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NMSU compensation

April 12, 2019

There have been multiple interpretations and plenty of news around last week’s Regents’ budget presentation regarding anticipated compensation changes for NMSU personnel in our new fiscal year.

This communication is meant to clarify things so that everyone is up-to-date on this important topic.

Beginning July 1, 2019, eligible NMSU employees will receive a salary increase of 4%, consistent with direction from the Governor’s Office and Higher Education Department Cabinet Secretary Kate M. O’Neill. This is only the second compensation increase since 2015.

NMSU administration strongly advocated for a sizable compensation increase with the Legislature this year.  And we are fortunate that the State of New Mexico has a revenue surplus to assist us in this goal.  Supported by leadership of the Faculty Senate, Employee Council, Union, and ASNMSU, our original proposal, which we detailed as part of the budget presentation at last Friday’s Regents’ meeting, was to create components within the 4% that would allow us to recognize and reward employees for their on-the-job performance.  The clarification from the Governor’s Office, however, modifies that mix, but not our overall budget allocation for compensation.  And because we had already budgeted for a 4% compensation pool, no  further budget adjustments are necessary.

In the meantime, we both remain committed to the idea of merit-based compensation. For this reason, performance evaluations and aligning your goals with NMSU LEADS 2025 are both very important.

In addition to the 4% increase, we are modifying the compensation pay schedule for our regular employees by raising the minimum pay from $7.69 to $10.50 effective July 1. 2019.  This will put us in a stronger position to offer competitive pay while meeting the future compensation requirements as required under the new minimum wage law.

Finally, a big thanks to each of you for your continued dedication to the students we serve here at NMSU.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at chancellor.arvizu@nmsu.edu or president.floros@nmsu.edu.

Dan Arvizu, Chancellor, and John Floros, President

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