Activity Report September 10 – September 16

Chancellor Garrey Carruthers

  • The big and looming question is what action, if any, will the Legislature and the Governor take on the FY 2016 (last year’s) and FY 2017 (this year’s budget). There appears to be a stalemate between the Executive and Legislature on two accounts – if and how to resolve FY2017 and whether other issues such as capital punishment should be on a special session agenda.  I believe they believe the 2016 issues can be resolved by moving Tobacco Settlement money over to cover the deficit.  Regarding FY 2017 and higher education, rumors range from a 2.5 percent reduction to as much as a 10 percent reduction in appropriation.  Legislators are quoted as saying universities have the opportunity to increase tuition to cover the reduction.  Our Regents have been reluctant to increase tuition.  To put this into perspective, each 1 percent reduction in appropriations costs NMSU about $1.2 million.
  • Renay Scott and Dan Howard testified at the Legislative Educational Study Committee (LESC) regarding our growing concern with offering dual credit. NMSU does not receive tuition for dual credit courses and the contribution from the funding formula only rewards community colleges for offering these courses. There is also a growing concern that we have supplanted high school teachers by offering dual credit, and of some concern, we are sending our faculty to the high schools to teach.  The public schools are the direct beneficiaries of our doing so and therefore very supportive of the current dual credit system.  NMSU Dona Ana estimates that dual credit courses cost them over $500,000 per year.
  • The Domenici Conference was another big hit. The new world order, mental health issues, public trust, and 2016 politics with an emphasis on national races were the topics. All speakers were excellent, attendance exceeded 1100 folks with standing room only for some sessions, and the students asking questions were brilliant.  It is just great “when a plan comes together.” Thanks to Sara Patricolo and all of her gang for a job well done.
  • Our attempts to implement President Obama’s Executive Order regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act regulations on exempt employment are driving everyone crazy. It affects over 800 NMSU employees, and I have yet to meet anyone who is really happy about converting from exempt to non-exempt status.  We are looking for solutions to the lag in pay issue, but we don’t have a popular solution yet.  The Obama order needs to be implemented by December 1 of this year, which will press us to meet this deadline.

Executive Vice President and Provost Dan Howard

  • On Monday, September 12, the Chancellor and I met with representatives from Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, as well as from Auxiliary Services, to discuss residential life and student life and whether the current management of these programs represents the best model for NMSU. Currently, residential life is managed by Auxiliary Services, which has responsibility for student housing at NMSU, as well as the Corbett Center.  Student Affairs handles Campus activities, Greek housing and life, and student judicial matters.  The mixed model of NMSU is not unique in the United States, but the more usual model is one in which student life, both on campus and in residences, is managed by Student Affairs.  After a productive discussion, it was decided to maintain the current model, for the time being, and for Student Affairs and Auxiliary Services to work more closely together to improve student life both in the residence halls and on campus.  This will be especially important as Housing and Residence Life implements FYRE, a First-Year Residency Experience designed to increase our student’s engagement with campus. To that end, I will set up a standing committee on student life to implement the recommendations of the Residential Student Success Initiative.
  • On Tuesday, I met with the University Research Council (URC) to discuss pay for postdoctoral fellows at NMSU and whether the minimum pay should be raised to ensure that these individuals remained exempt employees. After a good discussion that centered on new FLSA regulations and the many hours worked by postdocs outside of the workplace, the unanimous recommendation of the URC was that minimum pay for postdocs at NMSU be raised to $48,000 a year.  If this recommendation is implemented, PIs impacted by this change will be encouraged to request additional funds from funding agency program officers to help cover the increased cost of a postdoctoral fellow.  If additional funds are not forthcoming from agencies, departments and colleges will be encouraged to provide funded teaching opportunities to supplement funding from grants and contracts.
  • On Thursday, Renay Scott, President of NMSU Doña Ana, and I spent three hours discussing the promise and problems of dual credit with the New Mexico Legislative Educational Study Committee. I cover this topic in more detail in this week’s Provost Post.

College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Dean Rolando Flores

Cooperative Extension Service   The Cooperative Extension Service invested in a student internship program to improve student retention and develop a pipeline for future Extension employees.  A total of seven student interns worked with Extension Specialist Departments and County Extension Offices. All of the student interns were actively involved in Extension programming and working directly with Extension faculty and stakeholders.  All interns gained a better understanding of the Extension mission of the land-grant university and learned the different roles that Extension serves across the state.  For example, one intern said “This internship has had an amazing impact on me.  I find the work that each of the Extension Specialists and county faculty do to be fascinating.  It is extremely gratifying that the work that is being done is having such a direct and meaningful impact in the community.”  Another intern stated “I learned the different roles that agents in the extension office do to make this a working organization.  I also strengthened my interpersonal communication skills by facilitating, chaperoning, and mentoring youth in the 4-H program.”  The Cooperative Extension Service plans to expand the Extension Internship Program next summer to provide more opportunities for NMSU students.







Aldemar Madrid – CES Intern with Extension Family & Consumer Sciences Department


Patrick Kenney – CES Intern with Extension Plant Sciences Department

Range Improvement Task Force   The Range Improvement Task Force (RITF) hosted the RITF Water Symposium on Saturday, September 10 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Dr. Nick Ashcroft chaired the committee along with Dr. Marcy Ward. Speakers included Tom Blaine (New Mexico State Engineer), water-law attorneys, consultants, ranch appraisers, and Dr. Marcy Ward.  Topics for the symposium focused on water law and issues related to water rights and their filing.  The initial presentation covered a history of the formation of water law as influenced by market and political forces.  A pre-basin and State Engineer-permitted water rights presentation followed as well as presentations on considerations for declaration or application for water rights and for the valuation of water.  Attendees learned about challenges and opportunities of estimating water-use by livestock.  Additionally, attendees learned about transfer of water rights, state water rights and federal land status, and Office of the State Engineer processes for declaration or application for a water right.

Extension Plant Sciences   The Plant Diagnostic Clinic hosted multiple educational events in Farmington on September 9 &10. On September 9, Mr. Jason French, Drs. Leslie Beck and Carol Sutherland led an educational tour of the Berg Nature Park in Farmington with the San Juan County Master Gardeners. The event included hands-on identification and management suggestions on multiple pests, including insects, weeds, and diseases that are commonly found throughout the Four Corners area. After the tour, attendees indicated that they felt much more confident in their ability to identify common pests in their yards; they also learned new management strategies for control. On Saturday, September 10, the Extension Plant Sciences Department hosted a Plant Clinic at the Farmington Growers Market. The question-and-answer session reached 189 individuals with landscape, home and vegetable garden pest questions.  Specimens on display included common insect pests and potted landscape and agricultural weeds for hands-on demonstrations. These clinics are a great way to interact with people not familiar with the great variety of information available through the Cooperative Extension Service.



 Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business / Extension Economics   In conjunction with Secretary Calzada visit to NMSU, the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business and the Extension Economics Department hosted nine faculty from six Mexican universities, including Universidad Technologica de La Mixteca, Oaxaca; Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua, Chihuahua; Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Monterrey; Universidad de Guadalajara (seven campuses), Jalisco; Universidad Antonio Narro and Universidad de Colima, Colima to develop a long-term plan of specific training activities and programs in support of the NMSU International Land-Grant Initiative (ILGI). As part of Secretary Calzada’s visit, the NMSU Cooperative Extension and Mexican university colleagues presented to Secretary Calzada current and future International Land-Grant Initiatives, including:

  1. ILGI to support a three-year Extension Leadership Development initiative to increase Mexico universities capacity to develop extension programs, with particular emphasis on women, 4-S youth development and agriculture.
  2. ILGI to support a pilot Extension Climate Change initiative and training for university extension faculty, staff and students in each of the three designated Climate Hub regions in Mexico.

A principal objective of the NMSU International Land-Grant Initiatives (NMSU-ILGI) is to help to address rural community development, with a particular focus on persistent rural poverty in Mexico and New Mexico by collaborating with Mexican universities, SAGARPA, and U.S. Land-Grant universities to develop effective engagement strategies in rural communities. By drawing on the strength of existing rural programs in Mexico and New Mexico, and the known best practice and methods of Mexican universities and U.S. Land Grant Universities, the ILGI strives to reallocate power and opportunities so that disenfranchised citizens can access the opportunities and resources of society and, in turn, find meaningful ways to contribute to society (as valued human beings). The ILGI model/approach is intended to help guide research, instruction and extension educators/workers on how to develop effective programs in rural communities by using community-based education and practices, including: collaboration, partnerships and alliances, and community development, all fundamentally grounded in research, extension, and instruction.

 School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management   Eight members of the New Mexico Tourism Department’s Southwest Regional Marketing Board met on Monday, September 12 in the School of HRTM’s Bobby Lee Lawrence Academy of Wine. During their visit, they experienced the “Taste, Touch and Smell” of agriculture in Southwest New Mexico through several hands-on activities. They enjoyed a locally-sourced four-course meal prepared by HRTM Chef Pete Mitchell. They then visited the Chile Pepper Institute, followed by a tour of the Chile Research Garden. While there, they also visited the Wine Fermentation Research Lab.  Next, they visited the Arthropod Museum. The day ended in the Food Technology Lab where they watched as their dessert, of gelato and pecan pralines, was being made by ACES students. The visit was organized by Rochelle Miller-Hernandez, tourism sales manager for Visit Las Cruces and Dr. Priscilla Bloomquist from the School of HRTM, with the hope that the college will work with Visit Las Cruces to develop tour packages that can enhance tourism in the area, while creating an additional revenue stream for the college.

College of Arts & Sciences, Interim Dean Enrico Pontelli

College of Business, Dean James Hoffman

  • I attended another successful Domenici Public Policy Conference on Wednesday and Thursday. There were excellent speakers both days and the conference was very well attended.
  • We held our annual fall Business Advisory Council meeting Thursday and Friday. It was an excellent opportunity for our BAC members to interact with students by holding a town hall meeting for general feedback and participating in speed interview sessions to be paired up with students to directly mentor.
  • Our academic advisors, Deb Cardinali and Justine Adkisson, have been making brief presentations in BUSA 111 sections, our introductory business course, to assist students in adjusting to college and Deb is taking the lead on upcoming mandatory group advising sessions with new freshmen.
  • The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at

College of Education, Dean Donald Pope-Davis

Doctoral student, Johanna Esquivel, presented a paper at the Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD) 6th International Conference in Sicily, Italy—September 5-7, 2016.

Ms. Esquivel’s paper, “Engaging Elementary School Students in Uncovering Stereotypes in Children’s Books while Learning a Second Language” was selected among many renowned scholars.

(for more information, see attachment)

College of Engineering, Dean Lakshmi Reddi

NMSU was awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through the Major Research Instrumentation Program for the project, “Acquisition of a High Resolution/Accurate Mass Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer for Multidisciplinary Research in the State of New Mexico” in the amount of $699,070 for the performance period of September 15, 2016, through August 31, 2019. Tanner Schaub, director, Center for Animal Health and Food Safety, ACES, is the principal investigator (PI) of the grant. Co-PIs include Nirmala Khandan, civil engineering; Emily Indriolo, biology; Francisco Holguin, plant and environmental sciences; and Jeffrey Arterburn, chemistry and biochemistry.

The college hosted the NM BEST Kickoff for this year’s robotics competition. More than 250 middle and high school students from across the state were on hand for robotics workshops and to pick up their kits for the six-week competition that culminates October 22.

The Department of Civil Engineering was featured in NMSU’s Salon Discovery Enchantment of the Mind event on September 9.  The event activities included an outreach/recruitment dinner for high school students; unveiling of a showcase video on “NMSU Civil Engineering: En Route to a Better Infrastructure;” interviews of civil engineering faculty members Paola Bandini and Phil King; a performance by NMSU’s own Latin Grammy Award-winning La Catrina Quartet; and an after-party on the NMSU Horseshoe. More than 40 high school students attended the event from Arrowhead Park, Centennial, Las Cruces, Los Lunas and Oñate High School. Several civil engineering alumni participated in the outreach/recruitment efforts including Debra Hicks, NMSU regent and president and CEO, Pettigrew and Associates; Eddie Martinez, principal and CEO, Zia Engineering and Environmental; Gabriela Contreras, general manager, NM Department of Transportation South Region Design; and Jerry Paz, executive vice president, Molzen-Corbin.  Also assisting were civil engineering students from the American Society of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon and Aggies Without Limits, along with NMSU’s admissions, financial aid and foundation offices.

Secretary Jose Calzada from Mexico’s Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food visited NMSU Friday, September 9, 2016.  Delia J. Valles-Rosales, industrial engineering associate professor; Young Ho Park, aerospace and mechanical engineering associate professor; along with a contingent of their students, attended the event.jose-calzada

On Tuesday, August 16, the College of Engineering hosted an Open House and Engineering Olympics for freshmen and transfer students, led by Program Manager Elizabeth Howard. The new students meet with their department heads and student ambassadors and participated in the third annual E-Olympics. E-Olympics include brain teasers, bridge building and one-minute challenges. Students also got pizza for lunch and met other new students.


College of Health and Social Services, Dean Donna Wagner

Office of the Dean   The Southern Area Health Education Center (SoAHEC) held two trainings recently to educate health professionals and health students in the diagnosis and treatment for common hand problems and suturing techniques.  More than two dozen people participated in these educational events and earned required continuing education credits.



School of Nursing   Many students in the School of Nursing attended the Domenici Conference this week as an obligation for their clinical requirements. The students found the public health and mental health forums to be a thought-provoking and enriching experience.

School of Social Work   The School of Social Work’s Family and Child Welfare Project presented the 2016 New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) Foster Parent Conference last week. The conference, held at Hotel Albuquerque, was attended by Governor Susanna Martinez. Over 500 attendees participated in workshops such as infant mental health, youth engagement, bio-family relating, the impact of trauma, and grief and loss. To view the coverage of the conference, follow this link.

Department of Public Health   Research teams from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) and NMSU participated in a weeklong training on Enhancing Connections, a cancer education program for mothers diagnosed with cancer.  FHCRC’s Dr. Fran Lewis and NMSU’s Dr. Rebecca Palacios are Co-PI’s on a U54 NMSU-FHCRC Pilot Project which will adapt the program to serve Hispanic mothers diagnosed with cancer in our border region.


University Library, Dean Elizabeth Titus

Honors College, Dean Miriam Chaiken

  • We hosted two workshops on the Gilman scholarships that provide funding for study abroad experiences. Many NMSU students are eligible for this great program, and we hope we will have some successful winners.
  • Tim Ketelaar and Miriam Chaiken attended the Domenici Conference and found it was a great event with fascinating topics.

Administration and Finance, Senior Vice President Angela Throneberry

ICT Stops Malicious Emails   In a span of 30 days, ICT’s PC Server Administration group analyzed a total of 658 million email messages.  They identified and blocked 650 million spam/phishing/virus-containing or otherwise unwanted email messages.  Approximately 99 percent of all email messages received at NMSU can be considered potentially dangerous, leaving 8 million legitimate messages to be delivered to their intended destinations.

Corbett Center Door Decorating Contest   Conference Services won the I-25 Door Decorating Contest in Corbett Center prior to the NMSU vs UNM rivalry game on September 10.


ICT’s Student Technology & Planning group represents at Aggiefest   On September 7, the International Mall was bustling with students eager to immerse themselves in Aggie college culture and learn about what New Mexico State University has to offer. Student Technology & Planning was there and had more than 150 students visit their table. Student Techs Annette Candelaria and Araceli Hernandez provided valuable information about the equipment rental program, computer lab locations, and printing availability while giving away lots of NMSU-labeled goodies to all who visited at their table.


Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, Vice President Bernadette Montoya

Homeless, Food-Insecure & Foster Youth   Student Affairs and Enrollment Management hosted a webinar on Homeless, Food-Insecure & Foster Youth Student: Decrease Barriers to Increase Their Success, Retention & Graduation. After the webinar, Lori Martinez, Social Work Services/Aggie Cupboard met with the attendees to evaluate how we are serving this population of students and ways we can improve our assistance and communication. We look forward to having this ongoing discussion within SAEM and the entire university.

Recreational Sports Celebrates Summer of Discovery   The Health & Wellness crew were out and about campus this week promoting student health, wellness and prevention.  The week began with Melanoma Monday – sun/skin safety; Test Yourself Tuesday – free STD testing; Work It Out Wednesday – information on AggieFit and activity programming; Thirsty Thursday – healthy attitudes toward drinking; Feel Good Friday – conclusion to annual NMSU/UTEP blood drive.  This is an important annual event that connects students with key resources on campus and within the community.  Partners for these events included WAVE, NM Department of Public Health, United Blood Services, and staff from both the Campus Health Center and Recreational Sports.


Recreational Sports Turns AggieFest Upside Down   Recreational Sports joined departments across campus at the AggieFest event to promote resources, services, and programs on campus.  Rec Sports begins programming daily at 6:00 am running intramurals to 11:00 pm Monday-Thursday.  The team has done an amazing job documenting the experience through social media.  Enjoy the latest collection from AggieFest 2016.


Aggie Activity Council Student Engagement   Aggies Activities Council hosted two great events this past week. First they hosted an extended Popcorn Hour. The Popcorn Hour attracted over 350 students to create their own license plates, koozies, and meet some student leaders to mingle. AAC also hosted The Filharmonic, an acapella group featured on the Sing Off and the movie, Pitch Perfect 2. Filharmonic was showcased after the Burning of the Lobo event to attract students back to campus and stay for the big game.

Health Information Privacy & Security (HIPAA)   The Campus Health Center joins the Office of General Counsel, Human Resource Services, and ICT with continued work on drafting administrative rules regarding the protection of privacy and security of personal health information for employees and students of NMSU.  The work group has been collecting information that will reinforce and strengthen the identification, rules, use, protection and security of health information on campus.  The Office of Civil Rights and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services have begun widespread audits of HIPAA breaches, vulnerabilities, and violations.  NMSU is proactively working to improve the systems and processes that safeguard this type of information.

Vice President for Economic Development, Vice President Kevin Boberg

Women Entrepreneurs Mean Business Conference   On Saturday, Arrowhead Center and WESST hosted the first annual WE Mean Business conference, an energy packed one day conference designed to inspire, empower, and educate women entrepreneurs.  The conference was attended by over 100 women and featured 18 power-house women entrepreneurs from all across New Mexico.  The conference was a well-received success, providing opportunities for local women entrepreneurs to make connections and forge new relationships to build a stronger network of women entrepreneurs in Southern New Mexico.

Entrepreneur Encounters   On Monday, Arrowhead hosted the first Entrepreneur Encounters event of the semester in the Aggie Lounge at Corbett Center. This month’s featured speaker was Marci Dickerson, who shared advice and lessons learned about starting businesses.  Marci shared honest and energizing stories about her lived experiences as an entrepreneur to over 50 students.

Grant Awarded to NM FAST   The New Mexico Federal and State Technology Partnership Program (NM FAST) at New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Center has been awarded a $125,000 grant from the Small Business Administration to continue programming that offers Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer proposal development assistance to New Mexico small businesses through workshops, mentoring, and micro-grant awards. A press release was published that discusses the second year of funding granted to NM FAST. More information can be found in the press release

Vice President for Research, Vice President Vimal Chaitanya

University Advancement, Vice President/Foundation Executive Director Andrea Tawney

Military Science and Aerospace Studies Pledge   An $80,000 Current Use Scholarship pledge was made as a result of hosting an alum from California to visit and mentor students on campus. The scholarships will be in the Departments of Military Science and Aerospace Studies to provide room and board for students who choose active duty and combat arms in any branch of service upon graduation. This is the first scholarship of its kind in these departments at NMSU.
Student Foundation   The Student Foundation has been actively tabling across campus and personally interacting with over 250 students this semester. Additionally, the Student Foundation has been developing their presence on social media as well as actively hosting meetings, volunteering opportunities and tablings to promote Make a STATEment, NMSU’s official crowdfunding platform. Six Group Projects will go live on September 25. For more information on Make a STATEment please visit:
Alumni Tailgate   This past Saturday, the Alumni Association hosted an alumni tailgate for the rivalry game at Aggie Memorial Stadium. Nearly 200 alumni and friends attended the tailgate to get ready to cheer on the Aggies against the Lobos. Chancellor Carruthers spoke to the crowd, sharing his Aggie spirit and bragging on the caliber of students and staff at NMSU. The Alumni Association will host another tailgate before the Homecoming game on October 1. To register, visit
Campaign Theme   Prior to kicking off a comprehensive campaign in April, University Advancement is asking all faculty, staff, students, and friends of the university to submit their campaign theme suggestions. A campaign theme is usually three to five words that display a call to action. Email with your ideas!

Athletics, Director Mario Moccia

International and Border Program, Associate Provost Cornell Menking

International and Border Programs (Cornell H. Menking, Associate Provost)

  • Last week’s highlight was the visit by NMSU Alumnus and current Mexican Secretary of Agriculture, José Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa. The successful visit was a collaborative effort by many offices on campus, including IBP, ACES, the president’s and provost’s offices, and the Office of University Advancement.  In addition to Mr. Calzada, other notable visitors participated, including APLU President Peter McPherson, NM Ag Secretary Jeff Witte, and U.S. Department of Agriculture Under Secretary, Marketing and Regulatory Programs, Edward Avalos.  Read more here.

Office of Education Abroad (Elvira Masson, Director)

  • OEA held its first ever Study Abroad fair in Alamogordo. A presentation was given to faculty discussing opportunities to lead faculty led programs at NMSU-A through OEA. The proposals by faculty will be due by October 1 for approval. We hope to have at least 3 programs, 3 times more than last year (we had only one go before!). Providers participated in promoting Education Abroad opportunities to students at NMSU-A as well. With great support from Dr. Ken Van Winkle and Dr. Juan Garcia, we hope to continue offering this as a service to NMSU-A moving forward.
  • OEA also held its bi-annual Study Abroad Fair in the Aggie Underground in the Corbett Center. It was set up as a festival, with music, food and carnival games with prizes for student participants including a $100 flight voucher through STA.  We had approximately 300 students attend the fair.  The providers stated that they thought this was one of the best fairs we have held to date. Attached is a photo snapshot from Instagram. 22 classroom presentations by CPI Costa Rica and Academia Latinoamericana (Ecuador and Peru) were completed during the week of the fair.
  • We are currently marketing eight faculty led programs for the 2017 year (beginning WB17 – Fall 2017). There are nine other proposals with department heads and deans around campus, which we hope to have approvals for by the end of next week. If approved, there will be five more FLiPs offered than this past year.
  • OEA Marketers participated in AggieFest promoting Education Abroad during the welcome orientation event. They have completed 25 classroom presentations to date.
  • This week the Office of Education Abroad began taking appointments from the Study Abroad fair. Fifty-Eight appointments were scheduled this week, and 41 students have already signed up for the spring semester. This does not include faculty led programs. Spring semester deadline is October 15 for non-faculty led programs.


International Student and Scholar Services (Michael Schmelzle, Director)

  • Attended the COMEXUS Summit Closing celebration (24 August) to honor the students from Mexico who had completed their pedagogy training at NMSU this summer.
  • Organized the Welcome Back reception (26 August) for our international students beyond the Garcia Annex.  We had about 200 attendees over the course of the two-hour event, which included not only international students, but IBP staff, CELP teachers, and domestic students.
  • Sponsored the first Global Coffee Hour (29 August) which was held at the Aggie Memorial Stadium.  A football coach and several members of the football team showed the attendees the stadium playing field and then provided an entertaining discussion indoors on the rules of American football.  About 20 people attended.

Center for English Language Programs (Kristian Chervenock, interim Director)

CELP Domestic Recruitment Campaign   During the month of October, CELP will be canvassing the campus and community (Las Cruces to El Paso) in search of future CELP students. Outreach efforts will focus on F2 dependents as well as individuals within the community that could benefit from intensive English language instruction.

CELP Website Update   CELP is completely revamping its website to highlight traditional and new program offerings ranging from eight-week intensive courses to special or customized programs ranging from four weeks and beyond. Educational tours that combine intensive English instruction with social and cultural programming that highlights the best of what our state has to offer will also be added. TOEFL or IELTS preparatory courses and English for Specific Purpose courses will also be promoted.

Conditional Admission Pathway   In collaboration with ISSS and Admissions, CELP will begin an international recruitment effort focused on the CELP Conditional Admission Pathway. Special attention will be given to Mexico due to the newly established Descubre program, however outreach efforts will be extended to other key markets abroad including Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

Descubre Social Media Recruitment Campaign   During the month of November, CELP will promote “Descubre” (1.5 percent in-state tuition for qualified Mexican Nationals) and the CELP Conditional Admission Pathway. Through social media, current, future and past international students from Mexico will blast NMSU promotional and recruitment messaging for 30 days through their social media networks. Awareness of NMSU, Descubre and the CELP Conditional Admission Pathway should grow exponentially throughout Mexico yielding significant online traffic to NMSU and eventually applicants to CELP, ISSS and Graduate School.

University Communications, Interim Associate Vice President Glen Cerny

KRWG/SPU   The KRWG TV Fall membership posted the best final results in three years reaching 140 percent of goal. The four-day Downton Abbey marathon helped ensure that more than $28,000 was pledged. Those numbers also include 125 first-time donors.

News 22 kicked off the fall season with their first live newscast of the semester. The student production airs on KRWG TV Tuesday through Thursday at 6:30 p.m. through the semester.

Web Communications and News   News and Web Communications worked together to produce 15- and 30-second promotional videos that focus on student recruitment that will run online and in movie theaters over the next few weeks. Additional videos are also in the works.

15-second promo video link:

30-second promo video link:

News   The News Group provided media relations support and coordination throughout the Domenici Conference, facilitating one-on-one interviews for members of the media with many of the speakers, including James Carville, NM HED Secretary Barbara Damron and Senator Pete Domenici. News outlets assisted at the conference included Albuquerque Journal, Las Cruces Sun-News, KFOX/CBS, KRWG and Las Cruces Bulletin, as well as two documentary film crews, one local and one from New York. Additionally, social media was used to promote the conference and guide viewers to the live webcast. We followed up on Friday with a Facebook album of photos from the conference.

Government Relations, Assistant Vice President Ricardo Rel

  • September 19, Disabilities Concerns Subcommittee, Adelante Development Ctr.
  • September 19, Military & Veterans Affairs Committee, Carlsbad Museum and Art Center

o   NMSU Military and Veterans Programs: Hector Sanchez, Director, Military and Veterans Programs, NMSU

  • September 20 – 23, Legislative Health & Human Services Committee, Henderson Fine Arts Center Conference Room
  • September 20 – 21, NMFA- NMSU Golf Course

o   President Carruthers- Welcome Committee

  • September 22 – 23, Science, Tech & Telecommunications Committee, NMSU Golf Course

o   Provost Dan Howard – Welcome Committee

o   STEM, Dr. Karen Trujillo, NMSU-College of Education

o   Computer Science Training in Public Schools, Dr. Enrico Pontelli, Vice Chair, Science Teachers Association, NM Chapter

o   Tour of NMSU’s Chiller Plant

9/23- Friday

o   NMSU Research Initiatives, Dr. Vimal Chaitanya, Vice President for Research, NMSU

o   Technology Commercialization & Economic Development Initiatives, Dr. Kevin Boberg, Vice President for Economic Development, NMSU

o   Information Technology Spreadsheet Report, Darryl Ackley Dept. of Information of Technology

  • September 26, – Tobacco Settlement Revenue Oversight Committee, Inn of the Mountain Gods
  • September 27, Legislative Finance Sunset/Sunrise Subcommittee, Capitol, rm 322
  • September 28 – 30, Legislative Finance Committee, Capitol, rm 322

o   State Agencies are beginning to testify before the committee on FY 18 budget requests

New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Director/Secretary Jeff M. Witte

  • New Mexico State Fair has been going full blast. This week, staff conducted the Battle of the Salsas and assisted with the “Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge.” Black Market Salsa from Albuquerque was the winner of this year’s Battle of the Salsas, Ol’ Gringo of Las Cruces placed second, and Rancho de Santa Fe was third. Twenty-three salsas were entered in the competition. Laguna Burger took the honors in the “Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge” and Sparkey’s of Hatch took the People’s Choice Award.
  • I participated in the presentation of the Farm Family and Ranch Family of the year during the New Mexico State Fair.
  • Entomology staff met with Arizona plant health officials and NMSU research staff to visit the pecan research and rearing facility. Attendees discussed requirements and ideas for importation of potted pecan trees from the research facility at NMSU into Arizona.

NMSU Police, Chief Stephen Lopez

Police Activity   There were 52 police reports created, 31 supplements filed, and 26 traffic citations issued.  The Records & Evidence Office processed 50 items of evidence entered into the vault, 25 people were fingerprinted and 10 background checks were conducted.

Emergency Dispatch Center    Emergency Dispatch Center handled 400 police calls for service (12 of which were 911 calls) resulting in 238 police calls and 3 arrest warrant entries.  There were 23 fire calls (7 of which were mutual aid), 12 emergency medical, 1 standby, 1 public assist, 1 natural gas odor, 1 fire alarm and 3 animal control calls.

Special Events   Special Events staff worked a total of 707.5 hours and reviewed 7 events.

Crime Prevention   Provided presentation to Gamma regarding Binge Drinking and Green Dot presentation to CARE Team.

Victim Services   Assisted on a death scene with family grievance and placement, victim assistance for attempted robberies, victim assistance for attempted sexual contact, and provided court accompaniment for harassment and stalking restraining order.

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Workshop   Commander Harvey attended a three day workshop hosted by PSL on Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems commonly referred to as “drones.” This workshop focused on current laws regarding usage as well as the strategies and concerns when developing programs involving their use.  The use of these aircrafts has been steadily increasing in the United States and here on campus and it is of utmost importance that we are current on the laws and policies related to the usage of these aircrafts.

Timely Warnings   The Department issued three separate Timely Warnings regarding criminal activity last week.  All involved a suspect approaching a lone woman and attempting either a robbery or an assault, and the descriptions are close enough that it may be the same individual involved in all three cases.  The Police Department is asking for the help of the campus community in identifying the suspect and promptly calling 911.  The suspect is male, and has tattoos on both arms, as well as his face (either “Est 1983” or “Est 1993”) on his face.  He was last seen wearing shorts or rolled up pants, a white t-shirt or muscle shirt, and knee-high white socks.

Accreditation, Executive Director Shelly Stovall

New Mexico State University – Doña Ana, President Renay Scott

Bank of America Grant Develops Workforce   The Bank of America is investing in improving the workforce in Doña Ana County through a $2,500 grant. The funds are the result of an application prepared by the NMSU Foundation and DACC. The Customized Training program has developed a new course, “Workforce Preparation Courses for Adults.” This training aims to meet a community need by preparing students to acquire education requirements and workforce readiness skills. The check was presented to DACC’s Fred Owensby from BoA officials Paul Bridgers and Matt Mossburg.


Instructors Selected to Develop Cyber Security Curriculum   DACC Computer and Information Technologies instructors Robert Doyle and Gus Piña were selected as members of the National CyberWatch Center’s Curriculum Standards Panel. The ultimate goal of the panel is to protect our nation from cyber threats and increase the reliability and effectiveness of the computing infrastructure critical to national security.

New Mexico State University – Alamogordo, President Ken Van Winkle

Online Constitution Day at NMSU-A took place on Friday, September 16 in the Student Services course in Canvas. Constitution Day Online featured an online discussion about the First Amendment right to free speech called, “Facing Off on Facebook: Breaking Up is Hard to Do.” Kim Lopez Gallagher, professor of Government, US History, and Philosophy moderated the discussion.

The NMSU-A Tays Center was the location for the celebration of the life of fallen Police Officer Clint Corvinus Saturday, September 10. The service was a beautiful and powerful tribute to his profession and his life. It was a very emotional morning managed beautifully by facilities and staff of the NMSU-A campus.

funeral for officer clint corvinus

New Mexico State University – Carlsbad, President John Gratton

  • On Monday, September 12, NMSU Carlsbad hosted Kathy Agnew and Brandon Masters from NMSU main campus who made two presentations on the upcoming Fair Labor Standards Act changes. The presentations were very well received and were extremely helpful in preparing for the employee status changes that will occur on November 1.
  • On Tuesday, September 13, NMSU Carlsbad representatives attended the monthly UAC and Presidents meetings at NMSU. Lunch was held at the Fulton Center with two Regents in attendance.
  • On Thursday, September 15, NMSU Carlsbad hosted a celebration of Hispanic Cultures. The campus conducted a salsa-making contest with fifteen entries.  The salsa was delicious and all attendees enjoyed the celebration.
  • On Friday, September 16, the NMSU Carlsbad Assessment Committee hosted an “assessment day” activity where all faculty and staff were invited to attend and receive updates on the use of Task Stream and the implementation of the assessment of non-academic units.

New Mexico State University – Grants, Interim President Harry Sheski

New Building Meeting   The NMSU Grants leadership and architects from Dekker, Perich, and Sabatini met on Wednesday, September 14 to review architectural and construction plans for the new Teacher, Healthcare, and Child Development Center.  The plans are 95 percent complete with an expected breaking ground in January 2017 and completion date of December 2017.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Employee Information Session   On September 7, Kathy Agnew, director of Employment and Compensation Services, provided a training to supervisors and employees regarding the federal changes to the FLSA and how NMSU plans to support employees during this transition.

Fall 2016 All Staff Meeting   The faculty and staff at NMSU Grants came together on September 9 to celebrate another year at NMSU Grants.  The group welcomed the positive enrollment figures, continued to refine NMSU Grants Strategic Plan, and participated in customer service training conducted by Steve Maldonado, Business adjunct faculty.  The group also welcomed Lauri Millot, director of the Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX coordinator at NMSU. She provided a brief overview of her role and her department.

Workforce Training Opportunity   Dr. Harry Sheski, interim president, participated in a conference call with Dr. Kevin Boberg, NMSU vice president for Economic Development along with Mark Lautman, director of the Community Economics Lab regarding the Soloworks Project beginning in Cibola County.  This project is expected to assist in the development and creating of jobs related to eCommerce and computing.  The project is a result of three successful grants spearheaded by the Cibola County Economic Foundation Director, Eileen Yarborough.  NMSU Grants will sponsor the project by providing space and technology support to this initiative.

Associated Students of New Mexico State University


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