Excellent move-in experience

From: Ophelia Watkins
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2016 4:49 PM
To: Matt Crouse


[A parent] called me this afternoon to express her gratitude for the excellent move-in experience. Her daughter, Paris is a freshman living in Piñon. She went on and on about how kind and welcoming everyone was. Due to last-minute flight cancellations, their family chose to drive from Indianapolis to Las Cruces. They knew she could arrive on a later date but they wanted Paris to have the full experience of moving in with her peers. As a result they arrived on Sunday with very little sleep. Paris is an only child and her parents are both excited and concerned about her moving so far from home for college. She said that when they arrived, they were exhausted and grumpy but by the end of the move-in experience they were sure NMSU is the right place for Paris. Greeks helped them unload. They met the new roommate and her parents and hit it off right away. They felt comfortable leaving her at NMSU after dinner yesterday evening.

[Paris’ mother] and I met at an Aggie Welcome and Orientation event earlier this summer. Anyway, she reached out purposefully to express how pleased she and her husband were on move-in day with the entire process and the helpful people. I knew you would like to know about it. She said, “None of our friends whose kids are heading to college have had the kind of positive and welcoming experience that we had at NMSU.”