Media Relations

By: Chancellor Dan E. Arvizu | Published: June 14, 2018

TO: NMSU Employees -

As we move forward, New Mexico State University will begin to roll out a series of communications related to our strategic priorities and how we plan to capitalize on the opportunities we have before us. These communications will set the narrative for our important work while keeping our internal stakeholders and the general public informed of our efforts.

As we outline the objectives and strategies for addressing these priorities, I want to ensure the university speaks with a clear, unified, coordinated voice. For that reason, we will keep all our messaging consistent and aligned with our priorities. This is especially important in regard to communications from university administrators and those who are speaking officially on behalf of the university.

If you are contacted by the media or have a need to interact with the media, please coordinate those efforts with our Marketing and Communications Office which will help keep that communication alignment. The contact person is Associate Vice President Justin Bannister and can be reached at and 575-646-3221. Our Marketing and Communications Office is a resource for providing strategic communications across the university system and can help facilitate any interactions with the media.

I fully understand that administrators, particularly those who are also faculty, value the importance of the free exchange of ideas and the freedom of expression. It is important to understand this directive does not impact that right. I appreciate everyone’s efforts in helping us as we begin to take NMSU to the next level.