2019 Legislative Session

By Chancellor Dan E. Arvizu | Published January 14, 2019

The 2019 session of the New Mexico legislature will begin on January 15 and end March 16, 2019.  During the legislative session several of you may be called upon to review and comment on legislation and/or testify before a legislative committee.  New Mexico State University’s Office of Government Relations (OGR) is tasked with being NMSU’s representatives and principal contact with all the legislative members, government officials, and their respective staff.

In all things pertaining to the legislature, please coordinate any legislative visit, testimony or other activities through OGR.  If you are contacted by a legislative committee, legislator, or any other such entity, please inform OGR of any communication.  We do this so that NMSU’s legislative efforts are presented in an organized and consistent manner.

To understand NMSU’s legislative priorities, you can find them on the Office of Government Relations’ website:https://govrelations.nmsu.edu/.  During the legislative session you can also find regular updates and a bill tracking list on the OGR website.

In addition, if you are contacted by OGR staff requesting your analysis of legislation, please treat the requests as urgent and consider it a priority to complete and return the analysis within the time specified.  Typically, OGR is under the strict deadline of 24 hours to submit the analysis, which could be critical to the bill’s impact to NMSU.


OGR contact information:

Campus OGR office number: 646-5909


Ricardo Rel (575) 635-2005 (cell)

Aggie Saltman (575) 649-4356 (cell)


Thank you for your assistance.