By: Chancellor Dan E. Arvizu | Published: May 20, 2018

TO: Members of the New Mexico State University System -

Greetings to all students, faculty, staff and other members of the NMSU System community! As I start my new position this week and take on the Chancellor role officially on June 1st, I could not be more pleased nor inspired to be returning to my Alma Mater where I have so many fond memories and where the foundation was laid for my professional journey. My wife Sheryl and I are excited about our move to Las Cruces and we can’t wait to integrate into the community. I come with a great deal of Aggie pride and spirit, but I am also humbled by the responsibility and the enormity of the task at hand. In the weeks and months to come, I will seek your ideas, insights, guidance and feedback to ensure I fully understand our needs and opportunities.

To be sure, I recognize that the road ahead is not easy and is full of complexity and challenge, yet I also know that in this complexity and challenge there is also tremendous opportunity. Fortunately, I see the ingredients for great success all around at NMSU. I continue to be impressed with the passion of the students, faculty, staff and greater community for NMSU to grow, prosper and contribute. I believe we can capitalize on this passion and the great intellectual capital resident here and to leverage our natural strengths as a tri-cultural, border region, agriculture and energy centric, high tech, and space exploring institution. I am encouraged that in many places we are already well on our way. But I am confident we can and must do better. My vision is that together we can make the NMSU System one of the most highly respected, efficient and effective forces for impact in New Mexico, the region and beyond. I also envision that NMSU, as a Land-Grant Hispanic Serving University System can perform its mission of teaching, research, and public service at the highest levels of achievement, impacting lives in the communities we serve, and be a model for others to follow nationally and globally.

I am very encouraged that the NMSU Regents have embraced this forward leaning vision and have provided the mandate and support to realize this new future, and have endorsed several new innovations. One of the first actions that has been approved is the separation of the Chancellor and NMSU President roles, in which I wholeheartedly concurred, and that has provided the opportunity to bring an exceptionally talented NMSU President, Dr. John Floros as a strategic partner. John brings a tremendous wealth of experience and an outstanding track record in leading change in Land-Grant institutions. I am most excited in that John’s experience

complements my own expertise in many ways. In my last several positions in the government, private sector, and the venture world, my role has been to vision new possibilities, then review, analyze, down select, and shape myriads of ideas into game changing market disrupting initiatives. John brings a university perspective that will allow us together to help “positively bend the success curve” in a university environment.

Although John doesn’t officially start until July 1st, he will be on campus this week with me to get acquainted and start meeting with faculty, staff and other stakeholders. John provided the following paragraph as his introductory statement.

“A big heartfelt thank you to all of you for giving me the opportunity to serve you as the next New Mexico State University president. After speaking with many members of the NMSU community during and after the interview, my wife, Patricia and I are ready to join you. We look forward to working for this great institution, and living in the friendly, vibrant and beautiful Las Cruces. Higher education is facing an uncertain future, and our university is not without challenges. However, NMSU is bursting with potential. I am ready to work closely with our faculty, staff, students, administrators and stakeholders to plan our path forward and realize our potential. Together we can improve our students’ educational experience to help them succeed, expand on collaborations, improve our research creativity and competitiveness, and increase knowledge and innovation.”

John and I have started working closely together to define our respective roles and responsibilities to ensure that we maintain continuity and that this change is accomplished within the clear objective of improving our NMSU System effectiveness and bringing NMSU into a new level of impact. I know many of you will have questions about this new arrangement, including but not limited to how to address the continued dropping enrollment, reduction in research revenues, hiring of a Provost, approach to fund raising, and athletics. These are all weighty issues and I want to reassure you that John and I will approach all of these with great thought and deliberation, and we will seek input from all the relevant stakeholders to ensure we properly prioritize, highly leverage our assets, and put us on a sustainable path to make the NMSU System more efficient, effective, and the exemplar for others to follow.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, concerns, and ideas.

Dan E. Arvizu and John Floros