Strategic Directions

By John D. Floros | Published September 7, 2018

This week, Chancellor Arvizu and I met with the Board of Regents in a public working session to discuss our emerging plan to develop near- and longer-term strategic goals for New Mexico State University. Our strongest focus is on student success, and it is incumbent on me and the Chancellor to ensure that every office at NMSU is empowered to support this goal in the most effective way possible. 

Our efforts will continue to emphasize recruiting new students to NMSU, promoting the success of students who are currently enrolled, expanding our research efforts, and elevating our outreach. These efforts are closely integrated: Increased recruitment and retention supports our research mission, and our research is a critical factor in attracting excellent faculty and well qualified graduate students. Undergraduate and graduate students engaged in research and outreach are better equipped to address the important questions in their disciplines, to understand emerging technological advances, and to help their communities prosper. 

We can only succeed at these efforts if all of us — faculty and staff at all levels — align our every action with our goals, and I offer recruiting as an example. Prospective students and their families visit our campus every day. Within 20 minutes of arriving on campus, they have already formed an opinion regarding whether NMSU is a place they want to be.

During that first 20 minutes, students and their families will experience our parking lots, our beautiful grounds, and a building or two. They will likely stop at the Educational Services Building and might visit a department and interact with office staff and faculty. Or their first stop could be the University Bookstore, or Taos Cafeteria. Every interaction is an opportunity to let students know that their success is our success, that we care about their educational goals, and that we want to be their university.

This alignment between how we do our work and our strategic goals will impact every aspect of our jobs, from how we share data and information to how we work across colleges and administrative units. In our meetings across NMSU, the Chancellor and I have consistently heard that the NMSU community is ready for the challenges of eliminating barriers to student success and empowering staff. Throughout the next few months, we will share information and seek your input.  Please send your feedback to