Making NMSU LEADS Your Own

Last Friday, more than 200 NMSU leaders spent a full day working on how to implement NMSU LEADS 2025 throughout the entire NMSU system. Participants from university academic departments and other units, community colleges, Cooperative Extension Service and the Agricultural Experiment Station came together from all over the state. Every faculty, staff and student throughout the entire NMSU system was represented by somebody in that room.

Strategic plans gather dust on a shelf unless they are put into action, and the objective of the retreat was for participants to leave with specific ideas on how to achieve the goals of NMSU LEADS 2025 in their areas. Prior to the retreat, each goal team set priority actions for next year and created examples of initiatives that departments could use to further the goals. These priorities and initiatives were the focus of the morning. In the afternoon, participants worked with other units to begin developing their own strategic plans.

It was important to bring so many people into this discussion because moving forward, all units and individuals will be evaluated by their contribution to the goals and vision defined in NMSU LEADS 2025. In last year’s performance evaluation, everybody was asked to include at least one goal related to the strategic plan; next year, all performance evaluation goals will need to indicate their alignment with NMSU LEADS 2025.

We received excellent questions, and I’ll reiterate a couple of the take-away messages here:

  • We do not expect every department to contribute equally to every goal. However, every department should contribute significantly to at least one goal and address the others to some extent.
  • Deans, vice presidents and community college presidents need to have their strategic plan completed by Dec. 15.
  • In support of this effort, the Teaching Academy is hosting the workshop “Writing Strategic Plans that Align with NMSU LEADS 2025,” facilitated by Dr. Ruth Johnston and Melody Munson-McGee. The workshop is Monday, Nov. 4, and registration is open now.
  • The provost and I plan to continue this dialog over the next year in meetings with department heads and forums open to faculty and staff.

Most participants left with substantive ideas on how their units could support NMSU LEADS 2025. Similarly, champions of each goal team and university leaders took away excellent feedback. We will be assessing that feedback and will report out to you in the coming weeks.

And finally, thanks to everyone who came to the Employee Picnic today.

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