NMSU LEADS 2025: The Final Goal

February 22, 2019

The three legs of our land-grant mission are educationresearch and creativity, and service, outreach and Extension. But the fourth goal of NMSU LEADS 2025 is to “Build a Robust University System,” by improving the processes, procedures, methods, practices and activities throughout our system to better support our facilities and other infrastructure, and most importantly, to support the people of NMSU.

This goal is the foundation that allows us to achieve the vision of NMSU LEADS 2025. Very little can be achieved without a sustained focus on improvement for all of our resources, whether those resources are human, space, technological, financial or anything else.

We have made notable progress on the objectives of Goal 4, and our sustained efforts will continue to build a better future for everyone at NMSU.

In 2019, we heard extensively from the NMSU community at sessions designed to gather input on NMSU LEADS 2025. As a result of those sessions:

Since then, we have made steady progress in areas ranging from equity and inclusion to systems improvement. Some of these include:
We are making steady progress in other areas.
  • Process improvements have resulted in decreased time to hire faculty (decreased by 52 days from posting to hire) and staff (decreased by 45 days).
  • The ICT Futures team evaluated ICT structure and operations and recommended solutions to modernize technology services.
  • COVID-19 response is still ongoing as we adapt our spaces and practices to allow us to thrive despite challenges associated with the coronavirus.
  • Regular leadership retreats have supported NMSU LEADS 2025; these include updates on the achievements of the Goal Teams.

This work is not for the greater benefit of any one person or office. It is in service to our NMSU mission as a land-grant, Hispanic- and Minority Serving Institution. And it is in service to our vision to “excel in student success and social mobility for our diverse student populations, achieve the highest Carnegie research status (R1), and maintain our Carnegie Community Engagement classification.”

There are barriers in every path toward improvement. Regardless of the barriers, keep a focus on the good work we have accomplished and the work that lies ahead.

And remember: Be Bold. Be Kind. Be Safe.

Go Aggies!

John Floros, Ph.D.
BE BOLD. Shape the future.

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