Activity Report November 26 – December 12

Chancellor Garrey Carruthers

I am fond of Country and Western Music and those who enjoy the same are aware that many songs are about tough times, disappointment, and loses but also may include a key but very positive verse.  Such is a song by George Jones, who laments the departure of his wife of 3 years but, searching for something very positive, sings “It’s been a good year for the roses, many blooms still linger there.”  As I look back on our 2016 NMSU year, it has been a bit of a tough financial year but it has also been a good year for the roses, many blooms still linger there!  To wit:

  • The NMSU system had its largest graduating class awarding 3,644 Associates and Bachelor’s degrees, and 778 advanced degrees,
  • Our 4-year graduation rate has gone up,
  • The Aggie Pathways and the Navigator programs were fully initiated to provide a caring community for our students so they can persist and graduate,
  • The Domenici Conference was the best ever, with over 1100 folks registering,
  • With the help of all stakeholders, the Transforming NMSU into a 21st Century University is well on its way and promising to make NMSU a much more streamlined enterprise,
  • We have passed the half way point on our $125,000,000 comprehensive campaign having raised over $64,525,944 since June 2013 but also setting a new standard by raising over $2,000,000 on Giving Tuesday November 29,
  • NMSU’s Athletics teams won the Commissioners Trophy, in part by picking up 7 Western Athletic Conference Championships,
  • With the help of many NMSU friends, the voters passed General Obligation Bond Issue C, which authorized over $27,000,000 for the NMSU system with $22,500,000 dedicated to the construction of a new building for the Department of Art, replacing Dan Williams Hall,
  • An Aggie Alum, Kevin Johnson, thrilled the NMSU family when he was named President and CEO of Starbucks,
  • NMSU leased land to a hotelier who is in the process of building a Courtyard Marriott next to the Las Cruces Convention Center,
  • Facilities and Services, working with the City of Las Cruces, proved up 7,100 acre feet of water which is a huge legacy of NMSU,
  • We welcomed two new deans – Dean Reddi in Engineering and Dean Flores in ACES – who bring a wealth of talent and new ideas to the campus,
  • Our research proposals are up substantially thanks to the good work of the faculty and staff,
  • And on the financial front, we were very pleased that Moody’s and S&P have affirmed our current revenue bond ratings signaling our financial house is in order, which is terrific in this environment. Great work by Angela Throneberry and her team!

Now on to some more good news:

  • The NMSU System Summit (community college and main campus leaders) was another success. We affirmed our commitment to focus on dual credit, corporate engagement, Aggie Pathways, advising, default rate, and online/distance education.  The priority will be to increase and enhance our online/distance offerings.  Secretary Barbara Damron spent the morning with the group discussing general education requirements, articulation and common course numbering systems for the State, and the new dual credit rule making.  We will be seeking additional funding for our participation in dual credit as we are basically teaching for the high schools without compensation.
  • The Commencement Ceremonies were excellent. Thanks to Melody Munson-McGee, Lydia Duran, Jolie Tixie, Bernadette Montoya and her team, everything went very well.  We were delighted to honor Lou and Pat Sisbarro with Honorary Doctorates as our way of thanking them for their leadership in our community and at NMSU, as well as their generosity.  The Doctoral Hooding Ceremony continues to be a hit with graduates, family, and faculty members.
  • I represented the Council of University Presidents before the Legislative Finance Committee where I made the plea for 2 percent new money for the formula as well as limiting the base adjustment to 2 percent. Money is scarce as hen’s teeth but one has to ask.  We also discussed Research and Public Service Projects because the legislature wants to move some RPSPs into the Instruction and General budget.  There are pros and cons for doing this.

Our successes are due to the work by all of you.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It has been a good year for the roses.

Executive Vice President and Provost Dan Howard

  • I spent most of the week out of the country attending my daughter’s wedding. A wonderful time was had by all, most especially and most importantly, the bride and groom.
  • I returned to Las Cruces in time for the Regents Meeting on Friday, December 9. At the meeting I provided an overview of NMSU’s accreditation and peer review visit that will take place on November 13 and 14 of 2017.  During the course of the presentation I went over the criteria for reaffirmation of accreditation, assumed practices, and federal compliance.  I also described the areas where concerns are most likely to be noted during a team visit, and the role of the Regents during the visit.
  • Commencement on Saturday was, as always, a very happy day. There were some changes that seemed to be appreciated by both faculty and students.  First, the faculty joined the Regents, the Chancellor, and me for breakfast prior to Commencement.  The omelet bar was a hit, and it was a real pleasure to share small talk and good food with friends and colleagues.  Second, the faculty from each college lined up at the back of the Pan Am Center and congratulated students from their college as they walked from the stage back to their seats.  There were many hugs, smiles, laughter and tears.  It was clear that students greatly appreciated the opportunity to say thank you, and to share their happiness with the people most responsible for their success.
  • May all of you have a wonderful holiday season!

College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Dean Rolando Flores

Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES)

Fifth grade students from Chaparral elementary school visited NMSU on Nov 11 and learned about Soil and Environmental Sciences from PES faculty and grad students.  Experiments were done to measure soil texture effects on infiltration, how salts in water conduct electricity, and what electrical charge is found on soils. The 60 students worked with three faculty and seven grad students.

Media Productions/Learning Games Lab

NMSU Media Productions has produced nearly one thousand videos viewable by the public at YouTube. Videos in the popular series Southwest Yard and Garden have had nearly eight million views over the last seven years. Videos in the Math Snacks series have been viewed nearly 750,000 times. Other popular topics on YouTube include agriculture, consumer and family sciences, environmental sciences, and math learning. Videos are hosted at YouTube channels NMSU ACES, Learning Games Lab and NMSU.

Animal and Range Sciences

Derek Bailey, Professor in the Animal and Range Sciences Department, was awarded a Fulbright Senior Scholarship.  Bailey will travel to Australia and conduct collaborative research at Central Queensland University in Rockhampton from early February 2017 to late June 2017. The research will focus on precision livestock management and investigate the potential for real time tracking to identify disease and other animal welfare concerns of cattle and sheep.  On extensive rangeland pastures, it is difficult for ranchers and farmers to visually determine if livestock are injured or becoming sick on a 24-hour basis. The research will develop tracking technologies that can remotely monitor illness in livestock.  The Fulbright program provides travel and living expenses and facilitates interactions with other Fulbright Scholars and scientists as well as government leaders, including a visit to the Australian Parliament in Canberra.

School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management (HRTM)

  • On Thursday, December 1, HRTM hosted the Visit Las Cruces Industry Partnership lunch which is held monthly to update local hotels and tourism related organizations on city-wide events, incoming tourist groups, and activities. This meeting showcases HRTM and our meals and events to these influential stakeholders who hire our students, support HRTM with sponsorship, and can promote HRTM programs to their guests. It provides an opportunity for our HRTM 363 and graduate students who prepared and served the meal to network with the groups.
  • For the last Gerald Thomas Chair Beverage Education program for the semester, Professor Mohsen Azizsoltani, a certified Bordeaux wine trainer from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Larry Rosenberg, Imported Cheese Specialist for Alouette Cheeses, gave fantastic wine and cheese pairing presentations for the HRTM 450 – Beverages, Culture and Cuisine class and a group of NMSU faculty, alumni, and supporters. We used the wine and cheese for our TAP (The Adjustment Project) event and it was our busiest ever, with more than 70 guests.  The purpose of the Gerald Thomas Chair Endowment is to creatively address agricultural production and natural resource use.  HRTM is using its year of receiving funds to address issues related to the beverages produced through agriculture, wine, beer, and spirits and related items, like cheeses.  The presentations exposed our students and community guests to best practices and products of France that can be used as examples for New Mexico products. It is essential that students planning careers in food and beverage learn about global products.  At this particular TAP, we raised $475 for HRTM student club activities and future travel to industry conferences and trade shows.

Sam Steel Society

ACES conducted its Fall 2016 Sam Steel Society Induction Ceremony on Friday afternoon, December 9.  The Sam Steel Society commemorates Sam Steel, who would have been the first graduate of NMSU but was killed shortly before graduation.  ACES inducts all its graduates in the Society as a way to honor our graduating students for their hard work and accomplishments in a more personal setting.  Over 75 of our Fall 2016 graduates attended and were recognized.  In addition, all alumni in the audience were inducted as well.

College of Arts & Sciences, Interim Dean Enrico Pontelli

  • The College has overseen the award of over $280,000 in scholarships, to 293 students.
  • The Biomedical Research Seminar series hosted a presentation by John Spiro on the landscape of research in autism spectrum disorder.
  • The College had the honor of presenting our contributions to Tough Enough to Wear Pink to Pat Sisbarro. Thank you to Kimberly Apodaca, Dr Anne Hubbell and the College of Arts and Sciences Student. Ambassadors who raised $261 with their Cupcakes for Cancer fundraiser last month. Dr Anne Hubbell from the Dean’s office gave a generous matching donation to make their fundraising efforts total $525!

  • The College Student Ambassadors and the Alpha Phi Sigma student organization helped out during the Giving Tuesday activities.



  • The College was excited to be part of the $250,000 matching challenge announced during Giving Tuesday by Ammu and Rama Devasthali towards the DW Williams Hall renovation project.


  • The College was proud of the recognition that NMSU bestowed on Pat and Lou Sisbarro, recipients of honorary doctoral degrees during the Fall 2016 Commencement. Pat and Lou are members of the Arts & Sciences Dean’s Council and outstanding supporters of the students and faculty in the college.
  • The College was pleased to recognize a large number of graduates during Saturday’s commencements. The College Graduates were led on stage by the two twins, Computer Science graduating students, recipients of the Fall 2016 Outstanding Graduate Awards, Cody and Casey Caldwell.


  • Congratulations to Kyle Uckert, Astronomy doctoral student and recipient of the Fall 2016 Outstanding Graduating Doctoral student.

  • The online Master’s degree in Sociology was recently ranked Number 1 in the country by the Grad School Hub as the top ranked and most affordable online Master’s program for 2017. Congratulations to the entire Sociology team!
  • Amanda Martinez, Air Force ROTC, was one of the only five cadets across the US selected to represent ROTC at the 100thAnniversary Celebration of the Uruguayan Air Force Academy.

  • Lea Sophiliazo and Shelly White, both graduates of the Art Department, are the recipients of a $500,000 grant from Art Place America for the MESA Project

Happy Holidays on behalf of the College of Arts and Sciences!

College of Business, Dean James Hoffman

  • I visited with alumni on November 21 and 22 who were on campus to interact with students and others.
  • On November 29, I met with my fellow Deans to for our monthly lunch meetings, this month lunch was hosted by the Honors College.
  • I participated in Giving Tuesday activities at Corbett Center. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with alumni and others who contribute to our success.  We look forward to putting the funds raised to excellent use.
  • The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at
  • We held our annual holiday potluck lunch on Thursday. It was a great opportunity for our faculty, staff and student employees to take a break from a busy final exam week.
  • I attended the Outstanding Senior luncheon on Friday honoring Rebekah Rosa, Accounting major. Rebekah was also recognized at commencement on Saturday as our highest honors student, which means she had the highest GPA and most NMSU credits of her graduating class.  She plans to continue in our Master of Accountancy program.
  • We hosted a reception for our graduating MBA students on Friday. Many students brought their families to help celebrate their academic accomplishments.
  • Many thanks to Kathy Brook for attending the Doctoral hooding ceremony while I attended the Masters of Accountancy hooding ceremony on Friday.
  • This celebratory week ended with commencement on Saturday. It is always a pleasure to recognize our graduates in person as they proudly walk across the stage.  We wish them the best of luck in the future.
  • The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at

College of Education, Dean Donald Pope-Davis

Curriculum and Instruction

  • The College of Education and the Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University presented the award-winning edu-documentary: “Most Likely To Succeed”. Over 40 parents, teachers, and NMSU students participated in this viewing. This film and subsequent conversation on transformative educational practices and the outcomes was lively and moved participants to consider change in education. The main idea that all stakeholders can bring school and communities together was reinforced.
  • Michelle Salazar Pérez and five NMSU graduate and undergraduate students presented at the 24th international Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education (RECE) conference in Taupo, New Zealand, October 30 – November 3, 2016. Students who presented papers include (pictured left to right): Gaspard Mucundanyi, Rosario Tapia, Margarita Ruiz Guerrero, Berta Carela, and Mehmet Ozer. This year’s conference theme was “re-weaving theories and practices to re(construct) critical questions, new imaginings and social activism,” and attendees represented 19 countries.

Stem Outreach Center

  • Laguna Department of Education has agreed to fund afterschool programs at Laguna Elementary School and have selected to use the math based afterschool program provided by STEM Outreach Center. The math program, COUNT: Creating Opportunities Using Numerical Thinking is designed to help students find the math in everyday experiences and create awareness about the importance of math skills for future educational choices and career options through thematic units. The elementary school will begin with one class this with the hopes to expand the following year.
  • Coordinators provided programming for three 5th grade classes that visited NMSU on a field trip recently. They were introduced to Basic robotics using cublets, lillte bits and Ozobots.


  • Happy to announce we serving 3,250 students in LCPS and GISD through 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) and Spaceport Funding for Project Gusty and SEMAA through GISD and LCPS. We are serving 240 students in Farmington Municipal Schools through Westmeath and Arizona Public Service foundations. We will be serving 300 students in Hatch through 21st CCLC starting in January.

College of Engineering, Dean Lakshmi Reddi

College of Engineering students, faculty and staff members were treated to a two-hour presentation by Ed Foreman, civil engineering alum, ardent NMSU supporter and renowned motivational speaker. Foreman shared his message of positive attitudes and provided copies of his inspirational CDs to attendees. Foreman also brought members of the Andrew Carnegie Principles Group, comprising worldwide business leaders, to a tour of College of Engineering laboratories led by students and faculty members.

NMSU engineering faculty members, Ed Pines, industrial engineering, and Steve Frank, surveying engineering, recently traveled to Ecuador and Saudi Arabia, respectively to participate in ABET accreditation site visits for engineering programs. The two faculty members are actively involved in reviewing engineering programs across the globe under the ABET accreditation program.  During his visit to Ecuador, Pines was also invited to present a seminar on the accreditation process.

Jaime Moya, engineering physics major and participant in the New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation Undergraduate Research Scholars program, attended the American Vacuum Society 63rd International Symposium and Exhibition. At the event, which took place in Nashville, Tennessee, November 6-11, Moya presented a poster entitled, “FTIR Ellipsometry Studies of Thermally Grown GeO2 on Ge.” Moya, who also serves as vice president in Sigma-Gamma Tau Honor Society for Aerospace Engineering, works with faculty mentor Stefan Zollner, department head of physics.

Civil Engineering Professor Peter Martin has received a New Mexico Department of Transportation grant entitled “New Mexico Statewide Travel Demand Model Evaluation.”

The New Mexico Statewide Travel Demand Model (NMSTDM) has been well utilized since its initial creation, providing support for projects around the state such as: providing traffic projections for engineering design projects and Intermodal/Inland Port Facilities, scenario testing project analysis for NMDOT Districts. However, if the NMSTDM is to continue to serve the state’s needs, it must be updated with significant redevelopment. A single consultant has supported modeling operations at NMDOT since 2008. So it is time to evaluate the state modeling work completed to date and the platform used. NMDOT has contracted with a team from NMSU to review national best practices for state department of transportation travel demand models, evaluate the NMSTDM and develop a plan for significant model development with a schedule with triggers for future update activities.

Kimberly Pestovich, a sophomore in chemical and materials engineering, has been awarded a $5,000 scholarship by the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium to conduct a research project entitled, “Nanoparticles for Nitrate Removal and Water Treatment in Shrimp Aquaculture.” Pestovich will work with faculty members Hongmei Luo, Jessica Houston and Nancy Flores. In this project, the team will explore how nanoparticles can be used to decrease the amount of nitrate in shrimp tanks without significantly altering their living environments in terms of pH, temperature, and alkalinity of the water with intentions of improving shrimp health and production by improving water quality.

Professor Gerardo Juarez visited NMSU’s Industrial Engineering Department with the intention of looking future collaborations on research projects and also student exchange. Juarez is currently a full time professor in the Instituto Tecnologico de Reynosa in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

College of Health and Social Services, Dean Donna Wagner

Office of the Dean

Members if the HSS Student Ambassadors participated in NMSU’s Giving Tuesday event by managing the College’s information table.  The students directed donors and community leaders to the event headquarters and answered questions regarding the programs offered at HSS.  We appreciate our Ambassadors for all their help for a successful Giving Tuesday!

School of Nursing   

School of Nursing students participated in a poster session for the Healthy People 2020 on Thursday, December 1.  The session was organized so students were able to interact with others as presenters, viewers, and reviewers. The topics ranged from Hepatitis C Education, Family Planning, Suicide Prevention and Diabetes in Children among others.


The School of Nursing hosted 49 Deming High School students ages 15-16 for tours of the Nursing Skills Lab last week. Faculty and staff led an introduction of the nursing major and what is required for admission to the BSN program. The potential students observed a simulation in the lab and were given a brief introduction to the BSN program.  Aggie nurses are on the move!

Department of Public Health Sciences   

Several PHS undergraduate public health student peer educators will partner with over 250 Las Cruces High School students this month for public health advocacy projects funding through the Con Alma Foundation Grant. One project, “Susie’s Closet,” is already collecting clothing donations and hygiene products to help other high school students in need. Other high school student projects include a “Slam Poetry Public Service Announcement” targeting teens and reducing teen alcoholism, and also a foot care health fair for the homeless in Las Cruces.

Crimson Research was awarded $94,133 from the Paso Del Norte Health Foundation for their project entitled, “Using Sequential Intercept Mapping And Community Partnership to Reduce Mental Illness Stigma in Otero County.” Michele Banner of Crimson Research is PI for the project and Dr. Joe Tomaka is Co-I. The primary objective of the program is to connect professional staff working at various jail diversion intercepts to mental health training which will include Mental Health First Aid, Crisis Intervention Team training, and Crisis Prevention Institute Nonviolent Crisis Intervention.

University Library, Dean Elizabeth Titus

  • Construction officially started on the Zuhl Library Cafe, which is targeted for completion in late February 2017. The cafe will be located on the first floor of Zuhl Library.
  • The NMSU Counseling Center sponsored “Paws to De-stress” therapy dogs in Zuhl Library on Tuesday, November 29. Approximately 120 students stopped in to visit with the therapy dogs.
  • Thanks to all who supported the NMSU Library and the Library’s Student Employee Scholarship on Giving Tuesday.

Honors College, Dean Miriam Chaiken

Golden Key Honorary Society Induction — We are re-invigorating a dormant chapter of the international honor society Golden Key, and on Wednesday we inducted the newest members of this organization. Fittingly the group who qualified for this recognition included a number of international students attending NMSU. Members of Golden Key are both advanced undergraduates and graduate students, and eligibility for membership is dependent upon being in the top 10% of the students in their class. A wide range of fields of study were represented from among the inductees, from Anthropology to Water Resources. It was a very enjoyable ceremony and we were pleased to see the families of the inductees among our guests.

Giving Tuesday — We were so pleased that many of the supporters of the Honors College participated in Giving Tuesday by renewing their financial support.  The funding from our supporters makes it possible for us to fund the International Research Scholarships (last year 3 were awarded), to fund professional development experiences for students (such as travel support to present their research at professional conferences), book scholarships, and other financial support to help increase the success of our amazing Aggies. It was heartwarming to hear that so many people came to the table to ensure we can continue to open doors for our students.

Administration and Finance, Senior Vice President Angela Throneberry

ICT Students Rock On November 16, ICT held its annual Student Appreciation Potluck Luncheon to thank student staffers for their hard work and dedication to ICT and NMSU.  Approximately 183 students and staff were in attendance.

Student Firefighters on the Road to Success Congratulations to NMSU Student Firefighters Tyler Aguirre, Matthew Castrejon and Korina Jimenez, (left to right) recently received their International Fire Service Accreditation Congress Firefighter II certification.  They are enrolled full-time student at NMSU in addition to working fulltime at NMSU’s Fire Department.  Great accomplishments!

Learning to be Leaders Nine members of the Residential Hall Association (RHA) attended the annual Intermountain Association of College and University Residence Halls (IACURH) regional conference at Utah State University. The conference provided training related to programming and leadership skills.

Just for Fun On November 16, the RHA held its annual fall event, the “Hoe Down,” to engage residents and provide an evening away from the stress of finals week with dancing, free food, and a mechanical bull. 


Stress Buster on November 30 Sodexo hosted a Finals Week Stress Buster Dinner Celebration and provided students with their favorite comfort foods.

Campus Beautification Facilities and Services Grounds Shop personnel have begun the restoration project on the north side of Chamisa Village H Complex.  This project will complete the landscaping between the Regents Grove and Chamisa Village.  The crew has cleared the area and trimmed the trees adjacent to the duck pond.  They have begun installing the irrigation system, and will seed the area in the spring of 2017.  The use of grass seed instead of sod generates a savings of approximately $10,000, which will be allocated to another beautification project.

Computer Labs Extended Hours During Finals’ Week To accommodate the needs of NMSU students during finals’ week, ICT’s Student Technology and Planning group extended the hours of the Pete’s Place and Hardman Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center (HJULC) computer labs.  During the semester, the labs are open until midnight, but for finals’ week, the operating hours were extended to 2 a.m.  Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and snacks were provided to students in the HJULC.  Students reported that the extra kick of caffeine and sugar was just what they needed to get them through the long nights of studying.

Finals Late Night Breakfast On December 6, Sodexo Campus Dining served over 900 guests for the Finals Late Night Breakfast. It is an end-of-the-semester tradition for the NMSU community and every year the students look forward to prizes, games and an abundance of breakfast food favorites.

Noche de Luminarias The annual Noche de Luminarias was held on December 4.  This community event provided enjoyment to all! Corbett Center assisted with programs, a photo booth, pictures with Santa, and candy canes.

Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, Vice President Bernadette Montoya

Fellows Mentorship Program On Saturday, November 19, Bernadette Montoya and Don Pope Davis traveled to Los Angeles, California to meet with a group of over 40 young men who are taking part in a Fellows Mentorship Program sponsored by JP Morgan Chase Bank.  This program supports inner-city program supports young high school students in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Don and Bernadette were invited by Raquel Bone, an NMSU alum and Foundation Board member to speak with these young men about college and career opportunities at NMSU.

Student Success Center “Tutor Mania” There Student Success Center located in Hardman Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center is experiencing their busy season. TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSS) are very busy supporting students in preparation for final exams.  TRIO SSS Tutoring is running “Tutor Mania” an extensive tutoring effort to assist participants in preparing for finals.  Participants are asking and receiving help in math, chemistry, biology, statistics, physics, economics and writing.  These special sessions are available through December 1, 2016.

Student Success Navigator Basketball Tailgate Event On Wednesday November 30, 60 Freshmen and Sophomore students joined their Navigators for a night of fun, bonding, at prepping for the NMSU vs. Air Force Basketball game. Students had the opportunity to interact with their classmates as well as their Navigators. We then filled the student section in the Pan Am and cheered the Aggies to victory! It was an excellent study break as students got ready for finals.

NMSU TRIO SSS Regional Recognition   Twenty-one NMSU TRIO SSS enhanced learning and provided resources, by applying for the TRIO State (TRIO New Mexico) and Regional Scholarships (Southwest Association of Student Assistance Programs SWASAP). Five NMSU participants were awarded scholarships. The State Scholarship recipients competed with the 32 TRIO Programs in the state of New Mexico and the SWASAP scholarship recipient competed with TRIO participants in the state of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

  • Miguel Hernandez – received the Student Access Scholarship – Sophomore accepted to the Pre-Pharmacy program.
  • Selena Solis (Freshman, Civil Engineering major) and Anaira Quezada (Mathematical Sciences major) – received the TRIO New Mexico pre-collegiate Scholarship – Both participated in TRIO Upward Bound and are now participants in the TRIO SSS program.
  • Alma Chavez (Senior double major anthropology and Spanish/minors in Forensic Science and Psychology) – received the SWASAP Regional Scholarship
  • Rogelio Orquiz (Freshman Fine Arts major) – received the TRIO New Mexico Collegiate Scholarship

Health & Wellness Staff End Semester Moving   The NMSU Health & Wellness team wrapped up a semester of events that included programming from A-Z in illness prevention, exercise, stress & weight management, cancer awareness, mental health and much more!  The staff utilized extra spirit and teamwork as they moved the health education offices from the Campus Health Center to the Activity Center.  Go Aggies…remember sun safety, eat your vegetables, and Pinky the Panther always makes us smile!


Commencement   Fall 2016 Commencement Ceremony was held on Saturday, December 10, 2016. The ceremony was held at the Pan American Center where over 900 students celebrated and walked across the stage. The Pan American Center was at capacity with cheerful guests attending the ceremony. A new tradition implemented this semester was an increase in faculty attendance and participation including our faculty congratulatory line.


Doctoral Hooding Ceremony   The NMSU Doctoral Hooding Ceremony was a huge success as 47 doctoral candidates were hooded at the ceremony by their faculty advisor. While walking across the stage, their dissertation title was read.

Special Thanks to Commencement Volunteers   Commencement would not be possible without the amazing work from our Commencement volunteers. We appreciate all the hard work it takes to wake up early on Commencement Day to check in, assemble and marshal in our graduates.

Faculty and Staff Volunteers from:

  • College of Arts and Science
  • College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
  • College of Business
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Education
  • College of Health and Social Services
  • Graduate School
  • University Library
  • Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  • Budget Office
  • University Accounts Receivable
  • Facilities and Services 


Vice President for Economic Development, Vice President Kevin Boberg

NM Gas Co. and Emera Inc. Gift   On Tuesday, as part of NMSU’s Giving Tuesday event, Arrowhead Center was the recipient of a $200,000 gift from the NM Gas Company and their parent company Emera, Inc. Together NM Gas Co. and Emera, Inc., support economic development initiatives across the state. Arrowhead Center at NMSU was identified as the central hub for economic development in southern New Mexico, and NM Gas Co. and Emera, Inc., aim to forge a strong partnership with Arrowhead Center to support greater economic development in the region. Their gift will help support Arrowhead programs that foster economic growth and development.



Design Thinking Workshop   On Monday, Arrowhead Center hosted a Design Thinking Workshop, facilitated by Estela Hernandez, a Kauffman Fellow and Director of the Arrowhead Innovation Fund.  Ms. Hernandez holds an MBA in Design Strategy from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.  During the workshop, Ms. Hernandez shared valuable knowledge about how design strategy can be applied in entrepreneurship, and then facilitated hands-on activities that allowed participants to apply and practice design thinking toward customer experience and product development. There were 23 NMSU and Las Cruces community members in attendance.

2016 Millionaire Research Awards   On Wednesday, the Office of the Vice President for Research recognized Arrowhead Center at the Millionaire Researchers honors reception.  Kathy Hansen represented Arrowhead Center at the event, receiving a certificate and acknowledgement for Arrowhead Center having raised over $500,000 in research grants and awards during the 2016 fiscal year.

Studio G Networking Hour   On Wednesday, Studio G hosted its weekly networking hour event that was attended by 25 students.  This week’s topic focused on strategies to scale your business, as outlined in the Disciplined Entrepreneur. Studio G Networking Hours provide practical startup information to students as well as the opportunity for aspiring student entrepreneurs to meet their peers, make connections, and form partnerships. The discussion can be viewed at

NM Fast Workshop   On Tuesday, Arrowhead’s NM FAST program, facilitated the NAVSEA/NAVAIR Topics webcast workshop in Albuquerque and a series of one-on-one sessions. The event was successful – with 28 attendees and 10 one-on-one sessions with agency representative Jason Schroepfer, from the Navy SBIR Program Offices. The workshop focused on how to deliver innovative ideas or capabilities, either technology or services, to the Department of Defense. 

Happy Holidays from the Office of the Vice President for Economic Development and Arrowhead Center!

Vice President for Research, Vice President Vimal Chaitanya

New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute Director Dr. Sam Fernald and Vicente Vargas of NMSU’s Government Relations Office met with New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas and Deputy Attorney General Tania Maestas in Santa Fe. The group discussed NM WRRI’s research programs and related water planning efforts for the state of New Mexico.

Dr. Sudha Murthy, Director of the Office of Research Development presented at a gathering of junior faculty, hosted by the Graduate School.  The presentation focused on multiple grantsmanship workshops that will be offered as part of faculty career development, and proposal development services provided to all NMSU faculty and staff.

Dr. Luis Vazquez, Associate Vice President for Research Integrity was invited and accepted to serve as a National Science Foundation (NSF) panel reviewer.  He will be at NSF in early December participating on the panel in Virginia.

The Office of Grants and Contracts submitted several large TRIO proposals to the US Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education, on behalf of NMSU Office of Student Affairs.  The Federal TRiO Programs are outreach and student services programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. These submissions if successful, will involve work with Deming High School (Deming Public Schools), Chaparral High School (Gadsden Independent School District), Las Cruces Public School District (Gadsden High School, Santa Teresa High School, Onate High School, Mayfield High School, and Las Cruces High School).

Dr. Vimal Chaitanya traveled to University of Central Florida to discuss and establish NMSU as an anchor partner in the UCF led NSF-ERC proposal for the next cycle of Engineering Research Center competition. The thematic basis of the effort is designing net zero energy communities through efficient building design, solar energy capture, power electronics and smart grid design.

University Advancement, Vice President/Foundation Executive Director Andrea Tawney

Giving Tuesday   Our second-annual Giving Tuesday event raised around $2 million from 1,200 donors, including more than 150 student donors. This included two major gifts announced during the course of the day: $250,000 from Ammu and Rama Devasthali to be used as dollar-for-dollar matching money to encourage gifts to the D.W. Williams Hall building fund, and $200,000 from NM Gas Co., an Emera company, for Arrowhead Center. Thank you to our entire NMSU system community for contributing, volunteering and making Giving Tuesday a success for our students!

  • Also during Giving Tuesday, the College of ACES had a family give $15,000 toward matching for five scholarships in Plant and Environmental Sciences.
  • In other Giving Tuesday news, an accounting alum and his spouse contributed $50,000 during Giving Tuesday to support accounting scholarships in the College of Business.

Health Fair Funding   Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico agreed to provide sponsorships for two events in February: $2,904 for a Diabetes Health Fair hosted by NMSU-Carlsbad, and $4,680 for the Health and Wellness Fair hosted by NMSU-Alamogordo.

Starbucks CEO Message   The Advancement and MarComm crew, along with Chancellor Carruthers, gathered at Starbucks to congratulate the company’s new CEO, Kevin Johnson, an Aggie alum, on his promotion. The team sent a video greeting to Kevin in Seattle. Kevin responded in less than a day to the Chancellor expressing his appreciation and the post had tremendous reach on all of our social media outlets. Special thanks to Sheri Pettit and Katherine Vandertulip for the exciting idea and making it happen so quickly.

Ring Ceremony   The Alumni Association hosted the official NMSU ring ceremony on Wednesday, Dec. 7. Around 150 people were in attendance to watch 49 students receive their NMSU rings.

Outstanding Graduates Luncheon   The Alumni Association hosted its Outstanding Graduates Luncheon on Dec. 9, honoring one graduate from each academic college and two graduates from the Graduate School (one at the master’s level and one Ph.D. candidate). Around 80 people attended the luncheon.

Grants Campus Gift   NMSU Grants will receive an estate gift of $19,200, in memory of a family member, to support an existing endowed scholarship fund at the campus.

Planned Gift    A member of the 1888 Society has made a generous year end gift of $16,500 to an existing endowed fund that supports cadets in both the Army and Airforce ROTC programs.

College of Engineering Scholarship: A new $25,000 scholarship, the Northern New Mexico Endowed Scholarship in the College of Engineering, has been established using Giving Tuesday matching funds.

College of A&S Scholarship   A former professor in the Department of Computer Science has established the Professor Hue and Pat McCoy Endowed Professorship in the Department of Computer Science with the first portion of a $250,000 pledge.

SoAHEC Funding   NMSU was notified by the Community Foundation of Southern NM that we will be getting $10,974 for a SoAHEC program called Intergenerational Mentoring: Health Information Pathways Program. The program is aimed at educating children and adults on ways to improve diet and activity levels to reduce obesity.

Athletics, Director Mario Moccia

  • Met with the general manager of NM State Sports Propeties and Debbie Moore, president and CEO fo the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce on potential partnership for the remainder of this year and beyond.
  • Announced the 2nd annual New Mexico State Aggies men’s basketball game in Rio Rancho. The Aggies will be taking on Northern New Mexico on Monday, January 30 at 7 p.m. at the Santa Ana Star Center. Ticket reservation are now being accepted. Follow this link for more detailed information:

  • NM State Aggies hosted a double header with two Mountain West teams on Wednesday evening. The Aggies women’s basketball team were successful in beating University of New Mexico Lobos 77 to 70 and the men’s team defeated Airforce 78 to 70.
  • The Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce named New Mexico State Athletics the non-profit business for the month of December. A full article will be published in the Las Cruces Bulletin Bottom Line.
  • The Football Hall of Legends Building received new signage recognizing Aggies in the NFL, our All Americans, our Academic All Americans and Coaches of the Year.

All Americans and Coaches of the Year

  • Student-athletes from our men’baseball program assisted Dona Ama County Cooperative Extension Service in moving furniture and boxes to their new offices on Monday morning.
  • Associate Athletics Director James Hall presented medals to the 7th and 8th grade football team members and coaches who placed 2nd, as well as presenting  medals to the teams who were crowned Super Champions of the Las Cruces Bantamweight Youth Football League.
  • Hosted our first men’s basketball women’s clinic on Tuesday evening. Over 30 women from the community attended the event. The revenue generated will be used to purchase tickets for underprivileged youth in the community.
  • Held our second Faculty Athletics Council meeting of which men’s basketball attendance was one of the main topics. Good discussion ensued with several suggested coursed of action to increase attendance.
  • Head men’s basketball coach Paul Weir and I were the featured speakers at the MAN to MAN luncheon hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters to increase awareness and participation in the program.
  • Honored Lou and Mary Henson at the Battle of I-25 men’s basketball game vs UNM on Saturday night. Displayed his new 779th career win banner as well as a new Final Four banner during Lou Henson Night.

International and Border Programs, Associate Provost Cornell Menking

CELP said to goodbye to its group of 24 Proyecta students from Mexico that participated in the one month 120 hour intensive English program. CELP staff and faculty organized a heart-felt graduation ceremony for program participants.

CELP and IBP administration along with the Dean of Graduate School met with Mr. Ming Cai, an international enrollment consultant based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mr. Cai will be assisting NMSU with its newest international recruitment initiative.

The Office of Education Abroad began analyzing new program options in Spain after site visits. Sites included Barcelona, Cuenca, Madrid, Granada and Sevilla. OEA met with CEA to discuss program findings and potential future collaborations on summer, research, and internship programs. OEA also traveled with the EuroScholars program to learn more about international research opportunities for NMSU students. They will begin collaborating with departments across campus to provide information on placements and find resources for funding opportunities. Site visits and recruiting were also done in Vietnam and Thailand.

OEA Staff attended Study Abroad Ambassador/Exchange Student End of Term Banquet.  There were 45 students in attendance.  OEA recognized one graduating senior Ambassador. They also attended the last Study Abroad Ambassador Meeting of the Semester.  Tentative plans were made regarding Spring Semester and Incoming Exchange Student arrival weekend.

OEA Staff facilitated a Pre-Departure Orientation for 27 departing Incoming Exchange Students.  NMSU Housing also participated in this meeting.

The Office of Education Abroad filled six faculty-led programs for the Spring and Fall semesters.

The Office of Education Abroad submitted Spanish visa applications to the consulate in Houston. This service is provided to students traveling to Spain for the semester due to the complexity of the visa application.

OEA traveled with the EuroScholars program to learn more about international research opportunities for NMSU students. They will begin collaborating with departments across campus to provide information on placements and find resources for funding opportunities. Site visits and recruiting were also done in Vietnam and Thailand.

At the Nason House, the Center for English Language Programs held a graduation ceremony for students completing Level 5 of the program, thereby qualifying them for admission to NMSU.  All six of those present expressed their intention to matriculate into an NMSU degree program.  CELP has been busy working on establishing best practices in international student recruitment and retention. CELP believes that significant increases to student enrollment can be made by concentrated efforts to build peer-to-peer relationships with prospective students early in the inquiry and application stages. Visit the CELP website for more information.

International Student and Scholar Services hosted a party for graduating international students on Thursday, 8 December, at the Nason House.  There were about 25 people in attendance, including the graduates, their families, and NMSU faculty.  A delicious half velvet/half vanilla cake was served along with other refreshments and everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the graduates’ academic accomplishments and talking about their future plans.

Last week IBP participated in Black Programs’ 1St Annual Dr. Andrew Wall  Graduation and Awards Ceremony.  This semester 4 Undergraduate and 1 Masters students were honored – one of which was a visiting exchange student from Mexico, Felipe Terrazas Torres.  Each honoree received a stole to wear at graduation. Dr. Festus Addo-Yobo made a guest appearance , wish the grads future success and passed on words of wisdom. You could tell that he has been missed. During the awards ceremony, Cindy Garrett and Rose Vidal from IBP were given Certificates of Appreciation for all of their assistance in helping the program during the semester.  A great time was had by all, with food, family and of course dancing!  (See attached photo.)  IBP and Black Programs have been developing a strong working relationship this year.  It began with teaming up with other units to share a homecoming tent, and blossomed as IBP began to host shared activities with IBP at the Nason House, which was brought under the management of IBP with the move of the Center for Latin American and Border Programs from the College of Arts and Science to IBP.  In all, IBP and Black Programs have either co-sponsored or supported one another on seven events.

Prof. Qiang Ren and Elvira Masson attended the 11th Global Confucius Institute Conference in Kunming, China where we met with thousands of representatives from educational institutes in over 100 countries to talk about the successes and challenges of bringing Chinese language and cultural programs to our various constituencies.

Marketing and Communications, Interim Associate Vice President Justin Bannister

 News and Media Relations   News and Media Relations booked a number of TV and radio appearances to promote Giving Tuesday in Albuquerque and El Paso:

  • On Nov. 23, Lee Ellen Banks appeared on the noon show on KVIA-TV.
  • On Nov. 28, Chancellor Garrey Carruthers was on the morning show with Bob Clark on KKOB radio in Albuquerque.
  • On Nov. 28, Vanessa Delgado was interviewed for the noon news on KDBC-TV/evening news for KFOX-TV in El Paso.
  • On Nov. 28, Adrian Bautista was interviewed on the 6:30 p.m. newscast on KTSM-TV. KTSM also ran the follow up on their webpage on Nov. 30, including the donation link.
  • On Nov. 29, Del Esparza was interviewed on KRQE-TV Morning Show in Albuquerque. They also included the NMSU link to donate to Giving Tuesday on their website.
  • On Dec. 20, Dr. Smoky Torgerson is scheduled to do a half hour public affairs program to talk about the success of NMSU’s Giving Tuesday on KCHF-TV in Albuquerque.

News and Media Relations coordinated an interview on Nov. 28 with Samantha Lewis on KFOX-TV regarding the next fundraising phase for Williams Hall after the passage of GO Bond C funding for renovations. This piece also mentioned Giving Tuesday and provided the link for donations on both KFOX-TV and KDBC-TV websites.

In support of NMSU’s Giving Tuesday, we posted photos on the NMSU News Facebook page that reached an audience of more than 7,125 people.

Marketing Services and Web Communications   Marketing and Web Communications is conducting three focus groups of prospective undergraduates students in Albuquerque.  The participants were selected from Albuquerque high schools that have high, mid, and low enrollment numbers to NMSU.  The market research will provide insights on general media consumption and engagement, the college search process, as well as perceptions of current NMSU advertisements on social media and of NMSU.

KRWG/SPU   KRWG’s Newsmakers devoted a full program to the Advocacy at Work program administered by the NMSU College of Health and Social Services.  The program trains NMSU graduate students to mentor local high school students to become health advocates.

The Special Production Unit completed its football telecast schedule with the Texas State game. Now their full attention turns to Women’s and Men’s Basketball games.

Government Relations, Assistant Vice President Ricardo Rel

Upcoming Events

  • Dec. 12, Legislative Council, Capitol, Rm 307
  • Dec. 14 -16, Legislative Education Study Committee, Capitol, Rm 307
    • 12/15- 1:00 pm – FY 17 & FY18 General Fund Outlook
      • 2:30 pm – Education Partners’ 2017 Legislative Priorities
      • 3:45 pm – Draft Dual Credit Rule Change Update
  • Dec. 14-16, Revenue Stabilization & Tax Policy Committee, Capitol. Rm 322
    • 12/14- 10 am – Revenue Forecast
    • 12/15- 4:30 pm – Liquor Excise Tax Distribution Changes: An Increase to the Local DWI Grant Fund & New Distributions to the Magistrate Drug Court & County- Supported Medicaid Funds

New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Director/Secretary Jeff M. Witte

  • Attended and participated in the 2016 Joint Stockmen’s Convention. Staff presented on NMDA dairy related issues at the DPNM Board meeting and met with producers in committee meetings to discuss current issues impacting the livestock industry. They discussed many other issues facing agriculture including agricultural policy, natural resource policy, and private property rights. Additionally, staff heard updates from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.
  • The 2016 HomeGrown event at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum (NMFRHM) was a success.  A total of 66 vendors showcased and offered their products for sale to the public during the two-day event (November 19 and 20). Nearly 2,600 people attended the third annual event; a 27 percent increase from 2015.  Staff was also on-hand in NMDA’s concession trailer where they cooked and prepped samples of various recipes that utilized the food and beverage products offered by the vendors.
  • I was presented with the “Bud’s Contract Award” at the Joint Stockmen’s Convention in Albuquerque. The late Bud Eppers, past president of New Mexico Public Lands Council (NMPLC), created the award. It is presented to someone who has been a friend to the public land grazing industry. A large bronze featuring the engraved names of the recipients is displayed at New Mexico State University in the Joe Skeen Building.
  • NMDA hosted 11 cattle buyers from Chihuahua and Sonora, Mexico, at the NM Joint Stockmen Convention. The buyers were able to meet one on one with seed stock producers, as well as toured three ranches in the surrounding area. The meetings were successful and there is interest in purchasing yearling heifers, bred heifers, and bulls. Many also plan to return and attend several bull and heifer sales scheduled for the spring.
  • Korea and EU Dried Fruit and Nut Inbound Trade Mission (December 4-6) was successfully concluded. Four buyers from Korea and five buyers the EU were introduced to pecan suppliers in Southeastern AZ and Southern NM (2 NM and 2 AZ based). All of the participating pecan companies are very large, vertically integrated pecan producers/processors, with strong export sales who are seeking opportunities to improve market share in both country markets. Staff collaborated with the AZ Department of Agriculture in guiding the AZ portion of the mission agenda. Although many of the buyers were already very familiar with importing pecans, we were able to educate them further on Western pecan production and processing through site visits at the farm and at the plant, where buyers were able to experience pecans being harvested, cleaned, shelled, and packaged for export.
  • Staff participated in the Bonnie Plants 3rd grade Cabbage award ceremony for Isaiah Pizano. Isaiah grew a 9.47 lb cabbage as part of the bonnie Plants 3rd grade scholarship program, there were over 10,000 participants statewide. The goal of the program is to inspire a love of vegetable gardening in young people in order to grow the next generation of gardeners.

NMSU Police, Chief Stephen Lopez

November 26 – December 2

Police Activity   There were 27 police reports created, 12 supplements filed, and 16 traffic citations issued.   The Records & Evidence Office processed 7 items of evidence entered into the vault, 16 people were fingerprinted and 4 background checks were conducted.

Emergency Dispatch Center   Emergency Dispatch Center handled 217 police calls for service, (2 of which were 911 calls), resulting in 150 police calls (17 of which were agency assist) and 3 warrant entries.  There were 15 fire calls (5 of which were mutual aid), 2 emergency medical calls, 1 brush fire, 1 standby, 1 natural gas odor, 3 fire alarms,  and 1 visible smoke.  There were also 3 animal control calls.

Victim Services   Victim Services personnel worked with multiple sexual assault victims on cases that have arisen during this semester.  This included supporting the victims at meetings with the District Attorney, meetings with other offices at NMSU, and meetings with investigators.

Police Training Officer Program   Lt. Hodges and Sergeants Beck, Renn, and Ryan all attended a 40-hour basic Police Training Officer (PTO).  After completion of this course, the officers will evaluate the efficacy of transitioning the NMSU Police Department from the currently used San Jose model to the Reno model.

Internal Affairs Conference   Deputy Chief Bowen and Sergeant Vasquez attended the 18th Annual Internal Affairs Conference & Certification November 28 thru December 2, 2016.

Police Graduation   Congratulations to officers Martin Hernandez and Damario Pedraza who graduated from the New Mexico Law Enforcement Police Academy in Hobbs on Friday, December 2, 2016.  The officers now move to a 4-month on-the-job training program with their field training officers before being on their own.

Shooting Task Force   As part of the Multiagency Officer Involved Shooting Task Force, NMSUPD investigators assisted the Las Cruces Police Department with investigating the shooting of an individual at the Sleep Inn on Saturday night.

December 3 – December 9

Police Activity   There were 40 police reports created, 15 supplements filed, and 25 traffic citations issued. The Records & Evidence Office processed 64 items of evidence entered into the vault, 35 people were fingerprinted and 3 background checks were conducted.

Emergency Dispatch Center   Emergency Dispatch Center handled 335 police calls for service, (1 of which was a 911 call), resulting in 203 police calls (26 of which were agency assist) and 0 warrant entries.  There were 21 fire calls (5 of which were mutual aid), 6 emergency medical calls, 7 fire alarms, 1 natural gas odor and 2 stand by.  There was also 1 animal control call.

Pancake Supper   Student security officers assisted with the Pancake Supper at Corbett Center on Tuesday, providing fresh popcorn to those waiting in line for the doors to open.  Over 700 students participated in the Pancake Supper.

Interviews for Police Officer Position   Interviews were held on December 12th for vacant Police Officer positions.  There were enough qualified applicants to fill existing openings and create a waiting list.  This is a great position to be in given the shortages that many police departments are experiencing.

DACC Law Enforcement Advisory Committee Meeting   Sgt. Michelle Vasquez and Chief Lopez met with the DACC Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Program faculty as part of their Advisory Committee.  Several possible joint projects were discussed for the Spring semester that may facilitate expansion of experiential learning within the program.

New Mexico Law Enforcement Conference  Deputy Chief Bowen, Commander Harvey, and Sergeant Vasquez attended the Conference on December 7, 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  They also met with the NM Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates.

Girl Scout Troop 800   NMSU Officers were presented with gift bags from Girl Scout Troop 800 from Fairacres, NM.  Thank you very much, Scouts!


Accreditation, Executive Director Shelly Stovall

In the final weeks of November we have had several actions across our system campuses related to accreditation. All campuses completed a survey from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) about student retention and completion, the HLC approved NMSU-Las Cruces to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Leadership, and our Accreditation Liaison Officers had their final meeting of the semester. In addition, NMSU-Alamogordo is finalizing their HLC Assurance Argument for their comprehensive site visit in February, and the Las Cruces campus continues to prepare for our Nov. 2017 site visit. Updating Academic Rules and Procedures is an important part of that preparation, and currently we are working rules related to faculty qualifications, transfer and credit hour calculation.

New Mexico State University – Doña Ana, President Renay Scott

CMT Partners with Virgin Galactic   NMSU Doña Ana and Aerospace giant Virgin Galactic have announced an exciting collaborative education and outreach research project. The core idea will be to work and learn together, exploring the newest technologies and possible uses of Virtual Reality in research, education, business, and career technical education.

Ceramics Studio Open House   NMSU Dona Ana held an Open House to highlight the new Ceramics Studio at Workforce Center.

Students Learn How to Program Computers   NMSU Dona Ana hosted 45 students from Picacho Middle School for the Hour of Code™ which is a nationwide initiative introducing millions of students to one hour of computer programming. Computers are everywhere, but fewer than half of all schools teach computer science. Girls and minorities are underrepresented in computer science classes, and in the technology industry.

ENLACE Finds New Home   The ENgaging LAtino Communities in Education Program has found a new home at NMSU Doña Ana. The mid and high school through college retention program began as a Kellogg Grant in 2002 to improve the rate of Latino and Latina students staying in middle and high school and then going to and graduating from college. Formerly housed in the NMSU College of Education, the program has seen an increase in the number of students attending DACC before entering NMSU.

New Mexico State University – Alamogordo, President Ken Van Winkle

On Wednesday, Arts & Sciences Division Head Bryan Yancey, Director of Allied Health Becky Ross, and Marketing Representative Katie Pacelli-Klinger were featured morning guests on Radio KHII in Alamogordo.  Among the topics discussed were NMSU-A’s Annual Art Show, Allied Health Program grants, and registration for the spring 2017 semester.

On Thursday, Buena Vista Elementary, Sierra Elementary, and Imago Dei Academy’s First LEGO League teams visited NMSU-A to present their projects as part of their sharing points requirement. Students on the teams answered questions regarding their projects, and NMSU-A students discovered what local elementary students in our community are exploring. Questions about how bears and bees share habitats were answered by 1st-3rd graders, and 4th and 5th graders discussed the Atlantic Royal Fly Catcher and the problems the bird faces due to habitat loss.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Graders from Buena Vista Elementary School at NMSU-A for the FLL Presentation. Photo Courtesy


On Thursday, NMSU-A held the Annual Fall Student Art Show.  Students studying digital and fine arts displayed their works throughout the Pro Tech building as visitors were greeted with live music and refreshments in the lobby.  Approximately 90 pieces were on display as several hundred members of the community walked through to admire the students’ work and visited with the artists, faculty and staff.

Members of the Alamogordo community admire the work of NMSU-A digital and fine arts students at the Annual Fall Student Art Show on Thursday. Photo courtesy of Katie


NMSU-A participated in the Veteran’s Job Fair and Career Expo at the Willie Estrada Memorial Civic Center on Friday.  Faculty and staff representing Financial Aid, VA Services, Recruiting, and Marketing were on hand to answer questions and to promote our programs and classes.

On December 6, S.T.E.M. Outreach and Transfer Coordinator, Julia Morgan and Marketing Representative, Katie Pacelli-Klinger participated in Math & Science Night at Chaparral Middle School.  Hundreds of Middle School students and their families attended the event where different math and science exhibits were on display, including NMSU-A’s VEX robots and an NAO Humanoid robot.

On the morning of December 10, First National Bank and the City of Alamogordo held the 3rd Annual Lady of the Mountain Run to raise money for scholarships for students attending NMSU-A.  The race attracted over 200 runners from all over the world, one being NMSU-A’s own Professor Kim Lopez-Gallagher!

On the evening of December 10, dozens of NMSU-A students, faculty, and staff participated in the annual Alamogordo Parade of Lights.  Thousands of members of the community braved the cold weather to enjoy the parade and to cheer as NMSU-A marched by, led by President Van Winkle.

NMSU-A Students, faculty, and staff wait for the 2016 Alamogordo Parade of Lights to begin.      Photo courtesy of Katie Pacelli-Klinger

Later this week, Cathy Aguilar-Morgan and Dr. Ken Van Winkle will be honored during the Alamogordo Public School Board Meeting for all of their hard work and dedication in coordinating the S.T.E.M. Outreach Day that was held in October at NMSU-A for the elementary GEMINI students in the Alamogordo Public School District.
Wishing you all the best this holiday season and a new year of peace, health, and prosperity, from all of us at NMSU-A!

New Mexico State University – Carlsbad, President John Gratton

  • On Monday, November 28, NMSU Carlsbad representatives attended the monthly meeting of the President’s Communications Council meeting.
  • On Tuesday, November 29, NMSU Carlsbad personnel traveled to Loving in order to meet with school administrators regarding upcoming changes in dual credit testing policies and evaluations. Also, NMSU Carlsbad representatives attended the Community Engagement Council meeting and attended meetings with NMSU Facilities personnel and contractors to discuss the status on several on-going projects and to discuss future initiatives.
  • On Wednesday, November 30, NMSU Carlsbad hosted its quarterly “Coffee with the Executive Team.” Faculty and staff members were invited to stop by for a cup of coffee and to discuss issues or concerns.  Additionally, NMSU Carlsbad representatives attended a meeting with two Nuclear Regulatory Commission visitors from Washington DC.
  • On Thursday, December 1, NMSU Carlsbad representatives traveled to Santa Fe in order to attend a joint HED/PED called hearing to discuss the state’s dual credit programs and the changes in the program that have been suggested by a task force.
  • On Monday, December 5, NMSU Carlsbad representatives attended the quarterly meeting of the New Mexico Association of Community Colleges in Santa Fe. Topics of discussion included fa report on the dual credit hearings, state budget issues, and plans for events to be held during the legislative session.
  • On Tuesday, December 6, NMSU Carlsbad personnel attended a Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) Hearing in Santa Fe. The LFC members received reports from the Council of University Presidents, the independent community colleges, and the branch community colleges.
  • On Wednesday, December 7, NMSU Carlsbad personnel conducted a telephone interview with Kellogg Foundation representatives to discuss possible initiatives that could be undertaken in a collaborative partnership. Additionally, on Wednesday, December 7, NMSU hosted a reception to honor Ms. Akilah Nosakhere who has announced her retirement from NMSU Carlsbad at the end of the fall, 2016 semester.
  • On Friday, December 9, NMSU Carlsbad conducted the monthly meeting of the Steering Committee. Reports were received from each Standing Committee Chairperson and plans were discussed for spring, 2017 initiatives.

New Mexico State University – Grants, Interim President Harry Sheski

Endowment Gift   New Mexico State University Grants campus received another generous gift of $19,200 from the estate of Irene Stokes to be added to the Lucy Ma Endowed Scholarship fund.   This is the second gift this year totaling $52,000 for 2016.  The Lucy Ma Endowed Scholarship was set up by Ma and her husband Jonathan in memory of her mother Irene Stokes in 1986. Lucy Ma was a former employee of NMSU Grants  who dedicated her time, spirit, and determination to contributing to the success of the college.   She began her career as an administrative secretary, to English instructor, to coordinator for the Community Service Continuing Education Program. The Ma’s lived in Grants until 1992 and retired in Tucson Ariz. in 2007. Lucy Ma passed away shortly before her 90th birthday.

Student Forum    The Student Success Committee and the Associated Student Government hosted a student forum on November 29.  The purpose of the forum was to determine how to better engage students on campus, determine the best modes of communicating with students, and how to encourage usage of the Math, Writing, and Student success center.   The forum was moderated by Melody Simpson, Testing Coordinator and Director of the Student Success Center.

Student Appreciation   The NMSU Grants Faculty Association showed their appreciation for all students by hosting lunch on Thursday, December 1, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in the Cyber Cafe.   In addition to lunch, students entered for a chance to win several gift cards.

Art Show   On December 1, NMSU Grants hosted an open house to showcase the creativity and art work of students in several courses.  Student work from courses like Metal Welded Art, Painting, Stained Glass, Wood Working, and Jewelry Making were displayed for all to admire.  In addition to the art show, students from the Master Works Chorus class led a Holiday Sing-Along for all to enjoy.

Elementary School Outreach   NMSU Grants hosted about 60 fifth and sixth graders on December 2 from Mesa View Elementary.  These students engaged in a set of learning and fun activities related to Chemistry and Natural Science led by Assistant Professor David Stokowski. This was the third visit to the NMSU Grants campus for these young students this semester.

Writing Class Fieldtrip   Beth Humphreys’ English 111 sections took their third field trip of the semester November 11 to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. The Composition students are spending the semester exploring the creative relationship between abstract thinking and concrete application through expression, discovery and invention. Their first trip to the Albuquerque Museum explored creativity as cultural expression; the second trip to the Natural Science museum explored discovery and scientific inquiry; this third trip explored the process of the theoretical to invention to innovation. The National Museum of Nuclear Science is congressionally chartered and an affiliate of the Smithsonian. Along with the exhibits about the pioneers of fission, the military deployment of atomic and hydrogen weapons, pop culture of the nuclear age, nuclear medicine and nuclear energy, students wandered through Heritage Park to marvel at the size of a Titan missile and inspect the newly installed B-52 Stratofortress.

Associated Students of New Mexico State University

ASNMSU hosted its semester stress buster event on Wednesday, November 30, with a Pinata Bust on International Mall. Over 100 students participated to relieve some stress and win some candy by busting open pinata’s from 11 am- 4 pm in the area west of Corbett Center. Good luck on finals, Aggies!

As November came to an end, ASNMSU started to put the final touches in preparation for Noche De Luminarias. ASNMSU helped other campus partners to provide entertainment activities for children, and providing snacks for visitors. Thank you to everyone who supported the event!

ASNMSU is seeking applications for student employees for Spring 2017! If you are interested in applying for a position working for ASNMSU, please submit a resume online through the Aggie Career Manager posting. Positions range from activity planning, public relations to golf cart campus ride services. Applications close soon, submit your resumes before they are due!

Join the Special Events Board to help plan concerts for the rest of the academic year! If you are interested in the music industry and would like to help coordinate upcoming concerts, submit a resume to and indicate your interest.

Lastly, the Snooze Saloon is open throughout finals week! Come to Corbett Center and find a quiet, comfy place to nap on the 2nd floor. If you need a nap to recharge for finals, come in for a relaxing environment. Learn more at the info desk inside Corbett, or by going by the Snooze Saloon to learn how to snooze!

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