LEADS Budget Realignment Initiative (BRI)

LEADS Budget Realignment Initiative (BRI) (9/14/2020)

DATE: September 14, 2020

TO: All NMSU Employees

FROM: Dan Arvizu, Chancellor; John Floros, NMSU President

SUBJECT: LEADS Budget Realignment Initiative (BRI)

Our university has met a number of budgetary challenges over the past decade. The most recent budget reductions from the State of New Mexico require that we reduce our 2020–2021 budget even further. That’s why today I’m announcing the LEADS Budget Realignment Initiative (BRI). The first step in the BRI process is the creation of a team charged with coordinating input and developing long-term recommendations for re-aligning our budget to our NMSU LEADS 2025 Strategic Plan, as well as, short-term, recommendations for a permanent budget reduction at the NMSU-Las Cruces campus.

The Budget Coordinating Team (BCT) includes: Andy Burke (Co-Chair, Administration and Finance), Renay Scott (Co-Chair, Student Success), Ruth Johnston (Chancellor’s Office), Julia Parra (Faculty Senate), Chris Erickson (Faculty Representative), and Alisha Giron (Staff Representative). Ex-officio members include Kim Rumford (Budget Office), Justin Bannister (Marketing and Communications), and Melody Munson-McGee (President’s Office). This coordinating team will seek input from a faculty advisory group, appointed by the Faculty Senate, the University Budget Committee expanded to include Community Colleges and Chancellor’s Office, NMSU LEADS Goal Teams, and others as needed.

To start this process, vice presidents and deans are submitting budget reduction scenarios of 6%, 9%, and 12% in mid-September. This process also includes the Las Cruces-based units reporting to the Chancellor’s Office. Over the coming weeks, this coordinating team will review all plans and scenarios, and evaluate all parts of our budget in terms of importance, efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency with our NMSU LEADS 2025 strategic plan. Specifically, the Budget Coordinating Team will:

  • Review all units’ budget reduction scenarios and identify reductions consistent with our NMSU
  • LEADS 2025 strategic plan;
  • Request and review ideas from the broader NMSU community on what could be reduced, streamlined, restructured, or eliminated;
  • Identify portions of the plans that may impact other units across the NMSU System;
  • Use data on effectiveness and efficiency for academic and administrative units to determine reduction strategies and percentages;
  • Evaluate the permanent budget for opportunities to reduce expenses, including strategic investments, transfers from I&G, and other areas of our budget;
  • Develop a final recommendation for implementation; and
  • Continuously re-align our budget to NMSU LEADS 2025.

The team will also make recommendations for any immediate reductions, restructuring opportunities, or possible elimination of programs and services. During this process, the team also will seek broad campus engagement to review the budget reduction scenarios. Revenue enhancement opportunities requiring a change in policy will be considered by a separate group.

Please look for additional communications on this effort going forward.

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