Rosa Fleenor helping a student

From: Mandabach, Keith
Date: August 17, 2016 at 5:22:39 PM MDT
To: Crabb, Elizabeth
Subject: Rosa Fleenor

Dear Elizabeth,

On May 11, I was walking through the Gerald Thomas lobby and noticed an upset female student. It was finals time and the student was close to tears and I was pleasantly surprised to see a female custodian, Rosa Fleenor, reach out to the student. Rosa spoke in English and Spanish to the student and she soon appeared to calm down. Rosa then walked the student down the hall to the HRTM office, comforting her as she went. I entered our offices from a middle door and went to my office. A few minutes later, I went to our front office and talked to Stella Lucero (who manages our front office) about what Rosa had done to help the student. She explained that Rosa had asked her to facilitate the student’s problem. Though she was not in our major, Stella was able to find the office person in FCS that the student needed to see to solve her problem. She also said that Rosa had walked the student up to the third floor to make certain she found the person. It was very nice of Rosa to help the student and Stella also.

I had just attended a session during Dean Flores’ interview session and Dr. Flores had commented that retention was everybody’s job at the university, even the custodian. Seeing Rosa help the student reinforced Dr. Flores’ point. Before and after the incident, I have observed Rosa reaching out to the students, faculty and staff by speaking to them, nodding and making eye contact, etc. She is very hospitable in general and in my opinion is one of the reason Gerald Thomas Hall is clean and fresh. I believe her great attitude plus her hard work make Gerald Thomas a great place to work.

Respectfully Dr. Keith Mandabach