Moving Forward

By Chancellor Dan E. Arvizu | Published September 10, 2018

We’re sure many across campus have seen or heard news of our $3.3 million budget deficit due to changes in our scholarship awarding practices. We’ve also heard directly from faculty members that there is concern this might lead to across the board cuts or a hiring freeze. We want to assure everyone, that while we recognize this is a serious issue, we are confident we can bridge this gap by better managing our expenses, keeping our administrative costs at the levels they have been historically, and looking for process improvements this fiscal year, all without a negative impact on our students.

Additionally, while we are already making progress across the system there is still much more needed when it comes to enrollment – our primary revenue source as an institution. With our new organizational structure, and a keener focus on student success and retention, we believe we can make substantive progress by next fall. 

Today, U.S. News and World Report reaffirmed that New Mexico State University remains one of the best universities in the country. We have kept this status for the past several years because of the efforts of each and every member of our faculty and staff.  It’s no secret that it is your continued personal commitment and dedication that keeps us in such high regard.

While NMSU is comprised of a complex set of departments and missions, we are confident that together, we can not only overcome the immediate challenges—we can also move the University forward to seize the many opportunities that are within our collective reach.