Return to Campus and Budget Questions- Clarification

Date:            May 7, 2020

To:               NMSU-Las Cruces Faculty and Staff

From:           John Floros, President

Subject:        Return to Campus and Budget Questions – Clarification


The questions my office has received during this past week and in response to the weekly town hall-style webinars have provided invaluable insight into your concerns and hopes for our future. This memo addresses two questions that have come up numerous times: one is regarding when people working from home may return to campus; and the other is regarding our budget for NMSU-Las Cruces. The importance of both of these items merits this message to all of NMSU campus.

Return to Campus: Although the Governor Lujan Grisham’s current health order may expire on May 15, our return to campus plans are not using this date as a deadline. Units should currently be discussing how to return people to campus in phases, and nobody needs to return to campus until they are given a date to return by their supervisor. Among the first to return will be people who need to be on campus to be effective in their job. Others will remain working from home until further notice, especially people who are vulnerable to the coronavirus. Plans to return people to campus in phases are being drafted currently, and you should talk with your supervisor for additional information.

NMSU-Las Cruces Budget: Questions about the budget began in early March and are still coming in. At this point, there are simply too many unknown components of our budget to plan any actions. Although Governor Lujan Grisham signed the state budget into law on March 11, the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic changes left a sizable shortfall in the state’s budget. The Governor and Legislature are planning to meet in a special session, likely in June, to address this shortfall.  The state budget – and therefore our budget – will also be affected by the Legislature’s willingness to tap into reserve funds, the speed of the economic recovery, and additional federal stimulus packages that might provide state aid. And finally, NMSU’s budget is affected by enrollment for the upcoming academic year, research funding, athletics, and our auxiliary units like the Golf Course.  When we are ready to take action on the budget, we will do so in a way that is aligned with NMSU LEADS 2025 and with a process that is inclusive.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to submit them to for consideration at this week’s Town Hall Webinar.

As always, Be Bold, Be Safe, and Be Kind.

Go Aggies!

Return to Campus and Budget Questions- Clarification Memo

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