Faculty and staff contributions to student success

By John D. Floros | Published August 10, 2018

TO: NMSU Faculty and Staff -

Although the semester does not start until next Wednesday, our incoming class began moving into our residence halls today. Faculty report on Monday, Convocation is on Tuesday, and signs all over town are welcoming NMSU back into session.

At New Mexico State University, we have great opportunities to further our land-grant mission, and the start of a new academic year is a good time for us all to re-assess our priorities and our practices. One of our best opportunities to move NMSU forward as a university is to become a leader in how we achieve the educational component of our mission, and to put the student educational experience at the center of all we do. I encourage each of our faculty and staff members to ask: How can I help students to better learn? What can I do to contribute to student success? Am I helping students prepare for life after college or success in the workplace? What can I do differently to be more student-centric?

It is important to recognize the central role all NMSU employees play in student success. Faculty are on the forefront of our educational mission: in addition to their classroom role, faculty mentor our students, welcome them in their labs and studios, and serve as exemplars of excellence in scholarship. Our staff create a warm, accommodating environment where students can learn and excel. When we promote our employees’ success, we also promote student success.

So often, students cite a faculty member, advisor, or other individual who was pivotal in their success in higher education. I invite all of the NMSU community to join me, Chancellor Arvizu, and Regent Hutchinson as we celebrate faculty success and recognize a few of our very best faculty at the Convocation on Tuesday, August 14 at 9 am. Please join us in person at the Atkinson Recital Hall or online at http://panopto.nmsu.edu/convocation/.