First Draft for Strategic Directions

By John D. Floros | Published October 5, 2018

Strategic Directions for New Mexico State University were discussed at the Board of Regents meeting on Wednesday, October 3, and Chancellor Arvizu and I provided thoughts on how we can address those strategic objectives to improve student success, elevate research and creativity, and amplify outreach and economic development. Building on the current Vision 2020 Strategic Plan, we organized this proposal around the following eight categories by which we will measure the success of our administration and of NMSU. 

  1. Student Success: Consistent with the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan, key elements of this category include enrollment, retention, graduation, and placement rates. Meaningful progress in measuring placement will require collaboration across the NMSU system.
  2. Research and Creativity: In addition to the standard metric of expenditures, research measures should assess elements such as creativity, quality, and graduate student contributions.
  3. Outreach and Strategic Initiatives: NMSU has significant outreach and service efforts, and this category will measure their impact and expenditures. Strategic initiatives in this context will include long-term relationships aimed at solving complex problems and a comprehensive set of metrics in support of diversity and inclusion.
  4. Financial Stewardship: To succeed as an institution, we must have a budget aligned with our objectives and priorities. This category will include net tuition revenue plus faculty and staff compensation. Complementing this are measures of productivity at the campus, college, department, and individual level.
  5. Fundraising and Foundation Relations: Gift revenue can help us meet our strategic objectives, and the NMSU Foundation is an important partner in connecting donors with programs of excellence.
  6. Athletics: We recognize the importance of our Athletics programs in creating community among NMSU, our alumni, and external constituents. We look for progress toward greater economic self-sufficiency and will develop other performance indicators relating to the athletic and academic experience of our students.
  7. Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (Qualitative Measure): The emerging leadership structure has been created to support shared governance and collective decisions.  This category is also associated with using performance management tools to ensure that the organization is acting cohesively to achieve our priorities. Success in this category will be evident through our progress in other areas.
  8. Board Relations (Qualitative Measure): Our Board of Regents must know that they are well informed regarding university matters and that they are part of the team working to advance the institution.

We want and need thoughtful input and ideas from the entire campus community on this draft plan. This engagement is the critical element that will allow us to elevate the plan from one belonging to the administration to one belonging to all of us. Over the next three months, we will engage in conversations with students, faculty, and staff across the NMSU system plus external stakeholders. We need your input to make this plan the best it can be.

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