students could get more information about many of the services provided at NMSU.  Candidates were invited to apply for admission to NMSU and had the application fee waived.  Finally, an iPad was raffled off and one lucky student went home with a new tablet.  The total number of Mexican nationals with active undergraduate applications to NMSU now stands at 141 – already double that of the 2016-17 year-end total.

The Study Abroad Ambassadors held their semester banquet for the Incoming Exchange Students on November 28.  It was a great night filled with yummy food, funny stories and an emotional slideshow.  It was an awesome end to an awesome semester!

Last week, the OEA conducted two information sessions for the Summer 2018 Culture, Place & Communication in Ireland FLIP program, led by Dr. Eric Morgan of Communication, and Dr. Dan Dugas of Geography. OEA also held three pre-departure orientations for students going out winter break and spring break. We are so excited to see so many Aggies go abroad!

Marketing and Communications, Associate Vice President Justin Bannister

News and Media Relations   News and Media Relations booked a number of TV and radio appearances to promote Giving Tuesday in Albuquerque and El Paso.

  • Adrian Bautista was interviewed for KDBC/KFOX TV on November 21
  • Lee Ellen Banks was interviewed live on KVIA’s noon newscast with Denise Olivas on November 21
  • Smoky Torgerson was interviewed live on KRQE’s New Mexico Living program in Albuquerque on November 22
  • Smoky Torgerson was interviewed on KCHF’s Issues and Answers program in Albuquerque on November 27
  • Chancellor Carruthers was interviewed on KKOB radio in Albuquerque on November 28
  • KVIA-TV weatherman Kyle Hansen did live interviews at Giving Tuesday Headquarters with Chancellor Carruthers, Justin Bannister and Leslie Cervantes during the 4 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. newscasts on November 28.

KRWG/SPU   Corbett Center was the place to be during Giving Tuesday. KRWG and the Special Production Unit were there to document the event. News 22 produced a story and a report will be featured at halftime of the Saturday football telecast.

KRWG multimedia reporter Michael Hernandez interviews Leslie Cervantes during Giving Tuesday festivities.

Government Relations, Assistant Vice President Ricardo Rel

New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Director/Secretary Jeff M. Witte

Marketing staff, along with the staff of the NM Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, hosted the 4th annual “HomeGrown” event on November 18-19. HomeGrown, a New Mexico food show and gift market, was started in hopes to help boost holiday sales of specialty foods and beverages as well as bring additional traffic to the museum.

Since its inception, the number of companies represented has grown from approximately 25 to 100; some traveling from as far as Cimarron to participate. The number of visitors grew by 30 percent over last year’s attendance.  This event is an official NEW MEXICO—Taste the Tradition®/Grown with Tradition® event.

Hosted a group of eight cattleman from Mexico; six from Sonora, one from Chihuahua, and one from Coahuila. They visited ranches throughout the state and met with producers at the Joint Stockman Convention in Albuquerque. Sales are pending. The Inbound Mission met with Dean Flores to showcase NMSU ACES and the programs available.

The Metrology Lab has renewed the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) accreditation. NVLAP provides third-party accreditation to testing and calibration laboratories. NVLAP-accredited laboratories are assessed against the management and technical requirements published in the International Standard, ISO/IEC 17025:2005

NMDA staff attended the 2017 Joint Stockmen’s Convention.  Attended various committee meetings and visited with producers/allied industry on issues of concern.  Assisted with outreach regarding modifications to the livestock scale inspection program.

NMSU Police, Chief Stephen Lopez

Active Killer Presentation – Carlsbad Campus   Chief Lopez traveled to the NMSU Carlsbad campus on Thursday to provide an Active Killer presentation to the faculty and staff.  The presentation was well attended, and a video recording was made that will be used to provide asynchronous opportunities for those who could not attend.

2017 Annual Texas Association of College and University Police Administrators (TACUPA)   Commander Harvey attended the TACUPA Meeting in McKinney, Texas, on November 27-30.  This organization was originally the Texas/New Mexico Association, but NMSU was the lone police department from New Mexico attending on a regular basis, so “New Mexico” was dropped a few years ago.  Commander Harvey had the opportunity to meet with a number of progressive university police departments and discuss common challenges and approaches, as well as attend quite a few workshops (like generational challenges in policing).

Aggies are Bowl Bound!   The Police Department spent hundreds of personnel hours preparing for the most important football game of the season, and were happy to see the Aggies earn a Bowl berth!  It was great to see so many people from the community come out to support the team, as well as to celebrate safely on the field with the coaches and players after.  There were only a few problem people who will have a special opportunity to speak with a judge about their behavior.

Accreditation, Executive Director Shelly Stovall

New Mexico State University – Doña Ana, President Renay Scott

Ten Minute Play Wraps up Run   Fall Theater Season finished in style with the 7th Annual Ten Minute Play Festival held at the East Mesa Auditorium. Theatre by students for students featured Alchemy by Tanya Churchill, Diner Date by Edward Oquendo, Dreams Come True by Michelle Esqueda, ELLA by Ruth Miranda, and Clique Clique Boom by Cindy Aguilar.

The company included NMSU Doña Ana students: Scott Bringe, Valeria Ramos, Heather Evans, Taylor Gibbs, Nicolas Trujillo, Rebecca-Paige George, Mike Barraza, Matrim Lloyd, Camille Gallus, Sean Gibbons, Alex Angel, Brittany Ramirez, Gabe Duran, and Jacqueline Butler.

DACC Hosts Technology Day   NMSU-Dona Ana East Mesa Campus hosted 190 students from Camino Real Middle School that came out to learn about technology including sessions on Computer Coding, Cyber-security, Computer Aided Drafting and Google Coding and Games. Community college faculty and staff provided the training ably assisted by 20 community college students.

New Mexico State University – Alamogordo, President Ken Van Winkle

On Saturday, November 18, the NMSU-A Social Science Club held a very successful food drive at the Albertson’s Market in Alamogordo. The food drive was to support the NMSU-A Aggie Cupboard. The Club collected in excess of $1,000 in cash donations, and over 800 lbs of food. Both the Alamogordo community, Albertson’s Market, and the Social Science Club are to be commended for their generous response to the needs of our students through the Cupboard.

NMSU-A students Frank Martinez, Felicia Tom, Antionette Lovato, and Evadeane McCann at the Albertson’s Market in Alamogordo, collecting food for the Aggie Cupboard – Alamogordo.

The NMSU-A Annual Fall Student Art Show was held Thursday, November 30, in the NMSU-A exhibition lab.  The Annual Student Art Show is traditionally scheduled for the end of each semester and highlights the work of our talented Fine Art, Graphic Design, and Photography students. It is a very rewarding event for our students, their family, friends, and the local community to be able to celebrate the excellent work of our students. We are very proud to be able to offer this event which highlights our students’ talent, our excellent faculty, and facilities at NMSU-A.

On Thursday, November 30, NMSU-A said farewell to Human Resources Representative Mary Wolford.  Mary, who was hired in November of 2002, wore many hats during her time with this campus.  They included switchboard operator, duplication services, mail person, sales clerk, and finally human resources representative for her final nine years.  Mary was critical in the hiring of many at NMSU-A. Her diligence and attention to detail made the process easier. She will be missed by everyone. The faculty and staff of NMSU-A wish Mary all the best in her retirement.

New Mexico State University – Carlsbad, President John Gratton

On Tuesday, November 28, NMSU Carlsbad representatives attended the quarterly meeting of the Community Engagement Council.  Reports on community initiatives were heard from the members and plans were made for the upcoming year.

On Wednesday, November 29, NMSU Carlsbad representatives attended an Energy Program meeting at the Carlsbad Department of Development. Representatives from Halliburton, Devon, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, and XTO attended the meeting to discuss the possible implementation of an oil and gas training program at NMSU Carlsbad.  The meeting was very productive and the college will begin work on the submission of the proposed programs of study.

On Thursday, November 30, NMSU Carlsbad hosted NMSU Police Chief Stephen Lopez who made an outstanding presentation on Active Killer safety procedures.  The session was well-attended and provided great information to all attendees.

On Friday, December 1, NMSU Carlsbad conducted the monthly meeting of the Steering Committee.  An update on the NMSU Carlsbad AQIP processes was presented and reports were received from each of the Standing Committee chairpersons.

New Mexico State University – Grants, President Mickey Best

NMSU Grants Student Services hosted students from Miramyra High School in Gallup, New Mexico, on Tuesday, November 28.  The Gallup/McKinley County Schools provided transportation to the students for their visit to the campus.  This particular trip emphasized the importance of visiting a college campus “close to home.”

Pictured are Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Writing Center Coordinator, giving a workshop on scholarship statements, and John Miers, Library Director, and Elan Delgadillo , Library Specialist, providing information on how to utilize the Library for research.

Associated Students of New Mexico State University-Kevin Prieto

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