Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity 

NMSU supports numerous initiatives to promote equity, inclusion and diversity for and among its students, staff and facult. These efforts support for a Diversity Council, and the American Indian Program, Black Programs, Chicano Programs, LGBT+ Programs, and Military and Veterans Programs.  In addition, similar initiatives exist within its colleges and campuses.  

In the Fall of 2020, NMSU President John Floros announced the establishment of a new cabinet-level Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, to be led by a founding Vice President for of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity.  The Office will lead and oversee the next generation of initiatives to further NMSU’s goals of creating: 

  • opportunities for social mobility 
  • inclusive environments for students, faculty, staff 
  • efforts to diversify its student body, faculty, staff 
  • equitable outcomes for and treatment of its students, faculty, staff 
  • access and equal opportunity within its programs and business practices 

 Why and Why Now? 

Access, equity, inclusion, and diversity are important parts of NMSU LEADS 2025, our strategic plan.

  • NMSU LEADS 2025 Goal 4.1: “Be a recognized leader in valuing the inclusion of diverse participants and in recognizing diversity as an asset among minority-serving, land-grant, and space-grant institutions.”
  • NMSU VIsion: “By 2025, the NMSU system will excel in student success and social mobility for our diverse student populations, achieve the highest Carnegie research status (R1), and maintain our Carnegie Community Engagement classification.”

Recommended Reading 

Search for Vice President for of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity 

NMSU is currently searching for a founding Vice President of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity to provide leadership for the next generation of lead the office.  The search process is being led by co-chairs Provost Carol Parker and Vice President for Research Luis Cifuentes. For more information about the search or to nominate individuals for consideration, please visit the search website. 

Process and Related Communications 

Below are links to information about the communications and process to date which led to the establishment of the new division, and our aspirations for it.   

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