Shaping the Future

By John D. Floros | Published September 21, 2018

As I’ve mentioned before, Chancellor Arvizu and I are working to give more autonomy to our unit leaders across the university. We’re going to push decision-making down to where the action is – where things actually get done. Those who are closest to a situation tend to be the ones most capable of finding the optimal solution. It should be noted that while this will create more freedom in how our various units operate, there will also be more accountability for those actions.

With increased autonomy, accountability and responsibility can come increased satisfaction in knowing our efforts are the best they can be. It’s important for all of us, students, faculty and staff, to take pride in what we do here at NMSU, and how those efforts help to shape the future of our students, university, region and state.

Our groundskeepers, plumbers, electricians and others should take great pride in the work they do maintaining our beautiful campus. This work creates a pleasant and welcoming environment for our students to learn and our other employees to work.

Our faculty should take great pride in the education they provide and the research they conduct. They are the drivers of this university and play an important role in shaping our students and their futures.

It’s equally important for our students to take pride in the work they do in the classroom and to continue their studies through to graduation. They will likely have multiple careers between the time they leave NMSU and the time they retire. It’s important for them to set goals, both for the short-term and the long-term, and to continuously strive toward excellence.

Let’s all work together, as diligently as possible, toward achieving excellence and helping to shape the future. If we do this well, our students’ future, and our university’s future look very bright.