Progress on Strategic Planning: Goal Champions for NMSU LEADS 2025

Last May, the Regents of New Mexico State University approved NMSU LEADS 2025, our new strategic plan. It is important to understand the value of strategic planning, especially now, when the higher education landscape is in a time of dramatic transformation. The challenges facing higher education are sobering: state funding is uncertain; we are recruiting from a declining population of high school students who have other educational options and job prospects in a strong economy; competition for research funding is intense; and public confidence in the value of a higher education is wavering. The universities that thrive through these challenging times will be the ones that successfully prepare students to be the knowledge creators of tomorrow, which, essentially, is a restatement of our vision.

The new vision statement for New Mexico State University reads: By 2025, the NMSU system will excel in student success and social mobility for our diverse student population, achieve the highest Carnegie research status (R1), and maintain our Carnegie Community Engagement classification.
The four goals to support our vision are simple:

  1. Enhance Student Success and Social Mobility
  2. Elevate Research and Creative Activity
  3. Amplify Extension and Outreach
  4. Build a Robust University System

Today, I am pleased to announce that the following individuals have agreed to champion these goals:
Goal 1: Led by Dr. Renay Scott with assistance from Dr. Luis Cifuentes
Goal 2: Led by Dr. Luis Cifuentes with assistance from Ms. Kathy Hansen
Goal 3: Led by Dr. Jon Boren with assistance from Mr. Wayne Savage
Goal 4: Led by Dr. Andy Burke with assistance from Dr. Ruth Johnston

These leaders will be assisted by teams of faculty, staff, students, and administrators strongly aligned with the goals. In addition, every Goal Team will include members from other Goal Teams to facilitate interaction.  The leaders and their Goal Team will:

  1. Identify actions and prioritize them by impact or resource needs.
  2. Facilitate accomplishment of those actions.
  3. Identify champions for objectives and actions.
  4. Identify opportunities for collaboration, especially where such collaboration will increase synergy within the goals.
  5. Reach out to units around campus to understand how those units are making progress toward goals and encourage those efforts.
  6. Communicate
  • To colleges, departments, councils, and other representative bodies.
  • At periodic meetings of Goal Teams and to share implementation progress, successes and failures.
  • To campus community: both small progressive steps and larger accomplishments.

By early August, we will finalize Goal Team membership and schedule their initial meetings. Each Goal Team will be updating the campus regularly regarding progress on goals across the system.

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