Employee Health Services

Employee Health Services

DATE:         September 4, 2019

TO:              Faculty and Staff at NMSU and NMSU-DACC

FROM:        John Floros, President

SUBJECT:   Reinstating Employee Health Services

I am pleased to announce that starting October 7, employee health services will be reinstated at the Aggie Health & Wellness Center (AHWC) on the Las Cruces campus. Similar to the employee health service that was discontinued in 2016, the service will provide acute medical care services, Workers’ Compensation injury care, employee assistance and counseling, plus health education and prevention programs that support NMSU LEADS 2025 Goal 4: Build a Robust University System.

Below is additional information about this service:

  • AHWC will be open to all employees (full, part-time, temporary) of NMSU for acute medical care for minor illness and injury.
  • Employment status will be verified upon check-in; employees will need a valid NMSU or photo ID and payment is required at the time services are rendered.
  • The cost for an office visit will be $20 (less than most insurance co-pays); laboratory testing, medication, x-rays, and other procedures will be available for additional fees. Payment may be made by cash, credit card, or through an Aggie Cash account.
  • Same day appointments will open at 8:00 am weekdays until filled. Urgent care will be (triaged during regular hours (Monday through Friday 8:00–11:30 am & 1:00–5:00 pm).
  • AHWC is not an in-network provider for any insurance plan including Medicare and Medicaid, although services often cost less than deductibles or co-pays on insurance plans.
  • AHWC will file insurance claims for employees seeking reimbursement and who have an insurance card for verification.
  • Employees will be allowed to seek care at AHWC during work hours following the same protocol as they would for external medical appointments with notification to their supervisor. A work excuse for an appointment can be provided on request.
  • Non-employees such as dependents, retirees and affiliated employees are not eligible for services.

The Aggie Health & Wellness Center will celebrate the opening of employee health services on October 10 with an Open House from 8:00 am–1:00 pm. The Open House will feature seasonal flu vaccination (with insurance card), free blood pressure and immunization checks, AggieFit registration, and health promotion activities. For more information on employee health services, please visit the website at wellness.nmsu.edu or call AHWC at (575) 646-1512.

I thank everybody who voiced concerns about losing this service during strategic planning discussions over the past year. Your concerns prompted NMSU to improve the employee benefits that are most important to our community.

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