A Student-Centric University

By Chancellor Dan E. Arvizu | Published: June 29, 2018

TO: NMSU Faculty and Staff -

Earlier this week, I was at the NMSU bookstore when a group of new students came in as part of their Aggie Welcome and Orientation tour. It didn’t take long before they realized “the Chancellor was in the house,” and I was quickly surrounded, meeting and speaking with each of them. I have to say, this interaction was the highlight of my week. It was inspiring to see young students so excited about their future. Their enthusiasm was infectious. I want to acknowledge the efforts of the students who lead these tours and the outstanding jobs they do. One of our strategic intentions is to ensure NMSU is a student-centric university. Everything we do should be for the benefit of our students.

That’s why I also want to acknowledge the work of Maria Olivas, a custodial worker familiar to many around campus. We recently had an unfortunate incident with a residence hall sewer line that left a number of rooms in desperate need of attention. Coincidently, this incident also happened during an Aggie Welcome and Orientation session. Without hesitation, Maria jumped right in to clean the rooms and help the students who were affected. When I heard of the outstanding work Maria had done, I invited her up to my office to personally say thank you. Maria was surprised to be recognized for the work she had done. She said, in Spanish, “We have to do whatever we can to support our students.” That was such a refreshing response and it demonstrates the pride our employees have in our Aggie community. It’s important to recognize the value everyone brings to our university. Maria did a great job in turning what could have been a miserable experience into a positive one for our students.

This week, I also want to note the accident that led to yesterday’s power outage. One of our employees experienced some electrical burns, but is doing well at this time. I was sorry to hear about this incident, and I want to remind everyone about the importance of safety – to be very cautious and to help watch out for everyone else. We are very committed to ensuring a safe working environment at NMSU and we must conduct all our work with safety in mind.

Thank you, and have a great weekend.