January 10-16

President Garrey Carruthers, Ph.D.

  • NMSU’s Financial Health: I joined Angela Throneberry, Dan Howard and others in a discussion with evaluators from Moody’s, the financial rating service.  They visit periodically to ascertain the financial health of NMSU and to make any adjustments they deem appropriate to our bond rating.  I was very pleased to report the recent progress of NMSU on many fronts, including enrollment management efforts, resource development plans such as the possibility of private investments like the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine on other properties on or near the campus (potential for a hotel and other commercial enterprises on the old golf course clubhouse land), and the adjudication of our water rights with the State.  Provost Howard gave his usual excellent overview of initiatives directed to student retention and graduation (navigators and the guaranteed pathway to a bachelor’s degree).  Our continuing decline in enrollment appears to be a problem with the evaluators but all other metrics seem very positive.
  • Special Invitation: Colonel Jeremy Klomp of the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps has delivered an invitation from the Air Force to me to attend the first Presidents Forum sponsored by the Air Force Training Command.  I would be one of nine or ten Presidents to attend, learn more about AFROTC goals, and to share why I am so supportive of our AFROTC detachment.  I do plan on attending this event this summer at Maxwell Air Force Base.  I am encouraging growing both of our ROTC programs to a minimum of 100 cadets each.
  • Sodexo: I broke bread with Kirt Ingram, a top official of Sodexo, and his colleagues regarding their contract at NMSU and to learn about other services they offer to universities.  I had heard but had forgotten that they operate student housing at some colleges and universities.  They advised me that they survey our students regarding satisfaction with food services and to get their recommendations for improvement.  I hear very few complaints about the food service and use Sodexo for catering many of our events. 
  • Guest Speaker: I spoke at the opening ceremony of the Burrell Institute for Health Policy and Research.  I am hopeful there are synergies with some of the research underway at NMSU regarding Border health disparities and health policy analysis.  This is a privately funded Institute which gives them a little more latitude to “come down hard” on public policy than we enjoy as a public in that NSMU doing so could cause some push back from the hand that feeds us.
  • 2016 Legislative Session: The legislature will convene on Tuesday for a 30-day session on budget matters and non-budget issues that receive a call from the governor, such as the driver’s license issue.  As you have detected, with oil prices below $30, there will be little or no new money available for any of the many public programs financed by the legislature.  I am hoping we come out even or just a hair over last year.  Remember, if you are going to Santa Fe to testify of visit with legislators, please check in with Ricardo Rel in the Office of Government Affairs, and he and his staff will help you out.  Several of our faculty and staff are regularly invited to make presentations to committees.


Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Dan Howard

  • Assurance Writing Teams: On Monday, I spent time with the teams responsible for writing the assurance arguments that will be the focus of our Higher Learning Commission (HLC) visit in November of 2017.  Over the course of the past six months or so the writing teams have been assembling evidence relevant to the criteria for accreditation of HLC and writing outlines of their assurance narratives.  At this meeting we discussed how to write strong evidentiary statements, the importance of identifying and addressing gaps in our evidence, and the need for transparency when it comes to the shortcomings of our institution.  Over the course of the next several months the writing teams will complete rough drafts of their narratives.  The most difficult part of this assignment will be staying within the 35,000 word limit imposed by HLC on the document produced by the writing teams.
  • Regents Student Success Committee: Later in the day, the Regents Student Success Committee met.  The highlight of the meeting was a presentation from Vice Provost Greg Heileman and Provost Chaouki Abdallah of the University of New Mexico on the degree mapping and predictive analytics tools that have been developed at the University of New Mexico, with RPSP support from the state of New Mexico.  Over the course of the next several months, the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management will work with Dr. Heileman’s team at UNM to adapt these tools so that they serve the needs of NMSU.
  • Statewide General Education Summit: On Wednesday, 26 institutions of higher education in the state of New Mexico participated in the Statewide General Education Summit.  At the summit, we discussed the shortcomings of the current general education curriculum in New Mexico and the need for a more streamlined curriculum with greater emphasis on transferable skills essential for lifetime learning and the rapid changes in the workplace that are characteristic of the 21st  I will chair the Statewide General Education Steering Committee, which will have nine months to complete its work and report back to the larger group.  An essential component of this effort will be good two-way communication channels with general education reform groups that will be assembled at each of the colleges and universities in the state.


Interim Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences,

Dr. Jim Libbin

  • Grand Prize Winner: Dennis Garcia, Grand Prize Winnera recent agricultural economics and agricultural business graduate (and a second generation ACES graduate), was recently honored by USDA’s Farm Service Agency with its grand prize award for a video submission of All About That “Base.” Dennis is currently an employee of FSA Glacier County, Montana and his father (also Dennis Garcia) is a former Deputy Commissioner of the New Mexico State Land Office.  Dennis is pictured below between Associate Administrator for Operations and Management, Chris Beyerhelm and the Administrator of the Farm Service Agency, Val Dolcini.

Cooperative Extension Service:

Extension Plant Sciences

  • 2016 Southwest Hay & Forage Conference: The 2016 Southwest Hay & Forage Conference was held January 14-15 in Ruidoso, NM. The annual event is coordinated by the New Mexico Hay Association and NMSU’s Extension Plant Sciences Department. Mark Marsalis, Extension Forage Specialist, serves as the program coordinator of the conference. Approximately 175 farmers and agency and industry representatives attended this year’s event. Session topics ranged from organic hay production, rodent and insect pest control, weed resistance, alfalfa planting and rotation management, livestock and hay markets, and an update about the newest pest in New Mexico: the Sugarcane Aphid. In addition, an informative panel session on agricultural water use and regional irrigation status joined presentations and comments from water managers of three of New Mexico’s water districts (Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, Elephant Butte Irrigation District, and the Pecos Valley Artesian Conservancy District).
  • Various Awards: The Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce presented Connie Moyers, Extension Home Economist, with the Warm Heart of the Sun Belt award.  This award is given to “someone who goes over and above” the normal expectations. Connie has been a strong advocate and role model for the youth of Roosevelt County.  Patrick Kircher, Roosevelt County agricultural agent, was presented with the Workhorse of the Year Award.  Patrick works with 4H youth and livestock judging, as well as serving as 4H leader for the Dora 4H club. He serves as co-coordinator of the largest progressive ag safety day in the United States. He works tirelessly helping the youth get their animals ready for events.


Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Christa Slaton

  • Centennial Celebration of the National Parks: I met with several faculty from the History and Geography Departments to discuss programming for the Centennial Celebration of the National Parks and to gain greater visibility for our outstanding public history program and the wealth of knowledge of experts in Las Cruces regarding the national parks system.
  • A&S Luncheon: The associate deans and I hosted a luncheon for Arts and Sciences Faculty Senators. It was a very meaningful exchange of topics being discussed in the senate and how those may affect the college and the faculty. The candor and dedication of the senators is impressive.
  • Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra: The College of Arts and Sciences was a sponsor of the Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra’s “Fab Four – Beatles” concert last weekend. Both performances were sold out and the audience gave glowing reviews of the symphony, Lonnie Klein’s conducting, and the special artists, who looked and sounded like the Beatles.
  • Starry Night Fundraising Event: Computer Science graduate and Dean’s Council member Patty Lopez, who works for Intel in Colorado, was on campus last week to film her video for our Starry Night Fundraising event on February 13, 2016, at the ASNMSU Center for the Arts. She is the recipient of the Star of Sciences. Other recipients will be Jag Cheema, Star of Arts and Sciences; Sally and Glen Cutter, Stars of Arts; and Larry and Diane Allen, Stars of Town and Gown.


Dean, College of Business, Dr. James Hoffman

  • NMLEAD Grant Update: On January 14th, a representative from the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) visited the College of Business to receive an update on the status of the NMLEAD grant. The NMLEAD grant funds the Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship program. Some discussion pertained to the school turnaround program being funded by PED. Participating in the site visit was Steven Elias and Jim Hoffman.
  • Spring 2016: The spring semester is off to quick start!  I attended each of our department’s faculty meetings on Thursday and Friday and prepared for our college faculty meeting to be held next week.
  • Weekly Activity Reports: The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at http://business.nmsu.edu/news/activity-reports/.


Dean, College of Health and Social Services, Dr. Donna Wagner

  • Accreditation Open Forum: The College hosted an open forum given by Shelly Stovall from the Office of Accreditation on January 15.  Discussed were Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation and Rethink Writing, NMSU’s Quality Initiative to improve student writing.

School of Nursing

  • Rankings:
    • For the fourth year in a row, NMSU has been ranked by U.S. News and World Report as of one of the Best Online Education Programs offered by U.S. universities. This year, the School of Nursing ranked 75th in Best Online Nursing Programs. Of the three departments ranked university-wide, the School is the highest ranked on campus. For the full article and to view other NMSU rankings, click here.
    • According to “Best Medical Degrees”, an online resource guide to medical degree programs, the School of Nursing has been ranked first in the 50 Best Value Online Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Programs. For the full list of ranking, click here. Aggie nurses are on the move!

School of Social Work

  • Angel Tree Drive: Results are in for the Angel Tree Drive that took place on December 18.  The School of Social Work, along with the Child Welfare Training Project, delivered over 190 gifts to children in protective care service.


Dean, Honors College, Dr. Miriam Chaiken

  • Promoting Fellowship Opportunities: Associate Dean Tim Ketelaar and Dean Miriam Chaiken had two productive workshops with faculty from colleges across the campus to discuss the opportunities available to students who are interested in applying for prestigious fellowships such as the Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman Awards. The timing of our workshop was fortuitous, as we learned that two of our Fulbright applicants for this year have made the cut to the finals, and their applications will now be reviewed by the host nations for the final decisions. More than 20 faculty participated in these discussions, and we invited them to think about how to steer students towards these amazing opportunities. We promised to follow up with visits to classes, sharing of information and resources, and potentially doing workshops tailored to specific disciplines and interests to help students pursue these options.
  • Common Reading Group: We hosted the first meeting of the Steering Committee for the Common Reading Experience. Modeled on programs at other colleges nation-wide, we will launch a similar program here this spring term, for full implementation with incoming freshmen class that begin visiting campus in late spring term. All incoming students will receive a copy of the common reading when they attend their Aggie Welcome Orientation before matriculating. The Steering Committee will be working with faculty and staff across the university to bring more into the process of reading and discussing the selected book, integrating the reading into classes and co-curricular activities, and using this as a strategy to promote outreach.  Once a title has been selected, the Steering Committee will then see to arranging programming that complements the book selected. We discussed our experiences with this program on other campuses, and we all concluded this has very exciting potential. More information about the program will be disseminated in the near future.
  • Accreditation Writing Teams: Dean Chaiken and Associate Dean Ketelaar are participants in the teams that will be writing our accreditation report in the near future. As part of our commitments to this process and the need to ensure great quality to our reports, we both participated in a training on how to write compelling and well-grounded arguments, held at the Teaching Academy.


Dean, University Library, Dr. Elizabeth Titus

  • Patent and Trademark Resource Center Classification: The NMSU Library is officially designated as a Patent and Trademark Resource Center. This new facet of the library will enable innovators in the region to gain insights into U.S. Patents by having patent and trademark information readily available with new databases alongside trained assistance. Once established, the NMSU Library staff will direct patrons to the application process and fee schedule, demonstrate how to use search tools to conduct a patent or trademark search, and offer assistant on how to do historical research on patents and trademarks.
  • Antiques Roadshow: NMSU Archivist Martha Andrews got a chance to be on the Antiques Roadshow with her Late 18th-Century George III Tambor-Front Desk. To watch:  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/season/16/el-paso-tx/appraisals/late-18th-c-george-iii-tambor-front-desk–201102A03.


Senior Vice President Administration and Finance, Angela Throneberry

  • Rating Agency Site Visit: On January 12 Business Affairs hosted a site visit for representatives from Moody’s Investors Service and RBC Capital Markets.  While on campus they met with Chancellor Carruthers, Provost Howard, and Business Affairs’ representatives Angela Throneberry, Anna R. Price, Celeste Bernal, and Jake Lucero.  Business Affairs also provided a campus tour that included visits to ASNMSU Center for the Arts, Corbett Center Student Union, Chilled Water Plant, and the Undergraduate Learning Center.   
  • NMSU’s Firefighter of the Year: Angelo Pacheco was awarded theNMSU's Firefighter of the Year 2015 NMSU Firefighter of the Year on Saturday, December 19, 2015.  Chief Carrillo cited Angelo’s positive attitude, mentoring abilities and leadership that made him stand out.  Some of Angelo’s accomplishments include: obtaining his EMT-Intermediate licensure, Driver/Operator certification on both the Engine and the Aerial, Fire Fighter II certification and is currently working on his Lieutenant certification.  Angelo is enrolled in NMSU’s main campus and expected to graduate at the end of summer in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Applied Studies and minor in Geography.  His career goal is to become a career firefighter.
  • Asprey Award Recipient: James Kelly, ICT Telecommunication Services Technician, has been awarded the 3rd Quarter 2015 Asprey Award.  This award recognizes the most outstanding ICT employee of the quarter.  Jim is a former Quest telecom technician who joined the ICT family five years ago. He has brought a remarkable amount of experience to the ICT team, which he has shared through the installation of Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones that run on the NMSU network.  His vast knowledge in telecommunications and his exceptional customer service skills have served the needs of NMSU well.
  • Aggie Welcome & Orientation: Facilities Operations and Aggie Welcome and OrientationSodexo Dining Services helped prepare for the year’s first Aggie Welcome Orientation held on January 15.  Discovery banners were hung along the International Mall and campus grounds spruced up by Grounds while Facilities Maintenance confirmed the operation of building ventilation systems and Custodians focused cleaning efforts on academic buildings. Sodexo Dining Services provided attendees with information on dining options and the meals plans.    Sodexo also provided information during the International Student Orientation held on January 12.
  • Price Matching Program: Barnes & Noble has implemented a Price Matching program for textbooks. For more information, go to http://nmsu-lascruces.bncollege.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/BNCBHomePage?storeId=59552&catalogId=10001&langId=-1 
  • New Golf Course Members Welcome: As of February 1, 2016, up to 65 members of the Las Cruces Country Club group will be joining the NMSU Golf Course.


Vice President Student Affairs / Enrollment Management, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

  • Student Technology: The Student Information Management (SIM), division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, invited University of New Mexico Provost and Associate Vice Provost to discuss currently developed Student Technology. The UNM representatives were impressed with the technology developed by the SIM team. The SIM team shared the design of the Student Success Navigators Application and Scholar Dollars Application. Student Affairs and Enrollment Management is looking forward to a continual sharing of knowledge to best serve our students and increase our degree completion. 
  • University Registrar’s Office: The University Registrar’s Office is busy serving our registering and graduating student population. The Registrar’s Office has processed over 2,100 official transcripts within the last two months. At the conclusion of the Fall 2015 semester NMSU awarded 1,273 degrees. The diplomas for all Fall 2015 degree candidates have been ordered and shipped. 
  • Undocumented, Border Student Workshop: On Thursday, January 14, the NMSU Immigrant Student Issues Committee and Chicano Programs sponsored an Undocumented/DACA/Border Student Workshop. This workshop focused on issues of access to higher education that face students who are U.S. citizens/residents, undocumented and those who have Deferred Action. The workshop was attended by: NMSU faculty and staff, DACC, high school counselors, administrators and students from LCPS, the Gadsden District, Deming, Clovis and Albuquerque.  Fifty-five individuals attended the training. Additional trainings on this subject matter will be offered.
  • Student Orientation: The first NMSU Orientation of the year was held of Friday, January 15, 2016. Over 200 students attended this event.  During Orientation, students had the opportunity to meet with their Student Success Navigator, Academic Advisor, Financial Aid Advisor and finalized their Admission processing.


Vice President Economic Development, Dr. Kevin Boberg

  • Presentation at VentureWell Workshop: On Thursday, Presentation at VentureWell WorkshopDr. Kramer Winingham, Director of NMSU’s Studio G, discussed his research on methodologies for building student business accelerators at a Pathways to Innovation event in Phoenix, Arizona, a program funded by Epicenter and NSF.  The program, directed by VentureWell and Stanford University, is designed to improve engineering education by encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.  Winingham’s talk discussed how Lean LaunchPad and Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodologies have been used in Studio G to help students start businesses.  
  • Borderplex Strategic Plan Entrepreneurship Task Force: Kathy Hansen, Director of Arrowhead Center, was invited to serve as co-chair of the Entrepreneurship Task Force implementing the Borderplex Alliance Strategic Plan.  The Task Force Committee met on Wednesday in El Paso, TX.


Vice President University Advancement / Foundation Executive Director,

 Dr. Andrea Tawney

  • Dean Highlights: University Advancement is working with The Las Cruces Bulletin on “The Dean’s List,” a series highlighting each Las Cruces campus dean. The first highlight ran on January 15 and will continue every other week through April.
  • Aggie Gift: University Advancement received a gift of $100,000 in support of a football excellence fund from a loyal Aggie family.
  • GivingTuesday Thank You: As a wonderful consequence of the success of GivingTuesday 2015, the University Advancement office has signed a lot of thank you cards.  To date, we have mailed 4,911 thank you messages to donors and volunteers whose efforts will impact the success of our students.
  • Alumni Dinner: A dinner will be held on Sunday, January 24 in Redondo Beach for Aggies to reconnect with fellow Aggies. Vice President for Advancement Andrea Tawney and Chief Operating Officer Tina Byford, along with NMSU Foundation Board members and other University Advancement leadership, will host the event.
  • Alumni Reception: The Alumni Association is hosting an NMSU Santa Fe reception with Chancellor Carruthers on Friday, January 29, 2016, from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. in the Anasazi Ballroom at the Eldorado Hotel. For more information visit http://advancing.nmsu.edu/alumni-events?cid=3&ceid=130&cerid=0&cdt=1%2f29%2f2016.


Athletics Director, Mario Moccia

  • Aggie Athletics Club Welcome: Welcomed Associate Athletics for Aggie Athletic Club, Kyle Merhege. Kyle is alum of New Mexico State University. He was previously the coordinator for the Bulldog Club at Mississippi State University.
  • Various Athletics Meetings:
    • Had an hour meeting with Keith Gardner, Governor’s Chief of Staff and former classmate to discuss issues related to Intercollegiate Athletics at New Mexico State University.
    • Travelled to Phoenix, Arizona, to attend the Division 1A Minority Athletic Directors Symposium where we heard from National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) President Mark Emmert and National Football League (NFL) personnel regarding pertinent topics of Division 1 Athletics primarily hiring of minority candidates in coaching and administration. In conjunction, the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) hosted the inaugural NACDA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) Leadership Summit and the Sun Belt Conference held their winter AD meetings.  I was also able to meet with numerous Phoenix alumni at a private reception held on Friday as well as the NM State Men’s Basketball pre-game alumni tailgate.
    • Attended several meetings in San Antonio, Texas, including the NCAA Convention meeting, the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Athletic Administrators meeting and the Minority Opportunities Athletic Association (MOAA) Executive Director meeting.


Associate Vice President University Communications, Maureen Howard

  • KRWG:  “Your Legislators” celebrated the debut of the program’s 10th season Saturday with Senator John Arthur Smith previewing the 2016 New Mexico Legislative Session. This half-hour program features southern New Mexico elected officials discussing legislative activities at the Roundhouse during the session.
  • Sports Information: Athletics Media Relations had a great weekend covering Aggie basketball as both the men and women won their games against Missouri-Kansas City and Chicago State. The Aggie women lead the WAC with a 4-0 record and are 15-3 overall. The Aggie men are 11-8 overall and third in the WAC with a 3-1 mark.
  • News: This week we started our 2016 Research Discovery Award recognition program for faculty and staff during Aggie basketball games. On Thursday, President Carruthers congratulated Physical Science Laboratory Deputy Director Henry Cathey for his great work. Deputy Director Cathey was recently selected for NASA’s highest honor, the Exceptional Public Service Medal, for his work to support NASA’s high-altitude balloon program over a 20-year period. On Saturday, President Carruthers congratulated College of Business Professor Steve Elias, the NMSU director of the Woodrow Wilson MBA Program and the college’s Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Professor. Congratulations!


Director/Secretary New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Jeff M. Witte

  • Goliath’s Aftermath: Deputy Director Anthony J. Parra, Dairy Division Director Dustin Cox, and Public Information Officer Katie Goetz joined Governor Martinez and Secretary Jay Mitchell, with New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), in Southeastern NM.  In Dexter they were joined by State Senator Cliff Pirtle and Representative Candy Spence Ezzell. The delegation visited two dairies and held informal meetings with producers about the aftermath of the storm Goliath and the long term recovery efforts. This is going to be a major economic event to the industry and the group (http://www.kob.com/article/stories/S4016029.shtml#.VpgfJY-cHIX). The Clovis News Journal covered the Clovis meeting; KOB-TV, the Roswell Daily Record (http://rdrnews.com/wordpress/#feature-134048), and Artesia Daily Press covered the Roswell meeting.
  • 2016 NM Cotton Growers Annual Conference: Staff attended the 2016 NM Cotton Growers Annual Conference and the 2016 Southwest Hay and Forage Conference and participated in a board of directors meeting for both.
  • School Visit: Talked about agriculture to students at Pate Elementary School in Carlsbad as part of an assembly announcing 4th grader Kaleb Rodriguez won a $1,000 scholarship from Bonnie Plants for growing a 14-pound cabbage last year.
  • Center for Homeland Defense and Security Seminar: Staff participated in the Center for Homeland Defense and Security Executive level Seminar in Santa Fe.  This was a cabinet level tabletop discussion with various state departments, and hosted by DHSEM, on the response and recovery of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake centered in Bernalillo.  Main takeaway message for NMDA is an alternative form of communications with field staff and other departments may need to be investigated if cell phone, fiber optic, and landline networks go down.


President, New Mexico State University-Alamogordo, Dr. Ken Van Winkle

  • Spring Student Orientation: NMSU-A held the spring student orientation on Friday, January 15. The students received briefings on CANVAS, online courses and registering, among many other topics. They also toured the campus, met many of the faculty and met with their advisors to finalize their semester course schedules.
  • NMSU-A Host LEGO League Competition: NMSU-A hosted the First LEGO League competition on Saturday, January 16, at the Tays Center. The FLL is a robotics program for 9-to-14 year olds, which is designed to get children excited about science and technology and teach them valuable employment and lift skills. NMSU-A joined forces with OteroSTEM and units from Holloman AFB to ensure the FLL teams received support and mentoring during the competition. This event was a practice for the regional competition coming up in El Paso this spring. 


President, New Mexico State University -Carlsbad, Dr. John Gratton

  • Higher Education General Education Summit: President Gratton attended the Higher Education General Education Summit on the UNM campus on Wednesday, January 13.  This session was excellent and NMSU is to be commended for all of its hard work in setting up the meetings. Multiple NMSU personnel including Provost Howard, Deputy Provost Fant, and Dona Ana VPAA Monica Torres presented at the Summit.
  • Progressive Discipline Processes Training: On Thursday, January 14, President Gratton attended a training session on Progressive Discipline processes that was presented by Trish Leyba and Jason Castillo on the NMSU Carlsbad campus.
  • Steering Committee: On Friday, January 15, President Gratton presided at the NMSU Carlsbad monthly Steering Committee meeting.  An AQIP update was presented and Standing Committee Chairpersons presented their monthly reports. Of particular interest was the safety report presented by Rick Wiedenmann as this report depicted the accomplished safety measures on campus.


Executive Director Accreditation, Shelly Stovall

  • Accreditation Open Forums: On Friday, January 15, the first of several open forums on accreditation was hosted in the College of Health and Social Services. Additional open forums will be hosted throughout the spring semester, and dates, times and locations will be announced on the accreditation website (nmsu.edu) and on Hotline.
  • HLC Presenting at Open Forum: In addition, on January 28, 2016, our HLC liaison will be on campus and will present an open forum at 10:30 am in the NMSU Teaching Academy (Milton Hall room 50).
  • Higher Learning Commission Site Visit: Mark your calendars! NMSU’s comprehensive site visit for re-affirmation of accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) will be on November 13-14, 2017.  Writing teams for NMSU’s self-study (now called the Assurance Argument) participated in a training event this week, and have begun drafting outlines for each of the five accreditation criteria.

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