GO Bond

By Chancellor Dan E. Arvizu | Published October 12, 2018

Early voting in New Mexico is already underway and I would like to encourage everyone to become fully informed about General Obligation Bond D and its tremendous benefit to the New Mexico State University system and the entire state. If passed by voters, GO Bond D would provide $31.2 million to important NMSU renovation and construction projects in and around Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Carlsbad and Grants. Plus, if passed, it will not increase taxes. 

For the Las Cruces campus, GO Bond D would include $25 million for renovation, replacement and construction of three buildings for the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES). These buildings would provide modern teaching environments for students and faculty to conduct their research and learning. GO Bond D would help students acquire the experience, knowledge and skills needed to be successful and be hired into the workforce.

In one of the proposed buildings, the Food Science Security and Safety Facility, students and faculty would continue research on how to make food healthier and safer. NMSU is poised to be an international leader in food processing, protection initiatives and food safety, and southern New Mexico would get a boost in becoming a national hub for food security and safety.

Students and scientists from across the NMSU campus are researching health issues such as cancer, mosquito-borne viruses, fertility and obesity. The proposed Biomedical Research Center in GO Bond D would advance this research and serve as a scientific hub for collaboration between colleges. Increased capacity to conduct biomedical research would lead to a greater number of grants from federal agencies. GO Bond D would also provide for an Animal Nutrition and Feed Manufacturing Facility, to investigate new feed blends and processes. The facility would provide the best technology and environment for student research in animal nutrition and help prepare students for careers in the feed industry, veterinary sciences and ranch management.

The research that would be performed in these buildings would enhance the ability of ACES to strengthen New Mexico’s agricultural industry. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the agricultural and food processing industries contribute $11 billion a year to New Mexico’s economy and 51,000 New Mexico jobs are generated by those industries. 

For NMSU’s community colleges, GO Bond D would provide $1.7 million for Doña Ana Community College, $1.4 million to NMSU Alamogordo, $1.6 million to NMSU Carlsbad, and $1.5 million to NMSU Grants. The bond includes a total of $128 million to colleges and universities statewide. 

Again, it would do all of this without raising your taxes. 

Additionally, GO Bond B for libraries is also on the ballot.  If approved the NMSU libraries in Las Cruces and at the community colleges would receive over $610,000.

Early voting has already begun and starting on Oct. 20 you will conveniently be able to vote on the Las Cruces campus at Corbett Center, which has been designated as an Alternate Early Voting Center. Election Day is Nov. 6.