NMSU Information Technology Consolidation and Reorganization

Dear Colleagues,

NMSU recently completed our evaluation of the effectiveness of our information technology systems. As a result of this evaluation, we are pleased to announce a reorganization that emphasizes the critical role information systems must play to support the future of NMSU. We anticipate that this structure will set the stage for a range of improvements, especially regarding data security and privacy, decision-making support, and customer service. The re-envisioned Information and Communication Technology (ICT) organization now includes:

  • A Security Office totally focused on information security, directed by John Roberts, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
  • Analytics and Decision Support, that consolidates external and internal reporting. Run by Lori Montoya, Analytics and Decision Support combines expertise from both Data Architecture and Institutional Analysis.  The new department will use reporting and analytic software to support NMSU’s decision making activities and will be responsible for external, internal, and strategic-plan related reporting.
  • IT infrastructure components, consolidated into Computing and Communication Infrastructure. Led by Piyasat Nilkaew this department consists of the former ICT groups of System Administration, Network Planning & Engineering, Network Operations, and Database Administration.
  • Instruction and Research Support: Diana Toups Dugas will lead this new department, which will provide support to instructional and research activities.  This department combines the former organizations of Classroom Technology, Cyber Infrastructure Architect (Research Support and Consulting), and College IT & Student Labs.
  • A Customer Support department, which will unite customer and tech support services. This new department will be led by Randey Bamford and will take on the duties formerly associated with the ICT Help Desk, Administrative IT Support, Financial Systems Administration Tech Support, and Student Technology and Planning.
  • Student and Business Solutions, which will enhance project implementation and administrative systems.  Led by Siiri Rogers, this new department is composed of groups formerly external to ICT: Student Information Management, FSA Solutions Management, and Auxiliary IT. The groups will continue to support NMSU’s student and business functions.

In addition, Norma Grijalva will continue in her role as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Associate Vice President of Information Technology for the NMSU system. Pam Jeffries continues as the Director of ICT Enterprise Application Services. ICT Financial Operations, directed by Dianna Frye, will continue to facilitate the organization’s financial and contract management, billing operations, and inventory management. Two other positions will support ICT and the NMSU system. Carlos Lobato, NMSU’s Privacy and IT Compliance Officer, will work closely with the CISO and the new Strategic Financial Officer, Ruth Johnston, to strengthen IT compliance and privacy across the NMSU system.

The restructuring of the ICT leadership team and the reassignment of various positions was finalized June 1, 2019 and was accomplished within existing budgets. The new structure aligns with the four goals of NMSU LEADS 2025, follows best practices, increases accountability, and improves service delivery through closer affiliation among functional and technical areas.  The IT consolidation and ICT reorganization specifically supports NMSU LEADS 2025: Goal 4 — Build a Robust University System and will also contribute to LEADS 2025: Goal 1 — Enhance Student Success & Social Mobility, Goal 2 — Elevate Research & Creative Activity, and Goal 3 — Amplify Extension & Outreach.

We thank the IT Governance Committee as well as the academic deans, vice presidents, and other relevant groups who provided valuable feedback throughout this process. Please contact Norma Grijalva at norma@nmsu.edu if you have any comments or questions about this reorganization.


John D. Floros, Ph.D.

Andrew Burke, Ed.D
Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance

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