Thank you from the Bolin Family

From: Carmen Bolin
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 1:26 PM
Subject: Thank you from the Bolin Family

To Whom It Concerns:

We are the parents of Rebekah (Bolin) Ferral, who graduated from NMSU in December 2015.  For some time, we have intended to write to you to let you know how impressed we were  with Rebekah’s experience at your university.  From the application process all the way through graduation, Rebekah encountered qualified, professional and caring professors and staff.  Having grown up with a family that was heavily involved in ENMU-Portales, I am somewhat familiar with the operations of a university. Both my wife and I graduated from ENMU and are grateful for our education there.  We homeschooled Rebekah and were very selective of where she would continue her education.  We evaluated and visited all the universities in New Mexico that had science programs, met with the administration, professors, and staff, and also privately toured the campuses to get a feel for the community.   

Rebekah entered NMSU in the fall of 2013 and graduated in December of 2015 with a bachelor’s in Biology and a minor in Bio-Chemistry.  From the beginning  to the end of her experience at NMSU we were pleasantly surprised.   We could not have hoped for a better education program that was tailored to Rebekah’s interests, skills and ability.   We encountered an environment that cared for our daughter.  She was in a safe place with people who cared and were watching over her.  On many occasions, she encountered staff and professors who had no official role in her schooling or life but were helpful, encouraging and gave sound direction.  Her whole experience was masterfully orchestrated. 

It would be a very long list of all the people that played a positive role in Rebekah’s education, but we do want to mention some.

  • Anton Magallanez  in Admissions – He was fantastic in his position.  Went beyond the call of duty to help. Personal and professional.
  • Dr.Jeanne Gleason – reached out to Rebekah before she was admitted and followed up with her to make sure things were starting out well.   Gave excellent counsel and direction.  She was a wonderful resource and so generous with her time and knowledge.  Dr. Gleason was a vital part of the success Rebekan had in her 1st year although she never had an official role with Rebekah.  At the same time, I also saw her reaching out to others with the same care.  She’s amazing.
  • Honors College – What a great program.  Outstanding leadership and staff.  It was such a comfort for us to know that the Honors Collage was there for her.  Very positive and supportive environment; and went out of their way to provide tutoring, support and encouragement when Rebekah studied for the MCAT
  • Dr. Miriam – Rebekah’s first counselor.  Because Dr.Miriam was transferred to a different position, she had little interaction with Rebekah, but she gave solid advice and direction to Rebekah to help get started.
  • Deanna Dunlavy – Rebekah’s employer.  Great encourager, mentor and pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm for learning is contagious.
  • Dr. William Maio – Rebekah worked for Dr. Maio as a “student teacher” in O. Chem 2.  Excellent teacher, pushed the students to excel.  Rebekah struggled with the material, and because he pushed, she received the knowledge she needed.  He also gave her the opportunity to explore her skills, talents and ability by giving her a chance to student teach.  Great program.
  • Dr.Wojahn (? Not positive that is her last name) – Taught a course on Advanced Technical and Scientific Writing. One more incredible teacher, she helped shape Rebekah’s life in a single course.  Gave her valuable skills to work for Dr. O’Connell.
  • Dr. O’Connell  – Rebekah’s employer.  We are very grateful for all the opportunities that Dr. O’Connell gave to Rebekah.  The job experiences fit like a hand in glove with Rebekah’s education, maturing and development and afforded as much training and education as the academics.  We appreciate Dr. O’Connell’s patience, insights and efforts to lead Rebekah in the transition roles of a college student.  Dr. O’Connell had to mix and match funding to get Rebekah her jobs, and we greatly appreciate all her efforts. Dr. O’Connell enhanced Rebekah’s skills that direcly assisted her employment with her current employer.
  • David Engelhart – Director of Christian Challenge – where Rebekah was able to plug in and meet new friends.  David does an amazing job leading an organization that became a vital part of Rebekah’s development and success.  His strategic planning for the Challenge is to utilize the gifts and talents of other students to encourage new students where they’re at – to mentor them, and then teach them to become mentors to other students.  Great support for NMSU.

NMSU afforded Rebekah the opportunity to work with top-notch scientists in your research labs over the summers, which strengthened her knowledge and understanding of genetics and health.  She particularly enjoyed the study of genetics, and before graduating, was offered a job as a nutritional therapist with a local doctor here in Ruidoso where she will be able to integrate her study of genetics in promoting health. 

Overall, Rebekah received a quality education, including the tremendous positive influence she received from the Christian Challenge.

We want to thank you for providing an excellent, well-rounded education for our daughter.  Rest assured, we share Rebekah’s positive experience with many people.


Dan and Carmen Bolin