Activity Report September 16 – September 22

Chancellor Garrey Carruthers

Mexican Consul General Marcos Bucio and colleagues visited NMSU to reaffirm they wanted to be helpful with NMSU programs in Mexico and willing to provide educational seminars to all students at NMSU.  We agreed it would be timely for their presenters to join us at NMSU and discuss immigration.  I would hope they would touch on the effects of our uncertain Mexico/U.S. relations on current students and give us some insights on how this uncertainty will affect recruiting students from Mexico.  The Government of Mexico is also offering some support for DACA students to assure they can afford any application fees regarding the continuation of their status.

It is the season of the year when NM Legislative Committees are making their rounds to communities, holding hearings for the upcoming legislative session, and preparing budget and policy initiatives.  They always seem very pleased to be on our campus and frequently praise NMSU for a number of things, including the beauty of the campus, the testimony from faculty, staff, and students(particularly the students who steal the show), and the pride their own students have in being Aggies. Many legislators are very proud Aggies!   Ricardo Rel and team take very good care of our visitors.  Of interest to the Committees I have visited – enrollment, our transformation project, sustainability of the lottery scholarship, science/technology/teacher preparation programs, and economic development.  We have some very positive successes to report to them.

Commissioner Hurd of the Western Athletic Conference called regarding stability and direction of the Conference.  This has been a concern of mine in that our athletic programs would be in jeopardy if the WAC were to fold.  The good news is there is good news.  Most members are committed to staying in the WAC, new members are being courted, and the movement of conference membership seems to have abated.  NMSU is a top competitor in the WAC, having won the Commissioner’s Cup for the last two years.

Speaking of sports, what a win for the Aggies football team over UTEP and earlier UNM.  Great crowd at the game.  In addition, the NMSU women’s golf team won the first two tournaments they entered this season and are putting up some astounding scores.  Let’s always support these student athletes.


Executive Vice President and Provost Dan Howard

On Tuesday, September 19, I met with the NMSU General Education Taskforce to discuss the revised general education curriculum proposed by the Statewide General Education Steering Committee.  Concern was expressed about the need to associate three essential skills with each course, which was seen by some as too many to be taught well in a single course.  Another focus of discussion was the first year seminars, which will be piloted next fall.  There was concern that the proposal process required too much work, especially if the outcome for many proposals would be rejection.  Requiring a one page pre-proposal from faculty with a limited number of faculty invited to submit a full proposal was seen as a more efficient process.

On Thursday and Friday, I traveled with members of Team 6 to Arizona State University where we met with faculty and administrators to learn more about the academic administrative structure of the university. ASU has a complex structure with faculties, schools, centers, and institutes embedded into colleges. The visit allowed us to better understand the structure; the reasoning behind the structure; the impact of re-structuring on costs and interdisciplinary interactions; and how changes were introduced to, and accepted by, the faculty. The meetings were extraordinarily cordial and productive.

College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Dean Rolando Flores

Young Consultants   The ACES’s Media Productions uses a Think Tank format in its Learning Games Lab to involve 49 youth, called youth Consultants, in grades 3-8.  Over half-day, week-long camps, the Young Consultants work in teams to document multimedia projects and prototype math learning games.  Consultants reflect on their daily experiences through blogging and video journaling while developing media literacy and 21st century skills, such as collaboration, design, and communication. They test the learning games and Extension educational technology currently in development by Media Productions and are mentored by the studio’s game designers and artists.

Successful ACES Alumna   Alexa Martinez, an ACES alumna who majored in Wildlife Science with minors in Biology, Conservation Biology, and Range Science is now a Wildlife Biologist at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Alexa grew up in Chamberino, a small agricultural community in New Mexico. She remembers following her grandpa out to the onion fields and bringing stray animals back home. This is where her love for the outdoors began. While an undergraduate, she volunteered to work in a kangaroo rat project in the Biology Department and for two summers of internships, she served as a research technician at USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services. By the end of each one of those summers, she was coauthor of a published research paper.  Alexa acknowledges the benefits that came from participating in the Natural Resources Career Tracks. An initiative between NMSU and the Forest Service to help minorities gain experience toward being competitive in natural-resources career paths.

ACES Agricultural Global Initiatives   On September 22, the ACES College welcomed Rubén Chávez Villagran, the Secretary of Rural Development (SDR) of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico.  Mr. Chávez Villagran came to NMSU accompanied of five members of his staff to learn about New Mexico cotton seed genetics, biomass conversion processes, animal identification technology, food safety, veterinary studies, and Extension programs. The visit is the fruit of a collaboration that began approximately one year ago and was formalized in June of this year with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between NMSU-ACES and SDR.

College of Arts & Sciences, Dean Enrico Pontelli

Dr. Kelly Jenks, Depart of Anthropology, has received an award from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to fund archaeological inventory, evaluation, and research at sites relating to El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail (NHT) on lands managed by BLM.  The funded activity, extending through 2018, will include undergraduate and graduate Anthropology students and will focus upon inventory and evaluation of cultural features of the historic La Parida Hispanic village site north of Socorro, New Mexico. This area contains the foundations of two previous churches associated with the site. NMSU students will gain valuable field training experience by participating in fieldwork at the site.


American Southwest Theatre Company/NMSU Department of Theatre Arts opens its 2017–2018 season with an exciting and provocative new play “EQUIVOCATION” by Bill Cain at the ASNMSU Center for the Arts.



Congratulations to Rhetoric and Professional Communication’s Ph.D. student, Kelly Whitney, who won the Barbara Heifferon Graduate Student Award at this year’s Rhetorics of Health and Medicine Symposium this past weekend in Cincinnati.



NMSU graduate student Valerie Simone (Anthropology) was selected to receive a Fulbright scholarship to work as an English Teaching Assistant in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



College of Business, Dean James Hoffman

NMSU College of Business is a standout among the nation’s online bachelor’s of business administration programs! The program is among the Top 25 in the U.S. as ranked by “Our online bachelor of business program is instrumental for us being able to reach and create value for the entire state of New Mexico,” said College of Business Dean James Hoffman. The mission of is to help prospective students find schools and programs that match their educational interests while still being affordable. The ranking can be seen at:

I attended the Career Fair this week and met with employers from GEICO and Ethicon Endo-surgery regarding employment and internship opportunities for our students.

Anthony Casaus and I attended the Alumni Tailgate this Saturday at the NMSU vs. UTEP football game.  It was an excellent opportunity to connect with alumni and their families and it was great to watch the Aggies win the Battle of I-10.

College of Education, Dean Donald Pope-Davis

Congratulations to Dr. Anita Hernández!   Dr. Anita Hernández received a five-year $2.78 million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education that will support the professional development of educators working with bilingual learners. Dr. Anita Hernández, professor and the Don and Sarrah Kidd Endowed Chair in Literacy, developed Project ELevate in partnership with local districts, community DACC partner ENLACE, and NMSU’s Chicano Programs. One of the priorities of the grant will be to create community engagement opportunities. ENLACE personnel, Dr. Marquez and Delma Tofoya will organize Tech Goes Home family engagement projects and Chicano Programs director, Dr. Gutiérrez-Spencer will organize a Mother-Daughter college pathway program. Over five years, the grant will support the professional development of 50 future teachers to earn endorsements and licensures, 115 classroom teachers to earn either an endorsement, MA degree; or national board certification, and one thousand parents who will be able to participate in one of the community engagement projects.

Counseling & Educational Psychology Department – Potluck   The CEP Department had a potluck in the Park to welcome all the new students and faculty to our community. On Friday, September 8, families, children, and cohorts had a picnic dinner and played games, including water balloon toss. A good time was had by all.

College of Engineering, Dean Lakshmi Reddi

Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Chuck Creusere was awarded, in absentia, the Outstanding Member of the Editorial Board for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers “Transactions on Image Processing.” The award was announced at the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing in Beijing, China. Creusere’s contributions considered among nearly 100 associate and senior area editors. Specific comments from the committee: “Chuck never complains about the high volume of papers he handles.  He is able to treat all authors with the same level of respect, criticism and praise.  Chuck is a professional editor who takes the business of TIP with the highest level of care.”


More than 375 engineering students have utilize the services at the Eloy Torrez Family Learning Communities in Engineering within the first 20 days of operation. The majority of the students are seeking tutoring services and approximately one-third of them have returned for multiple sessions. The 14 peer learning facilitators (peer mentors/tutors) hosting exam review sessions, study sessions and provide resume support.


Associate Professor Delia Julieta Valles-Rosales, industrial engineering, has three students doing U.S. Department of Agriculture research with the Agricultural Science Center in Los Lunas to assist with harvest process of jujube fruit, film and take appropriate measurements of the fruit. They have collected harvested jujube fruit, and will investigate prime fruit ripeness, optimal packaging and storage for transportation. They will also begin dehydration projects.

Industrial engineering graduate student Jose Carlos Murguia represented Arrowhead Center at a national entrepreneurship event in Mexico City. Arrowhead Center was invited by FUMEC (Pro-science Mexico-USA Foundation) to participate on the National Entrepreneurship in Mexico City, Sept. 11-15.  As part of Arrowhead´s efforts to expand their programs and impact, Murguia shared the different program options open to the Mexican/Spanish community. He also is working to create alliances with universities, business incubators, hubs and any organization interested in working with Arrowhead.

College of Health and Social Services, Dean Donna Wagner

College of Health and Social Services colleagues are honored to announce their HRSA application, “NMSU’s Effective Move in Enhancing Leadership in Public Health Social Work (PHSW) Education” was funded for $296,865. This was only one of three awards of this type for FY2018. With 50 percent of funding directly benefiting students, this innovative project focuses on recruitment of students reflecting the cultural/ethnic and geographic diversity of communities across New Mexico and the U.S./Mexico border region, aims to develop emerging PHSW leaders, a national learning collective/repository of best practices for 42 MPH/MSW programs, and strengthen PHSW knowledge/practices among faculty. To date, 20 people have graduated from the dual MSW/MPH program since its inception in 2006, with 13 people presently enrolled. The team working on this award include Sue Forster-Cox, Principal, from Public Health Sciences and Anna Nelson, Co-Principal, and Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome and Fran Nedjat-Haiem, Co-Evaluators, from the School of Social Work.

Southern Area Health Education Center (SoAHEC) participated in a community night fair this week hosted by New America High School. The aim of the event was to promote community resources for students and parents, and SoAhec was able to communicate health education information to over 70 participants, which is part of the vision and mission for the center.



School of Nursing faculty members Shelly Noe, Conni DeBlieck, Liz Kuchler, Stephanie Lynch and Lynette Summers recently presented their research in New Orleans at the National Doctors of Nursing Practice Conference.  Their poster, titled ‘Let’s talk online teaching: How to create engaging online discussions’ presented a quality improvement course evaluation project to examine the effectiveness of using asynchronous video discussion in online nurse practitioner courses.  The Quality Matters Standards were interwoven into this distance education course with the goal of increasing student engagement, learning, and overall satisfaction with distance education.

University Library, Dean Elizabeth Titus

The NMSU Library’s Social Activity Committee (SAC) aims to bond faculty, staff, and student employees with fun and meaningful activities, through food, and by donations to local charities. SAC strives to provide a human touch to life at the Library by celebrating births and sharing the grief of deaths among staff members’ families. SAC’s end of the year holiday gatherings also includes a clothing and food drive for either Casa de Peregrinos or the Aggie Cupboard. SAC just had their Welcome Back Fiesta on Wednesday! NMSU Library loves to show their appreciation to student employees and staff.


On Thursday, September 21, NMSU Library personnel met to celebrate accomplishments that took place over the summer.  The all-staff celebration offers an opportunity to gather and learn about the highlights of summer projects undertaken by departments in the Library.  The all-staff celebration highlights the individual work we do in support of the larger mission of the Library.  We are happy to announce that this past summer the ILL Digital Scan Station in Branson Library was relocated to the Access Services area of the Branson Library.



NMSU Library Archives and Special Collection undertook many projects this past summer one was the effort to scan a photograph collection from the former chief of police of Las Cruces, Jim Flanagan. He captured significant icons in the era from the 1950s within the New Mexico region over the years.


Graduate School, Dean Louἰ Reyes

Honors College, Dean Miriam Chaiken

Honors Living Learning Community   The Honors College hosted a “Study Skills Workshop” for students in the Honors Living Learning Community coordinated by Dr. Tim Ketelaar.  At this workshop, Honors College Ambassadors Jacqueline Kieltyka and Ellyssia DeLayne Forbes shared study strategies, time management tips and pepperoni pizza with our Freshman Honors students.

Recruiting for NMSU and the Honors College   Dean Miriam Chaiken spent the week in Phoenix where she visited a dozen high schools that have a track record of sending many students to university to try to recruit them to NMSU and the Honors College. She met with guidance counselors and students and they were very happy to learn that the cost of attending NMSU might be less than remaining in Arizona at one of the state universities. We hope to see an uptick in applications especially from the Tolleson and Chandler area.

Administration and Finance, Senior Vice President Andy Burke

DARS Upgrade Completed   Working closely with the Registrar’s Office, ICT completed an upgrade to DARS Self-Service, the Degree Audit Reporting System that NMSU students and academic advisors use to track student progress towards graduation. Not only does DARS help NMSU advisors in the advising process, it also helps students and their advisors in course selection and academic program planning. By reducing the need for mechanical recordkeeping, DARS provides advisors more time to interact with students on academic and career counseling.

South Campus Cookout   The Residence Hall Association (RHA) hosted 62 residents at the South Campus Cookout on September 17.  Greek students along with some single student housing residents came together for games and food.  The whole event had a very backyard family feel and was part of a greater effort by the RHA to connect with students as their representative voice for all single students in Housing facilities.

Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, Vice President Bernadette Montoya

The Aggie Outlaws hosted their “First of Fall” Fun Meet for the local developmental teams on September 15 at the NMSU Aquatic Center. All three local teams attended including Las Cruces Aquatic Team and Wild West Aquatics. These “fun meets” are a way for the younger swimmers, whom are not at a competitive level yet, to experience the fun and excitement of being involved in a competitive environment. As well as, giving some of those practice before they compete in their first U.S.A. Swimming sanctioned swim meet.  This meet precedes the Pecan Classic Swim Meet hosted by the Las Cruces Aquatic Team at the NMSU Aquatic Center on September 22 through September 24. For information on Aggie Outlaws Swim Team please call 575.646.3518 or visit


University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services welcomed three new advisors; Melanie Tellez, Laura Renteria and Veronica Martinez. We are pleased to announce that our own staff member was selected to fill the vacant student loan processing and reconciliation position. Rosalie Ramirez, formerly in the scholarships group, will be replacing Lydia Ponce who left NMSU for another opportunity. Staff have been busy awarding the NMSU’s Perkins Loan fund, as the federal Perkins Loan program is being eliminated effective October 1, 2017. Personal contact has been made with over 200 students who qualify for the program and have current balances on their account.
In the upcoming week we will be doing a targeted outreach to students in the Teacher Education Program (TEP), to give information about federal TEACH grant funding. NMSU’s participation in this program has been low, so our goal is to increase the number of students who are aware of the TEACH grant fund and utilize it. This week the office served 413 walk-ins, responded to 107 emails from the general office address, and answered 356 phone calls that came in on the main line. These numbers do not account for the individual advisors’ email and phone interactions related to their current caseloads.

The 33rd Annual Career Expo was conducted on September 19-20 at the New Mexico State University campus.  One hundred-thirty employers along with 1,225 students participated in the two-day Career Fair.  Twenty-eight employers conducted on campus interviews on September 21, and eleven employers conducted information sessions at various locations on campus.

The Student Success Center’s Red to Green Money Management Program provided a Basic Financial Wellness, Budgeting and Saving workshop at the RGH Residential Hall.  Financial Wellness Coach, Teddy Herrera is pictured interacting with the RGH residents.

Since development in 2012, the Aggie Cupboard has given over 3,592 bags of food to the students, staff and faculty of NMSU. The Aggie Cupboard provides free emergency food assistance to the NMSU Community. This week the Aggie Cupboard was featured in the Community Connection section of KRWG:

Vice President for Economic Development, Vice President Kevin Boberg

Arrowhead Innovation Network (AIN) Workshop   On Thursday, Arrowhead hosted the first AIN ( Workshop event of the semester. This month’s event featured Erik Pavia, an El Paso native, adjunct professor at UTEP, and operations manager of the New York based data analytics start-up, Knotch. Mr. Pavia discussed the nuances of different business structures and the legal and economic implications of different business structure. The event was a great success, providing an opportunity for increased collaboration across the Borderplex region. AIN Workshop are a monthly entrepreneurial education series open to the public. A recording of this presentation can be found at the following link:

NSF I-Corps Information Session   On Wednesday, Arrowhead hosted an NSF I-Corps ( session for the campus community, discussing how faculty, staff, and student researchers can become eligible for $50,000 of funding to support commercialization of innovative technologies begun with university research. The session provided an opportunity to discuss NMSU’s role as an NSF I-Corps Site program (, the lean launch method for commercializing technology, and an overview of the goals of the NSF I-Corps program to promote greater commercialization of research and innovations from universities across the country.

Studio G Networking Hours   On Wednesday, Studio G held its weekly networking hour, which focused on Value Proposition Design. This discussion was based on the Business Model Canvas presented by Alex Osterwalder in his books Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design. Studio G holds weekly networking hour events that provide students and local entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn about business strategies and principles of entrepreneurship as well as a chance to connect with other aspiring and successful entrepreneurs. Each session is broadcasted on Facebook live. Check out the following link to see the video and learn about upcoming events

Vice President for Research, Interim Vice President Luis Vázquez

Dr. Hynes met with the Virgin Galactic customer group visiting Las Cruces on Friday, September 15 at the spaceport where they were briefed on the research conducted by NMSU students at the spaceport. Also on Friday, September 15, the completed New Mexico Space Grant Extension proposal was submitted to the Consortium partners for their concurrence. Drs. Hynes & Oemig met with Drs. Khandan, Xu, Zhang, and Foudazi to support their project on the WERC Design Competition. She has met with the student leaders, Kyle Edgerton and Leo Valdez who are designing a rocket for the Spaceport America IREC competition. Drs. Hynes & Oemig met with Dr. Enedina Vazquez to discuss the NMSGC Education Scholarship program and provided her information for her presentation to the NM Deans of Education.

This week, New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst Francisco Ochoa attended the Congreso Internacional del Calidad del Aqua in Chihuahua, Mexico. He was accompanied by Rod McSherry of NMSU’s College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES). Francisco presented a poster entitled, “Observaciones de Evapotranspiracion en Nuevo México” and displayed NMSU and NM WRRI water research information in an exhibit booth. Francisco is pictured at the booth giving the traditional NMSU Aggie “guns up!”

Research IT continued the migration of websites from Drupal to WordPress and also provided IT support for the TAAC (Technical Analysis and Applications Center) conference which will be held by PSL in December.  In addition, Research IT worked with the IT compliance officer to begin the CUI framework review, as well as built and tested CUI-based systems in GovCloud.  Finally, Research IT began research on a change control tool which is a formal process for submitting change requests, vetting, and monitoring proper approvals.

University Advancement, Vice President/Foundation Executive Director Andrea Tawney

Scholarship Recognitions   At a recent University Administrative Council meeting, University Advancement recognized eight scholarship coordinators within the NMSU system who exceeded their goals for awarding endowed gift scholarships for Aid Year 17-18. Andrea Tawney recognized each with a certificate and gift basket full of Aggie items. Associate Vice President Leslie Cervantes of lumni Relations and Scholarship Coordinator Lisa Osborne were also recognized for efforts made by University Advancement to increase gift endowment awarding to its highest level in many years.

Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson Visit   While visiting campus for the Career Fair, employees of Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson were given a tour of the School of Nursing in the College of Health and Social Services by Director of Nursing Alexa Doig. They also had very productive visits regarding employment, internships and curriculum with Dean Enrico Pontelli in the College of Arts & Sciences, Dean James Hoffman in the College of Business and Sonya Cooper, the associate dean of academics in the College of Engineering.

Prudential Visit  Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) recently hosted visitors from Prudential El Paso Business and Technology Solutions (Prudential Insurance), including the site executive Shawn Ollis, to meet the chancellor, provost and deans and get better acquainted with NMSU’s academic programs.

Writers in the Schools   The Dollar General Literacy Foundation is providing $3,000 to support Writers in the Schools, which sends English department graduate students into Las Cruces Public Schools to tutor students in grades 6-8 on creative writing and STEM writing.

Athletics, Director Mario Moccia


We hosted UTEP and El Paso Community College for the Kachina Classic cross-country meet at the NM State Track on Saturday. This was a good community event. Both the men’s and women’s team placed first.



In an effort to promote the NM State vs. UTEP football game, I went on 600 AM ESPN El Paso, 1380 AM KHEY as well as Adams Radio Group and Bravo Mic to encourage El Paso-ans to attend. We utilized the Under Armour Outlet store in El Paso as a method to advertise discounted tickets for the NM State/UTEP game.


We hosted the Battle of I-10 rival UTEP in volleyball where the Aggies defeated the Miners 3-0 in front of the largest crowd of the season.

International and Border Programs, Associate Provost Cornell Menking

The Office of International and Border Programs is happy to announce that a new “Peace Corps Prep” program is now up and running.  It offers students the opportunity to get a certificate from the U.S. Peace Corps upon graduating from NMSU.  It builds on NMSU’s new International Studies Minor, requiring a few extra things to get the certificate.

IBP held its annual professional development session last week.  Dr. Dario Silva presided, doing exercise that built comraderia and facilitated better communication between IBP’s sub-offices.

The Office of Education Abroad completed four information sessions on available Faculty Led International Programs for the upcoming spring and summer.  With programs in five colleges and on sixcontinents, NMSU will be represented around the world!

OEA participated in the Gilman Scholarship Conference in Phoenix last week. The Gilman Scholarship is a great way for Pell Grant recipients to apply for funding for international education. OEA also participated in the Lessons From Abroad conference in Tempe, Arizona, which helps returning Education Abroad students to learn how to use their international experience beyond their college degree, allowing them to network with international businesses, show them tips to get into graduate school, and helps to refine the student’s CV.

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services participated in the IBP professional development event last Friday, September 15.  On September 22, ISSS attended the Post-Graduate Immigration Options and Election Ramification Workshop presented by the law firm of Maney | Gordon | Zeller.  This is a great opportunity for our international students to learn more about their employment options after graduation and to begin to strategize about their next steps as they look to pursue their professional goals in the U.S.

Marketing and Communications, Interim Associate Vice President Justin Bannister

Marketing Services and Web Communications   In preparation for the upcoming Aggie Experience events, Marketing and Undergraduate Admissions collaborated on promotional materials including brochures, posters, digital and radio advertising.

KRWG/SPU   Monday Morning the KRWG TV production staff hosted a field trip from East Picacho Elementary School. As part of a weather lesson, over 80 third-graders were able to tour the facilities and gain hands-on experience with TV weathercasts graphics and tools.

KRWG’s Ralph Escandon explains TV weather graphics to visiting students.

Government Relations, Assistant Vice President Ricardo Rel

New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Director/Secretary Jeff M. Witte

NMSU Police, Chief Stephen Lopez

Accreditation, Executive Director Shelly Stovall

New Mexico State University – Doña Ana, President Renay Scott

Student Council Accomplishes Much   Carlos Cuesta Albornoz and Melissa Aragon have been the president and vice president of the NMSU Doña Ana Student Government Association since the beginning of the fall semester. In a short time they along with Secretary Jaycee Oliver and Treasurer Karen Sanchez have accomplished much for community college students. They helped pay for charging stations in commons areas throughout the campuses and centers so students can charge their electronic devices. In addition, NMSU Dona Ana students can now attend ticketed athletic events at NMSU for free. Student fees will help pay for the pilot program.

Customer Service Ambassador Program   The Human Resources department at NMSU Dona Ana is implementing a program to help enroll and retain students. The Customer Service Ambassador program uses existing technology to ensure outstanding customer service for students.

Survey Helps Track Graduates   A recent survey helps NMSU Dona Ana track recent graduates. Amber Meris and Devany Whipple received iPads from Barnes and Noble for filling out the alumni survey, which will help NMSU Dona Ana track alumni for accreditation. Pictured is Amber and Devany.

New Mexico State University – Alamogordo, President Ken Van Winkle

NMSU-A sponsored a hot air balloon in support of the 26th annual White Sands Balloon Invitational. As part of NMSU-A’s sponsorship, Marketing Representative Katie Pacelli-Klinger and ADH of Math & Science, and associate professor of Astronomy, Rob Klinger, served as part of the chase crew for the weekend. The event was featured on NMSU-A’s social media sites and will be featured in the next Campus Connection newsletter.

The chase crew from the hot air balloon “Vacation” pause for a photo with pilot Janet Soffera (seated on the basket) after completing the 26th annual White Sands Balloon Invitational in Alamogordo.

On Saturday, the NMSU-A Social Science Club held a flea market at the Tays Center. Sixty one tables were rented to members of the community for use to sell their wares. The Social Science Club raised $260, which will help the student organization and its upcoming social initiatives, including the Take Back the Night Alamogordo March and Rally, which is scheduled for April, 2018.

On Thursday, Professor Kim Lopez-Gallagher’s History 201G class performed a Rap Battle and Discussion Panel at the NMSU-A Townsend Library in honor and celebration of Constitution Day. Students from the class discussed the differing theories of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton regarding the role of government in the U.S. Constitution. Next week, two students from the class will have the opportunity to accompany Professor Lopez-Gallagher to discuss the event on a live local radio program.

Professor Kim Lopez-Gallagher (standing at lectern) poses with her Government 201G students after their performance of a Rap Battle and Panel Discussion in the NMSU-A Townsend Library Studio.

New Mexico State University – Carlsbad, President John Gratton

On Monday, September 18, NMSU Carlsbad hosted its annual “Salsa Competition” as part of the college’s Diversity Committee initiatives in celebrating Hispanic cultures.  Numerous campus entities submitted their salsa and all attendees voted on their favorite.  This year’s winner was Dr. Jamil Al-Nouman.

On Tuesday, September 19, the NMSU Carlsbad President represented southern New Mexico in attending the five-state meeting of Blue Cross – Blue Shield Affiliate Boards, which was held in Chicago. Attendees from Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas were provided a wealth of information on health care initiatives and the Graham/Cassidy health care bill was discussed.

On Thursday, September 21, NMSU Carlsbad conducted its annual Constitution Day activities.  Ms. Kenda Josselet planned and directed the event, which included presentations by student government officers and Senator Udall’s representative Beverly Allen.  Also, on Thursday, September 21, NMSU Carlsbad representatives attended the annual meeting of the Carlsbad Community Foundation.

On Friday, September 22, NMSU Carlsbad conducted a “Coffee with the Executive Team.” All campus personnel were invited to stop by, enjoy a cup of coffee, and engage in open communication with the NMSU Carlsbad Executive team. Also, on Friday, September 22, NMSU Carlsbad conducted its monthly meeting of the Steering Committee at which time AQIP accreditation updates were received and Standing Committee Chairs reported on their committee’s activities.

New Mexico State University – Grants, President Mickey Best

The NMSU Grants Association of Student Government (ASG) proudly announces the chartering of a new student organization – the Native American Leadership Club (NALC).  The stated objectives of the organization is to provide a collective voice and represent the Campus through the lens of Native viewpoints, positive goal-setting, and the development of student leaders.  Membership is open to all members of the community, campus, and student body.

NMSU Grants’ Title V and the Writing Center hosted a performance and writing workshop on September 22, led by Manuel Gonzalez, current City of Albuquerque Poet Laureate.  Mr. Gonzalez is a performance poet who began his career in poetry slams.  He was a Founding Member of the poetry troupe The Angry Brown Poets.  He also has a collection of his poetry published by Swimming with the Elephants Press entitled But My Friends Call me Burque.  Gonzalez began by performing some of his original poems, as well as works by his favorite authors.  He then led attendees through two writing exercises to create their own poems.  Twenty-one community and NMSU Grants faculty and staff members attended the event.  Mr. Gonzalez teaches workshops on self-expression and poetry in schools, at-risk youth facilities, youth detention centers, and most recently at the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico.

Associated Students of New Mexico State University-Kevin Prieto



ASNMSU held its first tailgate for the year on September 16, for the NMSU vs. Troy football home opener. ASNMSU provided music and sunglasses for students as they tailgated for the game.




ASNMSU held its first Meet ASNMSU of the year on September 20 between Hardman-Jacobs and Guthrie. Doughnuts and coffee were passed out to students from members of all three branches of ASNMSU.



The ASNMSU Senate met on September 21 in the Senate Chambers located in the Corbett Center Student Union. Sixteen senate bills were seen and passed, as well as a presentation from an Aggie Cupboard representative and members of the executive team.

The ASNMSU Instagram hit 1,000 followers on Friday, September 22! This is a big step in ensuring NMSU students are hearing about ASNMSU, its events, and services!

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