October 25-31

President Garrey Carruthers, Ph.D.

  • Ag Tailgate: The agricultural community turned out in force for the Ag tailgating activity before the Idaho game.  Thanks to Jeff Witte for his leadership in making this a growing tradition at one of our football games.  We are a Carnegie Community Engagement University, and it is very apparent when we deal with our friends in agriculture.  I am always very impressed by their willingness to answer the call to support NMSU.  Plus, we won a very exciting game with a big time 4th quarter comeback.
  • CampusLink: I welcomed the CampusLink program to NMSU.  The program had over 600 high school and some university students from Mexico and this region attending sessions in Juarez one day and one day on our campus.  The Universidad de Chihuahua Autonoma was a cosponsor with NMSU.  Cornell Menking was instrumental is setting up this opportunity for the students.  It was an excellent opportunity to show case NMSU and our beautiful campus to regional high school students.
  • Domenici Conference: After each Domenici Conference, we have an exit conference, I think I already mentioned this to you, and then I call Senator Domenici to see if he wants to continue the conference.  Our team recommended that we do so but we needed his blessing.  Not only does he want to continue the conference but wants it to be institutionalized at NMSU, through a permanent budget.  We agree.  We are already set on two subjects for next year’s conference – the 2016 elections where we will invite a leading Democrat and a leading Republican pundit to discuss the Presidential/Congressional races plus we believe it is time to discuss policy issues surrounding mental health in America.
  • Daniels Fund Summit: I attended the Daniels Fund Summit at Tamaya Resort.  UNM and NMSU were the cohosts for the dinner.  President Bob Frank of UNM and I welcomed the group.  Each of the 11 Daniels Ethics Consortium Schools had 14 member delegations of business leaders, faculty and students in attendance.  Very impressive.  Great line up of speakers.  The Daniels Fund has given NMSU over $3.2 million in the years that I have been dean and/or president. 


Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Dan Howard

  • Roshni ’15 Festival of Lights: On Sunday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Roshni ’15 Festival of Lights which is an event organized by the Indian Students Association of NMSU to mark the Indian festival, Diwali.  The event was wonderful, providing an opportunity for our students to share the traditions and culture of India with the NMSU community, while at the same time building a sense of community among our many Indian students.  It was an honor to say a few words of welcome, and a distinct pleasure to witness some delightful dances by our talented students from India. 
  • Instructional Innovation and Quality Annual Report: The IIQ team and I sat down to discuss the year in distance education.  Among the items we discussed were: the increased focus of the Higher Learning Commission on distance education; the importance of ensuring that all distance education courses at NMSU are distance courses and not correspondence courses; and, the importance of assessing learning in distance education courses.  The IIQ team is dedicated to ensuring that all faculty members at NMSU have access to the training and resources necessary to deliver and assess distance education courses.  I encourage everyone to take advantage of this terrific resource.
  • Aggie Pathway Advisory Committee: The meeting of the Aggie Pathway Advisory Committee gave me, and others, an opportunity to remind the members of the committee that the purpose of the pathway is not to limit access to NMSU, but to provide a better pathway to an NMSU degree for many students.  Combining a cohort model with smaller classes and learning communities, the Aggie Pathway should be attractive to students who need to improve their basic skills before attending NMSU Las Cruces, as well as to students who simply prefer smaller classes and the sense of community associated with the cohort model.  One persistent misconception is that the program is limited to 24 credits.  This is not true.  Although students in the program are eligible to transfer to NMSU after fulfilling 24 credit hours, they are also free to remain in the program until finishing their associate’s degree.  Students that do transfer before finishing a degree program will be encouraged to reverse transfer, once they have achieved the requisite number of credit hours on the Las Cruces campus.  The reverse transfer will allow the community college, at which a student began, to receive credit for the student’s completion of the degree program.


Interim Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences,

Dr. Jim Libbin

Cooperative Extension Service:

  • 2015 Extension Disaster Education Network Annual Meeting: Sonja Koukel, Extension Community and Environmental Health Specialist, hosted the 2015 Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) annual meeting at the Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces.  Approximately 70 EDEN delegates and invited guests from land-grant institutions, tribal Extension, and federal agencies participated in sessions designed to share resources and experiences to reduce the impact of disasters-both natural and manmade.  Special issues related to disasters in the border region were presented.  Rick Griffiths, San Juan County, provided an overview of the Gold King Mine Spillage. Dr. Jon Boren, Associate Dean and Director, extended a welcome to the attendees to kick off the 2015 meeting.
  • National Association of Extension 4-H Agents Annual Meeting: Cooperative Extension Service faculty members Kathy Landers, Leah Platero and Jesse Jim along with one U of A Extension faculty member presented a Navajo 4-H Weaving Project Workshop at the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, during the week of October 25-30. The history of Navajo weaving is in many ways the history of the Navajo people. Weaving is more than a craft – it is a spiritual practice, connecting the weaver to the spirits of earth and sky. The weaving project is an excellent way in which youth can develop an understanding of native fiber arts and cultural practices.

Extension Family and Consumer Sciences

  • USDA Grant: Nancy Flores, Extension Food Science and Technology Specialist, will be partnering with researchers from 5 other states to form the Mountain Sub-Region of the recently funded Western Regional Food Safety Training Center at Oregon State.  They will develop curricula and provide training to help small and mid-sized farms and food processors prevent foodborne illnesses and comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Cowboys for Cancer donation: The Association of Family and Consumer Sciences student club sold pink t-shirts in October to raise money for Cowboys for Cancer.  They raised $1,850. Donations go to research efforts to help find a cure for cancer.

Animal and Range Sciences

  • Clayton Livestock Research Center Field Day 2015: Several NMSU faculty members and graduate students participated in the Clayton Livestock Research Center Field Day 2015.  Dr. Eric Sholljegerdes presented information on cattle wildlife interactions and cow calf production/nutrition, and Dr. Clint Loest reported on studies at Clayton to improve cattle productivity.  Graduate students Margaret Garcia (Trace Minerals and Cattle Health), Eben Oosthuysen (Vaccine Studies and Animal Health), Kendal Samuelson (Protein Levels in Feed and Cattle Performance) and Zeno Bester (Trace Mineral Studies and Ongoing Research on Liver Abscesses) updated the audience on completed and proposed research projects.  Also in attendance were Dr. Glenn Duff, Department Head; Dr. Mike Hubbert, Professor and Superintendent; Dr. Dave Thompson, Associate Dean and Director; Ms. Terra Winter, Assistant Dean for Donor Development and Alumni Relations; and several Extension personnel.  Drs. Duff, Hubbert and Thompson and Ms. Winter provided updates on college and departmental activities.  State Senator Pat Woods and State Representative Dennis Roch provided opening comments to the audience.  Approximately 60 ranchers, university, industry and local representatives were in attendance.  The field day, hosted by the Clayton Livestock Research Center Advisory Committee, provided a venue to inform locals about research activities at the center. 


Dean, College of Business, Dr. James Hoffman

  • Guest Speaker: Regent Jerean Hutchinson was a guest speaker in my small business consulting class on Monday, October 26.  It was an excellent opportunity for her to share her business experiences with the students.
  • Business Student Ambassadors: Ermelinda Quintela, Assistant Vice President of Auxiliary Services at NMSU and graduate of the College of Business, spoke with Student Ambassadors on Wednesday.  She advised students on seeking mentors, expanding their network, and proper communication.
  • Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium Summit: NMSU and UNM co-hosted the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium Summit Oct. 29-30 on the Santa Ana Pueblo in northern New Mexico. NMSU faculty, students, and business leaders from the area met counterparts from other consortium schools to discuss the Future of Ethical Leadership.  Bruce Huhmann and I met with deans and leaders of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiatives at other universities prior to the summit.
  • College of Business Weekly Activity Reports: The College of Business weekly activity reports are available in their entirety at http://business.nmsu.edu/news/activity-reports/.


Interim Dean, College of Engineering, Dr. Steve Stochaj

  • Scholarship Celebration: On Friday, October 23, the College of Engineering hostedScholarship Celebration its 24th Annual Scholarship Breakfast for scholarship donors and recipients. Nearly 300 people attended the event with mechanical engineering student Rachel Tessier and chemical engineering student Elijah Wade addressing the group about how scholarships made a difference in their academic lives. Last year the college awarded 677 scholarships worth a total $873,028M.
  • Industrial Support: During homecoming week, the Engineering Technology and Survey Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering and Civil Engineering Departments hosted various industrial advisory and academy meetings. The meetings were well attended by alumni and industry representatives who provide guidance and input into the various engineering programs.
  • Honored Alumni: Engineers’ Council hosted the Engineering Alumni Celebration and E-Council Cookout for approximately 700 people. At the celebration, the classes of ’55, ’65 and ’75 were honored. Distinguished alumnus Carlos Gutierrez was also honored at the celebration. He received his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from NMSU and his master’s in mechanical engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Also recognized were Paul Furth, electrical and computer engineering professor, selected as the holder of the John Kaichiro Nakayama and Tome Miyaguchi Nakayama Professorship for Teaching Excellence, and Mingjun Wei, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, selected as the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Academy Endowed Professorship.
    Honored Alumni
  • Hugh Meglone Milton Biography: The College of Engineering, along with the NMSU Library, hosted A Conversation with Hugh Meglone Milton: A Life Beyond Duty book debut. The conversation told of Milton’s extensive services to both the United States and NMSU. Many people who were related or knew Milton attended the debut to honor him. The book was written by New Mexico State University engineering alum Walter G. Hines and Library Associate Professor and Library Archivist Martha Shipman Andrews.
    Hugh Meglone Milton Biography
  • More Celebrations: Other College of Engineering homecoming events included a
    • John Clark Lecture: C. Thomas Blaine, NMSU Engineer;
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Project Presentations;
    • College of Engineering participation at the Homecoming Parade with former Regent Laura Conniff driving the Pink Mini Baja;
    • Associate Dean Patricia Sullivan and engineering students rode in the Sisbarro Tough Enough to Wear Pink Fire Engine;
    • E-Councils’ float honoring breast cancer survivors;
    • Distinguished Alumnus Carlos Gutierrez, Interim Engineering Dean Steve Stochaj and Grand Marshall Walter Hines rode in the cars provided by Sisbarro Dealerships.

More Celebrations

Dean, College of Health and Social Services, Dr. Donna Wagner

  • Border Health Research Meetings: Jill McDonald, Professor and Director of Southwest Institute for Health Disparities Research (SWIHDR), participated in meetings last week in Monterrey, Mexico, sponsored by the US-Mexico Border Health Commission’s Border Health Research (BHR), and Mexico’s National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT). The BHR is developing a comprehensive binational research agenda to inform border public health research and guide policies in the region. Health officials and researchers from the US and Mexico attended both meetings.

School of Nursing

  • Most Distinguished Member Award:  Conni Debliek, Associate Professor and alum, was honored with the Most Distinguished Member award by NMSU’s Teaching Academy. Dr. Debliek’s research interests include stress reduction management using bioinformatics, guided implementation of nursing student success habits, and the health benefits of journaling within nursing simulations. Dr. DeBlieck has worked as a surgical nurse, clinical nurse educator, and is currently the RN-BSN coordinator for the School of Nursing. She led a team of faculty members that implemented nursing simulation and academic electronic medical record system across the BSN curriculum. She is the co-developer of the mobile app, “Student Success Keeper”, which assists students in monitoring their study and health habits. She is also a co-PI in a study related to anxiety and stress using a MetroNaps EnergyPod™ Congratulations, Dr. Debliek!

School of Social Work

  • Alcohol and Substance Use Seminar: Associate Professor, Ana Mosely, Most Distinguished Member Awardand friends of the School of Social Work hosted a CEU seminar during Homecoming Week titled, “Using the SBIRT Model to Address Risky Alcohol and Substance Use with the Hispanic and Native American Population”.  The workshop was free of charge for School of Social Work alumni, and addressed cultural adaptions of the SBIRT model and the Motivational Interviewing approach as applied to Hispanic and Native American populations. Fifty NMSU Social Work alums were present for this event.

Department of Public Health Sciences

  • International Cancer Education Conference: Associate Professors, Dr. Cindy Kratzke and Dr. Rebecca Palacios presented at the 2015 International Cancer Education Conference in Tucson, AZ.  Kratzke presented research about breast density legislation and policy. Dr. Palacios and the U54 Outreach staff and students presented a poster on Evaluation of a Culturally Tailored CRC Education Program for Hispanics.  http://2015.attendicec.org/


Dean, Honors College, Dr. Miriam Chaiken

  • Rhodes Scholarship Finalist: Associate Dean Tim Ketelaar learned that our Rhodes Scholarship applicant, Lindsay Redman, has been named a finalist and will interview for this prestigious award in late November. In order to ensure that she is able to perform at her best, he is helping her set up conversations with prominent scholars and leaders in the community who can model the interview dialogs she will experience when she travels to Salt Lake City for the interview. She has previously completed a thorough round of mock interviews that also have helped prepare her for this challenge. We are very proud of Lindsay and think she is an outstanding young scholar regardless of the future outcome.
  • Honors College Recruitment: As registration for spring semester is around the corner, Dean Chaiken began a long series of one-on-one meetings with students to help them understand the opportunities available to them through the Honors College. These students are full of ideas for creative and challenging learning experiences, and we will do our best to see these materialize.
  • #Giving Tuesday: Dean Chaiken met with Cindy Nicholson of University Advancement to discuss ways in which we can participate in the new Giving Tuesday We are looking forward to working with Cindy in the coming months on this and other development activities to support our International Research Scholarship endowment.


Dean, University Library, Dr. Elizabeth Titus

  • Partnership: The NMSU Library is embarking on a partnership with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) and the New Mexico Department of Health on a National Library of Medicine/NIH-funded project entitled:  Public Health Information Access Digital Library Project. The NMSU Library was selected as one of 21 library partners in the U.S. to provide training and alternative document delivery for NM public health practitioners.  “I feel a partnership with New Mexico State University and New Mexico Department of Health is a win-win situation,” said Karen Dahlen, project manager for the PHIA Digital Library Project. “Public health always has agricultural and water issues and your border health initiative are very interesting.” The goals of PHIA are to identify trusted resources that are useful and evidence-based to improve public health practice and provide seamless access to full-text resources.
  • Programming Study: The NMSU Library are working with Facilities and Services and a local architect to complete a programming study of the 2nd and 3rd floor of the study areas at Zuhl Library and prepare ideas for renovation of these areas for presentation to potential donors. 
  • Food Drive: The NMSU Library held a Casa de Peregrinos food drive Food Drivehonoring NMSU Library supporter Ms. Barbara Lee Myers. In total, the NMSU Library faculty and staff donated 132 pounds of food to the agency in honor of Ms. Myers’s 88th Lorenzo Alba, Executive Director for Casa de Peregrinos, indicated they currently serve an average of 125 people per day and indicated that the food donations would provide 145 meals for those in need.
  • Database Subscription: The New Mexico State University Library announces the full subscription access to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/Institute of Engineering and Technology Electronic Library (IEEE/IEL) database package. This complete resource will have a positive impact for those across many different disciplines such as electrical and computer engineering, biotechnology, computer science, aerospace engineering, energy technology, and transportation.
  • NMSU Library Calendar: Current copies of the NMSU Library calendar “Red or Green,” a collection of chile-based photos in part from NMSU Archives collections, are selling out. If you are looking to gift the calendar this holiday season, it is encouraged to get your copies now!


Associate Provost, International and Border Program, Dr. Cornell Menking

  • CampusLink 2015: On October 29, NMSU hosted “NMSU CampusLink 2015” in collaboration with Universidad Autónoma Chihuahua.  Over 700 students participated, including students from all Las Cruces high schools, Gadsden High School, and students from Juarez.  This first of its kind event included ten world-class speakers speaking on how technology and innovation is applied in their fields.  Speakers included the founder of the 4G network, a woman dedicated to extending life, a futurist and founder of Singularity University, and the developer of the robot that explored the Titanic.  All of the presentations were recorded and made available for online viewing.  Click here to watch all of talks.


Senior Vice President Administration and Finance, Angela Throneberry

  • Rescue on the Sierra Vista Trail: On October 16, 2015, NMSU firefighters conducted at high-angle rural rescue on the Sierra Vista Trail in nearby Anthony, NM, to rescue a fallen hiker.  The team consisted of Fire Captain Kellen Tarkington and student firefighters Sean O’Neill, Patrick Armijo, and Dominick Coughlin. They set up a rope rescue system and lowered the injured hiker down the cliff side.  The team was joined by members of the Mesilla Valley Search and Rescue team and American Medical Response ambulance.
  • Sodexo Campus Dining at NMSU: Sodexo staff have been working diligently to receive student feedback about NMSU meal plans by talking with students across campus and collecting student data from succinct paper questionnaires.  Students have been excited to provide feedback that will shape future meal plan options! On Friday, students were treated to a special ghoulish Halloween meal at the Taos Restaurant, complete with décor, music and appropriately themed foods.
  • Arrowhead Park Landscaping Renovation: The Grounds shop recently renovated the South entrance to Arrowhead Park.  They removed the existing gravel and plant material, upgraded the drip irrigation system, planted new plants and installed new gravel.  This work is part of their FY 15-16 Campus Beautification projects.
    Arrowhead Park Landscaping
  • Barnes & Noble Bookstore: Barnes & Noble at NMSU hosted a pumpkin carving contest during Open Mic night last Thursday. 34 pairs of students participated in carving and everyone present voted to determine the winner.  Find updates and reminders on the Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/838261022938465/.
    Barnes and Noble
  • Chemistry Building Lab 325 Renovation: Renovations are underway in Lab Room 325 of the Chemistry Building located at 1175 North Horseshoe.  The project is expected to be completed in November.  The Chemistry Building was originally constructed in 1957 and a wing was added to the building in 1968. 


Vice President Student Affairs / Enrollment Management, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

  • NM Cooperative Program Annual Conference: Bernadette Montoya was the keynote speaker for the NM Cooperative Program Annual Conference on Monday, October 26. Participants in the event included county, municipality and state employees from public education.  
  • 4-H Fundraiser: Montoya participated in a 4-H fundraiser for the Cibola County 4-H Club in Grants, NM. She was able to use the event as a recruitment opportunity and to connect with potential future Aggies.
  • Military & Veterans Appreciation Week: At the NMSU Board of Regents meeting on October 21, Jacobo Varela, Director of the Military Veterans Program, received a resolution recognizing the efforts of the program to serve students and to announce a new NMSU tradition, Military & Veterans Appreciation Week. The week of activities will take place from November 7-13. 


Vice President Economic Development, Dr. Kevin Boberg

  • High Technology Consortium of Southern New Mexico: Kathy Hansen briefed the High Technology Consortium on Arrowhead initiatives at its monthly meeting on Friday. The luncheon was well attended, with 25 individuals participating.
  • Aggie Shark Tank: Studio G clients won $45,000 in private investment at last week’s Aggie Shark Tank in addition to $3,500 in cash prizes for Shark’s Favorite and Crowd Favorite. Rajaa Shindi, a recent alum from NMSU’s Computer Science PhD program, was the big winner securing a $30k investment from Lou Sisbarro and winning both the Shark Favorite and Crowd Favorite awards. Mechanical Engineering student Jorge Banda secured a $15k investment from Royal Jones and access to a testing facility to develop his heat recycling technology. “Aggie Shark Tank was a huge success and the connections the students were able to make with the Sharks will really help move their businesses forward,” Dr. Kramer Winingham, Director, Studio G.
  • NSF I-Corps Mentors: Kramer Winingham and Chris Dunn served as mentors for a National Science Foundation I-Corps Team this week with Principal Investigator Dr. Ryan Goss, and Master’s Accounting student and Studio G client Luke Smith. The team won a $50k award this fall to participate in the I-Corps program and conduct market research to commercialize an organic pesticide technology developed at NMSU. The team spent this week in Los Angeles for the kickoff workshop and will interview over 100 customers in the next 7 weeks to complete the I-Corps program. This award is the 5th I-Corps award NMSU has won this year.
  • Startup Hour: On Friday, Studio G hosted 19 aspiring entrepreneurs for its weekly Startup Hour event. Startup Hour is a weekly networking and info session designed to help individuals who are starting businesses and interested in starting businesses meet up, network and learn the tricks of the trade. This week’s discussion topic focused on paying customers and business model design.
  • USDA’s Stronger Economies Together: SET program enables communities and counties in rural America to work together in developing and implementing an economic development blueprint for their multi-county region that strategically builds on the current and emerging economic strengths of that region.  Building on the foundation built earlier in three other parts of the state, Dr. Michael Patrick secured funding for and launched SET in The South Central Mountain Economic Development Association (Lincoln, Otero and the Mescalero Apache Tribe), The Middle Rio Grande Economic Development Association (Valencia, Socorro, Sierra and Catron), and Northern New Mexico Pueblos Economic Development Initiative (Picuris Pueblo, San Ildefonso Pueblo, Tesuque Pueblo).


Vice President Research, Dr. Vimal Chaitanya

  • New Mexico Collaborative Research and Development Council (NMCRDC): Vimal Chaitanya attended the NMCRDC meeting in Socorro. In attendance were representatives from NM National Labs and Defense institutions such as Kirtland AFB and WSMR. The three research universities were represented by the three Vice Presidents for Research. The defense institutions emphasized the need to develop capabilities and pipeline of employment through the three New Mexico research universities in the area of Cyber Security and Directed Energy. Among the ideas discussed to promote this outcome was joint faculty hires between Defense institutions and three research universities.
  • FAA Center of Excellence for Space Commercialization: Pat Hynes attended the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation meeting in Washington DC this week and presented the spaceport operations framework database project update. Next year, the center will meet in Las Cruces jointly with the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS) meeting.
  • FAA Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aerial Systems: PSL personnel attended the FAA Technical Training and Human Performance Center of Excellence (COE) Public Meeting in Crystal City, Virginia.  This meeting was the start of the FAA’s planning process to establish a new COE to upgrade their training processes and materials and for improved human factors in all aspects of aviation.  NMSU and PSL are planning on teaming with a group of Universities, researchers, and technical experts from across the country.
  • Joint Water Research with China: Sam Fernald with NMSU Provost Dan Howard, Dr. Pei Xu, and Dr. Jinfa Zhang paid a visit to China’s Agricultural University (CAU) in Beijing October 14-18. Dr. Fernald and Dr. Xu worked with colleagues at CAU to complete a $1 million U.S.-China joint NSF grant proposal, which will be led by Dr. Nirmala Khandan, on Food, Energy, and Water nexus for Urban Sustainability.  Provost Howard along with Vice President Gong from CAU unveiled a new sign to launch the NMSU-CAU Water Science and Engineering Joint Research Center.

Joint Water Research 1Joint Water Research 2

  • Research Support: Approximately $3.375M (48.5%) of the central share of F&A return is allocated to fund the operations of the Vice President for Research Office.  This includes funding for personnel, operating budgets, research support (ex: proposal cost-sharing, lab/equipment maintenance, student support, etc.) as well as internal research grants:  Interdisciplinary Research Grants (IRGs), Graduate Research Enhancement Grants (GREGs), Rising Star Awards (RSAs), and Undergraduate Research Incentive Grants (URIGs). 
  • Office of the Vice President for Research: More detailed information on the 2015 VPR budget/expenses can be found at http://ovpr.research.nmsu.edu/OVPRbudget


Interim Vice President University Advancement / Foundation Executive Director,

 Dr. Andrea Tawney

  • New pledge: The College of Business solicited three endowed gifts with one confirmed pledge of $12,500 during Homecoming week.
  • Homecoming: The Alumni Association welcomed nearly 500 attendees to six different Homecoming events. Nearly $2,000 was raised at the Homecoming tailgate, with the majority of gifts going to scholarships for students.
  • In memory: A donor made a $16,025 gift to scholarships that support Engineering students and staff in memory of an alumna.
  • College of Engineering gifts: The College of Engineering received two gifts to support Civil Engineering, one $25,000 gift to start a new endowment and one $100,000 gift.
  • Estate gift:  An $89,200 gift dispersed from the estate of an alumna was made to an endowed fund in the College of ACES.


Athletics Director, Mario Moccia

  • WAC Athletics Director Fall Meeting: I attended the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Athletics Director Fall meeting in Denver, CO. We discussed conference topics in various sports. We also brainstormed on how to raise men’s and women’s basketball RPI’s. Discussion of sites for championship tournaments was also on the agenda.
  • Courtside Seating: I met with several donors to discuss the creation of a new program for men’s basketball courtside seating. The package will include reserved parking, games stats and additional amenities. As of today, there are 14 seats available to sale. This initiative can generate $28,000 to the Athletics Department.
  • Women’s Basketball Tip-Off Banquet: I attended the Women’s Basketball Tip-Off Banquet held at the Farm and Ranch Museum on Friday evening. This was the biggest crowd this program has had at their banquet. In addition, we created courtside women’s basketball seating for the first time at NM State Athletics. Only four seats remain. This will generate $6,600 in new revenue.
  • Aggie Football: Saturday night’s overtime victory over the 3-4 Idaho VandalsAggie Football ended the nation’s longest losing football streak which is now owned by University of Kansas. NM State was featured prominently on national television with the #2 play in all of college football as well as Larry Rose receiving a helmet sticker for his performance from ESPN.com


Associate Vice President University Communications, Maureen Howard

  • KRWG: KRWG news staff completed several activities for the Las Cruces City election this week. KRWG FM conducted live call-in shows for each of the council seats and the three mayoral candidates. KRWG TV collaborated with the Las Cruces Sun-News to air an editorial board question and answer session with each race. The November 3rd election results will be covered Tuesday evening.
  • Web Communications: This week we were notified that the NMSU website received a gold award in the category of “Educational Institutions” in the 2015 MarCom International Award Competition. The MarCom awards competition is an international creative program that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals.
  • Sports Information: Athletics Media Relations covered the Aggies’ come-from-behind 55-48 overtime win over Idaho on Agriculture Day on Saturday. Athletic Media Relations also continued following the outstanding performance of the NM State volleyball team. The Aggies are on a 12-match winning streak and play their last two home games on Thursday and Saturday with the opportunity to win the Western Athletic Conference regular season championship at home                           
  • News: Our campus was alive with Halloween costumes on Friday. University Communications gathered some of the best for the NMSU News Facebook page. Check out these fun outfits: http://on.fb.me/1OjDkpL.


Assistant Vice President Government Relations, Ricardo Rel

  • 5 – Investments & Pensions Oversight Committee, Capitol
    • 9:05 am – Report from the Education Trust Board- Barbara Damron, Sec. Higher Education Dept.
    • 9:55 am – Introduction of Potential Legislation- Charles Wollman, Director of Communications & Legislative Affairs, State Investments Council
    • 10:10 am – Educational Retirement Board, Actuarial Valuations Report and How the ERB is using the valuations- Jan Goodwin, Executive Director ERB
    • 3:30 pm – Request for Endorsement for Potential Legislation, Charles Wollman, Director of Communications & Legislative Affairs, Lou Hoffman, Director, Dept. of Finance and Administrative Services, City of Alb.
  • 16 – Jobs Council, Capitol,
    • 11:00 am-  Report on Education and the Work Force- Dr. Barbara Damron, HED
    • 3:20 pm-  Job Creation in the Agricultural Sector- Anthony J. Parra, NMDA
  • 17 – 20- Legislative Finance Committee, Capitol
    • 18 – 9:00 am – Department of Finance & Administration (341) & Special DFA –Appropriations (344)- Tom Clifford, Secretary of DFA
    • 19- 3:45 pm – Educational Retirement Board- Jan Goodwin, Executive Director, Educational Retirement Board- Pension Solvency Update


Director/Secretary New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Jeff M. Witte

  • Ag Week: All things agriculture and football. NMDA staff has been busy with the final preparations for the Ag Week NMSU football promotion.  There were over 40 booths, sampling New Mexico food and providing information about agriculture.  Kids could “operate” with the Veterinary Diagnostics Services and Dairy team, see how a flood affects the watershed and learn about erosion, rope a dummy, and take pictures with Henry the sheep.  NMSU’s Marching Band in the background and NMDA’s giant hamburger at the 3rd Annual Ag Day; Director Witte and Jay Hill with the NMDA trailer.

Ag Week 1Ag Week 2

  • Legislative Jobs Council: I met with leaders from the agriculture community to prepare for a presentation to the Legislative Jobs Council in November.  The presentations will feature leaders in agriculture who will discuss challenges and opportunities to growing jobs in the Ag sector. 
  • Legislative Finance Committee: We had our annual budget presentation before the LFC.  The committee was very receptive to our requests and provided kind comments about the presentation.  While the overall mood for increased budgets is dim due to the tight budget projections, the good news is that we are not talking about cuts at this point.
  • American Aukashi Annual Meeting:  I had an opportunity to provide welcoming remarks to the American Aukashi Annual Meeting held in Albuquerque.  This is a unique breed of high value cattle and the first time they have met in New Mexico.


Chief, NMSU Police, Stephen Lopez

  • Police Activity: There were 51 police reports created, 11 supplements filed, and 43 traffic citations issued.
  • Records and Evidence Office: The Records & Evidence Office processed 28 items of evidence, fingerprinted 11 people, and conducted 1 background check.
  • Emergency Dispatch Center:  Emergency Dispatch Center handled 318 calls for service (4 of which were 911 calls), resulting in 194 police calls (31 of which were agency assist) and 8 warrant entries.  There were 24 fire calls (5 of which were mutual aid), 9 emergency medical calls, 8 fire alarms, 1 gas leak, and 1 standby.  There were 4 animal control calls.
  • Forensic Physics Class – Chief Lopez took the Forensic Physics class for a field trip to Burn Lake.  Under the guidance of College Associate Professor Michael De Antonio, the class is using the 1981 case of a missing NMSU student (who was found in her vehicle in 2005 at the bottom of the lake) as a practical example of how forensic physics can be applied in real world criminal investigations.  The students will be testing their calculation capabilities over the next few weeks as they test several hypotheses.
  • New Emergency Dispatcher Hired – The Police Department hired Deborah Lopez as a new dispatcher in the NMSU 911 Emergency Dispatch Center.  She will start work on November 16.

Interim President, New Mexico State University-Alamogordo, Dr. Ken Van Winkle

  • Quality Matters Review:  NMSU Alamogordo’s distance education plan successfully completed an additional 58 Quality Matters TM (QM) reviews, which brings the current total of successful reviews to 126.  QM is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components. QM has received national recognition for its peer-based approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement in online education. To receive Quality Matters™ recognition, a course must go through a review with a team of three trained evaluators.  The review team utilizes a rubric that includes 43 different standards that should be included in each course.  Of those 43 standards, 21 of them are considered essential.  Those 21 essential standards must be met and the course must score an 84 of a possible 99 points.  NMSU-A faculty invested time to adjust their courses to meet these standards.  After next year, all courses taught on the NMSU-A campus will have QM approval. 
  • Support to The Courts, Correction and Justice Committee:  NMSU-A hosted the New Mexico State Legislature’s Courts, Correction and Justice Committee on Thursday, October 29 in the Tays Center.  The committee holds their day-long monthly meetings at different locations around the state and NMSU-A volunteered to support the meeting held in Alamogordo.  This committee was created to address and recommend appropriate legislation with regard to items such as the following: criminal justice reform issues, use of county jails, problems with court processes and issues surrounding repeat juvenile offenders.
  • Trunk or Treat:  Faculty, staff and students supported NMSU-A’s annual Trunk or TreatTrunk or Treat event for the Alamogordo community on Tuesday, October 27.  Over 500 children attended the event and gathered candy provided by the NMSU-A student organizations.  This event has become very well-known throughout the community, and every year the attendance surpasses the previous year.


President, New Mexico State University -Carlsbad, Dr. John Gratton

  • Campus Events: I hosted the monthly Town Hall meeting for all NMSU Carlsbad employees on Monday morning of October 26.  I also met with Title V evaluators who were on campus to discuss the current Title V grant and new grant opportunities that will be available in 2016.
  • CMC Board Meeting: I attended a Carlsbad Medical Center Board meeting on Tuesday, October 27. The major topics of discussion revolved around a marketing campaign that will be initiated this year.
  • Santa Fe: I traveled to Santa Fe on Wednesday, October 28 as part of a contingent of Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce officers.  On Thursday, October 29, the Chamber contingent met with Cabinet Secretaries from Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources; Economic Development; Transportation; and Tourism.  The conversations were very positive and the Secretaries were quite supportive of Carlsbad Chamber initiatives. During breakfast on Thursday morning, I was able to exchange pleasantries with a group of legislative officials which included Representative Jimmy Hall, Senator John Arthur Smith, Representative Lucky Varela, and LFC Director David Abbey.
  • Campus Clean Up: The NMSU Carlsbad campus conducted a campus clean up on Friday, October 30.  Volunteers spread across campus to pick up discarded materials and pizza was served at lunch for the group.  In the afternoon, the campus hosted the graduation ceremonies for the seventh cohort of the WIPP Leadership Academy Program.


President, New Mexico State University -Dona Ana, Dr. Renay Scott

  • Three Days of Remembering: The Cultural Diversity Committee of DACC is sponsoring “Three Days of Remembering.” The names of loved ones are printed on colored ribbons and hung in the patio area of the East Mesa Campus from November 2 through November 5. Inspired by Dia de los Muertos, the celebration treats death as part of a time to celebrate those who have passed on.
  • Grace Hopper Conference: Several students and faculty from computer technologyGrace Hopper Conference attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. The conference in Houston was capped at 12,500 attendees, mostly females from different countries. Four DACC students attended, Erika Araiza, Kathy Lawitz, Rebecca Sletten, and Patricia Smith. Faculty members Leilani Benoit and Gus Pina also presented during the conference.

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