Welcome Dr. April Mason, Interim Provost

By John D. Floros | Published October 30, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

On Thursday, November 1, Dr. April Mason will join the NMSU Community as our Interim Provost.  I am certain all of you, the Aggie community, will welcome Dr. Mason just as you did a few months ago when the Chancellor and I arrived on campus.

Since the October 23rd announcement of Dr. Mason’s appointment as Interim Provost, I have received an overwhelming amount of support for the choice, but also a few comments/questions expressing concerns about appointing someone outside NMSU. I appreciate you taking the time to send me your comments and questions. I want to thank all of you who commented on the decision, and take this opportunity to address any concerns.

The call for nominees to serve as Interim Provost yielded over a dozen nominations, which included many of NMSU’s most qualified faculty and administrators. I interviewed about half of the nominees and found that they were as qualified in person as they were on paper. Several among those interviewed already hold important leadership positions (VPs, Deans, Dept. Heads, etc.) and would have to be replaced in their current job. In other words, we would have to play “musical chairs” and disturb critical units in the university for just a few months of service.

In addition, several nominees indicated an interest in applying for the permanent Provost position. Appointing any of them would send the message that the new Interim Provost had the inside track on the permanent position and unfairly discourage any other nominees. In this respect, Dr. Mason has no intention of applying for the permanent position.

Finally, I made the decision to hire Dr. Mason as our Interim Provost with the best interest of the university in mind. I know April well. She is an experienced administrator, a passionate academic, and a wonderful individual. She will help us in many ways during the few months it will take to bring onboard a permanent Provost. Although Dr. Mason has no institutional history with NMSU, she knows how important institutional memory and culture are, and she will call upon the Provost’s Office, Deans, Faculty Senate, and other leaders and colleagues to better understand NMSU.

You have treated me with generosity and openness, and I know you will treat Dr. Mason the same. As Aggies, we welcome others with warmth, candor and honesty. Please help me welcome Dr. April Mason as our new Interim Provost, and as always, feel free to send any other questions to President.Floros@nmsu.edu.