NMSU LEADS 2025: Progress and next steps

May 24, 2019

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for all your support throughout the spring semester as Chancellor Arvizu and I brought NMSU LEADS 2025 to the NMSU community. Together, we visited with more than 25 groups across the NMSU system, including all of our campuses. We saw more than 1,300 of you face to face and hundreds more joined us online.

These visits allowed us to begin a dialogue with you about NMSU’s past, present, and most importantly, future. At every visit, we found people who were ready to engage and who appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the big picture and the future of NMSU. In the end, the process of talking about our future is one of the most important outcomes of strategic planning.

Some themes emerged from the dialogue during these visits. For example, many of you recognize that one of our strengths lies in our status as a Land-grant University, a Minority Serving Institution, and a multi-campus system with a presence throughout the state. In upcoming years, we will strengthen our system even more by developing a comprehensive identity and by sharing best practices in student learning and retention; research and creativity; and Extension, outreach, and economic development. We will also leverage ourstrengths through the NMSU Online campus, collaborative research, and system efficiencies.

But even as we have worked on developing NMSU LEADS 2025, we have been moving toward realizing its goals and actions. Here are just a few examples of progress:

  • Goal 1: Enhance Student Success and Social Mobility.Student Success and Enrollment Management is developing relationships with students earlier in their studies through high school to improve students’ successful transition to college, and increase the probability of coming to NMSU.Undergraduate Admissions is collaborating with NMSU’s Diversity Programs to increase access to higher education for diverse populations.We are also working closer with community colleges to better recruit students seeking to complete baccalaureate degrees.
  • Goal 2: Elevate Research and Creative Activity.This spring, 14 faculty members participated in NMSU’s first-ever Principal Investigators’ Academy, which culminated in this week’s travel to Washington, DC, where the participants visited several funding agencies.Several of our faculty were successful in competing for grants. Recent grants from El Paso Water Utilities – Public Service Board to Pei Xu and Yanyan Zhang, both from the Civil Engineering Department, hit the sweet spot of integrating education, research, and outreach by using university expertise to solve water treatment problems.
  • Goal 3: Amplify Extension and Outreach.In April, Chancellor Arvizu announced a partnership between NMSU and Sandia National Laboratories to develop learning opportunities and coordinate education and research for the next decade.This week, our extension system organized the first-ever Hemp Conference to help farmers and to add value to a growing industry
  • Goal 4: Build a Robust University System.In support of cultivating faculty and staff excellence, eligible NMSU employees will receive increased compensation (4%) starting July 1.In addition, annual leave benefits will increase to 21 days per year for all eligible employees on July 1

NMSU employees earning under $40,000 annually will pay less for their insurance benefits.

Annual performance evaluations this year were aligned to institutional priorities and our strategic plan.

Over the next few months, I will be working with university leadership and all units as they align their strategic plans to NMSU LEADS 2025. We are creating teams that will champion and steward each goal.

In October, I will update the NMSU community regarding our metrics, progress made,  and what progress we are looking forward to in the coming year.

Chancellor Arvizu and I pledge that this plan will not be forgotten until it expires in 2025. NMSU LEADS is a living document, and the dialogue around it is ongoing.

Your feedback is always welcome at President.Floros@nmsu.edu.

Go Aggies!


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