NMSU Update

From Chancellor Dan Arvizu and President John Floros

Our top-level priority continues to be the health, safety and wellness of our students and employees.

NMSU is currently on spring break, but the university is not closed and residence halls remain open. We are continuing to serve our students as we implement measures to minimize virus transmission.

  • NMSU is restricting access to facilities to anyone who is not a student or employee. Corbett Center will remain open to allow students access to the Dining Hall, but the hours will be reduced. The U.S. Post Office will remain open.
  • As many employees as possible should be working from home effective immediately.  Anyone who needs help with this process (expectations, work assignments, equipment, etc.) should speak with their immediate supervisor.
  • In coordination with deans, department heads, researchers and staff, cleaning crews will begin sanitizing entire buildings. When a crew arrives at a building, please work with them and follow directives for leaving the space while work takes place.
  • Jobs are not being eliminated and all will continue to be paid as long as people are working.

Beginning March 30, the university will move to an online delivery model for nearly all classes. While exceptions might be made for labs that require students to be present, every precaution will be taken to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

This is a dynamic and constantly changing situation. We maintain constant communication with government and educational partners. The very latest information we have is at https://nmsu.edu/coronavirus/, and video from yesterday’s Town Hall meeting is at https://president.nmsu.edu, and questions will be posted on the FAQ page. We will continue to be in contact as needed.

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