Fall 2018 Commencement

By John D. Floros | Published December 7, 2018

This week, about 1,250 of our students completed their degree requirements, and most of them will attend Commencement tomorrow along with family, friends, supporters, and other loved ones. This is an important milestone.

The Commencement ceremony marks the conclusion of a degree program, but the word “Commencement” denotes a beginning. If we had a commemorative coin for Commencement, one face would represent the past: the values and skills our students arrive here with and the knowledge they gained from their NMSU education. The other face would represent the future and the opportunities our students have and will make for themselves. On that face, we would remind students: Be Bold. Shape the Future.

“Today, we are sending our students into a world filled with global challenges, but we are sending them with confidence.” Their NMSU credential indicates that they have mastered a level of knowledge in a discipline. Equally as important: their credential is evidence they can develop intellectually. We live in an age marked by a seemingly unbounded expansion of knowledge. The only way to prepare for such an environment is to learn and to keep learning and to never stop learning.

The future belongs to our students. It is up to them to act boldly and harness their potential to realize their dreams. They have the ability to make profound contributions to our community and our world, and we are counting on them to do it.